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Discover Magazine “Future of Energy…” Contest Finalist from Albuquerque, NM

Posted by on November 25, 2008 | Comments Off on Discover Magazine “Future of Energy…” Contest Finalist from Albuquerque, NM

Click here to watch all five finalists and vote for your favorite! The winner receives over $2000 worth of energy-saving devices.

Penny Marshall: Nuts about Albuquerque

Posted by on September 17, 2012 | Comments Off on Penny Marshall: Nuts about Albuquerque

From her star-making turn in the classic TV sitcom “Laverne & Shirley” to her phenomenal career as a film director and producer, Penny Marshall has had a remarkable life. In “My Mother Was Nuts,” Marshall talks about where she came from and the amazing journey it was.

After graduating from Walton High School, the Bronx New York native put some distance between herself and her parents, fleeing to Albuquerque and the University of New Mexico to major in psychology.

During her junior year she dropped out and married a football-playing classmate, Michael Henry. Their daughter, Tracy—her only child—was born in 1964. Henry stayed in school and Marshall worked as a secretary and taught dance in Albuquerque, New Mexico until they divorced in 1966. Soon after Marshall picked-up once again and headed to California to team-up with her brother Gary Marshall.

The rest, as they say, is history, and it’s all chronicled in her new book.

Today while promoting, “My Mother Was Nuts” on LIVE with Kelly & Michael the actress, director, author gave her turn at University of New Mexico a shout-out, saying, “Go UNM! Beat the Aggies!”

And this Aggie says, “GO PENNY!” :)

compiled from NBC News and People Magazine

Albuquerque Stage – Limited Engagement

Posted by on April 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Albuquerque Stage – Limited Engagement

Email your contact info. to win@oneheadlightink.com by April 28 for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Sunday matinée performance!

Photo via Ron Wallace, Perspective Magazine

From Rainbow Studio Theater Company:

Rainbow Studio Theater Company and VSA North Fourth Art Center proudly present Ntozake Shange’s Obie-award winning play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” this month at the N4th Theater.

This is the inaugural production of Rainbow Studio Theater company founded by Cathryn McGill, Producer and Regina Dawley, Director. McGill is a veteran, award-winning actress/singer/songwriter and community activist and Dawley, a relative newcomer to the New Mexico scene, has extensive Broadway and Hollywood credits as a principal dancer with Shirley McClaine, Redd Foxx, Marvin Gaye, et. al. These two dynamic women are committed to creating memorable, dynamic. entertaining and socially relevant theater experiences for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

For Colored Girls by Ntozake Shange is a series of 20 poems set to music and dance about sorrow, shared experiences, looking for humor in every situation and persevering to find the the pot of gold at the end of our collective and individual rainbows. Shange coined the term “choreopoem” to describe this exploration of what it’s like “bein’ alive, bein’ a woman and bein’ colored”. For Colored Girls is a theater classic and a perfect first production for the Rainbow Studio Theater Company.

Please come out and celebrate with us at one of three performances of this play. Friday, April 29 8pm, Saturday, April 30, 8pm or Sunday, May 1 1pm.

or call the N4th Theater Box Office to Make a Reservation –

Call Rainbow Studio Theater Company at 505-407-6784 to negotiate group discounts and to get additional information about the production.
We can’t wait to see you at one of our performances. Tell all your friends and come out and support live theater in Albuquerque.

Cathryn McGill & Regina Dawley
Rainbow Studio Theater

NM Says: Governor Martinez Sign HB 379 for the sake of #NMFilm

Posted by on March 14, 2013 | 4 comments

UPDATE 3/15/12: Newly re-formed House Bill, 641 has emerged at the Legislature in a last ditch effort to salvage the New Mexico Film Industry. Friday evening the House Business and Industry Committee voted to pass the new bill, which mirrors our beloved HB 379 as vetoed by the Governor earlier in the day.

Stay tuned…

#1174 Albuquerque, NM
A film production bill such as this is a win-win for all involved. New Mexico is in a perfect situation both location, crew and talent wise to allow professional production to continue to grow. This State needs all the advantages it can use to bring more production here. Governor by signing this bill you would put more New Mexicans to work and bring in more revenue for big and small businesses.

#1173 Placitas, NM
Please sign HB379. The film industry is good for New Mexico … good for jobs and all the folks who provide services for the productions. Heaven knows we need the jobs.

