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Heroin awareness through music, film & the arts – Taylor’s Calling Foundation, accepting song submissions

Posted by on September 23, 2014 | Comments Off on Heroin awareness through music, film & the arts – Taylor’s Calling Foundation, accepting song submissions

Taylors Calling Heroin Awareness and Prevention New Mexico

Submissions are now open for songwriters and musicians who have written about Heroin Awareness and/or the affects it has had to TTCF. Ten (10) songs will be selected by a team of industry professionals and will be recorded/included on the first album being produced. Grants will be given to cover recording costs and an artist contract will be awarded. Deadline on submissions is November 30, 2014.

Starting November 1, 2014, submissions for filmmakers will be open. Ten (10) music videos will be produced for each song selected for the TTCF album. Please check back at taylorscalling.org for details and requirements. Each filmmaker selected will be awarded a grant to produce the music video. Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2014.

All songs and music videos will be showcased on tour throughout the state of New Mexico. Our goal is bring this music and to schools, rehab/recovery centers and youth development programs. Prevention is key! Let’s make a difference and impact communities through these great works.

Grants will be available in the future that will offer funds to support documentaries, shorts and narrative feature films that base their projects on heroin awareness and education. As TTCF grows, we look forward to the time when we can help all those who have chosen this means of expression.

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Albuquerque Poet Laureate Featured in Literature Today

Posted by on October 29, 2013 | Comments Off on Albuquerque Poet Laureate Featured in Literature Today

Albuquerque Poet Laureate Featured in Literature Today

Featured in World Literature Today as one of just 16 American Working-class Poets, Albuquerque Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy’s Labor tribute poem as commissioned by the New Mexico Federation of Labor:

In the year of our Constitution, 1787, our country was already over 150 years into the practice of creating FREE & CHEAP laborers for life. And in 1786, printers in our then capital of Philadelphia conducted the first successful strike for increased wages.

Over a hundred years later, in 1902 a former dressmaker and schoolteacher known simply as Mother Jones would be called “the most dangerous woman in America.”

And over a hundred years to now, we still have a long way to go in a country that democratically elects leaders who genuinely believe that underpaid teachers (and their unions) are the biggest threat to our future. – HB

The very first unions in America
Were brought here by boat
Broken by back
By whip
And rope

And a bogeyman economy
Do the trick

The only thing scarier
Than labor
Is losing it

Even the House
And Senate
Can come together
Around house
And field
Divide and conquer

Give us power
But not position
Give us personnel
But not privilege
Give us responsibility
But not rights
Or profits
Or shares

Click through for more >> » Read the full post

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Potter turned Designer turns Filmmaker

Posted by on October 24, 2013 | Comments Off on Potter turned Designer turns Filmmaker

Virgil Ortiz  Star Moto Revolution Cochiti

True to his own vision, Virgil Ortiz is taking his art in yet another direction. The famed potter whose work graces the shelves of everyone from the most avid collector to celebrities and royalty alike, all across the globe, struck out into fashion fame with a wildly successful collaboration with Dona Karen in the early 2000s.

Now the Cochiti Pueblo Native is taking inspiration from his own current pottery series to bring his artistic visions to the silver screen. In his 19 piece eVOlution series of clay sculpture, Ortiz fashions intricate lines into graceful angles representing the New Mexico Pueblos.

Having already translated the storytelling customs of his youth into the visual mediums of clay pottery and high fashion, the two art forms now blend together into the stunning visuals of the Evolution collection – which serve Ortiz as three dimensional representations of the characters he plans to bring to life through film, telling Indian Country Today Media Network, “Evolution,” is a movie script I am writing, my interpretation of the nineteen Pueblos’ revolt, when they came together in 1680 under the direction of the leader Po’pay.”

“The Pueblo revolt is not taught in history classes: with this project, I speak about that first American Revolution, breaking down the script into different series, to make a feature movie about the Pueblo revolt as seen by me, through my characters. It will resemble Star Trek or Star Wars, but with Native characters, and actors—a two-hour movie, with my understanding of history. The movie will give a better story, and get the kids interested, making it easier for them to understand history.”

Read the full article in Indian Country Today here, including the detailed account of the historical basis for the upcoming screenplay, as well as the controversial cultural events Ortiz plans to address in the film.

