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2014 Golden Tumbleweed Awards Ballot

Posted by on February 25, 2014 | 2 comments

Duplicate entries will be not be counted

Fill out your ballot here!

To submit via email download the write-in ballot here and send your answers to GT@oneheadlightink.com.

NOW through May 31, 2014.

NM Golden Tumbleweed Retrospective

Posted by on February 27, 2011 | Comments Off on NM Golden Tumbleweed Retrospective

       RIP Dennis Hopper May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010

New Mexico’s Golden Tumbleweed Awards Poll Retrospective. Vote for your favorite Big Screen temporary New Mexicans and local talent here.

Local results announced tomorrow!

NM’s Golden Tumbleweeds: Favorite Actress

Posted by on January 4, 2010 | 4 comments

Megan Fox double dipped in 2009 with both the latest installment of the Transformers movies being released and the upcoming thriller, Passion Play filming in NM late into the year. With that she joins Jessica Alba and Charlize Theron for having made repeat visits to the state to film.

Vote now for for your Favorite Actress in @Sindication’s 2009 Golden Tumbleweed Awards – New Mexico’s first social media driven, local entertainment industry awards.

Click here for more links to these lovely ladies’ film ties to NM in ’09.

Your Golden Tumbleweed Noms, NM

Posted by on December 27, 2009 | One comment

Click here to see the most popular actors & actresses who filmed or released New Mexico productions in 2009.

Full deets, dubious honors, New Mexicans who made entertainment news, special production notes, television, acts of service and most anticipated in 2010 coming soon…

2ND Annual Golden Tumbleweed Noms

Posted by on February 1, 2011 | 5 comments

Favorite NM Actor

via Wire Image

For your perusing pleasure, OneHeadlightInk presents just a dozen of some of the gentlemen who graced New Mexico over the past year or so with films wrapped or released in and around 2010.

Stay tuned for your selections for Fave Actress, Best Picture, Best Television Series, Series Actors, Fave Local, Dubious Honors, Most Wanted and much more in this year’s version of our annual Golden Tumbleweed Awards!

Click here for the last year’s inaugural round-up! Including the previous winner in this category who is back in the running again…gotta love us some sexy, “repeat offenders”! Many of this year’s contenders are habitual NM Movie Makers!

All Polls close Sunday February 27…Get your vote on!

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Golden Girls

Posted by on February 5, 2011 | One comment

Favorite Temporary New Mexican Actress

As you’re whiling away the hours of this weekend waiting for your chance to vote on your Favorite Local Talent…keep your eyeballs cozy with these Big Screen “Hollywood Types” who’ve worked in NM Film.

Like their A-List male counterparts all of these lovely ladies have nabbed a nom for Favorite Actress in OneHeadlightInk’s 2ND Golden Tumbleweed Awards Poll!

The New Mexico Arts & Entertainment boom brings major productions, entertainers, artists and trades to our state. Whether they blow through town, return with the ebb and flow of their projects or they stay and become one of our own, all the big names mean big notoriety and even bigger opps for NM’s ample local talent!

All of the gorgeousness above worked NM Film in 2010 with productions that wrapped or released last year – save the lovely Rachel Nichols, her Santa Fe Film The Loop wrapped in ’09 and got a 2010 release date pushed out to 2011 – but we just had to fit her in, lest we’d be remiss…

Vote for your fave now and feel free to write-in your own! Plus there’s still time to send us your favorite local actor/actress suggestions to add to our growing list of noms!

[polldaddy poll=4501951]

Here is your look at last year’s faves…thanks to Natalie Portman and Megan Fox for being “repeat offenders”. And here’s to many, many more to come!

It’s Baack…

Posted by on February 20, 2014 | Comments Off on It’s Baack…

Please include your nominee’s name in the subject of your email ~ Thank you!

OneHeadlightInk Golden Tumbleweed Awards New Mexico Film and Entertainment

After a few years on hiatus, OHI’s Golden Tumbleweed Awards make their bigger and better return to the world wide web for 2014!

Nominations for local actors and global stars who’ve recently filmed in the state are now underway! Take a look at Golden Tumbleweed winners and nominees past here.

Nominate your favorite local and national actors who contribute to the vast landscape of New Mexico film productions!

Email: GT@oneheadlightink.com

For the first time ever we’re also taking nominations for most philanthropic Film & Entertainment individual -or- organization, and MVPs in Film & Entertainment Resources (casting directors, photographers, producers, instructors, etc.)

Get to nominating NOW! Voting starts next week!

Get your FOF on!

Posted by on April 26, 2011 | Comments Off on Get your FOF on!

We haven’t been terribly successful in directly nominating or backing winning campaigns or contestants, though we were able to document a 1:2 cross country vie for a spot in the Avengers.

Our pick for last year’s FOF, reigning Golden Tumbleweed Favorite Actor Award Winner Steven Ray Byrd, and countless other New Mexicans whose cause or talents we’ve championed (including them there animals we’re trying to raise funds for – see the donation widget to your right) don’t quite get the recognition we lobby for.

So I won’t ask you to vote for this adorbs young man Anthony Almanza (below), or the sun shiny goodness of Dee Brown – the choice is yours all yours!

