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Obama Speaks-up for New Mexico Chile

Posted by on August 11, 2012 | Comments Off on Obama Speaks-up for New Mexico Chile

Well, the President should have WON over EVERY true New Mexican this week. While in Pueblo, Colorado a few days ago, a guy was bragging to him on how great the Burritos were, and how Nothing beats Colorado Green Chile…. To which he replied, “I won’t tell the folks in New Mexico you said that!” -McG

Full Article from the Albuquerque Journal here

RUSH CALL: Able bodied males & their older model 4X4s

Posted by on May 20, 2014 | Comments Off on RUSH CALL: Able bodied males & their older model 4X4s



Robert Baxter is looking for several Males to work as Extras beginning Wednesday May 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th.

Must be 20 to 40 years old and available for all 6 Days. Owning an older model 4×4 is a plus but not mandatory.

If this is you and you are available for each day please send a current photo to robertbaxtercasting[at]gmail.com.

New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase 2013

Posted by on October 9, 2013 | 2 comments

New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase

Starts Friday at Laru Ni Hatu Cafe 3413 Central with a “Meet the Filmmaker” Reception from 5:00-6:30. the films begin at 7 pm., and continue Saturday and Sunday at the Guild Cinema 3405 Central. The winning films from each category will be shown around the state. Stay tuned for a schedule of those screenings, in Portales, Roswell, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Grants and Taos.

Block A Friday Oct 25, 7:00-9:00pm
Lindsy Campbell The Brazilian

Renea Roberts Rooted Lands – Tierras Arraigadas

Lauren Petzke Zombiewood

Michael Zeilik Psyche Ascending

Anne Stirling Quirky View

Block B Saturday Oct 26, 11:00-12:40pm
Jeff Hudson MC Mistabil’s Great Big Phat Poetry Show

Miranda Jensen Bimos du Jour

Grizelda Quintana All Nations

Jon Barr Alumni Band

Catherine Fridey All in a Day’s Work

Block C SaturdayOct 26, 1:15-2:50pm
Eric Smigiel A Figment of My Imagination

Tyler Green\Dusty Deen Red Dog

Christopher Wright Canyon Road Pilot “The Fire”

Dillon Cullinan Dive

Jennifer Jordan Walking Shadow of Danny O’Shea

Clyde James Aragon The Zombie National Guard

Block D Saturday Oct 26, 3:15-5:35pm
Samanta Filer The Sword of Arundel

Amber/Angelique Midthunder Don’t

Matt Stanasolovich When I Get Out of Here

Forrest Godluck Sun Kink

Block E Saturday Oct 26, 6:00 8:15pm
Morse Bicknell Matanza

Nina Knapp The Sandoval 64

Danny Gura Placed

Kelly Urig The Chile Film

Block F Sunday Oct 27, 12:00-1:35pm
Holly Adams The Man App

Richard A. Baldomar Left Behind

Jean Stevens A Tale of Two Poets

Sylvia Padilla Blue Aria

Block G Sunday Oct 27, 2:00-3:40pm
Michael/Geri Lynn Miller/Weinstein Matthews Justice Denied

Rick Chapman Scene from a Modern Man

Miguel Arambula Weird

Gabe Priestley Bad Dog

Block H Sunday Oct 27, 4:00-6:30pm
Evan Curtis Snowdysseus

Donna Wells She Had Some Horses

Elliot Stenzel Tantric Love Balls

Marilyn Brindis Milton

Mindy J. Cole Montar La Cabra

Denise Trochei Dunes of Doom

Rudy Miera May I Help You?

Ben Rice Framing Enchantment

Award Ceremony Sunday Oct 27, 7:00-8:00pm

New Mexico Lately

Posted by on December 6, 2012 | Comments Off on New Mexico Lately

This New Mexico made film is headed to Sundance

The national debate that will hit the 2013 NM Legislature

Timely – Charming moment of the month, brought to you by a NMFilm actor who should go ahead and remit his check back to the state if it’s so unbearable here.