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FREE Labor Day Weekend Event – Statewide, New Mexico

Posted by on August 28, 2013 | Comments Off on FREE Labor Day Weekend Event – Statewide, New Mexico

Salt of the Earth Tour New Mexico


The New Mexico Federation of Labor (NMFL) along with a collation of business and community groups presents THE SALT OF THE EARTH TOUR FREE – ALL AGES, SIX CITY TOUR this Labor Day Weekend.

Beginning in Southern New Mexico, in Las Cruces and in Truth or Consequences on Saturday August 31, the midpoint of the festivities will be held in Albuquerque and Corrales on Sunday September 1, with the full culmination of the traveling festival landing in Santa Fe on Monday September 2, ending in a finale blowout that night in Taos!

The six city, three-day event featuring performance art, poetry and music, will bring the true meaning of Labor Day to the people of New Mexico in a fun family environment.

Jon Hendry, President of NMFL said, “Many people think of Labor Day as just another three day holiday, but it’s our chance to celebrate working people and labor’s contribution to this country. We want to entertain and educate people.”

The Joe West Trio headlines “The Salt of the Earth Tour,” performing spirited renditions of classic workers’ songs important to labor history and tradition. Albuquerque’s Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy brings his exquisite style of social justice oriented lyrical poetry to new audiences on the tour. Local street performers of all styles and special musical guests will create a festive environment for all to enjoy. The seminal New Mexican Labor film, “Salt of the Earth” will screen at each tour stop. Local progressive groups will be present at each event to connect with each other and with new audiences about their work.

It’s time to “Rock” & talk while New Mexico talent and artists work to entertain and engage YOU!

Get into it here!

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Call for submissions: Statewide New Mexico Music Festival

Posted by on August 5, 2013 | 3 comments


This Labor Day weekend, headliners The Joe West Trio and Albuquerque Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy are set to perform at the Salt of the Earth Tour – a FREE six city festival on wheels, spanning the state of New Mexico from Las Cruces, to Truth or Consequences to Corrales, with an entire street fest in Albuquerque and Santa Fe – all culminating in a FREE evening concert, blow-out at the world famous Taos Mesa Brewing Company!

The Salt of the Earth Tour celebrates labor, the power of the people, our great state and its diverse and talented artists.

Each stop will feature a showing of the seminal New Mexican Labor film “Salt of the Earth”.

Now is your chance to get in on the action.

Salt of the Earth wants YOU – local area bands, artists, street performers, singers/songwriters & poets!

For consideration to be featured in this premiere event submit the following to your Tour Organizer Alysha Shaw:

1. Electronic Art samples (video, video links, audio files, etc.)

2. High resolution promotional photo (jpeg or pdf)

3. Band/Performer/Artist Bio

4. Links to your online social network sites (facebook, reverbnation, website, myspace, youtube, etc.)

5. Description of your skills/performance in 10 words or less

6. Location, contact information, and availability

ALL genres of music, art & performance are encouraged to apply for inclusion. ALL SHOWS ARE “ALL AGES” UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED

Please submit to Alysha.Shaw@ gmail.com.

New Mexico’s Salt of the Earth Tour – Labor Day Weekend 2013 Schedule

Saturday August 31:
12-2 PM
Young Park
1905 Nevada Ave.
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Saturday August 31:
7-9 PM
Grapes Gallery
407 Main Street
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Sunday September 1:
1-3 PM
Corrales Bistro
4908 Corrales Rd.
Corrales, New Mexico

Sunday September 1:
Albuquerque Street Festival
5-9 PM
Amherst and Central

Monday September 2:
Santa Fe Street Festival
12-3 PM
Taos Street
(Behind ¡YouthWorks! and the Center for Progress and Justice)

Monday September 2:
7-9 PM
Taos Mesa Brewing Co.
20 ABC Mesa Rd.
Taos, New Mexico

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Take The Last Stand movie poster challenge

Posted by on October 18, 2012 | Comments Off on Take The Last Stand movie poster challenge

Here’s your chance to make a quick getaway with action-packed prizes!

Design your own movie poster for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming New Mexico movie, “The Last Stand” and tweet or Instagram your creation with #TheLastStand for your chance to WIN swag and have your artwork featured!

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Get your piece of an Albuquerque Legend and help build on a foundation for its future

Posted by on July 29, 2012 | Comments Off on Get your piece of an Albuquerque Legend and help build on a foundation for its future

Going on now!

Celebrate the 2012 – 2013 season and new stage floor dedication at The Historic Albuquerque Little Theatre!

