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Running the Numbers: 2.5M NM Dollars Headed to TEXAS

Posted by on January 11, 2012 | 3 comments

As we told you here back in August, the NM Governess appointed State Tourism Secretary, Monique Jacobson had put out the call for marketing proposals to help re-brand the state in the collective side-eyes of the nation nay, the world.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported a New Mexico State Tourism Department study finds that much of the nation sees New Mexico as “Arid.” “Barren.” “Dull”, and on the ~upside “Close to Arizona”? At least that perception places NM in the continental United States, right?

Ms. Jacobson, tells TWJ that she’s confident she can leverage her limited resources to build “a strong, iconic brand.” Not included in the article is the recent development that those “limited resources” of $2.5M has been awarded by the New Mexico State Tourism Department to a TEXAS firm.

Despite submissions by no less than six New Mexico firms for the job, our bottom barrel, 36th ranked national tourism standings (formerly run by a Los Angeles, CA firm), and state tourism marketing dollars are headed out of state.


NMedia: State of NM Film Challenge

Posted by on November 18, 2011 | 2 comments

All the Governor’s men say, yes. The Duke says, HELL YES, and the rest of us are tasked to assemble and conquer for this business we call show and bring it all the way home to New Mexico.

Albuquerque Studios juts out of the far reaches of the NM desert just like the visions of a Vegas empire did to one Ben Siegel in a scene straight out of Bugsy. There on location, where action meets the vision of vast development; of land, economy and long term prosperity, NM Film Avengers & Advocates assembled last night.

The Governess had a long standing commitment against the industry and was unable to attend to voice the support we’re hearing she now lends so fervently to the industry; its jobs, education and global notoriety for our great state.

But state leaders, Governor Richard Berry, Chief of Staff Keith Gardner, Deputy Chief of Staff Ryan Cangiolosi, and New Mexico Film Office Director Nick Maniatis were in attendance to tout their full support and commitment to growing a sustainable future for New Mexico in the film industry.

Like Jesus, Mayor Berry stands with the carpenters, emphasizing that he is all IN on the film industry for the strong roots he wants laid in the Q and beyond for trades and small businesses.

Mayor Berry at Albuquerque Studios in 2011

Chief of staff Garnder went so far as to announce that the Governor vows to wield a veto pen on any proposed decrease to our film incentives come this next legislative session.

From the tippy-top of YOUR State Film Office, Nick Manianitis re-affirmed his dedication and efforts to keep films, their jobs, revenue and education rolling into New Mexico. Maniatis re-asserted the Film Office’s commitments to community partnerships with ongoing town hall meetings all over the state and an upcoming education summit.

While he prioritizes television production for its long term jobs and revenue, Maniatis further commented that his charter is too to branch NM production into digital media, gaming and post-production work.

Unable to divulge specifics on television prospects (citing three productions) expected down the pike, Maniatis was able to deliver a gingerly worded, press-release-lite, officially committing that the MAJORITY of Disney’s, The Lone Ranger film WILL shoot here in NM…

While attaining and maintaining industry growth for the state, by way of education, trades and small business opportunities, were the overriding sentiments of the night, the underlying theme was one of unity. A step in the right direction as voices raised together are voices more likely heard.

All of the above, representatives Egolf and Keller, hosts NMedia, every actor, crew member, support service provider and industry business in attendance share in the like-minded goal of furthering New Mexico’s name in film.

Closing the night was one of NM’s Own most outspoken…As always SMQ artfully and comically brought home some truth, echoing the immortal words of Whitney Houston, “the children are our future…tech them well”. Here, here! Teach them something for cripes sake!

Quezada noted that New Mexico’s youth are our “greatest natural resource”, and that they deserve to have more options in arts and entertainment than the prospect of being on cops or even on his own, one and only, Hispanic-led late night television talk show, The After After Party…No one fosters growth in the arts for New Mexico’s youth like SMQ and his crew, but they can’t do it all and they certainly can’t do it alone!

Just as MC Vivana Vigil had kicked-off the night by naming the Film Industry as a source of education and careers choices, giving all New Mexicans a reason and possibilities to stay in the state and make it great, Quezada concluded with the FACT that Film works for New Mexico.

Thank you NMedia at Mesa del Sol for wrangling so many film advocates in rallying for the cause!

NM Film – Get into it!