RED or GREEN b*tch – Barefeet in the Kitch

In the race to get better, $25M goes to the 2nd worst edu. in the country! – The Deming Headlight

YAAAAAAY! Erryone’s a LOBO! – Times Leader

They’re rich, you and I aren’t – Las Cruces Sun News

Because we’re poor – KRQE

What Wahlberg Says About NM

Posted by on October 14, 2012 | Comments Off on What Wahlberg Says About NM

When this New Mexico Filmophile happened upon a day of Lone Survivor filming in Albuquerque last week, I had the chance to re-introduce myself (stammer and gush) to the one and only Mark Wahlberg!

Wahlberg praised New Mexico, saying he likes filming here, reminding me that he just finished-up a great shoot on another NMFilm, “2 Guns”. He admiringly made mention of the hardworking crew and staff who have been handling the remote mountain shoots on this current project.

Besides lauding the local filming conditions and talent, the family man was also quick to state how convenient it is to get back home to California on breaks from shooting.

So now, my original 20 year-old Mark Wahlberg story comes full circle. It was great to see him at work and he’s just as kind and considerate (and gorgeous) as he was when I first met him as a teen.

In fact, after the take I was able to see, he popped out of the scene and said to me, “Sorry about the language”, with a wink and a smile, regarding his character’s colorful vocabulary (he’s got nothing on Ted).

And just like all the reports and fan photos from 2 Guns would suggest, the star’s graciousness extends to every shoot. When I first got to the set Wahlberg was snapping some pics and chatting with staffers and such. YES ladies and gentlemen, I too got away with a pic and a hug!

Things I forgot to ask:

Whether or not he has or will meet-up with Jennifer Aniston, his Rock Star co-star who’s also currently filming here.

Did he hear anything about filming in NM from his “Fighter” co-stars Christain Bale (3:10 to Yuma, Terminator Salvation) or Amy Adams (Sunshine Cleaning)? What about “The Book of Eli” duo, Denzel Washington (2 Guns co-star) or Mila Kunis (Ted co-star)?

What he thought of big brother Donnie’s stint on the NM series “In Plain Sight”.

Does he watch Breaking Bad?

Red or Green?

Stay tuned…

It’s Red for Jen

Posted by on October 5, 2012 | Comments Off on It’s Red for Jen

Images via Ron Niebrugge and People Magazine

For a fake reporter, such as myself, it’s heartening to know that even during sluggish times in New Mexico Entertainment news I can always count on our friends in the trenches to provide light, yet important fair regarding our state’s coveted celebrity guests.

Like the crack news team, lauded world-wide for bringing you the details on President Barack Obama’s Chile plate preference, I can announce to you today that America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, recently ordered herself up a plate of….RED!

A girl’s gotta eat right? These are the kinds of facts I like to know about our superstar guests, this and the other widely spreading word on the trail that Ms. Aniston is just as awesome, unpretentious and kind to all those around her as we’ve all heard she is.

Aniston is in town for just a little while longer wrapping-up her latest film, “We’re the Millers” co-starring Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts and New Mexico, USA standing-in for Arizona and Old Mexico.

As the kids say nowadays, “Haters gonna hate”

Posted by on August 18, 2012 | Comments Off on As the kids say nowadays, “Haters gonna hate”

FYI: Film is a New Mexico industry, chile production is a New Mexico industry, hell it’s practically a regional dietary requirement. Both of these homegrown topics and more are currently receiving a tidal wave of national attention, thanks to what amounted to a 7 minute conversation aired on the radio and broadcast on the web out of NM.

It all started earlier this week with a local morning radio show announcement and subsequent broadcast that was met by cheers and some resounding jeers from a few of their listeners, local and national media alike.

The name of the show is Morning Mayhem, not CNN or Fox News, yet a multitude of responses to the show’s major get, in the way of a quick telephone interview with the leader of the free world, are highly critical of the tone and content of the broadcast.

Kiki gives us local traffic and pop news on our way to or at work. Carlos D and Danny V steer those morning airwaves with humor, pop music and relatable banter. All while being cute and a little crazy to entertain their fellow New Mexicans in their daily grind.