What: Open House and New Stage Floor Dedication
When: Sunday, July 29, 2012 from 1p – 4p
Where: Albuquerque Little Theatre
Cost: FREE!

Come enjoy FREE entertainment and refreshments. Take a tour backstage. Meet ALT staff, board members, and actors. Check out special ALT memorabilia like our cookbook and tote bags. Get your chance to win one of four themed baskets from our 2011 – 2012 season musicals — The Wizard of Oz, Xanadu, Singin’ In The Rain, and Cabaret! And be sure to pick up YOUR piece of ALT history — a beautiful commemorative plaque made from our old stage floor — honoring our past and the celebrities who have performed on our stage! Small plaques are $25, large plaques are $40. All proceeds help ALT!

*The final performance of Spring Awakening starts at 6pm.

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Tonto Already Albuquerque Inspired?

Posted by on March 9, 2012 | One comment

I wouldn’t expect that many of the Bruckheimer/Verbinski cast/crew & Co. would have made their way through the main concourse of the Albuquerque International Sunport, en route to their work on the NM Production of The Lone Ranger, but I don’t know much. Perhaps Wiener would know.

Anyhow, what I do know is that good friend to OHI, NM SAG actor and astute observer, Mr. Manny Baca has noticed an uncanny resemblance between Johnny Depp as Tonto and Sunport flagship art piece and greeter to the world, “Dream of Flight” by Lincoln Fox.

Coincidence? You Decide.

In any case…

¡Bienvenido a todos!

Hey, Los Cuates charge TMZ double!

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ABQ Art in the City: Call to Artists

Posted by on January 11, 2012 | Comments Off on ABQ Art in the City: Call to Artists

Vito Valdez/Detroit

“We encourage emerging artists — those who perhaps haven’t had a lot of experience in doing public art but want the opportunity,”

From cabq.gov:

The City of Albuquerque Public Art Program, the Albuquerque Arts Board, and the Creative Albuquerque Mural Selection Committee have initiated a project to enhance the east exterior wall of a facility located at 115 4th Street NW. The facility is owned by the City of Albuquerque and leased by Creative Albuquerque.

The Committee seeks artists from the greater Albuquerque area to design and install a mural/relief that will embody the values and mission of Creative Albuquerque, while further enhancing the diversity of the Downtown Arts and Cultural district and the 4th Street pedestrian mall.

Regina Chavez of Creative Albuquerque tells KOAT, “We are hoping to get a lot of submissions. We like the idea of creativity. We like the idea of something more contemporary and interesting,”

The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 3rd, 2012 at 4:00 p.m.

For more details about this project please read the Prospectus here.

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Chronos Film Festival, New Mexico Welcomes Jared Levy Fine Art

Posted by on October 17, 2011 | Comments Off on Chronos Film Festival, New Mexico Welcomes Jared Levy Fine Art

Most definitely barreling toward New Mexico at the speed of light and sound is an elite group of filmmakers, equipment and technological innovators, artists and rabid film fans!

One of these breakthrough film makers is Jared Levy. Fresh from a two year stint in São Paulo Brazil, Levy is bringing his latest film, Graffiti Fine Art to be featured in New Mexico’s Own Chronos Film Festival.

A journalism and documentary film graduate out of Syracuse New York, Levy credits direct interface with his subjects such as the time spent quite literally camped-out on the streets of Brazil to capture the amazing visuals of the underground art scene there, as illustrated by international artists who flocked to the exhibition for the chance to be showcased. Moreover Levy names innovators in DSLR equipment, technology and his peer pioneers for pushing the envelope in the medium for his ever ongoing “education” in film.

Overly humbled and sweet when acknowledging his role at Chronos as a unique opportunity to represent the medium amongst and on panel with the artists, manufacturers and outlets that aim to support the creative arts, even naming Philip Bloom “a professor” in his field, Levy noted that the participation of Steve Weiss, Eric Kessler and the support of Vimeo as key elements to the excitement surrounding this first ever festival of its kind.

When I got a chance to catch-up with Jared, the versatile artist had just wrapped some visual shooting of Jay-Z and co. at the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation’s Carnival: Making The Ordinary Extraordinary, where the star raised over $1M in a matter of hours for college education funding for underprivileged youth.

Now after showings of his award winning, labor of love, Graffiti Fine Art at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Fest and Urban Media Filmmakers in Atlanta, Levy is headed our way.

Visit with Jared yourself now at JaredLevyMedia.com and be sure to meet-up with him at the Chronos Film Festival, presented by Vimeo in Santa Fe, New Mexico Nov. 3-5.

