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2014 Film & Media Day Schedule

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Film & Media Day 2014
Schedule of Events

6am – 10am Erica Viking live radio remote broadcast from the Breaking Bad RV Tours Bounder on Old Santa Fe Trail in front of the Roundhouse.

8:30am: Mayor’s breakfast in the downstairs lobby at State Land office. Mayor Coss will do the welcome

9:00am – Exhibitor tables in the Halls of History at the Roundhouse (continues until 4 pm)

9:30am – “Equitable alternatives to the Food & Medicine Tax “ panel discussion in Morgan Hall at the State Land office

12:00 –Press Conference in the Rotunda at the Roundhouse

1:00 – Casting session starts at Morgan Hall in the State Land Office and runs until 4pm

5:00 – 7:00pm – Official Legislative Reception at the Dragon Room & back courtyard at Pink Adobe. $50 per person entry with ticket. (Legislators invited at no charge). Co-sponsored by Albuquerque Studios.


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chi chi wonder“WONDER”
by Nancy Daleo

The Chihuahua: Though we share an ancestral land, I never thought much of them. Even when the breed shot to fame in the US by everyone’s favorite national taco chain. But who couldn’t begin to take notice and lend some sympathy to the mighty-tiny Chihuahua when they began to appear as tabloid staples, bought and worn by everyone from the over indulgent hotel heiress-type to your run of the mill fame chaser. The Chihuahua is now so heavily over bred that it tops the population and euthanization in animal humane facilities along with their grievously misunderstood, mistreated, opposite sized counterpart – the precious Pit Bull. Whether so wrongly used, abused and discarded for profit in a blood sport or mishandled as a fashion accessory, these particular breeds are some of the highest among the throngs of overpopulated pets.

We pull over and hop out of cars on a pretty regular basis to try to gather-up dogs and cats who are astray, usually they run. Well one day this spring, a little guy jumped into the arms of my husband grateful for the lift. Much to the immediate delight of our children this funny looking, overweight, snorting, frightened, bug-eyed Chihuahua came into our home. I didn’t even know how to pet him. He was smaller than a cat, but he had some weight to him. He wasn’t too steady on his feet at first but when he relaxed and started making himself at home he quickly began to feel like a sweet little addition to the family. The little bugger who we were calling everything from Spuds to Piglet had to have a home. We walked him around the neighborhood, as we thought he couldn’t have traveled far, not by paw anyhow, hoping he’d walk us to where he belonged – no dice. No one recognized him, he wasn’t tagged or chipped, pretty clearly a strictly indoor fella who must’ve just slipped out. Just before we turned to social media to find out where his home was, his mamma found us. As she was posting missing signs all over the neighborhood, we were able to walk right out to her and return her little baby to the family that was missing him.

Then it was our turn, especially mine, to miss the funny little face and the happy wagging tail. No one in our house ever dreamed that we’d be a lapdog kind of household. But sure enough, just 36 hours with one special little fellow, showed us the way. It was time to look into fostering or adopting. So the research began and that’s when we learned that there is an overwhelming amount of work to be done out there and some amazing organizations doing so much of it. It is a true labor of love in most cases and a real lifetime commitment in many others. We may all hear and know that there is a pet overpopulation crisis. Some of us even know that rescue from inhumane practices is critical in the fight for animal welfare, but to actually go out and see the situation in our own neighborhoods is a truly heartening experience. Every wonderful animal in need touched our hearts as do the people who work tirelessly on their behalf.

We’re so grateful to have found our latest, beloved family member through the good people at Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico, whose diligent network of volunteers rescue and foster small dogs through adoption.

If you think there’s any possibility that you can open your home or lend a hand to the organizations that help out pets in need, I couldn’t recommend acting on it strongly enough. Every little soul from the tinniest Chi to the biggest strongest Pit deserves a chance, and every home that’s able deserves the life long love that comes from adoption.

Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico

Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Animal Humane NM

New Mexico Rez Dog Rescue

Albuquerque Animal Welfare

Albuquerque Adoptables

New Mexico Dogs Deserve Better

New Mexico Animal Cruelty Taskforce Hotline 888-260-2178

A few notable New Mexico Animal welfare and pet adoption advocates:
Coyote 102.5 Radio Show Host, Erica Viking and Maizey, 100.3 The Peak Radio Show Host, Donnie Chase and Baby, New Mexico Film Workers Union Business Agent, Jon Hendry and the famous Bobby.

World famous New Mexico Filmers who champion animal rescue:
A Million Ways to Die in the West star Amanda Seyfried, Cowboys & Aliens star Olivia Wilde, Ten Year stars, Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum.

Get Your Glee On

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Does your NM High School choir have what it takes to be to Foreigner what Glee is to Journey?

If you’re in a “glee club” within the Coyote 102.5 broadcast area (Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia, Santa Fe counties), get your sing-song major exposure, be in the running to sing live & on stage with classic rockers Foreigner AND win $2K for your school’s music program!

Upload video of your choir singing, “I Wanna Know What Love Is” to Youtube, Vimeo, etc. enter the link to your video here. You may also bring us a copy of your video to Univision Radio 8009 Marble Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87114.

Erica Viking and Big Benny
will pick the top three (3) choirs and they will compete live September, 17th at Music Go Round with a panel of Celebrity Judges.

Video submission must be conducted by someone over 18 (Choir Director for example), participants/students must be 14 years of age or older. Video submissions may include piano, band or recorded music back-up.

The competition at Music Go Round will be Acapella, no accompaniment. Any type of high school choir may enter, show choir, glee club, etc.

Deadline for video submission is noon on Monday September 12th, finalists announced with Erica Viking Tuesday morning September 13th.

Showcase what ya’ got! I cannot wait to see these entries!!

Click on over for full list of official rules, dates & info. here.

“Frankie Say Relax”

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From the madness that is celebrity downfall to the awesomeness of a rising star right here in our midst, part-time New Mexican RJ Mitte makes a PSA stop here in ABQ while in town filming season 4 of Breaking Bad.

The always poised, professional, entertaining and enlightening RJ Mitte lends his voice to the campaign to end bullying.

Here with NM’s Own Lady Viking the Breaking Bad star shares his passion for compassion by way of common sense advice and simple logic that simply doesn’t hit home with enough people – yet.

In addition to Mitte’s gifts as a performer he is an activist, taking a stand for equality for actors of all abilities as a member of I AM PWD and as a champion for the Pacer Teens Against Bullying organization.


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“Steven Michael Quezada and the producers of “The After After Party” want to give even more local talent the opportunity to showcase their talents on the state’s new #1 late-night talk show.” – The After After Party

Who: Musical Guests & Comedians
When: March 6 – 7
Where: The Historic Wool Warehouse Theater – Home of The After After Party
What: New Mexico’s Premiere Late Night TV Talk Show

From The After After Party:

When “The After After Party” first began filming in late 2010, the show’s star, co-creator, and executive producer Steven Michael Quezada never stopped emphasizing his desire to showcase local talent. In that time, “The After After Party” has served as a showcase of local musicians and comedians, proudly living up to the CW Network’s slogan, “Keeping It Local.”

In the four months that “The After After Party” has been on the air…, local and regional comics have relished the opportunity to perform in front of over 200,000 regional viewers and over 300 live audience members weekly. They have also appeared alongside major movie and television stars such as legendary actor Wes Studi, radio hosts Erika Viking, Big Moon, Crisco Kidd, and Swami Rob, and some of Quezada’s “Breaking Bad” co-stars including multiple Emmy Award winning actors Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston.

So far, Steven Michael Quezada has welcomed the comedic stylings of Niki Mangin, Frank Lucero, Kenny King, Freddy Charles, Chris Otero, Curt Fletcher, Nathaniel Auguston, and Silver Dominguez. In addition, some of the state’s most talented musicians have also graced “The After After Party” stage including Hillary Smith, Poema, Illustrated Man, David Wade, Alex Maryol, Juan Gambino, Fat Fish, and many others. Even “The After After Party” house band, The James Douglas Show, is based in Albuquerque.