You wanted hard hitting questions? Well, they hit home the fact that they are in touch with their audience and that the President of the United States can hold his own while talking to the 99%. The 99% of us who eat chile, who raise kids, who still tune in to local radio for a little entertainment and sometimes some advice from the top of our government that says, hey don’t forget to register to vote. Tell your kids to be persistent, and yeah I’m human too.

Shame on you for throwing shade at persecuting fellow broadcasters (I’m looking at you Joe Vigil) for reaching their audience on a base level that didn’t include the rhetoric of the already overly abundant negative campaign ads or the bias of a party slanted “news” program.

Lastly, if you’d prefer to hear a “news” report on a candidate who likely wouldn’t know what New Mexico chile is without first asking a high paid advisor how to answer, or one who already has the “super power” of evading taxes to amass staggering personal wealth, change the station, it’s a free country.


The Prez Talks to NM: Morning Mayhem Interviews President Barack Obama

Posted by on August 16, 2012 | Comments Off on The Prez Talks to NM: Morning Mayhem Interviews President Barack Obama

As we told you here POTUS recently took the time to speak-up for NM Chile while making a campaign stop in Pueblo, CO.

Now the Commander-in-chief has more to say, this time to NM’s Own Morning Mayhem.

Hear your sneak preview below.

For the full interview tune in to 93.3 KOB-FM tomorrow morning!

Breaking Bad Autographed Pilot Script: Available to help rewrite a cancer survivor’s future

Posted by on April 12, 2012 | Comments Off on Breaking Bad Autographed Pilot Script: Available to help rewrite a cancer survivor’s future
SOLD US $1,825.00

Here’s your letter of authenticity, click.

Breaking Bad has literally changed the face of scripted television. As the show’s split-fifth season begins production on the first installment, which is to be the grand finale of arguably the best show on television, fans scramble for tidbits of info, postulate, converse and commiserate on the fate of their beloved series.

From whence it all began, a MAJOR Breaking Bad fan pack has been assembled by Danielle Hart, sister of Emmy® Award winning actor Aaron Paul, with ALL PROCEEDS going toward the care and treatment of Breast Cancer Patient/Survivor Paula Chiles!

It’s nothing new for Breaking Bad to be doing good in the community, this time YOU can help AND walk away with this amazing fan swag! What ultimate Breaking Bad fan could pass on these hot items:

ORIGINAL Pilot Script – SIGNED by the cast AND creator Vince Gilligan
THREE Show Specific T’s – Car Wash, Pollos Hermanos, White/Heisenberg
Cast only – wheeled travel duffle w/show logo
Vintage style Season 4 cast cap
Season 4 Crew Medallion “Albuquerque Burbank 2011”
“Saul Goodman Attorney at Law” Matchbook
A prop bag of the “blue stuff”!!!

Only a few days left to place your bid for your chance at these sweet items! From the show that has brought so much to the art of entertainment, to a friend rallying for a friend who is in the fight of her life!

Place your bid here now!

NMChili Giveaway!!!

Posted by on December 2, 2011 | Comments Off on NMChili Giveaway!!!

The only thing better than the holidays are the holidays with New Mexico Chile! You won’t find an easier or tastier way to enjoy this NM tradition than with NMChiliJustAddWater.com

Go to our facebook page here and post “NMChili” on our wall for your chance to WIN your own NM Chili gift pack including classic RED and the new GREEN – both as easy to prepare as it is to boil water!

ENTER now through 5 p.m. Saturday Dec. 3, random winners will be drawn and posted Sunday morning – winners will receive their very own gift pack to keep or to share! Be sure to checkout the Chili Party this Sunday!

New Mexico Film – Word From Your Governor

Posted by on October 12, 2011 | 2 comments

TMZ OHI has obtained a copy of the letter drafted straight from the top of New Mexico State Government, inviting film and television productions to bring their projects here.

