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Happy 4th of July: Don’t imbibe & drive

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ICE-In Case You Drink enter a safe ride home number

Call Tavern Taxi at 999-1400

The Tavern Taxi program provides a safe ride home to inebriated individuals from local bars/restaurants in the Bernalillo County area.

The program is operation from 10 p.m. through 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights at no charge.

Tavern Taxi: 999-1400


AAA New Mexico is offering free rides home for tipsy drivers and their cars.

The Tipsy Tow program kicks in at 6 p.m. Thursday and runs through to midnight July 4th.

The free ride can be up to 10 miles.


ICYD: (In Case You Drink)


Safe Ride by County via ENDWI, NMDOT:
Safe Ride Home NM DOT

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Be the Hero

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Volunteer to be the designated driver.

Save yourself and others by volunteering to be the designated driver -or- make sure you find one for your party.

It only takes a second. Ask someone you know to be your hero, enter their number in your phone, write it on your arm, forehead, or whatever it takes – DON’T DRINK & DRIVE!



Presumptive Person of the Year 2013: YOU

Posted by on December 31, 2012 | Comments Off on Presumptive Person of the Year 2013: YOU


CONFIRMED FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE – Just $1 will pay for a cab ride home from any restaurant, bar or party in Santa Fe 505-438-000

$1 per person up to $25 meter reading. The ride must be from drinking establishment or party to home/residence ONLY!


FREE SAFE RIDE HOME from Tavern Taxi Program505-999-1400

Image removed per http://www.duckboy.com/

As ALWAYS, the sexiest driver on the road is the DESIGNATED DRIVER! Please, please, PLEASE play a part in being a person of the year, by putting in just a little bit of prep work to help SAVE A LIFE – maybe even your own!

Preemptively pick a sexy beast, or be a sexy beast and enter some life saving digits into a cell phone near YOU! If you’re a bartender or server, please be a life saver and don’t let a drunk driver hit the road under your watch!

AAA Tow-to-Go or Tipsy Tow services for New Year’s Eve (with-or-without membership):

CALL 800-AAA-HELP (4357)

New Mexico, Arizona, California, Texas, New Jersey, Utah, Nevada, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Alabama, Hawaii, click here for more info.

In Bernalillo County call:

Tavern Taxi Program – (505) 999-1400

ABQ Cab Company – (505) 883-4888

Yellow Cab – (505) 247-8888

ABQ Green Cab – (505) 243-6800

Socorro Taxi: 575-835-4276

Las Cruces, NM: Rides for up for four people, anywhere in Doña Ana County are just $5 – $10. Call 575-524-TAXI (575-524-8294)



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100% Preventable – Rest in Peace Baby Vicente Griego

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Posted by on March 17, 2012 | Comments Off on PICTURE OF THE DAY: FREE ON BOND


CONTACT THE GOVERNOR | Facebook | Twitter


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This is Valentine’s Day

Posted by on February 14, 2012 | Comments Off on This is Valentine’s Day

For the most part we don’t observe Valentine’s Day around here, though we are big proponents of celebrating love (in all its forms) year ’round!

As you all know, one of my great loves is the fine state of New Mexico, but as in most relationships we don’t always see eye to eye…whether downtrodden by local “professionals” throwing shade my way or the front office imposing fundamentally disparate legislation on the priorities and values many of us hold so dear, New Mexico and I don’t always get along.

This (below) is not part of the best Texas based ad campaign that 2M New Mexico dollars can buy (or is it). It is however how many of us may feel when certain individuals and worse, governing bodies seem to let us all down.

Old v. New Mexico

In 2010 one of our state’s most perpetually mishandled problems was again brought to our collective consciousness (in a somewhat more connective way than the all-too-regular reports of locals perpetrating their 4th, 5th, 12th or even 20th recorded drunk driving infraction – yielding little to no consequence to them), when NM’s Own, Jackie James who is beloved by her friends, family & (as it so happens) her “6” fans, became another victim of the plague that is drunk driving in New Mexico.

