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Casino Print Ad Casting Attractive Couples, New Mexico

Posted by on June 6, 2013 | Comments Off on Casino Print Ad Casting Attractive Couples, New Mexico


Audition Date: Thursday, 6/13/13 (5-8 pm)

Audition Location:
Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort
30 Buffalo Thunder Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87506

Shoot Date: 6/25/13

Run/Usage: Full Print Buyout

Rate: $100-$400 (depending on role)


25-35; alluring, fun couple with upbeat personality.
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian.

45-60; must be outgoing and charming.
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian.

Please submit digital headshots to Alyssa Joyce at Alyssa@mjala.com ASAP. With any questions call (310) 205-9999.

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Edit House Productions casting older, upper middle class couple

Posted by on March 28, 2013 | Comments Off on Edit House Productions casting older, upper middle class couple

Edit House Productions Auditions

Call for Auditions:

Edit House Productions, LLC will hold auditions on Monday, April 1st (9am to 6pm by appointment) and Tuesday, April 2nd (Open Call from 2pm to 5pm), for actors for an upcoming video production. We’re looking for a male and female, both to appear about 50 to 60 years of age, as an upper-middle-class married couple.

Actors with prior experience in on-camera speaking roles will be considered, with a sample script provided at check-in. The video production is estimated to be completed in mid-May in Santa Fe, likely a full day production. Talent will each provide their own wardrobe, as well as transportation to Santa Fe. Compensation will be commensurate with experience, and be full buy-out agreements.

Actors associated with talent agencies are encouraged to email a recent headshot and resume to ed@edithouse.net by Noon on Friday, March 29. Appointments will be scheduled with those respondents, for Monday, April 1st, at the Edit House Productions offices, 918 Pinehurst Rd SE, Suite 102 in Rio Rancho. The location is the Northwest corner of Highway 528 & Southern Boulevard in Rio Rancho, between Walgreen’s and New Mexico Bank and Trust.

An open audition for those not affiliated with a talent agency will be held on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2-5pm, also at the Edit House Productions office.

Due to the nature of the project, applicants who are selected must have no felony arrests or pending criminal charges. Misdemeanors or speeding tickets are okay.

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Proponents Assert Same Sex Marriage Legal in New Mexico

Posted by on March 19, 2013 | Comments Off on Proponents Assert Same Sex Marriage Legal in New Mexico

Clerks urged to allow same-sex marriage

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Happy Game Day: Unsolicited Relationship Advice Edition

Posted by on February 3, 2013 | One comment



What do you bring to the table? Do you come to the table for sustenance or to battle?

You can either bring what you have to give freely or else you’re just playing checkers (or chess, I don’t actually know how to play checkers, but I do play chess badly, and I know it is a very adversarial game – wherein you are out for yourself, playing against your opponent, strategizing to defend your armory and take out the other side’s, to accomplish a very personal and singular victory).

Conversely in a true partnership, you bring what you have, not only to sustain yourself, but moreover what you have in abundance for the benefit of another. All the while maintaining the balance of preserving and nurturing your own needs, for the more you make of yourself the more you’ll bring and have to give to the partnership.

You’ll have to ask yourself what you truly need, whether those needs are absolute and finite requirements (also flippantly known as “deal breakers”). For example in most cases, fidelity is an absolute requirement and less often adhered to as a “deal breaker”. That is just one obvious example of something one might absolutely “require” out of a partnership.

Of course there is an endless minutia of varying needs between partners, and at various points throughout our partnerships, our needs change and our partners needs change. I’ve learned quite concretely that if both partners don’t acknowledge that and tend to it, a partnership quickly devolves into the aforementioned adversarial battle, instead of a firm base from which two people can grow and thrive.

Ask yourself, “Does my partner adhere to my must-haves (fidelity)? Do I?” Are you appreciative of that to one another? Do you demonstrate that appreciation? How? Then look at your “nice to haves”. What is it that would be, or is a bonus to your concrete needs? Those are usually the mutual and private courtesies you lend each other, quirks that are met, understood and maybe even nurtured. Your contributions to that may be in the recognition and care of those traits in your partner, but it can also be the recognition and care of those traits for yourself.