Being the fount of useless opinion that I am, I have to interject that film like enchiladas, New Mexico simply does better, and supplemental to this letter, maybe a NM goods gift bag, and demo reel would better serve this campaign.

But I defer to more intelligent, actual journalists who have pointed out here that most importantly omitted from this letter is an explanation or breakdown of the new, “bewildering” film incentive rebate structure (maybe it’s in an attachment).

Perhaps better than any paper attachment, armed with the letter NM’s Own Film Office Director, Nick Maniatis did recently trek to Los Angeles to meet with top film and television studio execs (next time also take chile).

We are assured that YOUR New Mexico Film Office Director and his team, under New Mexico’s Economic Development Department, are working for you in capably and fully representing the state’s best interests to bring film jobs and revenue home. Here in a clip from the NM Film Works radio program are Maniatis and NM Filmmakers Program Director, Trish Lopez explaining in detail the changes to the New Mexico Film Incentive Program.

With other states (NC, LA, TX, UT, GA) clamoring for and hammering out deals to the North, South, left and right of us, we better have barrels loaded and be at the ready to bring it full board to ensure we back our leadership in achieving “ongoing success” in New Mexico Film.

As evidenced by continual coverage in the national and international media, the world is watching New Mexico as a strong presence and contender in film production.

Pictured and transcribed here for all the world to see is the Governor’s letter to “Hollywood”. Below see the recent story featured in industry “bible”, Variety on top New Mexico studios.

The three-point punch here is that leadership is backing the industry, our top state film representative has put out the open call and YOU (statewide studios, talent, crews, youth & workforce training, local businesses, et al) are poised to put an everlasting shine on New Mexico Film. Get into it!

Dear Production Executives,

New Mexico like many states has been tasked with bringing certainty and predictability to its budgetary process under difficult economic time. New Mexico’s film incentive program was recently re- with great effort to maintain its success while balancing the needs of our state. I am happy with the compromise made during this past legislative session and I support the continued growth of the industry and the creation of more job opportunities for New Mexicans.

We continue to offer one of the most competitive industry incentive packages in the United States.In addition to the film incentives our job training program and low interest film loans are available for productions shooting in our state.

Our exceptional and experienced crew base is the largest between coasts. New Mexico currently has five studios containing 14 sound stages and over 200 film-related businesses including post production facilities. Direct flights from Santa Fe and Albuquerque to Los Angeles are just another convenience for studio productions.

With over 300 days of sunshine annually, New Mexico [insures] some of the most [awe]-inspiring and diverse landscapes in the world. We have a film-friendly community [network] throughout the state and a dedicated film office whose staff will assist your production through its [entirety].

This industry is a very important sector of our state and I am committed to its ongoing success. I look forward to working together in bringing your next production to New Mexico.


Susana Martinez

By Kathy A. McDonald from the cyber pages of Variety:

Santa Fe Studios
Built by producers for producers. That’s how CEO Lance Hool describes the [now] completed Santa Fe Studios. Two 18,000-square-foot adjoining soundstages are the principal elements of phase one of the project that also includes 26,000 square-foot of adjacent office and support space. Located on a 65-acre campus 15 minutes from central Santa Fe, the facilities boast state-of-the-art specs.

Tech highlights include 40-foot ceilings and acoustic design by Bastien and Associates Architecture, which lists Manhattan Beach Studios and Los Angeles Center Studios are among its credits. Hool expects Santa Fe Studios to open in the fall; negotiations are ongoing for the inaugural pic, as well as a camera house and grip and electric tenants.

Since Santa Fe Studios’ inception five years ago, much has improved in the area, says Hool: the local crew base has expanded significantly, and daily flights are available directly into Santa Fe from Los Angeles. Shuttling of above-the-line talent is kept to a minimum as most opt for digs in Santa Fe.

Other notable features: Pueblo-style architecture that echoes Santa Fe’s Native American heritage as well as eco-efforts, including a water catchment system and native plant/drought tolerant landscaping.

