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“Mourn for the Dead Fight Like Hell for the Living”

Posted by on April 28, 2013 | Comments Off on “Mourn for the Dead Fight Like Hell for the Living”

Workers Memorial Day

The 20 billion dollar per year garment industry of Bangladesh cost over 300 lives and counting earlier last week when at first some of the 3,000 workers, who felt and saw their dilapidated, eight story clothing manufacturing building on the verge of collapse, attempted to flee the structure, only to be forced back in to their 13 cent per hour minimum wage post at gunpoint by building management and the bulk of the factory building did then come down killing hundreds and trapping what is reported to be several hundred more.

Since the catastrophe infants have been born in the rubble where their late term pregnant mothers had been pinned after the collapse, rescue efforts continue to uncover more of the living, and recovery of those lost will likely go on for weeks. Today the building owner, Mohammed Sohel Rana was arrested on the border of Bangladesh as he was attempting to escape to India.

Today in the United States it is Workers Memorial Day, th day “the unions of the AFL-CIO…remember those who have suffered and died on the job” and aim to renew efforts for safe workplaces.

Perhaps on this day, American consumers can make the commitment to honor the labor that drives our nation by taking a stand and making the resolve to both identify and hold accountable the businesses on our soil which may have a hand in the unfair and unsafe practices abroad that lead to devastating consequences such as those in this current tragedy.

When they are revealed will you hold the U.S. companies whose merchandise was being manufactured in this Bangladesh plant accountable for supporting these unfair and dangerous practices?

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Open Call: Whistle Blowers

Posted by on March 2, 2013 | One comment

UPDATE: Now you can also talk to your New Mexico Film Industry Watchdog on Facebook here.

We’re not in the business of running people out of town, however when our readers are wary or vulnerable in their dealings with New Mexico productions, entities and/or organizations, we do want to hear about that and help out where we can.

Last spring we were first to spread the word on what looked like a flyby night entity, which jettisoned into Albuquerque making lofty promises and charging high prices for non-standard industry practices that did indeed end up leaving their “clients” high & dry.

Now there is a new, very different group afoot that we’ve agreed to feature* in their efforts to bring to light some issues they fear may be negative or even detrimental to New Mexico entertainment, talent and events.

The “watchdog group” is currently seeking information about YOUR concerns in working, trying to find work and general dealings in the New Mexico film & entertainment industry. As presented to us, the goal is to try and form productive and positive ways to navigate your way to the best resources available and help industry members stay informed, educated and working.

Your New Mexico Film Office warns cast and crew talent to beware of casting scams on their bulletin board and the New Mexico Better Business Bureau is a resource to track and report bad business practices, but for inside industry talk “Watch E. Dog” is now available to take your information and inquiries about current projects you may be interested in or have any questions or concerns about.

“We have seen them all before, sometimes it feels like the old pay to play (with either your time, equipment, vehicle, or paying for headshots), from film extras in concert scenes to music videos, why is it acceptable for some Casting Companies and Production Companies to use their position, the hope of future casting, the lure of being in a movie etc. to get you to work for free when they are getting paid. Have you done it? Do you regret it? would you do it again? We want to hear the benefits and pitfalls of what some feel is an abuse of the limelight, Sound off and let your voice be heard. Be sure you know what your being asked to do and what you are being paid before working on a project that is for profit.”-W.E.D.

Watch E. Dog asserts that all questions and information submitted will remain anonymous and inquiries will be answered and/or followed-up on as much as possible.

Email: wegotyourbacknm@gmail.com or submit comments below to have a discussion with “Watch E.” here.

*OneHeadlightinInk.com has agreed to host & moderate discussion below. Any direct correspondence with wegotyourbacknm@gmail.com has no affiliation with this website.

Now go forth, tattletale and PROSPER!

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Strings for a CURE: Where the Arts meet Humanities

Posted by on January 30, 2013 | 2 comments

McGarvey-participates-in-StringsforaCurePerformance image via RyanMcGarvey.com

New Mexico’s own resident Guitar God, Ryan McGarvey has teamed with the innovative, life-enriching organization StringsforaCURE™, saying:

“I’m so incredibly honored to work with this organization, and to help for such a worthy cause. Please take a look at the great pieces of jewelry that they were able to make from my guitar strings. All proceeds go to help those with breast cancer.”