For the complete interview click here and for your viewing pleasure here is a preview of Jared Levy’s, Grafitti Fine Art:

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Fall Film Festival, NM USA

Posted by on October 1, 2011 | One comment
AlbuquerqueArtEventsFilmIndie FilmNM
Chronos Film Festival
Key Note Speaker Philip Bloom

Master of Ceremonies -John Kapelos

(Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM) In association with The Albuquerque Film Office, Sponsored by Zacuto, Vimeo Presents: Chronos first annual Film Festival, a pioneering forum for innovation, technology, digital media and education to encourage youth involvement through film scholarship. The first ever of festival its kind, Chronos is partnered with YDI Digital Arts Outreach as the event’s title beneficiary, with donations also benefiting Big Brothers, Big Sisters of New Mexico.

Chronos will launch on Thursday, Nov 3, 2011 with a screening of Godfrey Reggio’s groundbreaking visual arts film, “Koyaanisqatsi” at 5:00pm at the historic Kimo Theatre in Downtown Albuquerque.

Film submissions in Time-Lapse, Stop Motion, Slow Motion, & Youth (16 & under) categories are being accepted for early registration through October 15, 2011. Entrants films will be screened and promoted on the Chronos Film Festival channel on Vimeo.com. Sponsors Zacuto and Kessler Crane have provided generous prizes for winners per film category.

Visit the event website, chronosfilmfestival.com for full festival details including submission guidelines, attendance packages, partners/sponsors, and the iconic film and photography guest list including Keynote Speaker Philip Bloom and Master of Ceremonies John Kapelos.


PT NM Res. Global Fashion Icon

Posted by on August 22, 2011 | Comments Off on PT NM Res. Global Fashion Icon
ArtCultureFashionGlobalNMSanta Fe

Photo Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

“It was so much fun to be part of the contest. I had been to the competition in the past but only as an observer. It’s really important to support and encourage Native American arts, and that includes clothing,” – Tom Ford

Read all about the globally acclaimed fashion designer/producer/director and part-time Santa Fean regarding his participation with the Santa Fe Indian Market this past weekend, previously and going forward, right here in the Santa Fe New Mexican!

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CHRONOS – New Mexico

Posted by on July 28, 2011 | One comment




“It’s About Time”


NOVEMBER 3RD, 4TH, & 5TH, 2011


The mission of Chronos is to celebrate the art of altered time perception cinematography including time-lapse, slow motion, and stop motion photography. The Chronos Film Festival will create a forum for innovation, technology, digital media and education that will encourage youth involvement through film scholarship. We are proud to partnered with YDI Digital Arts Outreach as our main beneficiary, and will also contribute monies to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of New Mexico.

The Chronos Film Festival will launch with a showing of Godfrey Reggio’s “Koyaanisqatsi” at 1200pm (noon) on Thursday, Nov 3, 2011 at the Historic KiMo Theatre in Downtown Albuquerque, with a second showing at 4:00 pm. We are also proud to announce the 2pm showing of No Restrictions Entertainment film “Mother’s Red Dress” a social issue film written and directed by Edgar Michael Bravo and Produced by John Paul Rice. We will close the evening with a film with “Commentary” a film by John Kapelos, showing at 6:00 pm. The Albuquerque Film Office is a special sponsor and contributor to these events.

The Chronos Film Festival is honored and proud to present an impressive *lineup of altered time perception photography and film-making talent from all over the world!

Chronos Film Festival... "it's about time..."

Featuring: » Read the full post

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Guest Post: New Mexico Film Indie Style

Posted by on July 13, 2011 | 2 comments
AlbuquerqueArtFilmIndie FilmNMNMExposéYouYour Momma

Michael Palombo on NM Film


Guest Post
by Michael Palombo
Artist | Writer | Director | Producer | PMD
On the state of NM Film

Thank your for the opportunity to guest here on OneHeadlightInk.com and thank you to all who have given so much to the growth and prosperity of the New Mexico Film Industry, I say that with a focus on the independent film community and those who stayed.

About Me:

At 42 I’m a 30 year resident of New Mexico, published artist with an Associate Degree in art, design and marketing from “The Albuquerque Arts and Design College”.

I’ve been working in the New Mexico film industry since 2007, with more credits than I can think of (tried to keep up with my IMDB but what a hassle sometimes).