Now, Steven Michael Quezada and the producers of “The After After Party” want to give even more local talent the opportunity to showcase their talents on the state’s new #1 late-night talk show.

Full post after the jump…
» Read the full post

Cop Talk in the Q X2

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And now for lovers of great flavor combinations, such as “peanut butter & chocolate” comes one of my most favorite pairings, a hot whitey and a spicy Mexican (see our wedding album, Ricky and Lucy [i know, i know he’s Cuban], The Erica Viking show w/Big Benny Martinez, etc., etc.).

Tomorrow night all eyes in Burque have a chance to see the hottest show in town including an acting/comedy team of the aforementioned variety.

Lovable loud mouth and resident bad a**, Dean Norris meets-up with his co-star and partner in DEA’ness, Steven Michael Quezada as a guest on NM’s Own late night TV Talk Show The After After Party.

It’s YOUR Tues. night party Albuquerque! 7 p.m. at the Historic Wool Warehouse, Downtown – No cost to enter, and the bar will be Abierto! Be there or be lame…

Casting Film Fashion Industry Fusion

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iGot the chance to talk with iPhone ~savvy Stephen Cuomo today about the upcoming Film & Fashion Industry Night bash at ABQ Brew Pub!

Cuomo’s been hard at work in the Q making network connections we can all benefit from…connect with Stephen out at the event on Wednesday night and let some of his true buzz-worthy skills get you in the know of what and who is going on.

Don’t just take it from me, here is the man himself with your invite and more …like the on site casting, special appearances and full event deets!

Try to keep up with Stephen online on his Facebook page and on the ABQ Buzz Wall. Catch him on air first thing Wednesday morning with Erica Viking & Big Benny on Coyote 102.5, and get in the scene at ABQ Brew Pub this Wednesday night!

MTV Freshman, NM

AlbuquerqueMusicNMNM's OwnTVVote
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Local ladies Elle and Shealeen Louise Puckett are Poema!!! Catch them LIVE on KIOT 102.5 with Erica Viking December 6th and WATCH them perform on the upcoming 2nd episode of New Mexico’s Own Late Night Talk Show, The After After Party Dec. 10!!!

Help take POEMA to the national level by VOTING NOW! They are in the running in a big big way standing firm at the #2 spot in the mtvU Freshman Contest.

If the win they will have their video, 2am featured on MTV for a 6 week rotation!!!


We’re Still Here…

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Oh Yeah sound clipYOUR New Mexico EntertaiNMent website is getting ready to celebrate another year!

Now that we’re two we can’t wait to see what mischief we can get into! There are new and exciting opportunities on the horizon – for ALL of us!

So together, let’s take advantage of that one-of-a-kind New Mexico glow and bask in the special light only found here!

Big thanks to every one of you who visit with us – you’ve helped us grow from 200 avg. readers per month to over 10,000 strong!

Heartfelt gratitude to every “little birdie” who keeps their ear to the wind and brings us twigs of info. – we couldn’t do a thang w/out you! All you Facebookers and Twitter friends ROCK, it’s great staying connected with and being inspired by you!

Our mission here is to shine a spotlight and lend a periscope view of New Mexico’s entertaiNMent industry & opportunities and all that that affords – including the awesomeness that is our untouchable sense of community, together we make it better!

THANK YOU readers, birdies, “Brats”, newsies, DJs, actors, entertainers, crews, clients, casters, agents, staffers, friends, followers and families!!! VERY special thanks to media mavens and fierce lady friends Jessica Garate and Erica Viking for your support and hotness!

But most of all thank YOU! Come back soon!

Interactive Memory Lane:

KASA FOX 2 – Jessica’s Interactive Report aired July 23, 2009


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The sexy little pixie who is the hardest working women in HOMMYWOOD need not steer the wheel of her Viking ship alone any longer…

Let the masts fly, and the trumpets blow! None other than producer, writer, comedian…THE Big Benny, Benny Martinez is heading over to the COYOTE DEN!