Hot Off the FOREIGN & GOSSIP Presses – Spaceport, NM

Posted by on October 19, 2011 | Comments Off on Hot Off the FOREIGN & GOSSIP Presses – Spaceport, NM

DATELINE AUSTRALIA, (not part of the USA) – No wonder no one can find NM on a map of North America (I’m looking at you USA Today of the early 90s, which reversed NM & AZ…At least you had the pre-cognition to cite the future likeness in immigration “standards”).

Anyhoo, SPACEPORT AMERICA has had its grand opening…complete with celebrity, actual astronaut and Royal sightings alike. NM Tourism much? No? Well it happened, with but a blip (à la the AP/Associated Press news wire in most cases), on the NM news scene back on Monday.

From a current 500 jobs, sky rocketing (wink) to a whopping 2K future (forecasted) jobs, the NM spaceport has been officially christened! EVEN our own Governess was there!

The “Keys to a New Dawn” event has already gone down but the future upscale launches can only take NM up!

Thanks to the Australian who sent this in…

Links: US Magazine, PerezHilton, New Scientist, People Magazine, Daily Mail UK, The Sun, Parabolic Arc, Aviation Week, Sydney Morning Herald (tomorrow’s)

Young Cast Added to Schwarzenegger Flick

Posted by on October 10, 2011 | Comments Off on Young Cast Added to Schwarzenegger Flick

UPDATE 10/11/11: Extras and background casting goes to…

“EG casting is…Casting Last Stand with Arnold Scharwzenegger, an action packed thriller. We will need lots of military and police, so make sure your military experience is marked as yes in your profile if you know how to handle weapons.”
Elizabeth Gabel

Big-ish names of some young stars have recently been revealed as joining the cast of Shwarzenegger’s upcoming movie The Last Stand.

Following reports that villainous film vet Peter Stormare and wrestler turned leading man “Stone Cold” Steve Austin are set to star, young Jaimie Alexander (Sif, Thor) and Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights, Grey’s Anatomy) have now been added to the cast of the modern-day western scheduled to begin filming this month in Belen, New Mexico.

An actual Arnold sighting down Valencia way last week, confirmation of construction and crews readying sets and completing renovations to city buildings, as reported by the Valencia County News-Bulletin, is increasing anticipation of the upcoming shoot.


Though Arnold’s current overseas jaunt lends to the accounts that the schedule may scootch down the calendar a scoach.

Then of course there’s that small matter of local extras and background casting, either yet to be announced or being held under tighter wraps than the status of our Governess’s grandpa’s “papers”.

As far as locals casting goes all we’ve got for ya’ as of this writing is a whole lot of, “WHEN IS IT?” and “We’re not doing it…”


From waste of time to $10,000 prize!

Posted by on July 22, 2011 | 7 comments

Exploitation much?

National news outlets covering the sitting New Mexico Governor’s summer tourism promotion are calling foul at rattling at the proverbial grave of the long lored, long gone “outlaw” Billy the Kid.

From rabid condemnation of the former Governor’s talk of a pardon for “The Kid” to launching a Palin style publicity stunt/hunt, replete with high cost billboards, television radio and print ad campaigns, propping and popping “The Kid’s” likeness, where’s Waldo style, into all form of New Mexico tourist destinations….Classy.

Local news thus far is lobbing out a far rosier spin of the “promotion”…up to and until possible investigative reports are to follow if this surely very costly campaign is a bust…If and when that forecast comes to fruition a culprit other than the Governess will likely be locked into the cross hairs of blame – NM Film perhaps?

Where are the Avengers tourism promos (Royals style)??? The NM Film destination packages? THE BREAKING BAD Winnebago tours?!?!?! FARK!

Let “The Kid” rest already!

Queen of Darts

Posted by on March 24, 2011 | 2 comments

Art by Lalo Alcaraz

Listening to Susana Martinez on 94 Rock yesterday was like getting back together with an ex. You open your mind, decide that what’s done is done and just try to move forward on as positive a note as possible…but then you remember that she’s a lying, controlling maniacal b*tch bully!

My stomach literally turns at the thought of trying to re-listen to her propaganda in order to properly relay the precise points of scathing hot mis-truths and rhetoric surrounding the most vitriol laden, vengefully targeted topic of the recently wrapped 2011 Legislative Session – that is of course that business we call “Show”, or as Susana loathfully dubs it “Hollywood”.

