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Not so blind item: #NMFilm

Posted by on April 3, 2013 | Comments Off on Not so blind item: #NMFilm

New Mexico Film Blind Item

A certain New Mexico film which has been described as possibly being “cursed” should really be categorized as, “blessed”. Movies can sustain a delayed start, a hard stop, losses and adds and come back like gangbusters!

More important is to take a step back and take a pause when 9 months or so warrant gestation. With all the delays and change-ups on this New Mexico film, it’s unclear exactly how a “blessed event” may affect the film.

#NMFilm alum, Penny Cruz worked on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean with now fellow NMFilm vet, Johnny Depp well into her pregnancy.

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New Mexico Star Turns: Blind Items

Posted by on February 24, 2013 | 3 comments

Guess Who's Coming to Film in New Mexico

BREAKING NM STAR NEWS 2/25/13: GUESS which “adopted” New Mexican is set to return to The Land of Enchantment???

Recent rumblings have surfaced about negotiations between this A-Lister and an upcoming New Mexico production…

As of early today it appears that the deal is all but INKED! Hint: Everyone will simply FLIP when this confirmed news breaks loose!

Stay tuned!!!!!

leading-men-1Photograph by Levi Brown

Leading Man Wanted 2/24/13:

With the incredible base of talent, expanse of land, abundance of top facilities, and hard working film industry officials always hard at work striking deals and building YOUR film industry from the inside out, more and more productions are rolling into the Land of Enchantment!

When the hits keep coming, some hard knocks are bound to follow…as we here at OHI strive to bring you the latest news, whispers in the wind, and underground radar blips about what’s coming and going on in New Mexico Film, sometimes we have to retract.

Every prospective project is exciting to hear about and report on, but winning some always comes with losing some, like in the case of the big fat covered wagon, handbrake being put on the hugely exciting prospect of an NM/Adam Sandler production, The Ridiculous 6.

Today we’ve learned that pre-production on one of the major motion pictures getting set to shoot here in New Mexico has been pushed out at least a few weeks because scheduling conflicts have hijacked the highly anticipated participation of its leading man…

Now, we’re not a liberty to say which pic it is which still has a firm grasp on its lovely leading lady, but suddenly a vacancy in the gorgeous leading man department – however, know that it will make a buzz on the web when it’s confirmed that this repeat NMFilmer is out, and everyone will be waiting to see who will step in to fill his boots.

Stay tuned

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