Personally, I know that there are always up times and down times, usually based around purely emotional needs, for whatever external or internal reasons that need to be addressed. I may be at an insecure place where I need pretty constant affirmation or reassurance (now that takes on many varying and very personal terms, for everyone – see The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman).

In those varying and often trying times of greater need, in whatever particular issue you or your partner may be dealing with, you don’t have the right to demand that the need be met, nor do you have the obligation to meet it for the other person. HOWEVER – you do have the supreme, absolute (and rarely utilized) power to ask yourself what you can do about it, whether for yourself –or- for the good of the partnership (which are essentially one in the same).

If your particular trial is currently affecting your ability to function, you may need pretty immediate assistance. You can usually recognize this because of either underlying or completely overwhelming frustration. Identify for yourself what is causing YOUR frustration. Identify for yourself what you might need to help you cope with it. Ask yourself what you can do to address your own issues. Do you need your partner’s help? What do you need your partner to do for you? Take some of your workload, leave you alone, talk it through, hold your hand, or provide distraction for you? Only you know the answer as to what you really need.

If you both come to table with an abundance of what makes you great on your own, plus a bounty to lend, you’ll have a true partnership. On the other hand if you want to play games, wage internal and external wars – prepare for a long and fruitless battle.

When you are seated at “the table” together you should both see it as a living and constantly changing landscape. Are you tending to that landscape together, both on your own accord and at the behest of your partner? Are you both being reasonable in your evaluation of what you each have to offer and what you both need?

At the end of every day (sometimes every moment) you’ve got to be accountable for meeting your own needs as best you can before you can blame your partner for not meeting your unreasonable, often unidentified and certainly not well communicated needs. In case of emergency, you’ve first got to place the oxygen mask over your own face to survive and most definitely before you can be of any assistance to anyone else.

Once your oxygen levels are met, and if there are no hard stops or “deal breakers” in this moment of your relationship, the next step, the next moment is again up to you. If you need it ask for it. If you can get it or give it to yourself, do that and save adding an additional task to your already hard working partner – who should be doing the same for themselves so that you can independently breathe easy for as long as possible, so that in those moments of true crisis or need between you, you’re both rested and ready to work to support each other through whatever may come, as those heightened needs arise.

In summation, I’d advise anyone, at even a momentary crossroads in their relationship (usually self induced and not nearly as critical as you are likely making it out to be #guilty), to remember one thing and then to do another; number one is unfortunately a Dr. Philism, and that is, the only person you can control is you. #truth

Second is the coolest exercise I ever read in any book or magazine (this one happened to come from O Magazine) and it goes like this:

Fill in the blank – To feel ____________________________, I need my partner to ____________________________.

Turn the page – Now cross out “I need my partner to”, and just feel that.


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Screen Actors Guild Awards Live Stream via POP Sugar

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Click here for live results list from Latinos Post.

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Wilde on Sudeikis!!!

Posted by on October 10, 2012 | Comments Off on Wilde on Sudeikis!!!

Actress Olivia Wilde, famous for her stunning looks, beloved for her romantic musings on Santa Fe, now dishes on her love life with fellow NM Filmer Jason Sudeikis.

Monday night, live and on stage at a performance of monologues called, “These Girls”, hosted by Glamour magazine, the star said, among other things:

“We have sex like Kenyan marathon runners.”

Well then…we knew girl had passion when we fell in love with her poetic descriptions of her time filming Cowboys & Aliens here in NM back in 2010.

Wilde’s boyfriend and “marathon” partner Jason Sudeikis is currently wrapping-up filming on “We’re The Millers” here in the Land of Enchantment with ROCK star Jennifer Anistion.

Aniston recently made headlines all over the world flashing her meteoric sized engagement bauble out in about in Santa Fe, the same city where Wilde’s Cowboys co-star, Harrison Ford grabbed global attention for marrying his longtime love Calista Flockhart.

We’re not ones to judge or pressure, but we can’t help but wonder if the “blissfully, hopefully, wildly in love” stars may follow in these GRANDE Romantico New Mexico displays of amor!