So please take a listen for yourself here and definitely do pick-up (as you always do right) this week’s copy of YOUR weekly Alibi – on stands NOW! Inside the pages of this ever so artfully covered issue is a great synopsis of several of the most impassioned issues of the session. I thought it ever so poetic that our particular issue had some pink ink print leaks that look not unlike blood spatter on the “Making Sausage” news page – reminiscent of the blood letting that took place of our particular industry in the long hard fought battle for New Mexico Film.

Here’s where the New Mexico Film Tax Incentives stand (on the bias):

The Bill that caps Incentives at $50M passed the Senate and only has be signed-off by the Governess’s spiteful pen – this means that if and when films are due more than that in tax credits in a single year, the filmmakers could stand to collect the balance over subsequent years, which could create a bubble of overdue credits in years to come that could eventually leave a zero budget for Film Incentives.

New Mexico retains the original 25% Incentive rate – equal to or lesser than approx. 20 other states in the country. Alaska, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Utah and Californ-i-a itself among other states are still vying hard to take over where New Mexico has come to reign.

Senate Bill 44 – Film Production Tax Credit Tracking and Review which would stand to make good on the begrudgingly made campaign ~promise by Martinez to prompt a comprehensive study and reporting of the NM Film Program BEFORE making any changes also passed the Senate…but oops changes are already being made…

“Her attack on the film industry has already caused some companies to reconsider their investment decisions here,” – Senator Eric Griego

And the propaganda of pinning shortfalls in healthcare, education and the very safety of our public is being broadcast as the sole result of the evils of “Hollywood” on New Mexico by the Governess and her spin doctors while pet industries get away with raping our economy and lining the pockets of nationally politically ambitious officials.

Click here for our openly bias coverage of this unwarranted attack on the industry…

24/7 Eats: Federico’s Edition

Posted by on March 23, 2011 | Comments Off on 24/7 Eats: Federico’s Edition

From afternoon NM cerveza to delicioso NM comida…

With Governess Palin-lite in office, New Mexico has even more in common with Arizona than anti-immigration fervor before.

But on the bright-side of having things in common with our neighbors to the West is our beloved Federico’s!

The AZ based franchise has quatro locations in the Q and Rio Rancho. We just had to give them a shout-out for their addictive green sauce, Pollo Asado Tacos and Rolled Beef Tacos with GUAC!

So, thanks to the fine people of our neighborhood Federico’s for rounding-out our week after, St. Patrick’s day eve celebration – gracias!

QOTOD: Eye Into the Future

Posted by on March 13, 2011 | 2 comments

UPDATE 3/14/11: While “$1.5 billion in credits” goes out to big oil and other industries, today your NM Senate Finance Committee passed a measure limiting New Mexico Film Incentives to $50M. Source

Our “Quote of the other day” belongs to State Representative Brian Egolf

We have less than a week to go in the session. The Governor is still ignoring jobs & the economy and focusing exclusively on political wedge issues. I am working hard to protect the film incentive program to keep good jobs here in NM and to hold the line on important conservation issues. I expect that the final days will be very eventful! 3/12/11

Tonight, after a long day in the Senate, amendments being batted about and readied to be heard by the Senate Finance Committee that stand to (carry out the Governor’s vendetta against film) limit New Mexico’s film futures have been held-off until Monday morning.

IATSE 480, the NM chapter of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, is rallying small business owners, trades and other film supporters in the lofty efforts to maintain globally recognized position New Mexico has carved out for itself as a leader in Film.

Thousands upon thousands of New Mexico jobs and the very existence of hundreds of local small businesses hang in the balance. And as Statewide educational programs and institutions ramp-up training and build-up futures for creating and maintaining a sustainable workforce for generations of New Mexicans to come, our Governor vows to veto a state budget that includes Film Incentives with any cap over $45M.

It’s been said time and time again – though perhaps gone unheard, that that cap is “a job killer”. Supporters of the industry have been promised that the current incentive rate will stand at 25% (only 3rd highest in the nation), but it was also a begrudgingly PROMISED during her campaign that no change would be made without a full and transparent study of incentive benefits.

SB 44 passed the House this session allowing for such data to come to fruition but that forthcoming research and report will be rather mute with a production limiting cap. At $45M films the magnitude of last year’s Cowboys & Aliens and Thor would eat-up most if not wipe-out the entire allotment of incentives thereby taking away the chance for more productions within the year and all the jobs film and support service related.

