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Meeting Anna Gunn

Posted by on August 25, 2013 | One comment

Anna Gunn Breaking Bad Panel Discussion

In the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad we may come to view Skyler White in a very different light, because God and a select few are privy to the fact that if anyone can pull off some majorly unexpected turns it’s actress Anna Gunn. After one riveting encounter, I for one will never look at her the same way – mainly in that I will now actually be able to look at her.

The collective “they” say it all the time about likable stars, how they make you feel like you’re the only person in the world…yada, yada, yada. Well when you’re speaking to the woman who makes Breaking Bad fans the world over seethe with contempt and loathing, YOU are the only person in her world. And if not, give this girl her Oscar NOW!

I’ve told the anecdote many times, about how I get to go back and watch some segments of Breaking Bad and they will be all new to me because I’ve walked out of the room and/or skipped entire scenes to avoid the fury Skyler White evokes in me.

Well, it only takes a moment to see that the woman who brings the inescapably infuriating Mrs. White to the small screen is nothing like the taciturn character she plays so flawlessly. Immediately her tall but tiny frame gracefully paints a different picture than the sometimes menacingly imposing, amazonian figure Anna Gunn strikes on Breaking Bad as the overbearing, annoying, and oft detestable missus. And yes, true to the old cliché, she is MUCH better looking in person.

Shooed back by a publicist, whose job and intent was to just get past the bulk of the patient journalists in the press line, this blogette threw a pout when waved off by the celeb wrangler who was gesturing to Ms. Gunn to “move it along”. Then the star stopped, locked her piercing blue eyes on mine, rested a gentle hand on my arm and with a simple wink and a nod exuded an amazing amount of delicate compassion saying, “don’t worry I’ll take your questions”.

Before “moving along” to be equally as kind and accessible to the rest of the crowd waiting for her, she stayed with me for minutes, which seemed like longer leisurely moments that passed slowly and comfortably. The Emmy nominated actress both gushed and teared-up about the show that has been her home for the last seven years coming to an end, how much she truly loves her TV family (both cast and crew), and we talked about her affinity for her native New Mexico, her beloved family and what’s coming up next for her career.

Though bathed in the universal disdain of Breaking Bad fans, you can trust that we haven’t seen the last of “The Most Hated Woman on Television“. By the mere fact that her terse, loathsome character is brought to life with a despicable, somewhat misunderstood perfection that is woven out of the incredibly rich and raw talent of this truly beautiful woman, there is no question that this upcoming finale is only the crest of the horizon for Anna Gunn beyond Bad.

Special thanks to CQ and SMQ

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Posted by on June 29, 2011 | Comments Off on ONE HEADLIGHT WHAT???

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Go-on With Your Bad Self New Mexico!

Posted by on May 9, 2011 | Comments Off on Go-on With Your Bad Self New Mexico!
©SindicationAboutFilmNMYouYour Momma

Just in time for post Mother’s Day goodness, budding actor, NM res., über muscle man David Robbins recently shot over this lovely lil’ Thank You Note much to the delight of the cockles of my heart!

Feedback of such sweetness and light are the very reason I maintain this here ‘dot’ on the www with the support of my team, internal and ex (wink)!

As the ‘mother’ of this cyber spot it’s my goal to feature the people and opportunities of my favorite state, so when Nuevo Mexicans (and beyond) make a connection, get a part, warm a heart, inspire and get inspired it’s my privilege to bear witness and calling to report!

I love it here and I love the people I get to meet virtually and IRL!

So, up until and beyond the point in time when a manuscript, screenplay eh hmm, or treatment of mine finally hits the buying price of my dreams, I’ll still plug away at the research, fake reporting, innocent gossiping, and broadcasting I’ve come to love – I’ll just get to do it wearing better slippers.

THANK YOU! Thanks to every industry contributor, reader, actor, artist, activist and friend for being a part of what drives a shared passion for focusing on New Mexico Talent – the greatest thing since green chile!

In the immortal words of Ray Charles via Jamie Foxx, “Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna make it do what it do, baby.”

Keep it here and tell yo’ friends…so much more to come on the exploits of Mr. Robbins and the many, many, many locals shaking things-up!

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©Sindication in the News

Posted by on May 15, 2009 | Comments Off on ©Sindication in the News

When is this woman gonna play herself in a major motion picture? Calling current NM productions, Book of Eli, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, The Killer Inside Me, Invasion of Privacy, and Broken Horses. Terminator and Transformers may have already wrapped but they can put her in post-production à la J. Jojola.

Seriously, we love this chick and not just because she’s talked about us…but because she is one of the least annoying (and I’m annoyed by everything), best delivering, most consistent faces on the NM airwaves. AND she’s big screen ready. Homegirl looks great in HD! Only a handful of her peers are well surviving the HD conversion, much less thriving in it.

We may want to keep her out of NM film if we want to retain ‘er ’cause after one flick she just might move beyond us…Regis & Jess maybe. We don’t get to see heaping doses of her funny bone on her newscasts, but it twinkles in her shiny ojos caliente regularly. Besides I think the sun has set on Kelly’s time in the spotlight. She’s puttering out into more of an impersonator than a personality. Anyway when Kells takes her millions and her dehydrated chicken bones and retires I think our Jess can fill the seat a-fresh.

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What the Fark!?!?

Posted by on January 20, 2009 | One comment

Just kidding…I’m thrilled with the mention on KRQE by Emmy Award winning Reporter Jessica Garate. Can’t wait to see her in the movies, playing an Emmy Award winning Reporter,  à la Jeremy Jojola, playing a reporter in Transformers.

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Introducing ©Sindication

Posted by on November 23, 2008 | 2 comments

eyes Pictures, Images and Photos 

Sindication is a timely, post-formatted, online column commenting on contemporary entertainment and issues.

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