The word on New Mexico Film - Click the pic to add Your VoiceClick here to add your voice

#1164 Albuquerque, NM
This is really important for the state. If this goes away, its going to make it harder for everything else. We have something special here in NM that other states don’t. Lets keep it that way. Sign the bill.

#1031 Albuquerque, NM
The Feds will be cutting the military, Los Alamos and Sandia Labs. This is an industry to build upon. Personally, I know of out of towners who to come to Albuquerque because of Breaking Bad and it is not for meth! It’s for the beautiful skies and mountains. Please consider signing this bill. Respectfully…

#1048 Albuquerque, NM
Film work bought my home/vehicles, and paid off my student loans

#1078 Albuquerque, NM
tv film and art endeavors are pollution free revenue and job producers in our state and attract tourism- a clean source of income…. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU??????

#941 Albuquerque, NM
I work in the film industry in NM. Let’s do what we can to keep the work coming.

#940 Albuquerque, NM
Excited for more work to come in! I’m ready!

#937 Albuquerque, NM
Dear Governor Martines I have been working in the film industry for the last 6 years and primarily in the state of New Mexico! I was born here my family lives here I love to work here!!! Please don’t let are great industry with high paying jobs leave here becuase it will cause me and several other people like me to relocate as well!!! Thank you

#934 Albuquerque, NM
Pro-business. Pro-movie-business!

#931 Santa Fe, NM
I have family members whose jobs are strongly tied to the industry and would face financial hardships if the industry is not able to participate in New Mexico.

#928 Santa Fe, NM
As a Santa Fe gallerist, daily I recognize the positive impact & fiscal contribution of New Mexico film & TV production on our state and local levels. Keep the cameras on NM!

#923 Las Cruces, NM
We need this! Its good for the entire state! Please keep film making in the state!

Quezada Call to Action - Breaking Bad Fan Explains what the bill means for NM on the national stage

#763 Tijeras, NM
Please sign this petition. It’s the difference between me having a job and being homeless. It may not matter to you but to thousands of your constituents it’s extremely important.

#759 Albuquerque, NM
I truly believe these productions not only add to the state economy, but also serve to keep New Mexico in the public eye as a diverse and valuable location for attracting other outside business interests.

#696 Santa Fe, NM
Film helps keep this ranch a float as a movie location. Agriculture is tuff, film helps

#925 Albuquerque, NM
I’ve had an opportunity to work and contribute to an industry I thought I’d have to leave home to be a part of. Here’s to it’s continued growth.

#749 Tijeras, NM
Do the right thing this time around!

#684 Keep the film industry and work here in New Mexico. Jemez, NM

#681 Thousands of NM employed through movies and TV! Albuquerque, NM

#676 I support the proposed new tax incentives for film and television. Please stand behind this much needed proposal to create good New Mexico jobs. This is a outstanding industry for our state. Thank you for your time. Algodones, NM

#675 House Bill 379 must pass! New Mexico made a brilliant economic decision bringing the film industry here-lets keep it going strong! Albuquerque, NM

#668 New Mexico is perfect for making movies, we should pull in all the outside money we can, into this state! Ruidoso, NM

#665 this good for new mexico and for people of new mexico ojo caliente, NM

#653 Bring back all the film and TV jobs (and more) that were driven away to other states, and work outsourced to our neighboring countries. How can we help heal our state and the US economy when OUR WORKERS WHO PREVIOUSLY WORKED HERE HAVE MOVED TO OTHER COUNTRIES? THEY’RE NO GOOD TO US OVER THERE. I’m sure that makes THEIR economy good, but we need to worry about OURS! Let’s make this state a great one, because right now all the faith I used to have in it is gone. La Union, NM
» Read the full post

#ABQ Thank You @abqthemag

Posted by on December 1, 2011 | Comments Off on #ABQ Thank You @abqthemag

COOL! Good thing I don’t fancy myself an investigative reporter, because this was news to me…JUST HEARD from the crack on-air team that makes & breaks news on epic, emmy winning television that YOU voted OneHeadlightInk.com into the top 5 “Best Blog” category of Albuquerque the Magazine‘s coveted Best of the City issue.

Not bad for a formerly little girl from Bosque Farms and her Mr. Big!