Elisa Guida, a two-time breast cancer survivor and jewelry designer, transforms guitar strings into one-of-a-kind bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings. Net proceeds are used to fund the foundation’s efforts to educate, comfort and support cancer patients. The foundation focuses primarily on helping those with breast cancer.

The StringsforaCURE™ Foundation helps women and men diagnosed with cancer, primarily breast. Our mission is to provide education, comfort and support to cancer patients, focusing on the breast cancer patient. We help the patient directly by providing gas, grocery or pharmacy gift cards. We also provide educational materials, comfort baskets and medical grants. We want to ease the burden during their cancer journey. We raise awareness on how important nutrition and wellness plays a part in the recovery of the cancer patient.

National and international musicians donate their used guitar strings to StringsforaCURE™, and I transform them into one-of-a-kind bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings. We also raise funds through our online Virtual Quilt, our Pennies2Patients Program and Pickin’ On Cancer fundraiser and also through private donations.

My dream is to recruit many nationally known musicians – including Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen, among many others – to donate their strings to the foundation. We have received strings from several famous musicians, such as Jon Bon Jovi, Melissa Etheridge, Paul Rodgers, Joe Bonamassa to mention a few. -Elisa Guida, Executive Director

The StringsforaCURE foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, and a Green Foundation. Their jewelry is made in the U.S.A. with net proceeds used to fund the foundation’s efforts to educate, comfort and support cancer patients.

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ICYDK: Do you really, really like that?

Posted by on January 25, 2013 | Comments Off on ICYDK: Do you really, really like that?

Buying Social Media Followers

Ever wonder why some of the twitter, facebook, instagram accounts, etc., you find suddenly have thousands and thousands of followers? Sure, sometimes a hot chick will get verbally ogled on a worldwide television broadcast, as in the case of football quarterback girlfriend/beauty queen Katherine Webb, and of course there are those of us who toil at slowly connecting with others who actually have similar interests and goals to help further a common cause, but then there’s this:

“Buy Twitter Followers To Supercharge Your Following 100% Guaranteed Twitter Followers, NO Account Password Required!”

“We offer guaranteed YouTube Video Likes packages to increase your video and channel popularity! More Likes means higher rankings and increased likelihood others will watch your videos.”

“We offer real instagram followers and likes to increase your instagram popularity and get your pictures noticed!”

Buy Facebook Likes – Buy YouTube Views – Buy Facebook Fans – Buy Twitter Followers – Buy Traffic”

“Counting large marketing firms and well-known brands and artists amongst its regular clients, ———.com has quickly established itself as one of the hottest social media marketing tools on the market!”

Maybe if I had had the money to spare (yes there are times when even the low, low price of just $14.99 for 1000 twitter followers is too much to waste on fakery or anything else) at start-up or points of operation necessitating traffic spikes, I too would’ve looked down that avenue…the key words here being, “low and down”. This is not an acceptable practice – for grass roots efforts especially.

Some of you may be unwitting participants in these shenanigans, especially if you are a public figure or enterprise that utilizes an internet marketing firm or guru, who runs your social media accounts. Many such operations go ahead and purchase friends, fans, followers and even traffic, unbeknownst to you (others don’t).

If you’d like to connect with the individual friends, followers and fans of this, my little space on the www, please know that everyone connected below has painstakingly taken the time to “click” and share a little piece of their lives with me! And I’m extremely grateful for each and every one!

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Email |

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The Ugly Truths Behind “THE END”: One New Mexico Writer’s Story

Posted by on January 9, 2013 | One comment

Diary of New Mexico Author Alisa Valdes copy

In part, in response to some rather scathing reviews (Slate, The New York Post) of her latest novel, “The Feminist and The Cowboy: An Unlikely Love Story” (originally titled, “Learning to Submit”), bestselling New Mexico author Alisa Valdes has blogged a shocking and disturbing sequel to the book which has just recently hit retail shelves.

Today on her official blog titled, “The Diary of Author Alisa Valdes”, she writes in horrific detail just some of the heinous events she said she suffered through at the hands of her once revered “Cowboy”, post completion of the manuscript that he inspired as it was submitted for publication. The lengthy account is a drama of its own, which chronicles not only the lifeline of the novel itself, but provides an inside look at the journey to publication to where it stands today, being sold and promoted, or a lack thereof.

