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Burqueños abuzz over Odenkirk

Posted by on June 1, 2014 | Comments Off on Burqueños abuzz over Odenkirk

A Facebook account that appears to belong to THE REAL Bob Odenkirk has put up a post that has local Breaking Bad fans crying in their Pollos Hermanos mugs:

Bob Odenkirk filming Better Call Saul in Albuquerque Drama

This Blogette says, don’t cry Burqueños! I see the writing on the Facebook wall just like you and it stings a little, but wait! Filming location and setting are oft two very different animals. Am I right, or am I right, or am I right?

Believe it or not New Mexico has played stand-in for such exotic locales as Egypt, Cali, Wyoming, Mexico, other worlds, other galaxies and yes even the East Coast…perhaps you’re familiar with the story of a mad chemistry teacher who made his way all the way to New Hampshire to escape his drug dealing comeuppance. And that my friends was all filmed right here in New Mexico.

So take heart #NM, come November New Mexico WILL hit the small screen again in Better Call Saul – under the talented hand of Sir Odenkirk, led by Masters Gilligan and Gould, for most if not all of its filming. Now the only other devastating turn of events, besides leaving NM to shoot would be if “Lynette” doesn’t land a role:

p.s. OHI has confirmed with sources within the production that NM is the only location on the shooting schedule for now…

p.p.s Filming starts tomorrow, in the Q!

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NM Marriage Equality in Santa Fe, Doña Ana AND NOW Bernalillo Counties

Posted by on August 23, 2013 | 2 comments

UPDATE 8/26/13: GLORIOUS, New Mexico Law “Does not preclude nor prohibit issuance of a marriage license to otherwise qualified couples on the basis of sexual orientation or the gender of its members.”

So says Bernalillo District Court Judge, Alan Malot today, in a ruling which grants the right to obtain a marriage license to ALL couples in New Mexico’s most populated county, following rulings earlier in the month allowing equal rights for same-sex couples in Santa Fe and Doña Ana Counties.

Pre-register your marriage license request for Bernalillo County online here.

Bernalillo County Marriage License information here.

RSVP for a special celebration of “Weddings on the Plaza” here.

OHI Marriage Equality NM copy

Click here for Santa Fe Marriage License Application and Court Oder directing the Santa Fe County Clerk to issue same sex marriage licenses.

Instructions for applying for a Marriage License in Doña Ana County here.


Marriage licenses are valid indefinitely, but must be returned to the County Clerk where it was issued with the proper certification within 90 days of the ceremony. once a ceremony is performed.

If you are a LGBT friendly marriage officiant or other New Mexico wedding resource, please feel free to post your contact information as a comment below for couples who may need your assistance now – thank you.

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Oh Susana

Posted by on August 17, 2012 | One comment

Oil & Gas exempt?

$1.5 billion in state subsidies and tax breaks are doled out to other industries, yet the Governor’s cross hairs remain firmly fixed on New Mexico Film.

In the ongoing vilification of the Film Industry, opponents say, “the state can’t balance the budget if it doesn’t know what it’s going to be paying out to Hollywood.”

So while film is continually labeled as a drain on the state, big corporations pay less in state taxes than the truly oppressed New Mexican Small Business Owner, oil and gas are subsidised without scrutiny, and a little digging into special interest groups (i.e. campaign contributors), may yield some insight into what else gets special attention and consideration.

Ask the Governor, “WHY NO OIL & GAS CAP?”

Meanwhile here’s the KRQE report, featuring both sides of this ongoing saga that is, The State vs. Film:

Push to undo film cap on TV series

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Video of the day: Cranston at bat edition

Posted by on May 10, 2012 | Comments Off on Video of the day: Cranston at bat edition

Jump to 1:20 for the flag that New Mexico state government is flying to say, “GO AWAY” to film jobs.

In a poor state whose leader endorses corporate loopholes over local business, whose political action committee is funded primarily by another state’s special interests, the vilification of one of the most hopeful, vibrant and sustainable industries ever built here, rolls on.