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One of a Kind

Posted by on September 25, 2012 | Comments Off on One of a Kind

UPDATE 4/16/13: Aaron Paul helps raise awareness for his lady love’s Kind Campaign on twitter! You can help out here!

Ladies and gentlemen everywhere were touched by the genuine humility and raw emotional gratitude delivered by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, when he accepted his second Emmy award for Best Supporting actor Sunday night.

For much of the collective Emmy audience, it was their first look at Paul’s fiancé, Lauren Parsekian. Perhaps most important for people to know about Lauren is that the beautiful leading lady in Paul’s life is much more than just another pretty face.

Lauren Parsekian's "Kind Campaign" GETTY IMAGES

Aaron Paul’s equally lovely sister Danielle tells OHI exclusively: “Lauren is the [little] sis I never had; pure beauty, she & her family are a dream come true!”

Lauren and her Pepperdine University classmate Molly Thompson are the co-founders of an international movement, documentary and school program that fosters awareness, healing and prevention of girl-against-girl bullying.

Armed with their documentary film, “Finding Kind” Lauren and Molly have visited hundreds of schools over the past three years, delivering “The Kind Campaign” ideals and resources to young girls.

Please take the time to check-out the “Kind Campaign” at kindcampaign.com.

Let’s all help spread the word of this valuable organization to help girls get the assistance they need to navigate their way safely out of bullying.

Watch the “Finding Kind” trailer below and see Aaron Paul’s emotional Emmy speech here.

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Aww, Que Cute

Posted by on May 26, 2012 | Comments Off on Aww, Que Cute

Throngs of drooling Jenny McCarthy fans all around the world are sure to join many New Mexikids in their admiration for NM’s Own Brian Urlacher, as the confirmation is in that the pair are indeed a “couple”.

NBC Chicago reports, “Jenny McCarthy on Urlacher”, and here’s the whole scoop from Celebuzz:

The 39-year-old Love in the Wild host confirmed rumors dating rumors on Thursday when she stepped out with Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher at the Generation Rescue autism charity. With her footballer beau around her arm, McCarthy told reporters that the two are indeed an item.

“I can confirm that yes it’s true, we are dating,” McCarthy said to NBC Chicago. “Go Bears, that’s all I can say.”

But that’s not all!

On the same night, McCarthy and Urlacher, 34, were also spotted getting cozy during a dinner date at Bill and Giuliana Rancic‘s RPM Italian restaurant in Chicago.

It looks like McCarthy’s taking her own advice that she recently spilled to Celebuzz, who told us that it takes at least a weekend in order to find out if you’re seeing the right guy.

“If you spend a few days with somebody, you really get to see that fake self drop away a little bit,” she said. “That helps me know whether I want to move on or keep going.”

Doting mom McCarthy may have found herself a winner in Urlacher, who already has two daughters and a son from previous relationships. McCarthy is the proud mother of her 10-year-old son, Evan.

So while the rest of us you wait to see the 39 year old former playmate hit the pages of Playboy once again, one of our hometown heroes has scored a hook-up with the real thing!

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This is Valentine’s Day

Posted by on February 14, 2012 | Comments Off on This is Valentine’s Day

For the most part we don’t observe Valentine’s Day around here, though we are big proponents of celebrating love (in all its forms) year ’round!

As you all know, one of my great loves is the fine state of New Mexico, but as in most relationships we don’t always see eye to eye…whether downtrodden by local “professionals” throwing shade my way or the front office imposing fundamentally disparate legislation on the priorities and values many of us hold so dear, New Mexico and I don’t always get along.

This (below) is not part of the best Texas based ad campaign that 2M New Mexico dollars can buy (or is it). It is however how many of us may feel when certain individuals and worse, governing bodies seem to let us all down.

Old v. New Mexico

In 2010 one of our state’s most perpetually mishandled problems was again brought to our collective consciousness (in a somewhat more connective way than the all-too-regular reports of locals perpetrating their 4th, 5th, 12th or even 20th recorded drunk driving infraction – yielding little to no consequence to them), when NM’s Own, Jackie James who is beloved by her friends, family & (as it so happens) her “6” fans, became another victim of the plague that is drunk driving in New Mexico.