Big Ben and Lady Viking – TOGETHER for the premiere morning show in New Mexico!

The most flavor and freshness in the morning GUARANTEED – Starting Monday from the team that brought you this…it’s Erica now with Benny, Monday morning ONLY on Coyote 102.5

I love when great things come in pairs! Like funny Messican and sessy blond! Woot!

Your Friday Q Spot

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As heard on Coyote 102.5 on November 12, 2010

CLICK to hear today’s Q Spot in the RAW

Breaking Bad Season 4 is NOW CASTING for background/extras – All types throughout, but Meth Heads for episode one are currently being cast here.

White Turtle is also handling local casting for In Plain Sight

The USA Network hit series resumes shooting next week thru – April 2011. They will film on location all around town and over at I-25 Studios casting info. will be posted as it becomes avail…

Pamela Kaplan Casting out of L.A. is currently looking to cast a Native American Indian for a Lead Role in a feature film STRAPPING MALE 20s – 40s STRONG PRESENCE, SIZEABLE MAN /Will Sampson One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…Few details, big name actor(s) attached, 2011 shoot – CALL 310-458-1100 EXT 111
OR EMAIL zincasting@gmail.com

Erica is currently looking and listening for local Rock Bands to showcase on her show…

Here’s another a chance for musicians and entertainers to land their big break – win a development contract and $10,000 in New Mexico’s own Santa Ana Star Search video performance submissions are through January 11

While Bless Me Ultima the feature film continues to roll in Northern New Mexico, the stage production which featuring some of the screen actors is in the Q at the National Hispanic Cultural Center Fri & Sat at 8 pm Sun matinee at 2 tix here.

Comedy night tonight – Is like the elections all over again Two Comedians, one night SMQ downtown at the Wool Warehouse for a Stand-up YDI Benefit and Big Benny Martinez at Santa Ana Star Casino killin’ it backed by Paul Rodriguez…

Sat. The Silver Screen Cowboy Project at the Anderson Abruzzo balloon museum It’s a musical and visual Tribute to the movie cowboys from the B-Westerns of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, Family, festival atmosphere food entertainment and fun. Time & ticket info. here.

Sunday – Headshots for Haiti at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 11-4
Update your portfolio, hourly sessions, allowing for wardrobe change-you provide your own hair and makeup and it’s just $50 benefiting Haiti relief efforts!

Tuesday night I’ll see YOU at the taping of New Mexico’s first late night talk show, The After After Party at the Wool Warehouse!!

ONLINE all the time and every Friday on the Q Spot w/Erica Viking ONLY on Coyote 102.5

Late Night Games

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Because SMQ‘s got a cute, little brown pata in pretty much everything NM ENTERTAINMENT (including the afore and oft mentioned Breaking Bad) here he is again, and here he will be every Friday night, late, late night on New Mexico’s CW for all our After After Party needs…you know you have ’em.

And in true “Hommywood” style SMQ brings the jams with The After After Party house band, crunk with funk, the one and only James Douglas Show as freshly sampled here on the Coyote 102.5 morning show with Erica Viking just last week.

Clickety, clickety, CLICK it…you know you want to!

Now that your appetite is properly whetted…check out the sneak preview of the show below…presented as only the King Hommywood can!

Check it out every Friday night starting Nov. 26 and join the show’s Facebook page here to find out how to go to a FREE taping! Woot!

Your Friday Q Spot

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As heard on Coyote 102.5 on October 29, 2010

CLICK to hear Today’s Q Spot in the RAW

ROCK SHOW! An Albuquerque-based, half-hour, weekly television show about the rock music scene in New Mexico. Casting director SHERYL ROBERTS (The Dry Land, Crash, In Plain Sight) is looking for:

– MALE, 18-35, for Host; must be extremely knowledgeable about rock music (from soft rock thru death metal) and local NM bands, have great screen presence and speaking voice.
– FEMALE, 18-25, for Spokesmodel/Co-Host; must have great screen presence and speaking voice, attractive well-toned body.


