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Brick & Mortar Bistro Closing its Doors

Posted by on February 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Brick & Mortar Bistro Closing its Doors

bathbodybistro-ericw-photographyimage via EricWPhoto.com

Albuquerque, NM – EVERYTHING MUST GO! The sun is about to set on one of New Mexico’s own Nob Hill storefronts. The deliciousness that is Bath & Body Bistro will be closing its coveted brick & mortar storefront doors at the end of next month.

The Bistro will continue to sell its signature “fab stuff” in the Market & Craft Fair circuit for the time being. So very sadly, the store owners say, “We have put so much time and effort and love into our quality products for our customers…We thank all of you who shopped with us and we appreciate you so much!”

And don’t count them out just yet, Debra and Michel have something up their sleeves! The storefront will be closed as of April 1st and they will be SELLING EVERYTHING IN THE STORE! Desks, file cabinets, bottles, jars, cupcake boxes, tins, high heel shoe chair……EVERYTHING!!!

“We love NM and wanted to bring an great alternative to commercial brand products…we love what we do and we do it well. We tried so hard to compete with the commercial brands and unfortunately we lost the battle, BUT we have not lost the war! We would love to thank all the customers who supported us for over 2 year and we are very grateful for each and every one of them.

We developed relationships with our customers, and it will be truly sad not to see many of them again. From the bottom of our hearts Thank you, thank you so much! Michele and I are friends of 35 years and we work great together and will continue with another venture of a Mobile food Truck called, “Hot Off The Press Paninis”, so we will mobile through the streets of NM and [we] hope to meet many of you! When one chapter is over a new one begins…Here’s to new beginnings.”
-Debra Taylor de Sanchez

Visit their facebook page here to keep up with the one-of-a-kind products and one-of-a-kind New Mexcio small business women!

Gallery images via FollowEric.com

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OPEN CALL: New Mexico Small Businesses

Posted by on November 19, 2012 | Comments Off on OPEN CALL: New Mexico Small Businesses

Calling all New Mexico small businesses and entrepreneurs:

Just in time for the holidays, OHI is once again offering some FREE advertising and social network promotions to state shops, restaurants, retailers and manufacturers!

If you are or have a locally owned and operated business, email: info@oneheadlightink.com for details on how to get featured in our upcoming #BUYNM listings!

Our “2012 Shop Local” page will be regularly updated to our subscribers and social network of friends and fans through New Year’s Day!

PLEASE be sure to include any special offers you may be able to extend to our readers, tie-ins you have with area charities, web links, pictures and any special New Mexico story you might have to share about your small business!!!

Facebook | Twitter | Email | 2011 Sample

Terms & conditions**

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WWWWD – Bathing Bad in #ABQ

Posted by on November 5, 2012 | Comments Off on WWWWD – Bathing Bad in #ABQ

UPDATE 11/20/12 INTRODUCING BLUE FRIDAY: As seen on TV, in the Albuquerque Journal and in the Los Angeles Times – but we told you first, and now the Bathing Bad Launch Party is here!

Friday, November 23rd Great Face & Body, located at 123 Broadway Blvd SE, will be celebrating Blue Friday with the launch of their Bathing Bad products. The bath salts and body scrub are organic and natural. They are tinted with a natural blue dye inspired by Walter White’s blue colored meth made popular on the hit series Breaking Bad which is filmed and set in Albuquerque.

The “Blue Friday” celebration will take place from 10 AM to 7 PM that day for walk-in orders bought directly from the cooks. A special party with a blue theme will take place that evening from 7 PM until 10 PM with blue themed food and drinks. Products can also be ordered from the web page www.BathingBad.com for people not able to make it to the store.

RSVP to the party here!

***Nov. 9, 2012***

CONGRATULATIONS to Greg, Isaca, Christal, Casey, Eunice, Maria, Emily, Jeannie, Karen & Heather!!!!

And BIG THANKS to Andre & Keith for sharing their super cool new product with us!

Great Face & Body’s Andre Harrison and Keith West with BrBa star Giancarlo Esposito

What would Walter White do? He would wash the Bad away of course!

Thanks to the good folks at Great Face & Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico ten local OHI readers can get theirs FREE!

Email “Bathing Bad” along with your name and contact info. to win@oneheadlightink.com to WIN!!!

Enter now! Ten lucky winners will be randomly selected this Friday November, 9.