There are so many sad accounts in this real-life saga, from the artist’s struggle in creating an honest to herself account as a memoir for her fans, to the truths of the levels of abuse men and women will suffer at the hands of those they love and profess to love, to the scrutiny and judgment bandied-about when any aspect of one’s life is put forth for public consumption.

Valdes never fails to provide the cold hard details for her fans, whether it be after the fact or against the wishes of her publishers, her truths are on display, often in gut wrenching detail:

“There was the night we argued at my house, and he was going to leave, as he always did, stonewalling and locking me out being his favorite weapons, his silent treatments going on sometimes for weeks on end, the emails finally coming in which he said he was willing to come back as long as I changed a long list of things about myself, and me always caving in…but that night, he was brutal again, when I tried to say I was sorry, when I tried to stop the inevitable stonewalling, he glared, called me a mouthy cunt, told me to get to my side of the bed and not touch him, told me that he couldn’t stand the sight of me, told me that if I really wanted to impress him then I’d be a good girl and just shut the fuck up, and his finger poking me in the chest, and then wagged in my face, telling me that my biggest problem, the reason he would never marry me after all, was that I was a woman who just didn’t know when to shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up, and me saying I would, that I would be quiet, and turning my back to him so he wouldn’t hear me cry, and him feeling the bed shake anyway and yelling at me that I was pathetic, that if I wanted him to stay then I better stop fucking crying, and me running into my closet with my phone to fall in a heap on the floor and text myself so that in the morning I’d remember that this was NOT okay, that this was NOT love, and him pretending the next morning that nothing had happened.”

Not okay, indeed. Valdes goes on to provide a likely sought after look at the “Cowboy” himself, and even includes a brief video of what looks to be an interview she may have conducted with him herself.

Read the full blog entry here.

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Fattiest Fifty:

Posted by on October 19, 2012 | Comments Off on Fattiest Fifty:

A New Mexico fave is high on the fast list, as Health.com outs some of the least healthy (yet delicious) options state by state.

Alabama: Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf

Alaska: Eskimo Ice Cream

Arizona: Quadruple Bypass Burger

Arkansas: Catfish

California: In-N-Out Double Double Burger

Colorado: Jack-N-Grill’s 7-pound breakfast burritos

Connecticut: 2-foot-long hot dog

Delaware: Deep-fried pastry

Florida: Empanadas

Georgia: Luther Burger

Hawaii: Loco Moco

Idaho: Bacon bleu cheese dressing

Illinois: Deep-dish pizza

Indiana: Fried-brain Sandwich

Iowa: Hot Beef Sundae

Kansas: Charred Ends

Kentucky: KFC’s Double down

Louisiana: Beignet

Maine: Lobster roll

Maryland: Smith Island Cake

Massachusetts: Chocolate chip cookies

Michigan: BLT

Minnesota: Dairy Queen’s FlameThrower GrillBurger

Mississippi: Mud pie

Missouri: Hardee’s 2/3 lb. monster thickburger

Montana: Rocky Mountain Oysters

Nebraska: Eskimo Pie

Nevada: Buffets

New Hampshire: New England clam chowder

New Jersey: Fat Darrell

New Mexico: Frito Pie

New York: Garbage plate

North Carolina: Livermush

North Dakota: Fleischküchle

Ohio: Bob Evans’ Sausage Biscuit Bowl

Oklahoma: Chicken fried steak

Oregon: Brunchbox’s Redonkadonk

Pennsylvania: Philly Cheesesteak

Rhode Island: New York system hot wieners

South Carolina: Turducken

South Dakota: Frybread

Tennessee: Ruby Tuesday’s triple prime bacon cheddar burger

Texas: Corn dog

Utah: Scone

Vermont: Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster

Virginia: Ham

Washington: Crab Louis Salad

West Virginia: Hillbilly Hotdogs’ 10-pound burger

Wisconsin: Deep-fried cheese curds

Wyoming: Lamb

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Video of the Day: Buyer Be Very Weary

Posted by on September 8, 2012 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: Buyer Be Very Weary


Casting company queries raise eyebrows

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Where Walter White treads you may follow! #ABQ Breaking Bad Trolley Co. Tour

Posted by on July 2, 2012 | One comment

ALERT From ABQ Trolley:

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets for “The BaD Tour.” The first tour sold out in record time (and so did the encore tour on July 22nd).