Now my time is focused on my own film projects and working to promote filmmakers on Twitter @FansOfFilm which has become one of the most recognized film profiles there is listed in the top 20 movie profiles on all of Twitter.

As far as I know I’m the only one promoting myself as local PMD/producer of marketing and distribution and social media consultant in the state.

I really got started on the path to film when I started making videos of my glass blowing, and posting them on a Youtube channel that I don’t really visit much anymore, http://www.youtube.com/beadmanglass. Some of the videos I know are at over 12,000 views.

That spiraled into getting involved in the growing film scene where my 1st experience was with the Duke City Shootout, a local film event that involved making a film in 4 days. Wow what a way to break in, I had no idea it could get so bad, upon the 3rd day of eating sugar from the limited craft services that was provided and taking way too much crap for working for free, I lost [it] and walked off the project.

The next year I knew what I was in for and ended up on the winning team with a credit for boom, the film was called “Food For Thought” written and directed by Will Hartman. Since then I’ve been working as a camera opp and now directing my 3rd short film.

For a more personal interview go to johnhoff3.com here.

My Opinion of some of the good and bad on the New Mexico film community:

Hollywood came into New Mexico in a big way when the tax incentives were good, as many as 30 films being shot around New Mexico at any given time, people that had never been on a set in their life were finding themselves on Hollywood sets doing things they had never done. Local business, casting directors, experienced and non experienced film people were making money, it was like a gold rush and people had the fever.

Well we know that story way too well here in New Mexico, the gold goes away and the native people lose their jobs, homes, businesses and do the best they can to readjust. There is a good side to this story and that’s that the miners, I mean film people that got left behind had talent and new found skills that they applied to their own lives and projects, which brought a lot of film people together and groups were formed like the IndieQ group, started by Ann Learner from the Albuquerque film office “thank you Ann”.

There’s an independent film movement here that has come from both filmmakers that were here before Holloywood and will be here after, and for those it’s a great time to be a filmmaker in New Mexico, as long as you know who the sharks are, “they know who they are” the ones that call themselves producers or filmmakers for the glorified title of it, just so they can get down some actor’s pants, targeting beginners to get projects done, project after project praying on new blood just so they can produce more crap and never doing anything great, but hey they had a good time playing producer or filmmaker.

You can still find great opportunities to break into the film industry here in New Mexico as more independent production grows and more indie producers get into the game for the right reasons, creating cool quality projects that display the talents of all involved with integrity and honesty.

These producers and filmmakers need more support from local investors, sponsors and the general public, because when Hollywood is gone, it won’t be coming back in any big way for a long time.

Michael Palombo
CEO at Fans Of Film, LLC
Community fan site for the best of #Youtube & Vimeo filmmakers,
reviews, free full feature films and shorts! We are fans of online film.

Artist | Writer | Director | Producer | PMD
Bringing production and distribution together like never before.

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Girls on the Run Presents: Lunafest

Posted by on June 17, 2011 | Comments Off on Girls on the Run Presents: Lunafest

As Father’s day rapidly approaches…I am but forced to reminisce over the dysfunctional loads of crap, emotional stuntedness and overall empty sadness that can befall a youngin’, particularly a young lady when she doesn’t have a proper father’s shoulder to stand on…but I digress and openly give mad respect and deepest admiration to fathers and father figures who live up to the moniker with more than just the hormonal surge that deemed them biologically & legally allowed to claim the title.

On that note…I was excited to see the upcoming event LUNAFEST! Short films by, for, about women…

This year’s New Mexico Lunafest film festival is presented by and benefits Girls on the Run, Santa Fe – whose objective is to “educate and empower girls at an early age in order to prevent the display of at-risk activities in the future. At risk activities include substance/alcohol use, eating disorders, early onset of sexual activity, sedentary lifestyle, depression, suicide attempts and confrontations with the juvenile justice system.”

So…sans parental unit(s) or replete with parental guidance we are each our own person and we’re all capable of empowering and endowing others!

Check out this event sure to inspire!

From Lunafest about Lunafest:

Filled with stories of reflection and whimsy, hope and humor, grace and perseverance, LUNAFEST films are renowned for celebrating the talents and stories of women. Our films include many off the traditional festival circuit. Collectively, LUNAFEST films captivate audiences, compel dialogue and arm those who participate with both the knowledge and the motivation to make a difference in their communities.

LUNAFEST’s films have won industry awards and audience accolades, and the films selected for 2010-11 LUNAFEST season share this brilliance. From quirky animation to touching documentaries, the 10 selected films are incredibly diverse in both style and subject matter, united by a common thread of exceptional storytelling by, for, about women.