It’s become standard practice for this administration to spit balk in the face of local film talent and support businesses, and now the slow bloodletting has a new face and a name.

Flying in the face of the world is, in a name, “a New Mexico film study“. A better face for the promotion and growth of the state’s economy is and always has been Mr. Bryan Cranston.

The majority of the WORLD is unaware of New Mexico and those who have heard of us think we’re part of South America; except for the several MILLION who have been exposed to our previously top ranked spot in the good ol’ U.S-of-A for film production.

Talking directly to the point of what brought just one, globally acclaimed, beloved television production into our midst and our small business, tourism, talent, education and charitable organization bank accounts is the one and only Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad.

So while our government shells out some absurd amount of time and money on a tailored hex upon our film industry, productions will continue to go away and the obvious will be stated elsewhere.

UNLESS YOU SPEAK-UP and SPEAK OUT New Mexico! Cranston & Co. can’t do it all…

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Rocky Mountain aims to High-tail away with NM film prospects

Posted by on May 10, 2012 | Comments Off on Rocky Mountain aims to High-tail away with NM film prospects

The Colorado State Senate has passed incentive legislation doubling rebates for film production.

From the Denver Post: (click for full article)

Colorado’s 10 percent film incentive program was one of the weakest, especially when compared to 25 percent incentive programs in neighboring New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. (New Mexico’s 25 percent incentive has lured 159 major productions in the past nine years, stirring almost $4 billion in economic impact and paying out $253 million in rebates, according to the New Mexico Film Office.)

While New Mexico’s reigning administration is angling to drag out multi-year “study” of State Film Incentives impact, today Deadline reports that a study released by Ernest & Young shows that state film incentive programs are good for local economies.

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Friend to NM: Robert Redford on the record re. gov. dealings and reports

Posted by on May 9, 2012 | One comment

May 9, 2012
By Robert Redford
Actor, Director, Producer

The Albuquerque Journal published a prominently placed editorial on May 1 that was based on a recent story written by a reporter who, in fairness, requested an interview, on a short deadline, which I was unable to meet as I was out of the country. This editorial portrayed me as an unethical Hollywood interloper who, by inference, had made great personal gain from taxpayer money.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s time to set the record straight.

In February 2008, the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs announced that it was purchasing the Los Luceros property. I was not even in the picture. Over some years prior, we had put time into requests from the Richardson administration on how our Sundance programs were conceived and run. That was the extent of it.

A year after the purchase the state requested that we explore whether or not there may be a collaborative model involving the property, which would result in providing programming with a focus on Native American and Hispanic populations in preparing them for careers in film and other aspects of the entertainment industry, which had been growing fast in New Mexico. It seemed a worthy goal, so we began meetings with the state.

Out of these meetings came a Memo of Understanding between Redford Enterprises, Cultural Affairs and the New Mexico Film Office. In May 2009, Gov. Richardson announced the collaboration.

The intent of this relationship was to create and expand training programs in film, arts and the environment at Los Luceros. This, he said, would enable Cultural Affairs to fulfill its dual mission of protecting the state’s cultural heritage, while supplying educational programs to benefit the people of New Mexico.

We began providing and collaborating on programs immediately, with most taking place at Los Luceros — writing and audition workshops, actors labs, directing, cinematography, production and economic development workshops. The highly regarded Sundance Native Program continued its labs and workshops, in New Mexico.

All of this education, job training and career building have been provided free, at no cost to any of the New Mexican participants.

These programs, agreed to in the MOU signed in February 2010, were the operating framework for the state-funded master plan and federally funded architectural designs, building renovations and new construction. The MOU provided for us a priority reservation use of Los Luceros via the Department of Cultural Affairs, and participation in a job-training program funded by the New Mexico Department of Economic Development and the New Mexico Film Office.

In late 2010, as state budget cuts appeared necessary, we were asked to amend the MOU in order to reduce the state financial commitment. We readily agreed. The use of state training dollars was dropped from the revised MOU that we, and the state, signed in December 2010.