I’d like to thank YOU, Big Daddy, and especially Grandma & Grandpa for instilling in me the delusions of grandeur that drive me to yammer on, and on at you about my passion for all things New Mexico EntertaiNMent, from right here on our little space on the web for the past three years!

THANKS for reading and voting!

Congrats to politico blogger extraordinaire, Joe Monahan for besting the rest of us in the top five two out of the past three years!

Hot? Single?

Posted by on April 14, 2011 | Comments Off on Hot? Single?

UPDATE: Albuquerque the Magazine is hosting the first Hot Singles Nomination Party TONIGHT from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Hotel Parq Central in the Apothecary Lounge.

“If you’re single, over the age of 25 and HOT, we want to see YOU! Come by and say hello!” @abqthemag

Originally posted Feb 22, 2011

As much as I enjoy not being single, I KNOW and enjoy that there are many, many Hot Singles in NM!

The Q specifically is currently seeking to showcase its finest.

Albuquerque the Magazine is holding its annual Hot Singles search (now through May 22) – and though their bountiful supply of high gloss, full color pages with artfully photographed and displayed beauties, sexy beasts, model citizens and humble hotties can never fully capture the hotness of NM singles they will try and YOU will enjoy!

Hot? Single?

Posted by on February 22, 2011 | One comment

As much as I enjoy not being single, I KNOW and enjoy that there are many, many Hot Singles in NM!

The Q specifically is currently seeking to showcase its finest.

Albuquerque the Magazine is holding its annual Hot Singles search (now through May 22) – and though their bountiful supply of high gloss, full color pages with artfully photographed and displayed beauties, sexy beasts, model citizens and humble hotties can never fully capture the hotness of NM singles they will try and YOU will enjoy!

If you don’t know SMQ…You don’t know JOKER!

Posted by on October 28, 2010 | 2 comments

The originator of the very term “Hommywood”, NM’s Own actor, director, writer, comedian extraordinaire, Steven Michael Quezada shines like the star that he is as the cover model of November’s Albuquerque the Magazine.

The Breaking Bad actor and his beautiful wife Cherise are arguably the reigning King and Queen of Hommywood not only for their collective star power, but moreover for their unyielding work in the community.

All the more appropriate that SMQ is cover boy for the “Fashion and Style” issue which includes a sub headline, “The Art of Giving” as he’s so obviously mastered his own style of giving of himself and his art.

And because giving is always in fashion SMQ & co. will long reign as community leaders worthy of admiration and emulation!

All of NM can and should be proud of this NEW Mexican! Keep your eyes and ears on this homegrown and steadily rising estrella, because sure as we’ve been following him on stage, screen, and now as guapo cover boy there is certainly even more to come from NM’s SMQ.

Keep up with him on his Emmy winning ABQ television series Breaking Bad, follow his activism in teaching and inspiring young performers and industry professionals and maybe most importantly look to this ABQ Joker to treat you to a laugh peppered with a little inspiration!

Pick-up your November issue of Albuquerque the Magazine and catch Steven at his November 12th live stand-up performance where he’s sure to please with a little meet & greet after the show!

Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on August 27, 2010 | Comments Off on Your Friday Q Spot

As Heard on Coyote 102.5 August 27, 2010

My personal New Mexican of the week is the Q Spot’s own Erica Viking! Her show is simply kickin’ a** and takin’ names in the Q and beyond and she did an awesome job all week featuring all the people and events of the Albuquerque Film Festival!

Hard to believe it’s only the second annual event with its loaded schedule which wraps this weekend with ongoing all day workshops and all night film screenings plus end of the night bashes every night now through Sunday at the Hard Rock Casino – Click here for the weekend’s full schedule, including an actor’s panel and the Last Movie, a Dennis Hopper Retrospective

Also tonight at the Hard Rock: Albuquerque the Magazine’s Hot Singles Party is finally here!

p.s. Congrats Dan Mayfield. The former Journal staffer is now ABQ the mag Editor in Chief! (mini-woot!)