*****There will be another edition of “The BaD Tour” (34 seats available) on Sunday, July 29th*****
Tickets go on sale here Tuesday, July 3rd, at 9:00AM

It’s no Winnebego ride into the mesa with Jesse Pinkman and Walter White (or is it?), but it IS a tour of some key locations that are now a part of #NMFilm history.

ABQ Trolley Co. presents “The BaD Tour”:

ABQ Trolley Co. is excited to introduce the first ever Breaking Bad locations tour of Albuquerque on Sunday, July 15th. “The BaD Tour” is a 3.5 hour, fully-narrated tour of Breaking Bad locations. Breaking Bad is the Emmy-winning television series that is shot on location in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Spend 3.5 hours on a uniquely-Albuquerque, open-air Trolley as we tour Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s Albuquerque!

The tour coincides with the much-anticipated Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad. The BaD Tour begins July 15th at 4:00PM and ends at 9:00PM after a private viewing party of the Season 5 Premiere of Breaking Bad at Back Alley Brew Pub located inside JC’s New York Pizza Department (215 Central Ave. NW) in downtown Albuquerque. Tickets are $60 and include dinner. Tickets go on sale on July 1st at 12:01AM. There are 34 seats available. The tour departs from 3rd St. & Tijeras NW (Convention Center [west complex] loading zone). There will be Breaking Bad trivia and great prizes from local Albuquerque businesses given out on the tour.

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Buyer Beware: What does work in film cost NM?

Posted by on May 17, 2012 | 14 comments

UPDATE 5/22/12: via KRQE

Casting company queries raise eyebrows

Boasting “27 years of Hollywood full Cast & Crew Expertise”, “A1 Star Casting” has swept into New Mexico from…Hollywood apparently, asserting big claims, lofty accomplishments, and big promises.

One hopeful OHI reader came away with the following impression after attending the much hyped NM Grand Opening of A1 Star Casting earlier this month:

“A steady stream of people were coming in to have their headshots done and be put in “A-1 Casting” data base…Michael Matinez, 5x Platinum (15 weeks in a row) is a writer and producer, Wayne Kurzeja received the “Anti-piracy Award” from President Clinton, has 42 years in the “business”.

Joe Guinan is “the man”, moved here from L.A. and has many connections all over the world, [boasts an] email list of appox. 2500 names. He has Academy Award movies, worked with stars like: Tony Curtis. He has “Blue Ray” backing and his next three movies are already being backed…with games, etc…He has other financial backers, writers, film producers and distributors… He’s setting up a web site and plans to bring many of them to NM! Joe plans to try his hand at directing while Chuck Erickson takes over the casting. They have several films in the works…” -Anon

Indeed, New Mexico Business Weekly cites a body of work of over 200 productions by A1 owner, Joe Guinan (as listed on IMDb). And multiple websites list Guinan as CEO, COO, Owner, Producer, etc., all at revolving points in time, under various business names; included but not limited to the following:

White Buffalo New Media | A1UC | All Media Distribution | On Facebook

Currently “New MexiCANS” are being offered grandiose looking seminars, classes, and resources, for a price, click here.

Locals hoping to make it in the film industry are being asked for cash upfront for an intangible product. In this case the product is the promise of starting your “A1 Star Casting” career.

It seems that hundreds of New Mexicans have already shelled out their five dollars to have headshots taken and posted with A1 over the course of their initial 2-day Grand Opening, which are to be published on the company’s grade F website by the 20th of May, according to the latest updates on said, sad site.

Also posted there are the new “opportunities” coming our way, including seminars for $10, $20, $40 and $50 a head.

Opportunities are our very favorite thing to present to our beloved home state, but from the get go this duck has been quacking. And not far into a few quick web searches of our own did the duck walking and squawking become more and more obvious…

First and foremost, credit for looking out for our own goes to you our readers, who, like that referenced above share our passion for New Mexico film and our amazing local cast and crew talent base.

In our full May 7, 2012 write-up on this matter, one astute attendee took particular note (and photo evidence) of the interesting questionaire presented to talent that day:

“Will you do nudity?”, pays more if yes, “Do you want to become a Actor”, “Could you or someone you know fund $5K thru $500K for a TV Show or Motion Picture.”

Comments and findings from other attendees were quick to follow. A1 was not approached by our publication for a response, but we happily received one from one Chuck Erickson, a top level associate from within A1, stating in part:

“A1 Star Casting is not merely a casting service that just battles for the jobs that come here. We will be making our own product, we have our own equipment, and we have connections to other producers/directors from around the country that the other local casting people do not. We already have 3 such productions lined up for this Summer in addition to 3 of our own productions.