As film, small business, education and training supporters we have through Monday morning to reach out to the Senate Finance Committee here and to the Governess herself here (505-476-2200) to voice our plea to KEEP NM FILM.

IATSE Local is raising money throughout the night to help get the message out and Film Works New Mexico is organizing business owners and other film supporters to lobby Senate Finance members live and in person at the Roundhouse, tick-tock.

NM Film Outbound Industry Risks

Posted by on January 31, 2011 | 4 comments

Transparency, yes. Drop-kick, no. If the url isn’t down, as it habitually is, contact NM Governor Martinez here to say, “KEEP & COMPETE NM FILM @ 25%”

Is in the midst of an ongoing national economic downturn the time to blindly stab away at an industry that New Mexico has gained proven global leadership in?

While “think tanks” and “industry insiders” alike name New Mexico time and again as one of the few states in the nation with a stronghold on securing Film as a viable and sustainable industry into the post fiscal crisis, the State Legislature is weighing the sweeping proposal by our new Governess to cut NM Film Production Tax Credits to one of the lowest rates in the country – equal to that of our neighbor Texas.

NY, GA, LA, and MI already offer equal or more in incentives than New Mexico and would likely gain much needed ground in carving out their own stake in the industry if we’re willing to let our leadership hold lapse at this critical point in the nation’s economy.

Governor Martinez
claims that the cut would save NM $25 million in the next fiscal year. Premature at best to be asserting such a bold bottom line statement, being that it is commonly acknowledged by proponents and opponents alike that there is no cognitive data of what actual impact the industry has on the state – therefore aren’t we asking to cut the legs off the pony before asking him to do another trick?

Last week the Roundhouse saw an outpouring of impassioned presence and testimony when HB-19 was presented to kill incentives altogether, effectively ending careers and businesses that already feel the instant pinch when they get the “rescind order” calls the state’s experiencing in even just this time of flux.

The Bill, brought for the third year running by Roswell Rep. Dennis Kintigh (R), was tabled 5-4 in a cross party vote by the House Committee hearing the matter.

In addition to the threat to slash put forth by Governor Martinez, two Senate Bills are still in play during this 2011 New Mexico Legislature set to affect the state’s film program:

SB 44, Film Production Tax Credit Tracking & Review brought by Timothy M. Keller (D).


SB 169 Film Production Tax Credit Cap, which would cap the film incentives at $2 million per project brought by Senator John Arthur Smith (D).

Both are set to be heard by the Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee.

These (below) are YOUR Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee members. Please use your voice and contact them to state your position on NM Film futures.

Read The Sunday Journal’s Impact Studies full article here.

Keep tabs on HB-19 here and ring-up the committee governing over its DNR status here if you see any rumblings of it coming off the table. – Thanks Cornelius

Twitpic o’ the Day

Posted by on January 27, 2011 | 2 comments

¡Gracias a Dios!

GLORIOUS UPDATE: HB-19, The Bill to Kill Film is dead! Tabled 5-4 in first committee!!!!!!! NEXT UP though, a push by Gov. Susana Martinez herself to LOWER incentives to 15% – effectively eliminating New Mexico’s competitive edge over other states.

Coincidentally Texas film incentives currently sit at 15% and several other states meet or beat New Mexico’s 25% – But no other single state can boast the #1 city in the country and #3 place in all of North America for Film.

Keep & Compete – Keep NM FILM at 25%!
Contact YOUR Governess: http://www.governor.state.nm.us/


State Address Pits Film Against Classroom

Posted by on January 18, 2011 | 4 comments

UPDATE 1/19/11: KOB-TV Fact Check on *hot button statement in Governor Martinez’s State of the State ATTACK ON FILM Address here.

While Louisiana, Texas and the very birthplace of “Hollywood”, among other states ramp-up their Film Incentives (already landing several projects that have pulled out of NM due to the uncertainty of state film futures) to COMPETE with New Mexico, our new leader proposes lowering our incentives and ranking as a leader in global Film Production, i.e. sending NM film jobs and revenue to our competitors.