For more, more, more, read on….
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Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on August 13, 2010 | One comment

As Heard on Coyote 102.5 August 13, 2010

Introducing a new OneHeadlightInk feature – New Mexicans of the week

This week’s picks are:

Neil Patrick Harris for nabbing not one, not two but THREE Emmy noms
In this months prime-time Emmys
4 his hit TV Show How I Met Your Mother
an incredible Guest spot on Glee – rockin’ Areosmith’s Dream On
and his Hosting duties of the 2009 Tony Awards
now that’s Recession Succession – and as we’ve talked about he’ll be back here on the 22nd hosting a benefit dinner at Perennials

Our home girl Julia Gulia, Julia Roberts for taking her hotness GLOBAL, kickin’ it all over the world with her new movie Eat, Pray, Love of course she calls NM Home and she’s our pick for being an all around awesome celeb who still rocks 20 years after pretty woman! ahh, the inspiration

and my local girl Laura Encinias because she’s hosting THE ragin’ party tonight at the Hyatt Regency – Albuquerque’s Own lil’ version of the Bev. Hills Hotel…
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Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on July 9, 2010 | One comment

Super-duper congrats to NM’s Own Jesse Tyler Ferguson Emmy nominated for Best Supporting Actor on ABC’s Modern Family, NM’s favorite son Neil Patrick Harris Best Supporting actor on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother AND his guest spot on the staggeringly successful Fox series Glee. NM Production for Best Mini-series nominee Georgia O’Keeffe and Emmy Award winning lead actor Bryan Cranston and ABQ’s Own Breaking Bad nominated best Drama again – Woot!

Filmfestapalooza, Casting and all the Film news fit to *blog* – Keep up on all the latest with me, on OneHeadlightInk/Sindication. I’ll give you the goss. and break the deets to you first. Connect with me and tell me what’s new on your film and production agenda too! Link to our national friends who are as passionate about keeping Entertainment thriving and accessible to you like NYC’s On Location Vacations and Native American Hollywood!

Get Your Dance and Arts on in the Q – Arte de Muertos this weekend and Salsa your a** off all week long thru the end of the summer!

Get Your Grub on – Free Chick-fil-a today, win 88 giveaways, from doughnuts to a Ford Fiesta from our local Krispy Kreme doughnuts and hit-up Blake’s Lotaburger for your free meal…ONLY at 2529 Washington NE 10-4 today!

Nom your BEST of the CITY – Albuquerque the Magazine is NOW taking your votes for their annual Best of the City edition. Weigh in on everything from your favorite Bartender, Best Red or Green Chile, Best Place to take in the sunset, your favorite blogger and (back in the saddle) radio host! Woefully left off the survey is ABQ’s Best Actor, Director etc. BUT luckily there’s a happy Write-in “Best of what we forgot” category…Best Social Media in the Q?

Get this dish and more every Friday with your Sindicator on the Q Spot with Erica Viking on Coyote 102.5

It’s That Time of Year…

Posted by on May 25, 2010 | One comment

And now to suppress your more adult cravings…

Birds are chirping, bees are buzzin’ and it’s getting hotter by the day. Albuquerque the Magazine is doing its part to bring the hot in the form of cool, sexy singles.

In its seventh annual Hot Singles edition the mag will showcase a select few of the city’s scintillating finest – and they’ll cap off that finery with a celebration open to all on August 27.

Now til then the hard workin’ crew of the mag are taking nominations and hosting singles search and mingling events throughout the city. Happy, hot, sexy summer season!

The Votes Are In…

Posted by on December 1, 2009 | 4 comments

…and ©Sindication has fallen to the wayside like Kanye ’07. We do thank the four of you who voted us Best Blog of the City but alas we are at best the Adam Lambert of the awards this year, losing out to a more wholesome, mainstream blogette and the whole host of other bloggers that came out ahead. Aw, well even Charlie Chaplin only took third in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike-contest once.

Congratulations to all the winners and mucho mas kudos to Albuquerque the Magazine who put out a great product and put on incredible events that create positive buzz and excitement for all!

Get your tix to the party tomorrow night at Isleta Casino & Resort. These events never disappoint – Don’t miss it!

Email your contact info to win@oneheadlightink.com by COB today to win a pair!!! – We’re not bitter.

Kanye West’s VMA Backstage MeltdownA funny movie is a click away

Sindicator Says, Hmmmmm…

Posted by on October 15, 2009 | One comment

ABQ v Alibi

Me thinks somebody may have a ‘lil case of Gloss Envy. I don’t regularly get to pick-up a copy of the latest Albuquerque The Magazine, because I’m poor. But I’m almost always able to grab the free, alternative pulp, known to the Q as the weekly alibi.