While it is true that these films are mostly in the lower to medium budget range and will likely not get much more than a small theatrical release at best we have the distribution channels avail that will allow us to make money with these small films which will allow us to make more. Also with the New Media Contract, we will be able to get non-union actors into SAG-AFTRA.” –Chuck Erickson

We feel it only fair and balanced to share with you, along with the boastful claims made by the company itself, the rapidly changing product information as forwarded to us by concerned readers.

Jane Doe forwarded link, after link in regards to conduct unbecoming, or at least in stark contrast to what A1 presents itself to be and what the company and its affiliates actually churn out.

The following are recent screen shots from the pages of “ALL MEDIA DISTRIBUTION”, featuring Joe Guinan and Chuck Erickson (which have now been removed), on set of their credited work now “In Post Production”:


Sure adult porn needs distribution too, right? Just ask Kim Kardashian.

HOWEVER, buyer beware when asked for cash upfront for purported work in “film”.

Do your research and let’s continue to look out for each other!

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NM Casting Call: One event, two distinctly differing impressions

Posted by on May 7, 2012 | 15 comments

As we previously posted here, straight from the cyber pages of New Mexico Business Weekly, a new Casting Company is now open in New Mexico.

Several readers had sent in the online flyer circulating in promotion of the event and we chose to pass on publishing or social networking the news, until we read the NMBW article.

The contrast between the article and the businesses own promotion of the event were in such stark contrast our curiosity was piqued and we decided to go to post with both versions and very little comment.

In the days following the “Grand Opening”, the opportunity to compare and contrast continues as two OHI readers were kind enough to share their very different experiences/impressions of the event.

On one hand, $5 headshots? Sure. On the other, “Will you do nudity?”, pays more if yes, NOT SO MUCH. “Do you want to become a Actor”, “Could you or someone you know fund $5K thru $500K for a TV Show or Motion Picture.”

Lest this attempt at a fair and balanced look at what is reported as a new opportunity for locals interested in film and media be presented with any bias, by someone who DID NOT even attend, I will cease any further personal comment, and present two distinct impressions from two separate OHI readers who attended the “Grand Opening – Open Call”, respectively.

Reader A1’s impression from the opening weekend event:

“A steady stream of people were coming in to have their headshots done and be put in “A-1 Casting” data base…Michael Matinez, 5x Platinum (15 weeks in a row) is a writer and producer, Wayne Kurzeja received the “Anti-piracy Award” from President Clinton, has 42 years in the “business”.
Joe Guinan is “the man”, moved here from L.A. and has many connections all over the world, [boasts an] email list of appox. 2500 names. He has Academy Award movies, worked with stars like: Tony Curtis. He has “Blue Ray” backing and his next three movies are already being backed…with games, etc…He has other financial backers, writers, film producers and distributors… He’s setting up a web site and plans to bring many of them to NM! Joe plans to try his hand at directing while Chuck Erickson takes over the casting. They have several films in the works. I think it will be a good thing!”

Reader A2’s impression from the opening weekend event:

“Right off the bat, the mood was very panicked and rushed. The office is quite small, and the “casting director” wanted things to move at a fast pace. He was busy taking the $5 headshots and bragging about his film industry experience. (See attached photo of the “casting director” in action.) There were 3 other employees working with him. There was a very young blonde girl, an older —- man, and a Native American woman. The older man was doing the “interview/intake,” and giving an overview of what was going on.

The older man said they were casting 3 movies. I had never heard of these movies, which were scrawled on an large ink board at the back of the studio. The older man was going on and on about how most of the movies they cast are low to medium movies, which go directly to DVD.

I asked if any of the movies were being filmed in NM, and they all started to panic a bit. I also was blatantly taking photos w/ my phone, and they didn’t like that at all. They kept trying divert me to something else, but I told them I was just there for my daughter. Every time I asked questions, they changed the subject.

We were told the $5 “headshots” were being taken for their website, but there are NO photos on the website currently. They also claimed to be a production company. There was also talk of classes being provided in acting, and production skills.

The sign-in/info form (see attached photo) was full of grammatical errors, and mentioned comfort level w/ nudity. The assistant didn’t know what to say when I asked him how much they paid the actors. The “casting agent” then got mad at him delaying the process because the battery on his camera was dying.