Albuquerque Studios
A stone’s throw from the airport, Albuquerque Studios is the state’s major purpose-built facility with eight full-service soundstages; the largest four are 24,000 square-foot each with heights up to 55 feet. Adjacent stages can be combined for more space as needed. A one-stop shop offering everything from grip and lighting to production trailer rentals to camera packages, the facility currently houses “The Avengers” and “Breaking Bad.”

Garson Studios
Located on the Santa Fe U. of Art and Design’s campus, Garson Studios (founded by thesp Greer Garson) recently made major upgrades including new HVAC. Stage A is 14,000 square-foot with a permanent greenscreen cyc. Smaller Stage B (7,500 sq. ft.) is used for both production and prep. Production office space is adjacent. More than 30 films in 20 years have used facility, most recently “Bless Me, Ultima,” “Cowboys & Aliens” and “Paul.”

Fulcrum Building (Rio Rancho, New Mexico)
Seeing potential in the defunct manufacturing plant, Lionsgate took over the converted facility for both its “Wildfire” and “Crash” skeins. Two soundstage-type spaces (50,400 and 63,000 square-foot) with 30-foot ceilings are the draw, plus 25,000 sq. ft. of adjacent office space. Colin Firth starrer “Gambit” recently booked it for greenscreen work.
Contact info: Brian Anderson, Roger Cox & Assoc., 505-379-6030

I-25 Studios
A former microchip processing plant, I-25 Studios consists of 505,000 sq. ft. on 60 acres. The largest soundstage is 29,000 square-foot with a 21-foot height. Utilized as home base for USA’s “In Plain Sight” for four seasons, the location has since hosted an unnamed TNT pilot, “Breaking Bad” and a Dolce & Gabbana spot featuring Scarlett Johansson. In October, three new soundstages and additional base camp space will double production capacity.


Go-on With Your Bad Self New Mexico!

©SindicationAboutFilmNMYouYour Momma
Posted by on May 9, 2011 | Comments Off on Go-on With Your Bad Self New Mexico!

Just in time for post Mother’s Day goodness, budding actor, NM res., über muscle man David Robbins recently shot over this lovely lil’ Thank You Note much to the delight of the cockles of my heart!

Feedback of such sweetness and light are the very reason I maintain this here ‘dot’ on the www with the support of my team, internal and ex (wink)!

As the ‘mother’ of this cyber spot it’s my goal to feature the people and opportunities of my favorite state, so when Nuevo Mexicans (and beyond) make a connection, get a part, warm a heart, inspire and get inspired it’s my privilege to bear witness and calling to report!

I love it here and I love the people I get to meet virtually and IRL!

So, up until and beyond the point in time when a manuscript, screenplay eh hmm, or treatment of mine finally hits the buying price of my dreams, I’ll still plug away at the research, fake reporting, innocent gossiping, and broadcasting I’ve come to love – I’ll just get to do it wearing better slippers.

THANK YOU! Thanks to every industry contributor, reader, actor, artist, activist and friend for being a part of what drives a shared passion for focusing on New Mexico Talent – the greatest thing since green chile!

In the immortal words of Ray Charles via Jamie Foxx, “Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna make it do what it do, baby.”

Keep it here and tell yo’ friends…so much more to come on the exploits of Mr. Robbins and the many, many, many locals shaking things-up!

Greatness Indigenous

AwardsNMNM's OwnPollVoteYou
Posted by on February 10, 2011 | 15 comments

UPDATE: 2/28/11

Voted Favorite Local Actor & Actress

With an impressive margin NM Actor, Steven Ray Byrd takes the title of, Voted Favorite Local. Every Actor nominated is a favorite of ours and we’re very thankful to have had such a strong response in votes across the board! And especially happy to have received several write-in nominations so that we can cover even more local talent!

Sweeping the write-in votes in her category and the entire poll over all, Christian-Rhen Stefani too took a strong lead and the top ranking as Favorite Local Actress in this year’s Golden Tumbleweed Awards Polling.

Congratulations to both these local faves and much love to all those nominated and recognized. Can’t wait to learn more about all the amazing talent in front of and behind the camera! Go New Mexico!