Thankfully Jackie of 100.3 The Peak, survived to tell her story – though just last week, due to yet another lapse in “the system”, was at first denied the opportunity to address the courts and her offender in this case.

This week at a so called, “re-sentencing” hearing Jackie and her husband/co-host, Tony Manero were permitted to present statements to the court. It is unclear if the the conditional discharge granted to the drunk driver in the original hearing will have to be upheld (more from KOB-TV here).

In the meantime whether from your neighbor, mother, daughter, brother, or friend with an inappropriate crush on you, I wish you all the kind of heartening love, support & appreciation that this husband/co-host and best friend conveyed to the sometimes very unjust system regarding his very just feelings about the near fatal tragedy that rocked this public NM couple.

Here is Tony’s statement to the court of the Honorable Denise Barela Shepherd, Second Disctrict Court, State of New Mexico:

“Thank you your honor-

My name is Anthony. I am the husband of the victim. Her car was hit directly by a drunk driver on the morning of…

We do a morning radio show together, and I can’t tell you the stories we’ve discussed regarding drunk drivers in our state. We’ve all heard them…Gordon House…Dana Pabst…Entire families wiped out because of some careless drunk that decided to take someone else’s life. Before [that day], I can’t tell you how many times I hoped that would never happen to us. We don’t go out at night very often. We hardly ever drink alcohol. Yet, on that morning, it did happen. In an instant, our lives changed. All because of the actions of someone [who] decided he could do it. He could get from point A to point B and not get caught. Someone [who] decided that even though he was too drunk to drive…he would risk it, because he had to get somewhere. Someone [who] decided to break the law and show absolutely no regard for human life…by getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle drunk out of his mind.

As she was driving to work, my wife’s car was hit on the passenger side by someone running a red light at Paseo [Del Norte] and San Pedro. Someone traveling at such a high rate of speed that he himself was ejected thru the windshield. Someone [who] was so intoxicated that he had no idea how he ended up on the pavement. Someone that would change our lives in an instant.

My wife has never hurt a soul. She is not only the most caring wife, but also the best mother to our three children. She has helped raise over 2 million dollars for UNM Children’s Hospital, and entertains thousands every weekday on our show. If not for the side impact airbags in her vehicle, she could have been killed. Her head could have been dragged along the pavement until her car came to a stop. Not only would my families’ lives had been changed, but the community would have been affected as well. Instead she had to suffer through the pain of broken ribs, a broken nose, bruised sternum, a concussion, and a massive gash across her nose and eyelid. Not to mention the psychological damage from all of this. 18 months later, and she still flinches when we drive together. Occasionally she’ll tell me small things that she remembers from that day. Yet she still has very little recollection of the actual impact.

I on the other hand, have a very clear memory of that day. From my drive from work to UNMH…not knowing how bad it might be. To walking into the triage to see my wife, with a gaping head wound lying on a bloody gurney, and telling her everything would be okay. The feeling of complete and utter helplessness as my wife squeezed my hand as hard as she could while they stitched her wound shut. The tears she shed in the hospital, as I called her mom and dad to let them know what happened. Picking up my children from school…and having to explain to each one of them that some horrible person had hit her car while he was driving drunk. Seeing the story on the news that night that an Albuquerque DJ had been hit by a drunk driver…That day is crystal clear. The anger that I had when I finally had a chance to spend some time alone with my thoughts is still very…crystal…clear.

I have never been so shocked as when it came time to get my wife’s belongings from her car. Sitting in a junkyard, it was unrecognizable.The passenger’s side was hit so hard that it caved in both of the wheel wells. Airbags on both windows had deployed, along with the steering wheel. One of the big mysteries when talking with my wife, was how she had gotten out of the vehicle. She has absolutely no recollection of how she got out. When she was hit, her car rolled over on its side. Her side. She couldn’t exit the passengers door, because it was caved in, and the glass had shattered out. It wasn’t until I saw the blood. All of the blood. From the steering wheel airbag, to the ceiling above where she sat. I followed the path…from between the front seats, over the middle row of seats…blood. Enough to form a solid trail. Then over the third seat, and out the rear window…which had also been shattered. With a gaping wound over her eye, a broken nose, broken ribs and other injuries, she had to crawl out over three rows of seats.