Thankfully Jackie of 100.3 The Peak, survived to tell her story – though just last week, due to yet another lapse in “the system”, was at first denied the opportunity to address the courts and her offender in this case.

This week at a so called, “re-sentencing” hearing Jackie and her husband/co-host, Tony Manero were permitted to present statements to the court. It is unclear if the the conditional discharge granted to the drunk driver in the original hearing will have to be upheld (more from KOB-TV here).

In the meantime whether from your neighbor, mother, daughter, brother, or friend with an inappropriate crush on you, I wish you all the kind of heartening love, support & appreciation that this husband/co-host and best friend conveyed to the sometimes very unjust system regarding his very just feelings about the near fatal tragedy that rocked this public NM couple.

Here is Tony’s statement to the court of the Honorable Denise Barela Shepherd, Second Disctrict Court, State of New Mexico:

“Thank you your honor-

My name is Anthony. I am the husband of the victim. Her car was hit directly by a drunk driver on the morning of…

We do a morning radio show together, and I can’t tell you the stories we’ve discussed regarding drunk drivers in our state. We’ve all heard them…Gordon House…Dana Pabst…Entire families wiped out because of some careless drunk that decided to take someone else’s life. Before [that day], I can’t tell you how many times I hoped that would never happen to us. We don’t go out at night very often. We hardly ever drink alcohol. Yet, on that morning, it did happen. In an instant, our lives changed. All because of the actions of someone [who] decided he could do it. He could get from point A to point B and not get caught. Someone [who] decided that even though he was too drunk to drive…he would risk it, because he had to get somewhere. Someone [who] decided to break the law and show absolutely no regard for human life…by getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle drunk out of his mind.

As she was driving to work, my wife’s car was hit on the passenger side by someone running a red light at Paseo [Del Norte] and San Pedro. Someone traveling at such a high rate of speed that he himself was ejected thru the windshield. Someone [who] was so intoxicated that he had no idea how he ended up on the pavement. Someone that would change our lives in an instant.

My wife has never hurt a soul. She is not only the most caring wife, but also the best mother to our three children. She has helped raise over 2 million dollars for UNM Children’s Hospital, and entertains thousands every weekday on our show. If not for the side impact airbags in her vehicle, she could have been killed. Her head could have been dragged along the pavement until her car came to a stop. Not only would my families’ lives had been changed, but the community would have been affected as well. Instead she had to suffer through the pain of broken ribs, a broken nose, bruised sternum, a concussion, and a massive gash across her nose and eyelid. Not to mention the psychological damage from all of this. 18 months later, and she still flinches when we drive together. Occasionally she’ll tell me small things that she remembers from that day. Yet she still has very little recollection of the actual impact.

I on the other hand, have a very clear memory of that day. From my drive from work to UNMH…not knowing how bad it might be. To walking into the triage to see my wife, with a gaping head wound lying on a bloody gurney, and telling her everything would be okay. The feeling of complete and utter helplessness as my wife squeezed my hand as hard as she could while they stitched her wound shut. The tears she shed in the hospital, as I called her mom and dad to let them know what happened. Picking up my children from school…and having to explain to each one of them that some horrible person had hit her car while he was driving drunk. Seeing the story on the news that night that an Albuquerque DJ had been hit by a drunk driver…That day is crystal clear. The anger that I had when I finally had a chance to spend some time alone with my thoughts is still very…crystal…clear.

I have never been so shocked as when it came time to get my wife’s belongings from her car. Sitting in a junkyard, it was unrecognizable.The passenger’s side was hit so hard that it caved in both of the wheel wells. Airbags on both windows had deployed, along with the steering wheel. One of the big mysteries when talking with my wife, was how she had gotten out of the vehicle. She has absolutely no recollection of how she got out. When she was hit, her car rolled over on its side. Her side. She couldn’t exit the passengers door, because it was caved in, and the glass had shattered out. It wasn’t until I saw the blood. All of the blood. From the steering wheel airbag, to the ceiling above where she sat. I followed the path…from between the front seats, over the middle row of seats…blood. Enough to form a solid trail. Then over the third seat, and out the rear window…which had also been shattered. With a gaping wound over her eye, a broken nose, broken ribs and other injuries, she had to crawl out over three rows of seats.