Favorite Local Actor Noms

Favorite Local Actress Noms

All of the above have talent, many have worked on the big screen, small screen and stage, most are wildly poplar, some even have their own TV show, okay one does…and they’re all passionately involved in that business we call show!

New Mexico boasts these and thousands upon thousands more industry professionals & hopefuls at this ever increasingly awesome time in NM when we’re becoming known for more than green chile and rattlesnake mugs sombreros (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

These are our current pics for Favorite Local Talent in our annual Golden Tumbleweed Poll. Cast your vote from the selection above and/or nominate your own personal fave!

New Mexico is ROCKING the industry with organizations, resources, education & training and ever growing opps in all areas of arts & entertainment!

Anyone & everyone who wants to get-in on the industry, so many are working hard to maintain as the next best thing to happen to NM, should check out these valuable resources:

The New Mexico Film Office, NM Seen, EG Casting, Fireborn Films, D-House Entertainment, Majico Entertainment, Nuevowood, NM SAG, I-25 Studios, Q Studios, Garson Studios, Mi Voz, YDI, Quote Unquote, Crew NM, IATSE Local 480, Film Works for New Mexico, I AM NMFilm, New Mexico Business Coalition for Film, On Location Casting, White Turtle Casting, The Albuquerque Film Office, The Motion Picture Association of New Mexico

…and much more we’re still working to uncover and present to you here at OneHeadlightInk.com.

Right now, click the pics above to learn more about these local actors, cast your vote or nominate your own after the jump!

All Polls close Sunday February 27…Get your vote on!
» Read the full post

Seeing Red in NM

Posted by on January 25, 2011 | 4 comments

The bill to put an end to our Film Incentive Program is being heard this Thursday, January 27th @ 1:30PM in Room 317 – Film Works for New Mexico

“…the song tell[s] a story of 99 balloons floating into the air, triggering an apocalyptic overreaction by military forces.”

With the Epic “Ignore” going on at the Roundhouse toward the passionate & viable industry we call Film, there have been several calls to action to show support for simply maintaining something that thousands of New Mexicans have already worked so hard to attain – the very prestigious, successful and promising position New Mexico holds as a LEADER in Film and Production.

Those of us already in the campaign know what we’re fighting for and if anyone is unaware we should all be at the ready to $pell out for them the impact on our great state this brightest light since green chile shines down upon us. These may be romantic, enigmatic, fanciful descriptions of a very real threat posed by those armed with manipulated numbers and forked tongued “data”, printed out in upteenlate on official letterhead paper – but that cannot win out over the facts in the end?

Like a big screen saga in itself, we hope and quite literally pray – not for an apocalyptic overreaction resulting in the obliteration of this industry we hold so dear, but simply to be heard and understood for all that Film brings to the businesses, students, artists, communities and trades of New Mexico – that the evil that is arbitrary crosshairs is removed and that the true examination and transparency of the state’s film programs is provided, as promised.

Far many more of us care about this teeming situation than can possibly collectively voice, center stage at the rotunda, but let’s do show our support and at least know that we stand together for something that will benefit New Mexico for generations to come, if not lost on deaf ears. We know their eyes might see.

Wear your Roundhouse Red, fly your flag, float your balloon to keep New Mexico Film – perhaps we can achieve at least a seismic shift in awareness that we are here and we support each other.

Go, call, send, connect, connect, connect, connect, show, JOIN

All Out War On Film, NM

EscándaloFilmGovernmentJobsNMNMExposéYouYour Momma
Posted by on January 12, 2011 | 10 comments

Click here to reach legislators in your area and voice your opinion on this issue.

Audit this: While Los Angeles scrambles to intice productions back from us, other states Hot on our Boot Heel and yet others stalling like Arizona, Massachusets and Iowa, New Mexico who currently ranks NUMBER ONE in the country for film making and third in ALL OF NORTH AMERICA, is presented with a dangerous proposal from our new leader.