Her recovery from this accident continues to this day. But I am fortunate. I still have my wife and best friend. I still get to laugh at her jokes, and enjoy my time with her. If there is one thing that has come out of this, it is how precious life is. How delicate it can be…and how it can change, thru the careless actions of others, in an instant.

Mr. ______a few words for you…I hope from the bottom of my heart that you don’t take our state’s lax drunk driving laws lightly. On that morning, you could have killed someone. And not just anyone, but my wife, a loving mother and daughter. Someone completely innocent of your ignorant actions that morning. Someone who never deserved to be on the end of your speeding weapon. Some people call this a mistake, or an accident. I call it a choice. You choose to drink…and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. I find people that commit this crime to be a disgrace. How someone can feel they can do this to others is beyond me. Did you think you’d get to where you were going without hurting anyone? Did you feel that you were able to do this before…so why would this time be any different? Every action has a reaction. Your actions that morning nearly killed my wife…and this is my reaction. You’ve been handed a second chance by the state of new mexico. I can only hope that your future choices aren’t as deplorable as the one you made that morning.”

Tony’s Statement | Jackie’s Statement | KOB-TV Coverage

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Foxy to the World: WE WERE ON A BREAK!

Posted by on July 2, 2011 | Comments Off on Foxy to the World: WE WERE ON A BREAK!

Looks like one plus to having your relationship status being made public (or doing it yourself if you need that much attention) is the benefit of documentation…

While the third installment of Transformers is off to conquering the known universe the hot goss. is that franchise star Shia LaBeouf strongly hinted if not full on admitted to getting-it-on with then co-star Megan Fox, who is now a married woman as hitched to her long-time boyfriend Brian Austin Green…

Kind of Megan who like New Mexico is not featured in this installment of the series to be helping out with the publicity for the flick…confirming through representatives that the original Transformers couple shared “a fling”…adding that it was during the time of the much publicized Green/Fox family temporary break-up.

In more *NYDB news…rumors are swirling, as always around the prospect of a baby bump making a debut in the near future at the midsection of the now officially DIVORCED Avengers star Scarlett Johansson.

No one knows the truth about either of these two rumors (as it should be) but those involved – what we do know is that Megan rocks our socks, if & when Scar Jo procreates she’ll be an awesome mom and yes this post title is yet another Friends reference…

NO, I do not just watch Friends on a continuous loop…we have Netflix now…I am currently watching “Cheers”! Cheers!

(*none o’ yo damn business)

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They Mated

Posted by on October 20, 2010 | Comments Off on They Mated

UPDATE 08/28/11: For real this time – the long awaited progeny from King Jay-Z and his Queen B-eyonce has made its debut in baby-bump form! The 2011 MTV VMA Music Awards once again DELIVERS!

LIVE STREAM HERE Boy Ga Ga/Jo Calderone, Katy Perry Cubed, the coveted “bump” y todo!


The hills are alive with the sounds of mating…well maybe not.

But the net is a BUZZ about the latest MEGA-couple who will spring forth from their collective loins some offspring.

Again, from our friends at Morph ‘thang is a visual for your appetite for celebrity baby. And that bebe is Qui-UTE!

24 yr. old Benjamina Blunt Z-Knowles needs to relax though…She lookin’ more drag than g-ma Knowles.

But seriously, even though we’re on the verge of celebrating the first inaugural ZPCL DAY (a.k.a. World Day Day) we are genuinely happy for peeps who are of age, financially and emotionally prepared to bring-up and care for the blessing of a babe!

Congratulations to the growin’ Z’yonce brood!

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They Mated

Posted by on September 20, 2010 | One comment

UPDATE 1/26/11: According to multiple outlets, including the LA Times, Penny and Javie have welcomed a son into the world! ¡Felicidades!

Penny Cruz/Javier Bardem/Progeny Projections

Besides both having starred in New Mexico movies (All the Pretty Horses & No Country for Old Men) and a pair of Oscars between them…

Penelope “I told my father we were lovers,” Cruz and Javier “Friendo” Bardem have congealed their DNA and now the world wonders what that co-mingling will yield.