Tonight at Cosmo TapasJack and Jill Halloween Party! Food, drinks, costumes, prizes and lots & lots of DANCING! Costume party & Dance competition!

SaturDAY ZOO BOO 22 at the Rio Grande Zoo 11-4.

For night time play…


On the West Side The Chupacabras – at Sidelines Halloween Bash

Hallow’s Eve Havoc at Elliott’s in Corrales w/ the Duke City Darlins, great elliots atmosphere, food, drink specials costume contests & prizes!!

And on the E. Side in Hotel Circle – Devil’s Night Hallow’s Eve at Malarky’s! A ghoulish night of music, fun, costumes and donations to help feed the hungry!!! And a safe nights stay over at the many area hotels…

Sunday night if you missed the mighty Zozobra or you just have more evil to burn away El Kookooee Burns at Rio Bravo Park in the valley Give your fears and regrets to Kookooee and watch them burn. Belly dancers and an Aztec dance troupe will start the show. DJ Genius of Love will provide the fire music as the 30 foot effigy BURNS in this South Valley tradition. DRESS WARM & BE SAFE!

SunDAY the official start of the holiday giving season – Thunderbird Harley-Davidson is kicking things off with a Toy Run starting Sunday running through Dec. 5 that’s at 5000 Alameda Blvd N.E.

Giving and getting with continues at:
Archetype Dermigraphic Studios with their “Tatts for Cans” Bring in 5 cans of nonperishable foods and you’re in the running for a $300 certificate for professional ink. Winner will be announced at the Duke…City Darlins calendar release party at Burt’s Tiki Lounge Nov. 20th – all donations go to United Methodist Food Ministries for the Homeless.

Watch for postings on the hallowed day of the dead celebrations during the upcoming week & on that note I just gotta say – Happy Anniversary Big Daddy!

Happy everything else to the rest of y’all!

Keep up with me online all the time at oneheadlightink.com and every Friday in the Q Spot with Erica Viking on COYOTE 102.5

Your Friday Q Spot

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Listen to The Q Spot – in the RAW

As heard on Coyote 102.5 on October 22, 2010

Listen to The Q Spot – in the RAW

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument up near Cochiti Lake is back open after a road work closure over this past Summer.

Part of the New Mexico movie Year One avec Jack Black & Michael Cera was filmed up there, including one HIGHlarious scene with none-other than Hank Azaria (every voice on the Simpsons except the Simpsons) & McLovin.

But more than that it’s just an amazingly beautiful place and a great hike, not too difficult and well worth trekking all the way to the top!

Speaking of breaking a sweat, we want to get Coyote’s own Mark Parsons plenty sweaty for The 2010 New Mexico JDRF walk to cure Juvenile Diabetes is coming-up Saturday November 6th, 9am at Balloon Fiesta Park – You can still register to walk at Coyote1025.com

Help Mike Parsons and Sam Scott reach their team goals to find a cure.

Okay, so we missed the Grand Opening, but Certified THURSDAYS started last night – Touted as Albuquerque’s 1st Uptown Dance Party! It’s at ABQ BREW PUB with WEEKLY drink specials & guest DJ’s. We’re looking forward to getting our dance on whenever possible at this new event! Brought to you by Beatnick & Friends

and p.s. a certain cheesetastic grin owes momma a BIGTIME Dance-Off…this just may be the place!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: For your comedy pleasure now through Jan. 2011, Steven Michael Quezada is available live and onyourstage (tonight in Rio Rancho) check him out at smquezada.com to catch him while you can at upcoming shows and to book him for events before he gets back on the set of his Emmy winning NM show Breaking Bad – Which is nominated for a Peoples Choice AWARD let’s get on Choosing that! Goto PeoplesChoice.com and VOTE for NM’s Own series Breaking Bad!