This revised MOU became an issue when Gov. Susana Martinez took office. Mind you, it’s the MOU that drops a state funding requirement. We remained in limbo on many aspects of the relationship, and yet, we continued to provide programs at Los Luceros and at other locations.

As of today, Cultural Affairs hasn’t unequivocally said the department will honor either MOU. We were asked to obtain liability insurance, which was in process when they closed Los Luceros.

We continue offering programs in other locations and are exploring alternatives should collaborating with the state prove too political or impossible. I have a long history with the state of New Mexico and I love it here. I try to make a contribution as both a taxpayer and a citizen and will continue down that path with or without the blessing or cooperation of Martinez and her administration.

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Congratulations #NMFilm Friend

Posted by on April 25, 2012 | Comments Off on Congratulations #NMFilm Friend

Fellow advocates for #NMFilm likely already know the name Norris, Dirk Norris.

A true champion for the cause, based out of “Hollywood”, New Mexico, Dirk Norris has long served as the Executive Director of the Lincoln County Film Commission.

Working as a liaison to promote film, generate industry work and interest, Dirk has become a valuable resource and tireless asset to many who share his passion for New Mexico Film.

His work and dedication have not gone unnoticed as Dirk has just been tapped by The New Mexico State Film Office to be their Outreach Programs Coordinator.

“I am very honored to be working with these great people, and excited to know that I will be helping people to tell their stories through film and digital media.”

Lately Dirk has been crisscrossing New Mexico participating in NMFilm “Town Hall” meetings, soon he’ll be heading to his new home base in Santa Fe, NM. Catch him on NMFilm Works radio show with host Tobi Ives, here.

Congratulations Dirk!

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New Mexico Tourism to make amends with Local Film & Culture

Posted by on March 22, 2012 | 2 comments

On the long and winding road of missteps, wherein New Mexico industries and the very fiber of our cultural make-up as New Mexicans had first been underutilized then flatly insulted, a path to amends is taking shape.

This week New Mexico Film workers business agent, Jon Hendry had a successful meeting with the Governor’s cabinet members in regards to their handling and handing out of the state’s multi-million dollar ad campaign, which has recently grabbed some unflattering national and international attention due to the Tourism Department’s casting gaffe.

Tops in priority to many are bridging the gap between the high dollar, high visibility contract utilizing local trades, businesses and people, for this all important media package set to launch beginning next month with the goal of showcasing New Mexico to the world.

As forwarded to OHI from the office of IATSE 480 Business Agent, Jon Hendry to locals in film; the status of New Mexico Film, New Mexico Tourism, and New Mexicans going forward together stands as follows:

I just met with Cabinet Secretary of Tourism Monique Jacobsen, the Director of Tourism Development, and the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff on the outsourcing of crew on the recent tourism commercial.

I feel we had a frank and open discussion of our positions. I believe the Department and the Governor’s office now know that this is something that should not have occurred. I also believe that they are willing to make every effort to prevent this from occurring in the future.

We discussed three things which I think will be positive steps forward.
1. We will work together to ensure that as many New Mexicans as possible work on these projects in the future.
2. We will work to form an advisory group of people from around the state to assist in achieving that goal.
3. We will jointly create a promotion to showcase New Mexicans’ own stories.

I strongly believe this meeting was a positive first step. Everyone in attendance took this matter seriously. I’m making a commitment to the NM production community that I will do everything that I can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The Governor’s office and the Tourism Department will work with us all to make sure as well.

Having said that, the recent commercial is in the can; continuing to gripe and complain about it, while therapeutic, does not help. We’re all New Mexicans here regardless of what side of the fence we sit on, where we originally came from, or what we look like. Our goal should be to promote jobs through sustainable and respectful tourism. I know a number of you told me earlier you’re willing to work with me on this and I will hold you to it.