If Dennis the Menace down in Roswell gets his way our tax incentive program will be eliminated all together and if Governor Susana Martinez can’t see that pushed through she’s working the 10% decrease angle. It’s a tumultuous mix of options being thrown into the wind that will blow New Mexico’s promising future as an Entertainment Capital out of here like Silicon Valley.

The numbers can be manipulated to high heaven in favor of decreasing the incentives and with that rot down the hell of disillusionment and hopelessness unto the impassioned and currently employed and empowered people of New Mexico who have fought and worked so hard to see the fruits of the Industry begin to flourish here.

We cannot allow Texas or any other state to turn New Mexico into their cotton picking, chile peeling back lot. There are entire industries riding on this wave of SUCCESS the film industry has just begun to afford New Mexicans.

From Food Service, Lighting, Set Construction & Decorating to of course the stars of the New Mexico desert there are jobs in this here Entertainment Industry.

Not to mention that when that caravan we call Hollywood rolls into to town, they eat, sleep, and SPEND. From Real Estate to $20,000 hotel bills, productions BUY.

Productions also GIVE – give back to the communities that they’re living and working in here. From donations to investments of their time. Productions make improvements to area homes, establishments, and even outdoor spaces where they film. Casts and Crews get out into the community enriching and inspiring civic duty.

And do you know how much air-time costs? Well New Mexico gets global peeps and props that money couldn’t buy because of the big names and productions that come. Whether they fail or fall – we couldn’t have purchased the amount of global recognition we get from the State’s current status as a leader in Film.

…do you think all of these peripherals are being taken into account by any existing audit?

Let’s face it sometimes a production will just NEED a crate of hair spray and a vat of vaseline – ours is not to question why…ours is but to let them BUY.

Spa days, shopping sprees, car service, room service YOUR SERVICE. Let’s keep our doors open for business and let ’em keep pickin-up the check!

Finally, keep it for the kids – We all know that New Mexico Education is in trouble. But, we also know that Film & Production keeps our kids OUT of trouble. From Clovis to Taos and everywhere in between New Mexico is training.

Eastern New Mexico University is currently ramping-up a film program of their very own…

Right here in the Q Youth Development Incorporated teaches and inspires young ones in all aspects of performing and production. Fireborn Films offers intensive training in acting, writing and project development.

New Mexico is COVERED for training a sustainable workforce in Entertainment for generations to come – will there be an industry here for them?


Baby it’s Cold Outside…

Posted by on December 16, 2010 | One comment

Rainy Day Recipe:

Clean out your waredrobe – Y’all know you have too many coats, sweaters and overall CLOTHES. To purge is to be divine – Wrap all that in a sack.

Next take the short ride to your local grocer and/or carniceria and stock-up on what you need for all your holiday fixins, plus some pantry items to GIVE. Add those non-perishables to your sack.

Warm your heart and your kitchen by throwing your super, special, secret family recipe for Chile or Chili into the crock…

While that’s simmering and bubbling into chilicious goodness as only YOU can make it, click on over to the RSVP for our Saturday Chile Cook-off and Charity Drive!

Join us this Saturday at the swanky, cool, fun Calico Cantina in beautiful Los Ranchos De Albuquerque to mix, mingle, eat and drink with all your favorite Tweeters and Facebookers.

Enter your yummy recipe, eat and judge entries, win door prizes, donate your wardrobe extras & pantry items to benefit Joy Junction!!

It’s gonna be a great time with good friends and new friends!

No stress, decompress – relax with us at this fun-filled event!

RSVP here now!

~Hot On Our Boot Heel: Hawkeye Edition

Posted by on November 15, 2010 | 3 comments

We’ve got chile, they’ve got corn & we all want movies! It’s the recession succession version of WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!

The hearty film industry that is New Mexico’s is so oft referenced in posts and articles where other states are clamoring for a stake, if I had a dubloom for every time – I could buy all y’all a steak!

In one of today’s heads-up blog posts, crafty Christine of Iowa paints (or needlepoints) the sad truth about films on wheels, which is the reverse of Meals on Wheels in that it is where the tax incentives lie that the film industry will follow taking their meals, their dogooding & their jobs with!