Mañana, Saturday, October 23 there’s a Music Video Model Casting Call: for Boy Dirrt ‘How I Do It”. They still need female talent for the day shoot of a club scene at 405 Lounge, Aveda’s doing the makeup, it’s sure to be a quality shoot by Majico Entertainment. For more information contact casting@majicoent.com they put out really impressive videos this a good opportunity to work with them.

Also from Majico, The Sounds of New Mexico.

Organized by the Anderson School of Management it is this Sunday at the UNM SUB Grand Ballroom 2-10 pm. See this showcase of over a dozen local artists, bands and performers! Plus they’ve assembled an amazing mix of prizes, gift certs., artwork and apparel for raffle.

Admission is Only $10 and 100% of admission and raffle proceeds benefit Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico. Visit the event page NOW at SoundsofNM.ORG

Email me: sindicator@oneheadlightink.com and let me know what y’all are doing for Halloween…

Keep up with us “Online All the Time” and every week right here on The Q Spot with Erica Viking on Coyote 102.5…

Uno Voz mas Magnífico

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From the sexiest lady voice around (previous post, duh), with her hair and heart of gold to another coveted voice coming at you from intros to pitches and everywhere in-between…

You know that guy on PBS who narrates errything from The American Experience to the Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World commercials or the late great movie trailer announcer Don LaFontaine…well forget them – NM’s own voice of the ages can be yours!

Take it light & easy over ice cream cake and pizza parties. Higher, faster and louder for an event whose purposes may escape you yet you’re still SUPER excited to go to it! Or for the more audibly titillated set he can just speak his speak – that Barry White meets what the cover of a romance novel would sound like if it could talk…click here for audio.

In what some (me) would dub one of the most erroneous and heinous moves in NM audio landscape history (just one of them, in the past several years) Jaimey B. has been long off the radio waves of our hearts, but he’s kickin’ it and stealing away with ears aplenty laying down incredible sounds for all your commercial, announcement, documentary and narration needs.

To achieve the oration of your dreams follow these links to El Voz Magnífico: Main, 123, FB, Voices

Rally for Awareness Ride for Life

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From the organizers:

You can help the YWCA to continue to provide life-saving mammograms to women in need. We have reached nearly 210,000 women through our program since 1994. BUT NOW, THE COMMUNITY’S NEED HAS NEVER BEEN GREATER!

Join us for an inspirational fundraising rally beginning at 9:00 am with registration and breakfast at the YWCA’s Piñon Canyon Center in Tijeras. Riders will cruise by beautiful ponderosa forests in the east mountains, ending up at Billy’s Long Bar on San Mateo in Albuquerque!

» Read the full post

Your Friday Q Spot: Now with Linkage!

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As heard on Coyote 102.5 on October 15, 2010

Tonight Low Spirits presents An Evening with Ryan McGarvey – 21 and over, 2823 2nd Street NW, doors open at 8 o’clock…if you haven’t seen him yet…it is a MUST! Ryan is an ABQ native, born blues rocker and wicked axeman! (Try to) Keep up w/him here, here, and here!

Another 21 and over option for tonight is The Halloween & Lingerie Show! The beautiful Hugz~n~Kissez Girls up close and personal at the 405 Lounge Downtown (Formerly Raw/Proof). Drink Specials DJ-Xman, Live performance by David Wade, A.V.& Reno Brown 4th and central You can enter to win $200 drawing! Show starts at 10pm

Catch SLOW BURN – The Q’s premiere party rock band this Sat. at Malarky’s 9 pm til’ the burn smolders out and again at ZONEFEST – a free all ages show on Sat. Oct. 23. Get the Burn direct on their official website…SlowBurnNM.com

The Morning after…If you can’t participate in the Duke City Marathon at 6:30 in the a.m. at least get yourself down there to support the racers. You can load-up on NM’s amazing red and green chile breakfasts and some fresh roasted coffee…in the Downtown Civic Plaza area! Click here for the schedule of events!