It seems that the alibi’s web editor has her own feature in the print newspaper this week entitled, “Thin Line – Media Criticism” and criticize she does. Slamming ABQ. the Mag for their annual Hot Singles issue and Par-TAY!

Now as I say, I’m not able to subscribe, but I have been to a few of the Mag’s parties and they are always top shelf, blow-out, blasts! And while the editor bemoans the issue for its topic, content, matchmaking, and further labels the readers and participants with what I presume are supposed to be negative clichés, I couldn’t help but notice that the pulpit from which she preaches contains no less than seven back pages that feature advertisements for flesh pedaling, skin shows and/or lewd personals.

In the end, the alibi editor begrudges ABQ. The Mag its “camp”. And I’m sure the Mag would not deny the alibi matchmaking of its own, like that in its interactive, online Love Bird personals.

Enter to Win the Hottest Tix in ABQ

Posted by on October 13, 2009 | Comments Off on Enter to Win the Hottest Tix in ABQ

ABQ the Magazine/Hot Singles Party '09

It’s that time of year…Mix and mingle with ABQ’s Hot Singles at the biggest, hottest, party of the season.

Email win@oneheadlightink.com your full name and contact info. to win your pair of tickets to Albuquerque the Magazine’s Hot Singles Party this Friday night!!!

More than one entry per person accepted. Must be 21 to enter drawing. Winners will be notified day of to pick-up their reserved tix at the Mag.

The Voting Machine Ate My Ballot And NOW WHAT!?!? ABQ, NM

Posted by on November 4, 2013 | Comments Off on The Voting Machine Ate My Ballot And NOW WHAT!?!? ABQ, NM

Event Flyer Kilstein

On Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 9pm at Art Bar by Catalyst Club (119 Gold St. SW) nationally recognized social commentarist, satirist and comedian Jamie Kilstein will bring his brand of politically irreverent comedy to Albuquerque. Jamie Kilstein will headline a fundraiser for the Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program (a nonprofit) as they gear up to select the 2nd Poet Laureate of Albuquerque in April of 2014.

Kilstein has been seen on The Conan O’Brien show, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, MSNBC’s Up with Chris, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Showtimes The Green Room, CNN’s The Joy Behar Show, The Paramount Comedy Channel in the UK, The BBC, The Comedy Channel in Australia, HBO Canada, and Showtime Comedy in the Middle East.

He co-hosts Citizen Radio with his partner Allison Kilkenny (The Nation, Huffington Post, Counterpunch & Alternet), a national podcast which has been praised by Janeane Garofalo, Noam Chomsky, Robin Williams. He and his co-host were named by The Nation Magazine as top “media heroes”. He was a Timeout Chicago, Sydney, New York and London’s Critics Pick. He has played the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House and opened for Bad Religion.

A former slam (performance) poet himself, Kilstein perform a headliner set at a $30/person fundraiser for the Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program that will feature an Albuquerque politics Daily Show-esque comedy sketch by local writers, poetry by funnyman poet Rich Boucher, and a dance party afterwards in the Art Bar by Catalyst Club (a bar nonprofit with a mission to support the creative economy in Albuquerque). Tickets can be purchased here.

Many elected officials and political luminaries are expected to be in attendance at this event to support the funding of the poet laureate position in Albuquerque for the second two-year term.

For interviews with Kilstein or inquiries about the event please contact Albuquerque’s Inaugural Poet Laureate Hakim Bellamy at beyond.poetry @writeme.com or 505.750.7226.

Author Judy Blume to Attend New Mexico Premiere of Tiger Eyes

Posted by on September 10, 2012 | Comments Off on Author Judy Blume to Attend New Mexico Premiere of Tiger Eyes

Santa Fe, NM – Tickets are now on sale for the Fourth Annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival for the 5 day fest, Wednesday, October 17th through Sunday, October 21st. All Festival passes and day passes can be purchased through the Lensic box office or ticketssantafe.org. Santa Fe Independent Film Festival will feature 80 films over 5 days and nights, host 20 filmmaker forums/workshops, Awards Ceremonies, VIP Events, a Filmmakers’ Brunch and 6 After-parties at the hottest venues in Santa Fe. Full schedule can be seen at Santafeiff.com.