Watch ’em all, pick your fave and support ’em! Your vote is your complete video view so go to kasa.com to see them all. The chosen one will be your Face of Fox for the next year or so and will speak to and for our community for the duration and perhaps beyond…

If you’re some kind of TV personality superhero who can sweep in and take this you have until Friday April 29, 2011 at midnight to submit for consideration here.

The top ten viewed videos move on to the second round of selection beginning Monday May 2, 2011 – Good luck to all you talented contestants!

Much success and best wishes to all who enter! And adios to our out going face Michael Junchaya. Keep up with him on the social net. until we see him again in another gig!

Anthony Almanza

Face of Fox contestant Anthony Almanza: kasa.com

Favorite Temp. NM’s of Late

Posted by on February 28, 2011 | Comments Off on Favorite Temp. NM’s of Late

Though this heartthrob’s TWO New Mexico movies have yet to be released, our Golden Tumbleweed Awards are about the work – and boy has done that along with thousands more full & part-time New Mexicans who’ve worked in NM Film, on projects recently wrapped and/or released!

Clearly a favorite as voted and swooned about around town, Channing Tatum takes the top spot, voted favorite temporary New Mexican in this year’s poll.

This pristine beauty may not have taken a golden statue home last night but she handily raked in the most votes as a NM favorite! Hailee Steinfeld comes-in tops just over NM’s perpetual film noir, nay horror queen, young Chloe Moretz – both of whom were but recently, relative unknowns – both of whom are destined for only major greatness in the future.

Thanks for participating in the voting process this year and check-in here to see the local results and last years noms & top vote getters.

Greatness Indigenous

AwardsNMNM's OwnPollVoteYou
Posted by on February 10, 2011 | 15 comments

UPDATE: 2/28/11

Voted Favorite Local Actor & Actress

With an impressive margin NM Actor, Steven Ray Byrd takes the title of, Voted Favorite Local. Every Actor nominated is a favorite of ours and we’re very thankful to have had such a strong response in votes across the board! And especially happy to have received several write-in nominations so that we can cover even more local talent!

Sweeping the write-in votes in her category and the entire poll over all, Christian-Rhen Stefani too took a strong lead and the top ranking as Favorite Local Actress in this year’s Golden Tumbleweed Awards Polling.

Congratulations to both these local faves and much love to all those nominated and recognized. Can’t wait to learn more about all the amazing talent in front of and behind the camera! Go New Mexico!

Favorite Local Actor Noms

Favorite Local Actress Noms

All of the above have talent, many have worked on the big screen, small screen and stage, most are wildly poplar, some even have their own TV show, okay one does…and they’re all passionately involved in that business we call show!

New Mexico boasts these and thousands upon thousands more industry professionals & hopefuls at this ever increasingly awesome time in NM when we’re becoming known for more than green chile and rattlesnake mugs sombreros (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

These are our current pics for Favorite Local Talent in our annual Golden Tumbleweed Poll. Cast your vote from the selection above and/or nominate your own personal fave!

New Mexico is ROCKING the industry with organizations, resources, education & training and ever growing opps in all areas of arts & entertainment!

Anyone & everyone who wants to get-in on the industry, so many are working hard to maintain as the next best thing to happen to NM, should check out these valuable resources:

The New Mexico Film Office, NM Seen, EG Casting, Fireborn Films, D-House Entertainment, Majico Entertainment, Nuevowood, NM SAG, I-25 Studios, Q Studios, Garson Studios, Mi Voz, YDI, Quote Unquote, Crew NM, IATSE Local 480, Film Works for New Mexico, I AM NMFilm, New Mexico Business Coalition for Film, On Location Casting, White Turtle Casting, The Albuquerque Film Office, The Motion Picture Association of New Mexico

…and much more we’re still working to uncover and present to you here at OneHeadlightInk.com.

Right now, click the pics above to learn more about these local actors, cast your vote or nominate your own after the jump!

All Polls close Sunday February 27…Get your vote on!
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NM Horror Stories

Coming SoonDVDFilmNMTrailer
Posted by on February 9, 2011 | Comments Off on NM Horror Stories

Mr. Megan Fox and foxy Mena Suvari star in the upcoming sci-fi, horror Last Stop, filmed in Ruidoso NM. The film is scheduled to be released later this year – no word on if it will be cinematical or DVD direct.

Already minted to DVD and Blueray is the incredible Hammer Films NM Horror/Thriller Let Me In. This chilly horror stars NM’s Own (adopted) scary little lady Chloe Moretz – who I maintain is a FORCE to be reckoned with – I’m talking to you ACADEMY.

Moretz is scheduled to be back for her third NM film, Hick at the end of the month!

As of today she’s in a dead (pun) heat with Oscar contender Hailee Steinfeld in our own Golden Tumbleweed race for NM’s favorite leading lady of the past year…

Post8: Player vs. Game Edition

Posted by on January 25, 2010 | One comment

On a related note…Hail the reigning Man Slut: Gerry Butler. Is that so wrong?

The Ger-man has been kicking butt and taking tail all over the world since he became many a moviegoers fantasy lover in 300.