More, more, more… » Read the full post

Your Friday Q Spot

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Git’ the teaser here

As heard on Coyote 102.5 September 24, 2010

Weekend picks:
Comedy Friday – Tonight is Comedy Night at Howie’s Sports Page with James Marrow, Michelle McGregor, Sarah Kannedy, Matt Peterson and their headliner…Roger”Rodney Dangerfield” Peterson!! Doors open at 7:30 Montgomery & Tramway

Time Travel Saturday with The Fall Follies Burlesque Extravaganza! The night of Burlesque is Downtown at Low Spirits and promises Burlesque Queens; Belly Dancing Wonders, Hot Jazz, Thrills, chills, and amazing sideshow treats! Hmmm, sounds freaky, sexy, cool…

Salsa Sunday w/a Salsa Social – 3 solid hours of SALSA starting at 6 w/the 5 most important things to know in Salsa! Open dancing at 8 w/ DJ Pancho and a performance by Evelyn D and The Salsa-Babies! at Salsa Baby Dance Studio, 307 Central Ave NW.

Casting for the feature film Bless Me Ultima, and the sure to be sexy WWE movie Blood Brothers are in full swing both films are casting multiple ages and ethnitcities – Bless Me Ultima is also looking for vintage cars for the Santa Fe shoot Oct 29th thru Nov 3rd.

Casting & productions are very much alive in NM for now! Keep-up with us at OneHeadlightInk.com where we post as they happen – the globe (right) is watching – get it first New Mexico!

Quote…Unquote Inc. with UNM Continuing Education are offering a certificate course in TV Production. The 6 session training includes studio camera operation, overhead grid lighting, screen production equipment, audio boards AND Registration includes one year annual membership to equipment and facilities meets November 1 – Dec. 6 $199

If you want to sharpen your craft or break into comedy NM’s Own actor/writer/director/COMEDIAN extraordinaire Steven Michael Quezada of TV’s Emmy Winning Breaking Bad is putting on a 4 wk. comedy workshop concluding with a live performance on Nov. 12 as with pretty much anything the Quezadas do the workshop benefits the community by supporting YDI’s Actors Core program! Register here. Steven Michael Quezada

Shout Outs: NM’s Own Actress/Model/Sign Language Interpreter Diana Gaitiria will be signing The Red Carpet Celebration of Latinos in the Media. This 1st Annual Event presents Awards to Latinos supporting the Film Community here in New Mexico – October 8 at the ABQ Convention Ctr.

NM Actor Jesus Jr. just booked a role on Blood brothers, my “Mucho Mas” Manny Baca is on stage and screen for Bless me Ultima & two local child actors were bumped from extras to speaking roles on Disney’s now wrapped Lemonade Mouth – go NM!

And not to mention (except to mention) three time Emmy Winner Bryan Cranston has said he’s set to host SNL October 2

When you tune in to Erica on Monday she’ll be joined live, in studio by the the hosts of the MAKING STRIDES ART BENEFIT PARTY 2010, the event will raise funds and awareness for the fight against cancer. Tuesday, September 28 · 6:00pm – 10:00pm at The Place in Nob Hill.

Listen to the Q Spot every Friday with me & my girl Erica Viking on Coyote 102.5

Your Friday Q Spot

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Git’ teased

As Heard on Coyote 102.5 September 17, 2010

The Duke City Darlins and Archetype Dermagraphic Studio/Gallery present “Domestic Disturbance” at the Launchpad 8 p.m. $5 for 5 awesome bands – Voice of December, Caustic Lye, When Darkness Falls, The Ground Beneath & Simphonic Plague!

The show benefits S.A.F.E. HOUSE New Mexico Where they shelter and empower survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner abuse & work to improve NM’s response to this violence.

These hot ladies put on incredible events always benefiting the community much more info on them coming soon…

The second of the new ABQ Tolley Company’s special Trolleywood Tours is this Saturday with special guest guide Rebecca “Puck” Stair, a NM Film location manager who’s worked on local Productions including:
Sunshine Cleaning, 3:10 to Yuma, No Country For Old Men, Fan Boys, Due Date, The Killer Inside Me, The Spy Next Door, Terminator Salvation, Gamer

Casting and the rest of our weekend recs >>> » Read the full post

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