Visit Great Face & Body online
123 Broadway Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
(505) 404-6670

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OPEN CALL: New Mexico Small Businesses

Posted by on November 28, 2011 | One comment


Calling all New Mexico small businesses and entrepreneurs:

In time for the holidays OHI is offering some FREE advertising and social network promotions to state shops, restaurants, retailers and manufacturers!

If you are or have a locally owned and operated business email: info@oneheadlightink.com for details on how to get featured in our upcoming BUYNM listings, which will be regularly updated to our subscribers and social network of friends and fans through New Year’s Day!

PLEASE be sure to include any special offers you may be able to extend to our readers, tie-ins you have with area charities, web links, pictures and any special New Mexico story you might have to share about your small business!!!

terms & conditions

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Liberate Your Crazy Bitch!

Posted by on July 3, 2011 | Comments Off on Liberate Your Crazy Bitch!

From our sisters in bitchery:

“Let’s face it Ladies… Sometimes you act like a Crazy Bitch… you don’t know why and you can’t help it. We know, we’ve been there! At times like this you need a little help… and no, not psychological help!

We know that when you are feeling good you make the world a better place. So take a moment to have a cup of tea and a laugh with assurance that this formula was created with the greater good in mind, and remember… you really only want to unleash your inner Crazy Bitch when you need her!

Our Master Tea Blender and sister Crazy Bitch, Lynn Higgin, has created this special formula to assist you in maintaining balance and reclaiming your divine feminine power. Blended with love and acceptance, the ingredients included in this tea were specifically chosen to gently maintain your body’s natural balance, particularly when taken at regular intervals.”

This crazy bitch strongly recommends taking two, and not calling anyone till’ morning…but seriously any love potion brewed with helpful and caring intent sings of independence worth celebrating to me!

Help celebrate this Albuquerque based New Mexico business by casting your VOTE for them in the nationwide Independence Day contest by Entrepreneur Magazine showcasing independent business owners!!!

Go New Mexico – and calm that crazy bitch in all of us!

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Comic Convention Q Style: BOO-YAH!

Posted by on December 29, 2010 | 2 comments

Speaking of building-up our fair city & great state instead of tearing ’em down…There is a super hero among us (and within us all)…

Wildly successful Cage Fight Promoter turned un-closeted comic nerd/Producer extraordinaire, Jim Burleson is taking Albuquerque where no man has gone before…The EXTRAVAGANZA that is ALBUQUERQUE COMIC CON hits the Q in January.

Catch the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead, meet-n-greet some of Science Fiction’s most sought after heroes and villains alike! Walk among the fantasy worlds dreamed-up by some of the most creative minds of our time! Even iconic sci-fi, fashion & beauty goddesses will be on hand!

Click the pic to hear the mastermind of this great event tell you all of the details, just some of the highlights, and more about what spectacular things will be going on right here in the Q, for the Q – As the world watches New Mexico step into the Comic Con ring!

*Special entry for military, fire and police. PLUS check-in below for your chance to WIN passes to ALBUQUERQUE COMIC CON 2011!

Albuquerque Comic Con

Hot Links: Related, Comic Con Film Festival, Event Site

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¡Acción! Capital City NM Show

Posted by on November 8, 2010 | 2 comments

Lights, camera, ESPECTACULAR! The global hit that is The Santa Fe TV Show is celebrating their 1 year anniversary by doing what they do best – shinning the world famous light of the City Different on NM talent…Have you got the stuff New Mexico? Get featured…

From the Producer:

For our 1-year show, we need something fun, vibrant, artistic, and unique. So for our show we need dancers, singers, artists, or someone with a COOL and unique talent or business (chefs, DJs, tattoo artists, etc.) Email headshot and bio to santafetvshow@yahoo.com and state why you’d like to be in this very special episode.

This is a chance to be featured on our 1-year anniversary episode with exposure to 200,000 viewers–all over the world. Filming will begin next week and the show will premier Dec 11, 2010!!!!

Angelie Gamboa, Producer

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Uno Voz mas Magnífico

Posted by on October 16, 2010 | One comment

From the sexiest lady voice around (previous post, duh), with her hair and heart of gold to another coveted voice coming at you from intros to pitches and everywhere in-between…

You know that guy on PBS who narrates errything from The American Experience to the Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World commercials or the late great movie trailer announcer Don LaFontaine…well forget them – NM’s own voice of the ages can be yours!

Take it light & easy over ice cream cake and pizza parties. Higher, faster and louder for an event whose purposes may escape you yet you’re still SUPER excited to go to it! Or for the more audibly titillated set he can just speak his speak – that Barry White meets what the cover of a romance novel would sound like if it could talk…click here for audio.