Santa Fe IFF kicks off the festival with the New Mexico premiere of BLESS ME, ULTIMA. based on the iconic novel by beloved New Mexico Author RUDOLFO ANAYA. It closes on Sunday evening, October 21st at The Lensic Performing Arts Center with the New Mexican premiere of best-selling Author JUDY BLUME’s TIGER EYES directed by her son Lawrence Blume. “Shot in state and featuring charismatic performances from both Russell Means and son Tatanka, Lawrence Blume’s TIGER EYES – based on the classic teen novel by his mom Judy Blume – stars “Gossip Girl” WILLA HOLLAND as Davey, the teenager hurled into growing up after her father is murdered and mom relocates her and her younger brother from Atlantic City to Los Alamos, New Mexico.” ( Lauren Wissot Filmmaker Magazine and Santa Fe IFF Director of Programming) Judy and Lawrence will be in attendance and Judy Blume will sign her books after the premiere of TIGER EYES at the Lensic, The screening will be preceded by Santa Fe IFF’s Non-Juried Awards Ceremony hosted by GARY FARMER Santa Fe IFF’s Advisory Board Chair when TIGER EYES star TATANKA MEANS will be awarded the festival’s First Annual Tamalewood Award for his work in New Mexico. Judy and Lawrence Blume will also join Santa Fe IFF’s Screenwriting panel with RON BLOOMBERG (THREE’S COMPANY, ALL IN THE FAMILY) on Saturday, October 20th at 4 p.m. at Warehouse21.

Sponsors of Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival relies on the generous support ofsponsors andcorporate partnerships to help fund the 4th Annual Film Festival. A special thanks to this years committed sponsors: (media partner) Hutton Broadcasting; (official sponsors) Inn and Spa at Loretto,Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa, Studio X, Hotel Santa Fe, Lensic, Warehouse 21; (community sponsors) HDNM, ,La Posada de Santa Fe Resort, Garrett’s Desert Inn, San Francisco Bar & Grill, Zia Diner, Cowgirl BBQ, Flying Star, Ore House at Milagro, Santa Fe Studios, IATSE Local 480, Santa Fe Studios, Garson Studios, Albuquerque Studios, Whole Foods; (signature sponsors) Tamalewood, High Desert Digital, Meow Wolf, Fred Ray Lopez of Santa Fe Tinworks; (contributing partners) Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Southwest CARE Center, Quail Run, KUNM, Hinkle Law Firm, Farm to Restaurant New Mexico, Winds of Choice Chiropractic Healing; (festival partners) Ace Hardware, Century Bank, Image Ratio, One Mind Design.
Other partners include: Santa Fe County, Santa Fe Arts Commission, Kindle Project, and McCune Foundation.

About the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival was founded four years ago by local filmmakers to bring the best of independent film to Santa Fe and reignite the historic love affair between Santa Fe and Film. 2012 marks the fourth year of Santa IFF’s all volunteer organization offering a growing festival for independent film, filmmakers and film lovers. Santa Fe IFF is dedicated to the economic development of our city and New Mexico film. Santa Fe IFF is committed to attracting a growing number of people who make and love films from all over the world to join this year’s Fest to enjoy independent films and the unique charm of Santa Fe.The Fourth Annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival continues its mission in exhibiting the best of independent film to diverse audiences, creating educational opportunities, and building community partnerships.

New Mexico to the WORLD via TX, CO, AZ

Posted by on April 17, 2012 | 4 comments

YOUR tax dollars at work NEW MEXICO:

The New Mexico Tourism Department has unveiled this multi-media video, now airing on television in Colorado Springs, CO; Tucson, AZ; El Paso, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa and Amarillo, TX, and unleashed on NM’s Own revamped NM Tourism website, here.

In addition to the video, print ads from the campaign will be placed in Southwest Airlines’ Spirit in-flight magazine, Texas Monthly, Budget Travel and in NM Tourism’s own publication, New Mexico Magazine.

The entire project from bid to post-production has drawn criticism, including our own here, here, here, here and here.

As part of the launch of the much maligned production, New Mexico Tourism Director Monique Jacobson is back in the justification and explanation seat, offering the following translation of the campaign’s target and intent.

NM Tourism Director, Monique Jacobson to The Albuquerque Journal:

The campaign is designed to appeal to a “psychographic” group — “people with an adventurous spirit and thirst for authenticity”

NM Tourism Director, Monique Jacobson to The Santa Fe New Mexican:

“A hard sell wouldn’t work with this audience…This particular target tends to be higher income…They are people who will choose to spend money on travel.”