Jon Hendry
Business Agent
IATSE Local 480


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Albuquerque, NM USA – Orginal Drama Series Pilot Project

Posted by on March 3, 2012 | One comment

Albuquerque, NM – Now in development, an original crime/drama television pilot, headed by Breaking Bad Star Steven Michael Quezada:

What happens when you play both sides of the fence?

Eddie “Duke” Montano is a longtime undercover drug agent. Desperate to escape his dangerous double life, he’s suddenly appointed leader of the Albuquerque street gang he’s infiltrated.

Now, Duke must walk the line between maintaining his gang cover, dealing with the threats of Mexican cartels, and holding off the suits from Washington, hellbent on cleaning up the type of renegade undercover work he’s been involved in.
Duke discovers a possible way out when he’s ordered to follow the money in a money-laundering operation. But whenever salvation appears near, Duke is sucked into yet another level of international intrigue that reveals the true forces behind the drug trade.

Duke City TV

Produced by Chris Ranney, Brent Tiano, Steven Michael Quezada, Denise Baker and Mark Padilla.

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NM Series Alums Strike New Deals

Posted by on February 21, 2012 | 2 comments

Two beloved figures in scripted drama, near and dear to the hearts and wallets of many in the New Mexico Film industry have inked deals to work new projects as the sun sets on their respective 5 year long NM series.

Mary McCormack is making the move from dramatic series Fed to sitcom mom. The In Plain sight star has been cast to lead a new comedy pilot from the mind behind the HIGHlarious New Adventures of Old Christine.


In Plain Sight star Mary McCormack, has lined up her next series gig, playing the lead in Kari Lizer’s untitled ABC comedy pilot (aka The Unprofessional). The multi-camera comedy, from Warner Bros. TV, centers on Hilary Pfeiffer-Dunne (McCormack), a high-powered executive who, having dominated the corporate America for years, now faces the biggest challenge of her life when she finds herself unemployed and acting as a full-time mom to her two teenagers.

Also hot off the deadline:

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has signed a new overall deal with the studio behind the acclaimed AMC drama series, Sony Pictures TV. The rich 18-month pact kicks in retroactively to November, when Gilligan’s previous deal with the studio expired (he has been working on the show without a contract for the past three months), and will keep him at Sony though June 2013. The deal covers Gilligan’s services as executive producer/showrunner on the final 16 episodes of Breaking Bad, which will begin production in late March. The order will be filmed in two batches of eight episodes, with a break of several months between for writers to work on scripts. The pact also includes development component, with Gilligan expected to focus on new projects for Sony after he wraps Breaking Bad.

You can bet we’ll be following these two developments for you ABQ. Here’s hoping we’ll see these two back in NM productions!

After all, ABC/ABC Family (parent co. Disney) is no stranger to NM and Vince Gilligan has conveyed more than an affinity for the Land of Enchantment…to be continued…

Thanks Liz

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Wahlberg AND Washington Headed BACK to New Mexico

Posted by on February 8, 2012 | One comment

It was 1992ish when the hottest, most fabulous boy I’d ever met skipped across the gym floor to my post at the front desk of the health club, where I was working at the time (located just across the street from the Pan Am Center at New Mexico State University), he was not only beside himself, but rather outside himself with GLEE (that wasn’t a thing yet), shout-whispering like a champ, “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod! (these were also the days long before OMG) Do you know who that is?!?”

I thought “Stewart” might have been referring to one of the mysterious (mysterious in that I knew pretty much everyone who came into the gym, none of whom were among ’em) and enormous men who had walked in, almost in a huddle just moments before this shout-whispering alert was barreling (skipping) toward me.

“THAT’S MARKY MARK!! THAT’S MARKY MARK!!” And sure enough, t’was. Standing what had to have been at least 2 feet shorter than the 7’+, hulking entourage that came in surrounding him was Mark Wahlberg. Not but 24 hours prior I was on the stairmaster (the REAL kind, where stairs actually come out like an escalator) next to my adorbs workout friend (whose name totally escapes me now, Erin?), sweating our young asses off and laughing about how “Marky Mark” was coming to town.

