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Black Woolley 2011, NM

Posted by on November 5, 2010 | Comments Off on Black Woolley 2011, NM

NM’s Own Mine That Bird is a fine specimen of breeding, athleticism and endurance, who wowed the world with his spectacular 50-1, 2009 Kentucky Derby run and win.

But it’s Black Hat donning, crutch wielding, slick talking MTB trainer Bennie Woolley who I may be most interested in seeing portrayed on the big screen.

If you don’t remember Wooley’s triumphant post race interviews where he shot off more than once that he was sick of being asked about personally driving MTB to KY for the event – then you didn’t see them.

And if the second tier storyline for the upcoming feature film about the Roswell reared, Mine That Bird doesn’t include the incessant harping unleashed on Woolley regarding that mode of transit and the insipid references to his crutches I will be gravely disappointed – it was every reporter all but putting “baby in the corner” every damn interview.

First tier has to be the awesomeness of the horse himself and third tier maybe the shank of being dropped by Judas for a dame in the Preakness which should’ve been MTB’s too!

You can watch the hot machine of fine tuned mind & muscle that is MTB take the race here – he looks particularly beautiful trotting after the race, you may want to watch it with the sound off as railyard (or whatever they call him) Borel gives his post game victory speech.

Any New-Mexico-productions-keep’em-coming…the film is slated to shoot here in 2011. Woot! Whinny! Nay!

Here is the AP press release regarding the upcoming production.

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This Just Ain’t Right: Is That You Amy?

Posted by on December 10, 2009 | Comments Off on This Just Ain’t Right: Is That You Amy?

While the eternal studliness that is Johnny Depp goes on and on from his baby-faced days on both Elm and 21st Streets to be characters such as Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter the lovely, ill fated Dorothy Parke as “Amy”, who was the envy of every little girl in 1988, is relegated to wrinkle inducing make-up in this clogged artery commercial.

Oh how my own teenage heart paused and stomach sank when “Amy” first came on the scene in that bath robe to kiss “Tom” – but not even then would I have wished this fate upon her – being chased by a gurney while Depp remains a heart throb.

New Hollywood, NM should rescue her from such indignities AND plavix should hire an age appropriate actress…Spread the work around evenly and justly.

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Casting Couch

Posted by on August 12, 2009 | Comments Off on Casting Couch

Lennon Mac

Is Matt Mac the one to take-up the reigns of a long overdue, big screen, American biopic of the late, great John Lennon?

The Times BFI London Film Festival will premiere Nowhere Boy this October.

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