Thanks to the fun and good times found at Morph Thing we have a visual guesstimate of the {adorbs} offspring soon to be and down the road.
Congratulations & best wishes!

Here’s Bardem (below) in Spain last night, with NM res. Julia Roberts for the Eat Pray Love premiere, fielding a rush of questions re: the “very happy” news! – via the Daily News/Getty Images

for Jamie

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NM Picture Perfect & Red Carpet Ready

Posted by on August 29, 2010 | 4 comments

NEW Mexican Steven Michael Quezada and NM’s favorite son Neil Patrick Harris

The reigning King and Queen of New Mexico Steven Michael and Cherise Quezada hit the red carpet in L.A. today with their eldest daughter (who’s easily giving those young stars a run for their money), direct from Hommywood to Hollywood as part of the incredibles a.k.a. the cast & crew of AMC’s original series Breaking Bad.

As we’ve ~reported here before the world renowned series is up for 7 awards tonight including best drama series and best lead actor for Bryan Cranston (his third nom, w/two previous wins!!!).

Native New Mexican’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Neil Patrick Harris (above) also in da’ house! Tune in to E! for pre-show interviews and NBC for the live awards show hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Images courtesy of the Quezadas

Steven Michael Quezada with Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul, Eva Longoria, Miss. Renee Quezada with Kim Kardashian, Cherise with LL Cool J, Steven Cherise & Renee

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Pretty in Fe – Have Love will Travel

Posted by on July 21, 2010 | 2 comments

New Mexico is becoming quite a couples paradise or at least haven as big films and their super stars come to work in the Land of Enchantment their lovers come out to visit.

Some endings are happier than others, but we’re happy to play host and haven to celebrity folk amor!

When Channing Tatum was here in the Spring filming Haywire (formerly titled Knockout) with Steven Soderbergh his lovely wife (Megan Fox isn’t the ONLY game in town, this one and tinsel) Jenna Dewan took to the Indian Market and to Twitter giving an early review of the film(ing) saying:

“Watching Steven Soderbergh on set is beyond…a real genius of his craft. and nice and humble. love it.”

Haywire also stars Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas and Gina Carano, and is due out in early 2011.

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El Majico Wedding, NM

Posted by on June 16, 2010 | 2 comments

After over eight years together as a family Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart chose the burgeoning Film Capital of the World to finally tie the knot.

The secret nuptials took place Tuesday at the Governor’s Mansion in Santa Fe, the ceremony was presided over by El Majico himself.

Ford is currently here filming Cowboys and Aliens with Jon Favreau.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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NM Film Yesterday, Today y Mañana

Posted by on March 15, 2010 | One comment

image via metro.co.uk

Yesterday – Thor hath commeth. Star Natalie Portman in Santa Fe as filming began on Disney/Marvel’s epic comicbook saga THOR on Monday – OLV.

The otro día – NM’s Own Jeff Bridges on Oprah preparing for the NM shoot of the Coen Bro’s True Grit just days after his Oscar win for NM film Craz-zazy Heart. Bridges & fellow Oscar nabbers sign the great O’s No Phone Zone pledge…p.s. Hands free in full effect in the Q et al.

Today – Steven Soderbergh’s KNOCKOUT is filming in the Los Alamos area through thursday via our friends OLV in NYC – covering the beat coast to coast.

Mañana – The forthcoming I-Ron Man deux, starring NM film alums; Due Date leading man RDJ and Passion Play‘s Micky Rourke is shot in part at Garson Studios, and on location in Santa Fe & vicinity.

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Six Scoville’s of Separation: Hannah Montana Edition

Posted by on January 8, 2010 | Comments Off on Six Scoville’s of Separation: Hannah Montana Edition

Wily Miley, the most wildly, outrageously famous teenager since David Cassidy is growin’ up and going down-under, catching some smooches with one Liam Hemsworth.

Her not-so-under-cover romance with the brother of actor Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) lands her three Scoville’s of separation from NM.

As we’ve been reporting for you, Chris will be striking his most muscley poses this Spring here in NM filming THOR, with Natalie Portman, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo and anyone else who can snake a role…

FYI (For Youngins Information): This is David cassidy…

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