Me and another woman (who did some extra work for EG Casting) both bailed. It has all the hallmarks of a scam. I looked up information online about the “casting director.” He does have a Facebook page, and an IMDb page. I have never heard of a single movie that he claims to have cast on the IMDB page. They may be very low budget and off my radar, or they may be entirely fake.

I don’t know. It could be legit. I could be wrong. But I doubt it. [Joe Guinan] updated his website recently. Worth checking out. www.a1starcasting.com. Everything on it looks FAKE.”

Related: White Buffalo New Media | A1UC | All Media Distribution | On Facebook

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Picture of the Day: Smart Guy Edition

Posted by on May 2, 2012 | Comments Off on Picture of the Day: Smart Guy Edition

Since nobody wants to hear me whine about this anymore, we’ll let a true professional break it down. Click here for this week’s News/Opinion from the Weekly Alibi, written by Gene Grant.

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New Mexico to the WORLD via TX, CO, AZ

Posted by on April 17, 2012 | 4 comments

YOUR tax dollars at work NEW MEXICO:

The New Mexico Tourism Department has unveiled this multi-media video, now airing on television in Colorado Springs, CO; Tucson, AZ; El Paso, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa and Amarillo, TX, and unleashed on NM’s Own revamped NM Tourism website, here.

In addition to the video, print ads from the campaign will be placed in Southwest Airlines’ Spirit in-flight magazine, Texas Monthly, Budget Travel and in NM Tourism’s own publication, New Mexico Magazine.

The entire project from bid to post-production has drawn criticism, including our own here, here, here, here and here.

As part of the launch of the much maligned production, New Mexico Tourism Director Monique Jacobson is back in the justification and explanation seat, offering the following translation of the campaign’s target and intent.

NM Tourism Director, Monique Jacobson to The Albuquerque Journal:

The campaign is designed to appeal to a “psychographic” group — “people with an adventurous spirit and thirst for authenticity”

NM Tourism Director, Monique Jacobson to The Santa Fe New Mexican:

“A hard sell wouldn’t work with this audience…This particular target tends to be higher income…They are people who will choose to spend money on travel.”

Despite assertions by Jacobson below, that “this is just the first of many spots”, Veronica Valencia, director of marketing for the Tourism Department breaks down how the bulk of $2M budget has already been spent:

Vendor Inc. cost $275,000 in fees.

Production of all the ads cost $350,000. Production is a broad term that applies to everything from scouting sites, hiring talent and filming the ads to producing the music that goes along with the ads as well as drawing up the print and billboard ads, according to Valencia.

More than $1.2 million went toward purchasing media buys on TV, print, digital and billboards in the targeted communities.

$100,000 was paid in gross receipts taxes.

What do you think of the finished product?

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NM Job Creation via Tourism

Posted by on February 29, 2012 | 5 comments

UPDATE 3/2/12: OHI has just obtained the following document, as sent out last month, requesting that state leaders consider utilizing local resources to produce the upcoming NM State Tourism multi-media campaign.

GUILTY – We’re all guilty of corporate chain store shopping and franchise restaurant dinning over the local mom & pop businesses who are struggling to survive in our community.

Does this mean we shall all remain passive in allowing our state funds, though humble by national standards, to follow the same path on a still multimillion dollar scale, by way of whatever cryptic and elusive measures may or may not be ordained?

In what looks a lot like an ever increasing tally of slights to the local film & media industry by the Roundhouse, this particular money train (aka NM State Tourism contract) starts in New Mexico, runs through Texas (to drop off the cash) and only creates local work or pays back to New Mexico what is allocated by the out of state firm.

You don’t get to be the 498,660 ranked website in America (1,411,247 worldwide, insert “lol” here) without recognizing that there IS as much passion and interest as there is talent in this great state and its epic film industry that thousands have worked and lived to embolden over lo these many years.

From those of us who watch and report, to those in the trenches who literally implore the powers that be to lend their support to growing the industry, we all want to know – If we’re truly working to bring productions home, why wouldn’t we produce a production set to represent and draw the world’s attention to us with ample local talent?

IATSE Local 480 Business Agent, Jon Hendry proactively set out to offer his industry know-how and resources to the state’s Governor, Susana Martinez and her applicable cabinet members in the above letter dated Feb. 14, 2012 – which all but begs the root question here: If the industry has the support of the current administration why isn’t it being utilized by it?