Despite assertions by Jacobson below, that “this is just the first of many spots”, Veronica Valencia, director of marketing for the Tourism Department breaks down how the bulk of $2M budget has already been spent:

Vendor Inc. cost $275,000 in fees.

Production of all the ads cost $350,000. Production is a broad term that applies to everything from scouting sites, hiring talent and filming the ads to producing the music that goes along with the ads as well as drawing up the print and billboard ads, according to Valencia.

More than $1.2 million went toward purchasing media buys on TV, print, digital and billboards in the targeted communities.

$100,000 was paid in gross receipts taxes.

What do you think of the finished product?

NM Hip Hop Awards

Posted by on November 9, 2011 | Comments Off on NM Hip Hop Awards

Pre Launch Party:
Friday November 18, 2011 5 – 7 p.m.
Platinum VIP Members – Enjoy a relaxing 2 hour pre-launch party with all the industry’s Leaders, Sponsors, Businesses, Media and Special Guests

Red Carpet Event:
Friday November 18, 2011 6:30 – 8 p.m.

See your favorite artists, celebs & many more walking the 50ft red carpet to the media backdrop. Multi-media outlets will be on location taking interviews and photographs to document the highlights of this event!

The red carpet will be FREE to the public (all ages) who wish to show their favorite celebs support, get free stuff and autographs!

Awards Show:
Friday November 18, 2011 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Albuquerque Journal Theatre

The ceremony will highlight local performances by artists and dance crews specially selected through NM Hip Hop Awards organization casting, auditions, previously featured performers and headliners.

Watch your winners announced and awarded the NMHHA crystal mic award and prize package! The Albuquerque Journal Theatre will cater adult beverages for purchase by those 21 and older. Ticket info. here.

The Albuquerque Journal Theatre is the official home of the 2011 New Mexico Hip Hop Awards. Come join us as we celebrate this year’s show in this state of the art facility located in the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Some of the features you can expect from this year’s show is the famous red carpet event held in the luxurious lobby of the venue. We will be featuring one of New Mexico’s best film companies V6M as they film and interview the artists in front of our sponsor backdrop on our 50ft red carpet. – NMHHA

Attending the Pre-launch Party: Quest Marketing, Global Network Promotions, ZONU Entertainment, Str8lace Promotions, Phenomenal Radio, KISS 97.3 FM, Stacey’s Tattoo & Body Peircing, Zorro Property Management, Secret Seduction Parties, NM Vape, Adrian Nairda Fine Clothing, Ride n Smoke Records, Unbreakable Records, Paragon Pleasures, Budweiser, Chicano Rap Magazine, Block Relevant Magazine, HHMI Magazine, Lowrider Team Magazine, & many more….

Covering this event: 1. Chicano Rap Magazine 2. Lowrider Team Magazine 3. Block Relevant Magazine 4. HHMI Worldwide Magazine 5. Azure Media Group 6. Plus Light Productions 7. VIP New Mexico 8. Hip Hop Promotions 9. V6M- Vision House, 6 Mic Films, Majico Entertainment & more to come…

The New Mexico Hip Hop Awards is consistently growing and changing as you can see from the 2010 & 2011 event schedules. 2012 promises even more categories to cater to all aspects of the hip hop entertainment industry. Expanded categories to include Promoter of the Year and Upcoming Promoter of the year, recognition of backup dancers, poppers, bboys, steppers, etc. All an important part of hip hop culture, this is New Mexico’s time & place to recognize them as a major part of the industry.

Voting is open now in the following 2011 categories:

Male Artist of the Year
Female Artist of the Year
Duo/Group Artist of the Year
Producer of the Year
DJ of the Year
*Upcoming Male Artist of the Year
Upcoming Female Artist of the Year
Upcoming Duo/Group Artist of the Year
Upcoming Producer of the Year
Upcoming DJ of the Year


*Special shout-out for our personal “Push for Kush“, get your vote on here.

Three Times A Lady

Posted by on September 13, 2011 | One comment

Make room for baby!

NM Production, In Plain Sight welcomes its latest addition to the family.

Star Mary McCormack and her husband Michael Morris, welcomed their third baby girl into the world on Saturday September 10.

Baby will no doubt join the on-set “nursery” with big sisters Margaret 7, and Rose 4, for the fifth and final season shoot of the Albuquerque based series.


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