And there he was, looking pretty much like this. BLAM-O!

Alas, I was not terribly impressed because I was very young and freshly in love with another. He asked me a few innocent questions about the gym and “where are all the chicks with that thing up their butts?” (this is what women wore at the gym at that point in history). But even through my 17-ish y/o, freshly in love goggles I could see that he was/is unbelievably good looking. That was the first time a New England Boy’s “charms” would wash over me with a lasting impression (a draw that would be much to my detriment later in life, but I digress).

As if I haven’t quite literally dated myself with this post already, I’ll also tell you that he gave me his PAGER number. That’s right, pager number, “MARK 400-XX_XXX”, or however pager numbers were written. I don’t have it anymore because one of those lousy New England boys* threw it away many years later; took it right out of one of my girlie keepsake boxes and trashed it. But it is burned in my brain how he scribed, “Mark” on the back of that fitness center coupon (aww).

He also gave me tix or made a call (I can’t remember) whereby me (and my first true love [second only to one]) gained free entry to the “Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch” show, going on later that night at the Pan Am Center. We left early.

Mark was back at the gym the next day and stopped by in the daycare, where I was stationed to work that day. Again gorgeous, again sweet. I told him the show was great. He asked me why I didn’t page him at or after the show. I don’t remember how I answered.

So that is my Mark Wahlberg story. Does it hurt my eyes to look at his hotness now? Only slightly more than it hurts anyone else, and probably a little less than the girls who might have “paged” him that night.

One more for the road, BLAM-O!

Anyway, the reason for this longest lead-in ever is…

Variety reports that Mark Wahlberg and the equally gorgeous Denzel Washington are to be teamed for a new action/crime film “2 Guns

Of course Denzel starred in the 2009 New Mexico film, “The Book of Eli“.

“2 Guns” will be a Universal Pictures collaboration with Emmet/Furla Films. Marc Platt will produce with Randall Emmett and George Furla. Baltasar Kormakur will direct from the screenplay by Blake Masters, based on Steven Grant’s graphic novel of the same name.

The film is slated for a 2013 release with shooting set to start in New Mexico and Louisiana in June of this year.

Synopsis and local casting deets to follow.

*Then I met Matt Damon and forgave & now love all N.E. Boys again (except Tom Brady and the aforementioned).

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Walmart-gate, New Mexico Style

Posted by on November 27, 2011 | One comment

“I do not reveal confidential sources” – Gadi Schwartz via Twitter

As a fake reporter who gets more gossip on locals than anyone would really care to have much less publicize, I certainly respect an actual journalist who is acting within his scope of work to protect his sources.

Late Sunday Mark Oswald, staff writer for the Journal Santa Fe broke the story of how revered KOB-TV reporter Gadi Schwartz is set to be deposed in ongoing litigation over the firings and disciplinary actions taken against multiple Santa Fe Police Officers.

An attorney for the officers involved in the case claims that 2010 dash-cam video of officers arresting a man in a Walmart parking lot included in a KOB-TV report aired in March was released to “influence” the department’s internal investigation of the matter.

Ay, there’s the rub…Schwartz who obtained the video for his report has now been subpoenaed to reveal his source. Mark Oswald writes, The video of the arrest is a public record. After KOB’s report…the Journal obtained a copy under a public records request to city government.”

Read the full Journal story here.

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Posted by on September 23, 2011 | 6 comments

As I guaranteed your Depp loving souls (and here Johnny himself cooed words of comfort)…

MULTIPLE outlets are reporting, and Deadline gets the scoop, with “sources close to the production” saying that Disney WILL in fact ride with The Lone Ranger, including the coveted Johnny Depp as Tonto, cost-cutting director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer still on board.

The budget overhaul that’s been in the works for weeks is said to be trimmed by over $30M, opening-up the horizon for an expected early Q1 2012 production start…

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