YOUR “meager” 2M State Tourism dollars are at work on Job Creation, for out of state companies.

The decision to go with the small and relatively new Texas firm, Vendor Inc., may already be generating some tourism revenue, by way of maybe filling some hotel rooms and buying local meals for the out of state advertising firm and their crew*, when they visit NM to execute our new multimillion dollar marketing campaign.

Too bad factoring small business and peripheral spending locally is not taken into any meaningful account by the current administration (oh wait, that’s only when asserted by the evil film industry – Tourism gets carte blanche on claims of grandeur and bloated assertions of ROI – see Catch the Kid). And ~again, in this case, any dollars the Texas firm spends were already New Mexico dollars to begin with.

Though beloved by many (including yours truly), even the casting co. hired by the firm to fill roles for the multi-media ad campaign being shot locally, is not New Mexico based.

At least the gig pays ~well, and so long as they pass the “bag test”, it seems a few New Mexicans will be getting paid as a part of this whole shebang right out of the shoot.

*Unconfirmed – duh, this is a blog not the NY Times

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Picture of the Day: 2¢ on the Dollar

Posted by on January 17, 2012 | Comments Off on Picture of the Day: 2¢ on the Dollar

Liberate Your Crazy Bitch!

Posted by on July 3, 2011 | Comments Off on Liberate Your Crazy Bitch!

From our sisters in bitchery:

“Let’s face it Ladies… Sometimes you act like a Crazy Bitch… you don’t know why and you can’t help it. We know, we’ve been there! At times like this you need a little help… and no, not psychological help!

We know that when you are feeling good you make the world a better place. So take a moment to have a cup of tea and a laugh with assurance that this formula was created with the greater good in mind, and remember… you really only want to unleash your inner Crazy Bitch when you need her!

Our Master Tea Blender and sister Crazy Bitch, Lynn Higgin, has created this special formula to assist you in maintaining balance and reclaiming your divine feminine power. Blended with love and acceptance, the ingredients included in this tea were specifically chosen to gently maintain your body’s natural balance, particularly when taken at regular intervals.”

This crazy bitch strongly recommends taking two, and not calling anyone till’ morning…but seriously any love potion brewed with helpful and caring intent sings of independence worth celebrating to me!

Help celebrate this Albuquerque based New Mexico business by casting your VOTE for them in the nationwide Independence Day contest by Entrepreneur Magazine showcasing independent business owners!!!

Go New Mexico – and calm that crazy bitch in all of us!

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Queen of Shebah Treatment, NM Style

Posted by on April 12, 2011 | Comments Off on Queen of Shebah Treatment, NM Style

Ambient gorgeousness is yours! Compliment your inner beauty with the experts at Salon Phoenix where they know beauty in & out!

With their mastery of hair artistry your options are limitless and their generosity in sharing their knowledge is boundless. Your questions do not go unanswered, your styling needs and desires do not go unheard.

Join them in their growing online community for tips, discussions and hints on all things hair health & care. Expanding online and in real life (IRL) – the salon itself is soon branching out to meet all our mani-pedi needs!!!!!! THIS blogette simply cannot wait!

In the meantime trust your cranial hair beauteousness and expert unwanted hair removal to them! From a formaldehyde-free Brazilian Blowout to a pristine Brazilian wax they’ve got you both expertly covered and un-covered!

And like other select local businesses the recognizable can count on going unrecognized with privacy and respectful client interactions guaranteed. Celebrity trappings are checked at the door but the star treatment is available to all who enter!

Connect with them on Facebook too!

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Avon Calling

Posted by on April 9, 2011 | One comment

2010 was full of movie rumors, one of which was the prospect of Hugh Jack putting on his “Avon Calling” hat and starring in and as, The Avon Man!

As far as Hollywood rumor goes this one remains bumbling round and round in the mill – he’s in, he’s out, it’s on, it’s off…But what is more fact than fiction is that N. Mex DOES have its own Avon Man!

Mr. Milton Sanchez of Santa Domingo Pueblo, NM is at your service with Avon — the company for women and a few good men.

Milton’s joined the ranks of time honored cosmetics sales company delivering the goods and know-how of the world leader in direct to you beauty products!

Get with this fella to get your Avon…well, ON! Find Milton’s online store grand opening here including all the quick contact info. you’ll need to have all your personalized beauty needs met, by our own, friendly, local, Avon Man, NM!