In what some (me) would dub one of the most erroneous and heinous moves in NM audio landscape history (just one of them, in the past several years) Jaimey B. has been long off the radio waves of our hearts, but he’s kickin’ it and stealing away with ears aplenty laying down incredible sounds for all your commercial, announcement, documentary and narration needs.

To achieve the oration of your dreams follow these links to El Voz Magnífico: Main, 123, FB, Voices

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Hollywood, New Mexico Adjacent

Posted by on September 20, 2010 | One comment

Film in Lincoln County – filmlcnm.org

There actually is a Hollywood, NM. Nestled between the Lincoln National Forrest, Ruidoso and Cloudcroft you’ll find Hollywood 88345- and we’re primed & at the ready for YOUR NM Productions.

One of our great state’s candidates for Gov. come Nov. may not be so ready to aknowledge & maintain N. Mex as a leader in North American film production but Double, double toil and trouble be damned (or at least not be elected post-primary) because from So. Nem. to N. 25 and everywhere in-between we say, GO NEW MEXICO!

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Wilde On Santa Fe

Posted by on August 30, 2010 | 5 comments

With a blog post almost as vast and colorful as our NM vistas, actress Olivia Wilde waxes romantic over the beauty and goodness of our capital city.

The Cowboys and Aliens star regularly tweeted little glimpses of her observations and experiences these many months of filming in the Land of Enchantment and she bids us adieu in this quaint novella where she wraps with:

“I have really enjoyed my experience in Santa Fe, and there is so much more I could write about (maybe I will) but for now, consider this a love letter to the above mentioned ingredients to my happy summer in my latest home away from home.”

Thank you Miss Wilde for the love letter that leaves us so much warmer and fuzzier than the the online morning after cab fair on the nightstand that is a Tweety-bye-bye.

Don’t forget to join our quest to get the likes of Cowboys back to NM for a local premiere gala!

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Hot Child in the City

Posted by on August 23, 2010 | One comment

And as with the joyous news of his impending fatherhood…Albuquerque’s favorite son took to Twitter to continue to spread the word for Theatre support.

Buy tix, participate, donate direct to the theatre here.

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Who’s on Myspace

Posted by on August 4, 2010 | 2 comments

Actor, Composer Val E. Kilmer is that’s who…and me and YOU don’t lie!

General interests include Cate Blanchett hmmm, inneresting.

You can take a listen and download his music, there’s nary a Doors song to be found so don’t even go there for that.

But you can watch clips of movies he’s working on and stuff. You can also buy a personally designed horse blanket or something.

I’m glad to see the creative flow and really dig on the music myself, it’s very Pear Jam Just Breathe meets The Eagles Desperado.

Go Mah Huckelberry!

Hommie is also on Twitt if that’s your bag.

Sunday Post Script

Posted by on June 13, 2010 | 2 comments

They say picture is worth a thousand words, but if you’re Julia Roberts it’s more like $20 mil. and she can do pretty much anything she wants. In this age of gratuitous reboot Julia Gulia has taken a stand and said pass to the poss. of a Pretty Woman part deux.

Jules was ~recently quoted as saying she’s “too old” to come back to the silver screen as everyone’s favorite hooker with a heart of gold.

Famous Laugh sound bite

But NM’s Own eternally gorgeous woman et al can relish a Romantic Comedy (Ro-co) at any age, frankly the more mature the better…that’s why waaay back in ’03 I myself penned an entire script around one of my fave Roberts Ro-cos.

And here’s the mock-up of the movie poster of our dream cast for the follow-up flick. Note the artistry in the head cropping, inspired by the original PW poster that was famously and similarly doctored.

As for the script, it is here in whole form, filed away; where it has been since it made its rounds to some Roberts-Moder representative in Taos, then up to an NYC production co. who politely returned it to us non grata – WOW gotta love “the business”, even that was an exciting day at the ~office!

Well, if and when she’s ready the story in its entirety is here for her, fait accompli – Jules, Mr. Marshall, Anybody, Anybody…

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NPH Kickin It Glee Style

Posted by on May 19, 2010 | One comment

ICYMI: New Mexico native Neil Patrick Harris guested on that Fox runaway hit show Glee.

NPH rocked a cover song sing off à la Train circa the then Journal Pavilion 2002 (those pop/contempo boys killed it – ‘member? You ‘member).

You may have recently seen the mega star making a cameo in the hilarious local commercial for the Harris family Albuquerque restaurant Perennials. Tweet ’em up @ActuallyNPH.