“In order to protect classroom spending in education and basic health care for those most in need we must find savings elsewhere. That’s why I propose reducing the state’s film subsidy from 25 percent to 15 percent, which is where it first started. This has been incorrectly referred to as a tax credit. It has nothing to do with taxes. The way it works is when a film is made in the state, New Mexico taxpayers cover 25 percent of the costs. It’s a simple and straight-forward subsidy – 25 cents on the dollar. And it’s been taken advantage of … One film company spent $100,000 chartering an actor’s private jet and New Mexico *taxpayers paid $25,000 of it.

–  Governor Susana Martinez, State of the State Address 1/18/11  Source

This very intentional and direct link obviously means that there is absolutely no other way to provide health care and improve education in the state but to effectively annihilate the New Mexico Film Industry…

Except for maybe those ideas forwarded to our Governess upon her invitation to do so (@ CutWasteTips@state.nm.us) that are not being taken into consideration.

Let’s send film into the open arms of the 43 other states clamoring for it before any comprehensive “audits” of the programs, which she campaigned on, are conducted…

Video of the Day: Politics on the Bias Edition

Posted by on October 23, 2010 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: Politics on the Bias Edition

TODAY-ay-ay…We at ©Sindication officially declare our support for Diane Denish in the HOTLY contested race to be the first Governess of our great state! SURPRISE!

FOR equality, FOR renewable energy and high tech jobs, FOR NM Film, FOR public education…For NEW MEXICO!

WE can’t win if we don’t vote…Your early voting sites can be found here (Bernalillo County) and here (Statewide).

They’re Heeeere!

Posted by on September 4, 2010 | 4 comments

Thx. Kristelle

Or they’re coming anyway and looking to hire from within. We’re all for creating more work for natives, HOWEVER…

Ahhemm, incoming madame Governess perhaps t’is time to look into what/how this shall be regulated. Oui? Ou non?

Personally I’ve long been awaiting it as an inevitability, torn between the positive exposure of our great state, preserving the privacy and integrity of our home grown productions and the possibility of spawning the pure evil, sprung from photog seeking/feeding media wh-ores.

We’ve said it before – there will eventually be the need for regulation here as in the Governator’s state – better sooner than later? Chime in & chime up NM.

and p.s. before you call me out for calling the kettle a big ol’ bag of pot…click

Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on September 3, 2010 | 3 comments

As Heard on Coyote 102.5 September 3, 2010

Listen to the teaser here

The New Mexican of the week is ALL OF US:

Oy! It’s an ELECTION year & New Mexico will have its first Governess come November!!! It will be Diane Denish or that other lady, (I keed, I keed) but either way the facts are out there for the taking…The candidates have their own sites and there are political bloggers in town that have tons of great info. to help inform and inspire us! So get your VOTE ON, we all gotta do it and make it count!

Here are some hot links FYI:
NM FBIHOP, NM Independent, Joe Monahan, Only in New Mexico, Eye on Albuquerque, NM Politics, Democracy for New Mexico, Susana Palin Martinez, Diane Denish, Send us yours!

Check your voter registration status here.

Money Matters: If you haven’t already utilized ’em Albuquerque on the Cheap and Groupon are discount sites to help ya’ with all your Q Spot spending!!!

And now how to spend your Labor Day weekend:

ALL weekend is the 23rd Annual New Mexico Wine Festival Sept. 4, 5, and 6th over in Bernalillo.

The biggest wine fest in the state is a great Summer wrap party – music, arts, food and of course great wine. It’s always a hot crowd, fun peeps, good times…

ROCK OUT in the Q East to West:
» Read the full post

¿Et tu Demi?

Posted by on September 1, 2010 | 5 comments

It’s been a long time since Demi Moore was a but a child from Roswell New Mexico. She’s experienced quite the trajectile ride from Area 51 to center stage/screen, global dogooding, to gyrating on rappers and her youthful hubs.

But something the Dems ain’t done es una película de Nuevo México. Yes, from the time she absconded to and conquered La, la land, to her infamous purchases of small town America and commendable humanitarian efforts…N. Mex hasn’t seen much of ‘er.

Let’s git’ wit Mrs. Kutcher (@mrskutcher) and ask her when she’s coming home, who does she want for her home state’s first Governess, when she’s gonna make a flick here, etc., etc.

Because we is good people – from So. Nem. to N. 25 and everywhere in-between, whose booming film industry could really use a boost from her wattage – a little love from the Roswellian could result in more j-o-b-s which she could help parlay in to more philanthropic ways from we her neglected homies.