For a glimpse into LUNAFEST, watch the teaser below from this year’s films or read on to learn more about this year’s selected films.

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Immortal Imaging

Posted by on April 25, 2011 | One comment

Painting by Gabriel Ballantine

Now that’s Entertainment – our friend, NM actor Jackamoe Buzzell is as passionate about life as he is about art! Here he is in character at Vernon’s Jazz Club next to his likeness, artfully captured by Gabriel Ballantine.

Most of the friends we’ve been fortunate enough to make while covering local entertainment are simply inspirational in their voracious quest to perform and present their craft!

If you’ve got the yen to be a thespian, have the creative drive and passion for action that you just have to share GET INTO IT!

Many people write to me and ask where & how to get started on being cast in a feature film or television show…

Now I may not be able to cast you myself, but New Mexico is home to dozens of casting agents and agencies and I’ll tell you what I tell inquiring minds – get listed!

On Location Casting, White Turtle, EG Casting and Sheryl Roberts, to name just a few, have online databases or contacts to get-in with them.

Another thing I like to pass along is this: Be it background, extra, stand-in, or grip. On Stage, Film, TV, Web, or Print DO IT. Because believe you me it’s another world on set, under the lights, anywhere in front of or behind the camera…

New Mexico independent films, and web series’ go a long, long way and the experiences you gain with them are priceless – so if it’s for Meal & Reel or as a set or stage volunteer…find your fit in the industry today!

Keep-up with everything NM Entertainment with me, online all the time here at OneHeadlightInk.com.

Must See Links:
Fans Of Film – Important info. and resources on all things Indie
The New Mexico Film Office – Statewide resource directory and official notices
Blazed Entertainment – Promotions, Events, Artist Development & Booking
Classes & Workshops – Current links to featured programs

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Not Real Pretty

Posted by on March 21, 2011 | Comments Off on Not Real Pretty

No, it’s not always real pretty, but it is pretty real looking…From NM’s Own Resident FX Masters:

Gryphon’s Egg Productions is now offering special FX classes!!

That’s right folks everything from basic FX makeup techniques to full on professional prosthetic work, blood teeth and eyeballs, to animatronic puppets!!

Classes are slated start mid April and preregistration is required. We are taking on a limited number of students for the first run of classes – contact Shawn Darling now at gryphonsegg@gmail.com for more info and to pre register today!!!

Class info and schedules available upon request.

Check them out online at: Gryphon’s Egg Productions

Write gryphonsegg@gmail.com for a listing of classes and preregistration information.

**** Classes are filling up so don’t wait!! You must preregister asap classes begin on April 9th****

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Kickstart Epic Fantasy – Sablewood

Posted by on February 10, 2011 | Comments Off on Kickstart Epic Fantasy – Sablewood
ArtComing SoonFilmNMNM's Own

You’ve heard of Frank Oz and Jim Henson, you’ve seen The Dark Crystal and Lord of the Rings well now you can Kickstart New Mexico’s own place in animatronics, puppeteering, fantasy art and epic CG animation history.

Quite literally carved out by NM artist/producer Shawn Darling and his team, this 21 year long vision is but a kiss away from becoming a reality and the new bar for Fantasy Film making.

Please visit the film’s Kickstarter, Creative Projects fund raising page here to become a part of making this odyssey a reality.

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Videos of the Day: Juxtaposition Edition

Posted by on February 6, 2011 | One comment

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Indiewood, NM

Posted by on February 4, 2011 | One comment

“What if your significant other was secretly a crime fighter?”

From real-life super duo John KD Graham and Alexandra Boylan comes NM’s Own Web Series – Alter-Ego is an action, suspense, drama that explores the secret life of a vigilante right here among us.

‎Their New Mexico Based company, Alter-Ego Productions is currently in production on their upcoming feature film “Home Sweet Home” being shot completely in La Luz New Mexico.

The producing/directing, acting team knows a thing or thousands about the ins-and-outs of the Film Industry, the pair have over 15 years experience and are ON THEIR game.

Alter-Ego Productions set-up an industry fund raising campaign in Kickstarter that presented their film proposal so artfully that they successfully raised the funds to move forward on the production with their team in just a matter of weeks, now that’s a big win in the War of Art – inspiring!

Here is a peek at the artful pitch of their “guerilla psychological terror” concept:

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