As of late he’s been linked to everyone he passes including Post8 regular Jenny Aniston and a very flattered TMZ photog.

Any-whogives-aflock, leave the guy to his paramours! If you’re with a gamer you know it, unless you’re pobrecita Elin Nordegren.

Parasites like Tiger Woods, John Edwards and Heidi Montag are sucking all the fun out of gossip by perpetrating actual heinous acts.

If Gerry’s living life like a pervy old coot while the gettins good, without dragging a wife and kids into the fray, leave him alone…unless he winks at you.  That’s an open invite ;)

Vote for Gerry in New Mexico’s Golden Tumbleweed Awards for his 2009 NM Film Gamer.

Mick & Meg at Play in ABQ

Posted by on January 10, 2010 | 2 comments

Double timing it in the cool of the Southwest Winter – Here’s Megan Fox filming in ABQ yesterday.

After having her cute tail chased by fire in the desert for the 2009 release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the Golden Tumbleweed nominee covers up and looks more chilly than icy shooting scenes for Passion Play with Mickey Rourke

Meg is fighting it out in the race for the first Golden Tumbleweed Fave Actress category, currently in second place behind a three way between Amy Adams, Charlize Theron and Natilie Portman for topsies.

Click here to vote.

Thumbs Big Pictures Photo dot com

NM’s Own: She’s Got the Look

Posted by on December 30, 2009 | Comments Off on NM’s Own: She’s Got the Look

The New Mexico production, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen racked-up righteous box office numbers, made it into the Guinnes Book of World Records and has now been named the best action film of the year.

In the same poll conducted by Movie Fone dot com, the perpetually Nuevo México filming Megan Fox ranks as both the sexiest and the worst actress of 2009.

Our final pick of the year to run head to head with Old Hollywood players is this authentic New Mexican, Ms. Meghan Lowery has got the ~name and certainly got the look!

We hope that she and our other NM’s Own of ’09 get their fair share of our New Hollywood status in the New Year!

Soon you can vote on your fave NM big screen stars of ’09 in ©Sindication’s first annual Golden Tumbleweed Awards.

Now that’s what’s called confirmation: Bradley Cooper joining Natalie Portman’s New Mexico Film

Posted by on April 12, 2013 | 2 comments

UPDATE May 1, 2013: Bradley Cooper is out.

Some tips don’t pan out, some leads don’t come to fruition, but we’re happy to report that today’s announcement from the powers that be indicate our cross-sourced, hot topic of late has been deemed official! WOOT!

UPDATE 4/12/2013

From The New Mexico Film Office: “JANE GOT A GUN” filming in New Mexico

SANTA FE —New Mexico Film Office director Nick Maniatis announced today that the high-profile action drama JANE GOT A GUN is shooting in New Mexico starring Oscar winner Natalie Portman (Black Swan, V for Vendetta), Australian actor Joel Edgerton (Warrior, the upcoming The Great Gatsby), Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook, The Hangover), Noah Emmerich (The Truman Show, The Americans), and Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro (300: Rise of an Empire, Rio). Production will take place in northern New Mexico through the spring. The production will employ approximately 100 New Mexico crew members, including New Mexico resident and Unit Production Manager Alton Walpole (Crazy Heart, The Book of Eli) and over 400 New Mexico principals and background talent, including James Burnett (The Last Stand, Longmire), Sam Quinn, graduate of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and River Shields (Beyond the Blackboard, Reunion). Gavin O’Connor, who directed Nick Nolte to an Oscar nomination in the action picture Warrior and Janet McTeer to a Golden Globe win in the drama Tumbleweeds, is directing. JANE GOT A GUN is being produced by Scott Pictures’ Scott Steindorff (The Lincoln Lawyer, The Human Stain) along with Portman, through her Handsomecharlie Films, Brillstein Entertainment partner Aleen Keshishian (Our Idiot Brother, Hesher), 1821 Pictures’ Terry Dougas (Swing Vote, The Invention of Lying), and Scott LaStaiti (Love in the Time of Cholera, Turistas). Australian cinematographer Mandy Walker (Australia, Red Riding Hood) is director of photography. Based on a script that was named one of the Black List best unproduced scripts of 2011 and written by Brian Duffield (Monster Problems), JANE GOT A GUN is a Western about a woman who hires her ex-lover to help save her wounded outlaw husband from the gang out to kill him and destroy her. ### Visit the New Mexico Film Office online at nmfilm.com

Where the Boys Are

Posted by on January 22, 2010 | 3 comments

Sure he’s got the Golden Globe…but will Jeff Bridges take the Weed?

Whether you fancy a dashing Denzel from The Book of Eli, Avatar gravatar Sam Worthington, Irish stud Colin Farrell, Transformers hero LeBeouf, Goat Staring Clooney, defunct Spiderman Tobey, Donnie the Dark Jake, high kicking Jackie, or 300’s Gerry Butler…

Each of them have been here and filmed or released a New Hollywood New Mexico production in 2009. Now it’s time for you to take your pick of ’em.

Vote for the Big Screen ladies of New Mexico here.

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