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Re-purpose True Grit Winter

Posted by on May 13, 2010 | One comment

Like winter itself the NM portion of the Coen Bros production of True Grit has gone. But the cotton batting that served as the snowy back-drop for the film during some of its time here is available and useful.

Local business Green Production Resource (GPR) strives to do just that, green production:

“GPR exists to supply knowledge, products and equipment to lessen the impact of film and event production on the planet.”

To learn more about what they do and what you can do to reuse existing production materials or repurpose your own please contact
Holly via email at: holly@greenproductionresource.net

In the mean time there are “miles of smiles” worth of True Grit faux “snow” available for reuse.

Check the NM Film Office web site for more green film making resources.

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Marsha Marsha Marsha’s NM State of Mind

Posted by on March 30, 2010 | Comments Off on Marsha Marsha Marsha’s NM State of Mind

New Mexico land and organics lover Marsha Mason cultivates natural healing and beauty from her Abiquiu farm. And you can bet your ashwaganda they know what they’re doing down at Resting in the River.

In addition to being the mommy of my dreams alongside the awesomeness that is Phoebe Cates in one of the best movies ever made, Marsha is a Hollywood AND Broadway legend in her own right.

Currently starring in I Never Sang for My Father (opening April 4) in NYC, Marsha gives an in depth sit-down to Adrienne Onofri for Broadway World dot com in which you can read all about her legendary career on stage and screen, her raves about NM, including how you can get Marsha’s earthy products, read her life’s journey or even pick-up her NM property as she is going back East to concentrate on her place on the great white way – while still cultivating her roots here in the Land of Enchantment.

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Book of Eli Red Carpet ABQ Style

Posted by on January 12, 2010 | Comments Off on Book of Eli Red Carpet ABQ Style
Buy LocalEventsFashionFilmNM


Local actress Lora Cunningham, currently at work on Passion Play will attend the L.A. premiere of New Mexico film, The Book of Eli at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday.

As featured on KOAT, Lora will be draped in New Mexico’s own fashion and jewelry.

The Book of Eli opens wide on Friday January 15.

Film synopsis:

“In the not-too-distant future, some 30 years after the final war, a solitary man walks across the wasteland that was once America. Empty cities, broken highways, seared earth—all around him, the marks of catastrophic destruction. There is no civilization here, no law. The roads belong to gangs that would murder a man for his shoes, an ounce of water…or for nothing at all.

But they’re no match for this traveler.

A warrior not by choice but necessity, Eli (Denzel Washington) seeks only peace but, if challenged, will cut his attackers down before they realize their fatal mistake. It’s not his life he guards so fiercely but his hope for the future; a hope he has carried and protected for 30 years and is determined to realize. Driven by this commitment and guided by his belief in something greater than himself, Eli does what he must to survive—and continue.” -Hip Hop Press

Hmm, hemm, we want premieres, we want premieres… (Sing it NM, to the tune of Gold Digger)

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Introducing Groupon ABQ

Posted by on December 4, 2009 | Comments Off on Introducing Groupon ABQ

Currently boasting Total Dollars Saved $39,281,088, Total Groupons Bought 904,646!!

Get on the Groupon train by clicking here to start your national savings now!

Each day Groupon features different deals: steep discounts, two-fers, specials, etc. the masses are offered the chance to buy into to the deal with a minimum number of participants set to activate the discount. If/when the minimum number of buyers is reached the deal is released to them. If the min. goal is not met the deal expires.

Albuquerque businesses need to load this train by putting their deals out there. Put your business on Groupon here.

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Your Albuquerque Thunderbirds

Posted by on November 20, 2009 | Comments Off on Your Albuquerque Thunderbirds

-Fan Video Via YouTube

Opening night is Friday November 27!!!

Help YOUR Albuquerque Thunderbirds “pack the house” for opening weekend. FREE kid’s ticket with paying adult ticket purchase = parent AND child in the Bonus zone for $10, in the Box Seating section for $15 or on the FLOOR for only $30.

See what the T-Birds have been up to in the community on Facebook.

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He Likes Us, He Really Likes Us…

Posted by on October 7, 2009 | Comments Off on He Likes Us, He Really Likes Us…

We're Not Worthy

Any and all kudos we get are so greatly appreciated. And as we’re in the business of promoting NM Entertainment, Business and Community a nod from a top ranking state official is a bit of a feather.

We’re humbled by an “endorsement” from the State’s Film Policy Advisor.

Witt Kudo

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