Before you hate on me (y’all didn’t even know she did half this stuff till I tol’ you) for bein’ hater I ain’t hatin’ I’m just callin’ a sister back home.

The Dems is currently betwixt Chi-town, Motor City and Gay Paree shooting the sure to be cinematic gold LOL: Laughing Out Loud with Miley Cyrus (who filmed her BIG Hannah Montana movie in her home state of Tennessee…hmmmm).

Maybe Dems, Kutch and the affable Willis can star in the sure to be remade Threesome, N. Mex Style…a.k.a. two slabs of beef with extra cheese!

And p.s. if Moore has any trouble finding us…NPH can show her the way ;)

Miley & Demi on set LOL: Laughing Out Loud

AZ and TX Won’t Play w/ N. Mex.

Posted by on July 15, 2010 | Comments Off on AZ and TX Won’t Play w/ N. Mex.

UPDATE 9/29/11, TIMES THERE AIN’T MUCH A-CHANGIN’: The New York Times reports that THIS year’s U.S. / Mexico Border Conference hasn’t improved much upon last year’s conference non grata, with only ONE, count ‘er, ONE U.S. Governess in attendance…full story here.

Hot off the presses or wherever ~news comes from these days – El Majico a.k.a. Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson has agreed to host this year’s annual Governor’s border conference which has been canceled by Arizona Gov. you-know-who (the zexy, secretly Latin loving Jan Brewer) amid many pending, threatened or implied AZ boycotts by US and Mexican factions of this and other AZ events over the you-know-what (highly controversial AZ immigration law recently passed by that zexy b*tch Brewer).

With a whole host of border town/state issues requiring attention this the 27th annual border conference, to be held in September, is “structured” to serve as a forum for participants to share information, better relations, advance problem solving and decrease tension.

But tension is on the rise as Arizona and Texas (R & R) Gov’s state they will not attend. A stance stuck in mud perhaps to show/hold strong posturing on the issue as they are heading into re-election bids.

Can Rodney Lindsay stay off crack? Guess the answer is the same to both questions…

Of course we can count on the soon to be exiting stage right Governator of CA to attend.

Film Transparencies

Posted by on September 12, 2009 | 10 comments

NM Film Industry

Yesterday, Commerce Secretary of Hearts a.k.a. The People’s Governor, Bill Richardson announced a new public reporting system for New Mexico film productions that qualify for the state’s generous Tax Incentive program.

Eric Witt, Governor Richardson’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Film Policy Advisor said, “As a government entity, we have a responsibility to provide to our legislature and taxpayers information which substantiates our belief in the film industry as a major economic driver, and which meaningfully relates to the citizens and businesses of the state the benefits received in return for offering production incentives…”

The full report and detailed information breakdown can be viewed here.

Bravo Signore, and now we have a few more suggestions for you and our next Governess. Green film transparency, e.g. where are they getting all their water for wet downs. We can’t water our patch of grass but once a week so what kind of water is being used to slick down a shoot day in and day out?

Premieres! Where are our red carpets??? Gamer opened yesterday and there are at least four other big name, big screeners hitting the theaters very soon. Amendment 101 to the tax credit bill – bring your press junkets, stars, fans, media and premiere soirees to the 505 = even more state revenue and more promotion and anticipation for the production.

Pappers – New York and especially L.A. grapple with papparazi control vs. supply & demand. We’ve long said some proactive measures are warranted and only become more important as the industry grows here – and grow it must!

Thanks “Mac”

Gift of Healthcare Elicits Shortsightedness

Posted by on December 10, 2008 | Comments Off on Gift of Healthcare Elicits Shortsightedness

Image via ABC News
Indiana chapters of Planned Parenthood are offering gift certificates for healthcare services at their clinics. Similar programs are or likely to become available in Illinois, New York, Alaska, and Michigan. Surely among it’s critics will be the Wolverine in Business Barbie clothing known as the governess of Alaska – who opposes sex-ed in her state.
Outraged groups ignore health service and education benefits citing ‘lethal’ treatment possibilities. Planned Parenthood president and CEO, Betty Cockrum asserts basic healthcare such as annual exams, including cancer screenings and contraception, are often put off in tough economic times such as these.
An ABC News.com commenter says, “Wal-Mart gift cards can be used to buy alcohol and ammunition … but nobody is outraged.” – Nuff said?

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