Tough lessons, easily foretold and sadly playing out for Jeff and Janelle Smith of Iowa via Omaha.com.

The Iowa Film, Television, and Video Project Promotion Program was created in 2007 – the now defunct Income Tax Credit structure saw a rapid influx of productions yielding the kind of jobs we’re all/none too familiar with here in New Mexico.

The program was suspended in 2009 after unscrupulous practices by some who “took advantage” of the incentives while the administration failed to cite and correct egregious errors in the system.

With the loss of the industry and the trickle down of revenue and collateral support systems drying-up many Iowans like the Smiths may face tough decisions about whether to weather out the tough economy or follow the industry they’ve ensconced themselves in wherever it may land.

The Smith’s made themselves assets to the industry as crew and vendor service providers, Jeff as a lighting grip and Janelle in craft service – with the programs suspended the Smith’s are out of work and are now considering a move to NM.

Like Jeff who is now unemployed, Los Angeles industry transplant Chris Bevauns, a film costume and set designer, earned $60,000.00 in 2009, working steadily on nine productions to working as a “handyman” for $20,000.00 this year.

The faithful in Iowa a.k.a. the Iowa Motion Picture Association will be championing efforts to bring the program back leading up to their state’s own legislative session.

Here‘s the full AP article.

p.s. I’m not poking fun at Christine or craftiness. AND J & J you’re always welcome in New Mexico…in fact join us at a camp out in January where we may need to set-up house in front of the Roundhouse to make sure NM stays in the game, because we ARE the game! Numero Uno Nuevo Mexico – Woot!

You tug, we’ll tug – not that way cochino, that’s the old Hollywood way…

Movie Maker Magazine, Variety

Your Friday Q Spot: Now with Linkage!

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As heard on Coyote 102.5 on October 15, 2010

Tonight Low Spirits presents An Evening with Ryan McGarvey – 21 and over, 2823 2nd Street NW, doors open at 8 o’clock…if you haven’t seen him yet…it is a MUST! Ryan is an ABQ native, born blues rocker and wicked axeman! (Try to) Keep up w/him here, here, and here!

Another 21 and over option for tonight is The Halloween & Lingerie Show! The beautiful Hugz~n~Kissez Girls up close and personal at the 405 Lounge Downtown (Formerly Raw/Proof). Drink Specials DJ-Xman, Live performance by David Wade, A.V.& Reno Brown 4th and central You can enter to win $200 drawing! Show starts at 10pm

Catch SLOW BURN – The Q’s premiere party rock band this Sat. at Malarky’s 9 pm til’ the burn smolders out and again at ZONEFEST – a free all ages show on Sat. Oct. 23. Get the Burn direct on their official website…SlowBurnNM.com

The Morning after…If you can’t participate in the Duke City Marathon at 6:30 in the a.m. at least get yourself down there to support the racers. You can load-up on NM’s amazing red and green chile breakfasts and some fresh roasted coffee…in the Downtown Civic Plaza area! Click here for the schedule of events!

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Absolutely Superfluous

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Stealing from a funnyman!?!? – People

Chakras centering with dirty rock – MTV

Waxing for his craft – Daily Mail UK

A thespian after my own heart – TOI

Don’t ask her, don’t tell her e.g. “¡Ya déjame!” – OK!

More of what nobody wants to hear from an actress – Popeater

Things that make you say Doi – Seattle Post

Six things you never knew about someone you don’t know – Hollywood Life

Ya-ZOWZA! I would pay at least a buck to hear it – Los Angeles Times

And the Chilean Miner casting begins – Irish Times

He must be thrilled with this title – Examiner

Jesus Photobombs Pres. in NM

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Check-it! The Lord’s name, or the son of God or whatever…One of NM’s Own purdy butterflies jets by our Pres. every time he says Jesús.

“Damn” if everyone ain’t coming to NM lately! Go New New Mexico!

p.s. Erryone pls. msg. Brian Williams here or here to inform a brother that that is a Ristra…red hot chile peppers!?!

¡Ay dios mio!

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