Her recovery from this accident continues to this day. But I am fortunate. I still have my wife and best friend. I still get to laugh at her jokes, and enjoy my time with her. If there is one thing that has come out of this, it is how precious life is. How delicate it can be…and how it can change, thru the careless actions of others, in an instant.

Mr. ______a few words for you…I hope from the bottom of my heart that you don’t take our state’s lax drunk driving laws lightly. On that morning, you could have killed someone. And not just anyone, but my wife, a loving mother and daughter. Someone completely innocent of your ignorant actions that morning. Someone who never deserved to be on the end of your speeding weapon. Some people call this a mistake, or an accident. I call it a choice. You choose to drink…and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. I find people that commit this crime to be a disgrace. How someone can feel they can do this to others is beyond me. Did you think you’d get to where you were going without hurting anyone? Did you feel that you were able to do this before…so why would this time be any different? Every action has a reaction. Your actions that morning nearly killed my wife…and this is my reaction. You’ve been handed a second chance by the state of new mexico. I can only hope that your future choices aren’t as deplorable as the one you made that morning.”

Tony’s Statement | Jackie’s Statement | KOB-TV Coverage

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Related: Really?

Posted by on September 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Related: Really?

From the NM Attorney General’s Office Wednesday, September 21, 2011:

(ALBUQUERQUE)—Attorney General Gary King’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Donna Bevacqua Young has been recognized as the “DWI Prosecutor of the Year” by the Prosecutors Section of the State Bar of New Mexico.

Governor Susana Martinez personally awarded and congratulated Bevacqua-Young during last night’s State Bar meeting in Albuquerque. Bevacqua-Young says, “I never expected any kind of award and I am so humbled and honored. I am proud to be part of the Prosecutions Division in the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.”

The AGO is home to the Traffic Resource Prosecutor, funded by the State of New Mexico’s Department of Transportation.

Assistant AG Bevacqua-Young assists other law enforcement prosecutors in difficult DWI cases in New Mexico. She serves as an AGO public liaison with public interest groups, policy making agencies, and other stakeholders in DWI and traffic safety issues. Bevacqua-Young also conducts and/or participates in statewide DWI and traffic safety trainings for other jurisdictions.

Read the AG’s Office Traffic Safety pamphlet for more information on the grant-funded position here.

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For Shame, New Mexico Style

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Just say NAY to the D to the U to the I

Posted by on January 6, 2011 | Comments Off on Just say NAY to the D to the U to the I

As we & your Momma have loooooong been telling ya’ here…d.u.h.

Sads run through the community of New Hollywood, Hommywood, Nuevowood, Tamalewood a.k.a. your guilty & “My Name is Earl” lovin’ subconscious, as the news of one of la la land’s faves getting popped for DUI comes down today…

Well, via some of the pouty-est, sweetest mouths on local radio, as oft’ echoed by the other sweet-lips o’ the same station, we were reminded that there is a new, “don’t be stupid” way to get home safe if you choose to partake!

CHECK IT at ABQ Street Gaurdian and remember…your life and sparing the lives of those of us around you are worth every penny…

Thanks Carlos

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Repost: Staying Alive Edition xo

Posted by on December 31, 2010 | Comments Off on Repost: Staying Alive Edition xo
DWIHolidayHumanityNMYouYour Momma

Via con Dios Party People! Catch you in 2011!!! Be sexy, be safe! AND be in front of the TV at 2AM to catch The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada on New Mexico’s CW {HUGS} HAPPYNEWYEAR!!!!

UPDATE: The year-round number for ABQ FREE & Safe Ride is 242-7433.

You can always ask your server for assistance in calling a car or taxi service to get you home safe or call your local non-emergency police number for assistance from homes & other locations.

Utilize the Most Valuable Driver (MVD), that Sexy Beast known as the DD – ‘git one of your very own! Or step up to the wheel and BE ONE!