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Posted by on January 3, 2011 | Comments Off on HELLO Mamí

It’s a New Year and everybody will be bombarded with “new you” images – Well we don’t subscribe to that, but we do subscribe to THIS!

Fitness Model Robin Decker can whip your a** into shapes that will mystify, train your mentality towards a healthier lifestyle and/or you can just be dazzled and inspired by her rockin’ physic for the next 12 months (that’s what we’re doin’).

“Robin Decker is a mother, figure & bikini competitor, model, writer, and a martial arts student. For most of her life she suffered from eating disorders, but is now recovered & striving to help others use her methods to get and stay healthy.

Robin is a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Certified in Personal Training & Sports Nutrition, and is currently a student in Psychology & Nutrition/Dietetics.

Her goal is to be a role model to many around the world and to help one person at a time reach their health and fitness goals, beat their disorder, if they have one- whatever it may be, and to find peace through exercise and a healthful relationship with food.

Robin is very dedicated to helping each person with their goals, addressing their needs like no other!

Robin provides her clients with personalized meal plan & vitamin regimens, as well as individualized exercise plans- based on their goals & physical needs.

Not one of Robin’s clients gets a generic plan, EVER!” – Hot Bodz By Robin

Click here to get Robin’s 2011 Official Calendar…

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Fiction/Thriller and Fictitious Non-fiction

Posted by on December 16, 2010 | 2 comments

In today’s OneHeadlightInk book club suggestions we bring you a collection of actual New Mexico authored novels and a compilation book of anecdotes that we think ought be on store shelves.

Local Attorney Jonathan Miller has not one but five thrillers now available on Amazon.com.

Pick-up one or all five today to get a taste of what the Albuquerque Journal calls “…the next John Grisham.”

Keep-up with the New Mexican Author/Attorney at Law on Facebook here and most of all seek out local talent at every turn – you will find it.

As we did find local wife, mommy and communications conglomerate exec. Lisa Paz. Lisa is every woman, nay every parent. We fell in love with her on a rare night out for the working mom. We found her spectacular, charming and funny – a true inspiration.

Most of us know it yet not all of us talk about it – parenting is hard, especially if you’re doing it right. In the web log of Lisa’s subtly mind-blowing realizations she chronicles all the nutty haps that turn a world upside down at the drop of potty bucket. We’ll go ahead and dub her the next Dave Barry.

Along with her humorous take she reminds us of two very important things:

1. This stuff is hilarious and not for sissies – amateurs need not apply.
2. Other parents can rest assured that they are not alone in their daily absurdities – and it’s all so worth it.

In summation, if you’ve got the luxury of carving out a little time to cuddle-up with a thriller by the fire we say go New Mexican and check out Miller.

And if you find yourself too frazzled to follow several sentences in a row just hit send, send, send on every publishers inbox requesting that our home-town sister gets herself a book deal – because that’s a read you need!

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Holy Hightail Batman

Posted by on October 24, 2010 | Comments Off on Holy Hightail Batman

UPDATE 10/15/11: SOLD For a low cool $18.5MVal Kilmer sold all but 141 acres of his 5,328-acre River Ranch in Pecos, NM to a Texas oil and gas executive and his wife for $18.5 million. The ranch originally was put on the market in 2009 for $33 million. It is not known whether Kilmer will maintain a residence in New Mexico.

Back in the day it would’ve set a millionaire back over 33Ms to kick it Ponderosa style in the New Mexico Pecos.

But now in what is a dream come true for every high-falutin, bargain shopping voyeur of craigslist the mighty ranch of none-other than Val Kilmer can be YOURS for the (just in time for Halloween) slashed price of just $23M! Woot!

Unfortunately ma’ Huckelberry‘s former estate is up for grabs amidst ugliness aimed squarely at the Iceman via his No. N. Mex. neighbors.

So as the great prophet Val may be gettin’ ready to hightail it out of his NM diggs Microsoft style, here’s to hoping the resort style property falls into the peace & love lifestyle it so richly deserves…or at least all the peace & love that $23M can buy…and here’s a glimpse what ya’ ‘git for that sum…

Take the “virtual tour” here

The listing agents ought put this property up on Ma’ Huck’s own personal, yet to be developed Facebook page…(my own personal mode of communicado as of late).

In the meantime keep up w/Val here.

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