NM Drunk Busters

* 877-394-4258 (877 DWI HALT) is the Toll Free Hotline.
* #394 / #DWI is the convenience key for cell phone.

The Sexiest Driver on the road is the Designated Driver. Whether you set-it-up in advance with the valiant, super-hero, rock star of your life to hold you safe in their keep while you party on like Garth or if you retain the appropriate digits in your PDA for a go-to at zero hour like your own personal BAT PHONE – keep it safe & simple and STAY ALIVE.

If you can’t wrangle one of these Sexy Beasts to give you a safe ride home hoof-it or drop to sleep where you stand!

It’s famously 100 Days and Nights of Summer NM, and you should make the lil’ effort it takes to stick around for ea. of them and beyond. Show a little love to the DD in your life today!

Links: YouTube, Safe Ride, ©Sindication’s DWI Campaign ’09, KRQE

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MVD – Most Valuable Driver

Posted by on June 2, 2010 | 5 comments

UPDATE: The year-round number for ABQ FREE & Safe Ride is 242-7433.

You can always ask your server for assistance in calling a car or taxi service to get you home safe or call your local non-emergency police number for assistance from homes & other locations.

But the MVD – Most Valuable Driver is that Sexy Beast known as the DD – ‘git one!

NM Drunk Busters

* 877-394-4258 (877 DWI HALT) is the Toll Free Hotline.
* #394 / #DWI is the convenience key for cell phone.

The Sexiest Driver on the road is the Designated Driver. Whether you set-it-up in advance with the valiant, super-hero, rock star of your life to hold you safe in their keep while you party on like Garth or if you retain the appropriate digits in your PDA for a go-to at zero hour like your own personal BAT PHONE – keep it safe & simple.

If you can’t wrangle one of these Sexy Beasts to give you a safe ride home hoof-it or drop to sleep where you stand!

It’s famously 100 Days and Nights of Summer NM, and you should make the lil’ effort it takes to stick around for ea. of them and beyond. Show a little love to the DD in your life today!

Links: YouTube, Safe Ride, ©Sindication’s DWI Campaign ’09, KRQE

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Happy St. Patty’s Day, NM

Posted by on March 17, 2010 | Comments Off on Happy St. Patty’s Day, NM

Let’s party like it’s Boston, MA! We may not be able to ride the T or have a taxicab so readily available, but we can Keep it safe NM – You drink, you drive, you are a potential homicidal maniac…

This number is a life saver literally:

(505) 242-7433, or 242-RIDE

Big-ups and super cheers to the Designated Drivers (DDs) out there. Your bartender is your friend – ask your servers to get you a safe-ride. Have a gr-reat night NM.


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©Sindication’s Own DWI Campaign

Posted by on August 26, 2009 | 3 comments
DWIHumanityNMSlippery SlopeYou

DWI New Mexico Shame

Knowledge is power people. For example I now know, I love the tequila! This is relatively ~new to me as I didn’t drink until well after I was 21. I was busy with other things – nothing nefarious, and not busy like those people who say obnoxious things like, “I don’t watch television – I’m too busy.” Like I’m dumb or something because I want my idiot box on 24/7, anythink…

Reflecting upon this information and the responsibility that is mine if I choose to drink, I thought of what a pitiful, deplorable, negligent, disgraceful, wretched, shameful, poor job New Mexico is doing in preventing DWI.

We’re pathetic. Campaign after campaign, a Czar, Task Force(s), etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. And we are still a showcase for the most bizarre, most grievous DWI homicides and infractions across all reaches of our state, from our largest city, to our capital city, and our smallest towns. Pa-the-TIC!

Enjoy the drink? Sure, but if you’re rockin’ the tequila, a fine brew, or some smooth wine – YOU ARE IMPAIRED. You are the 900 lb. man afflicted with beyond morbid obesity who had to be cut out his house by firefighters. You are the wartime casualty of a roadside bomb, you are incapable of moving under your own power. That’s on all of us that’s our part. We also need to keep our hands in the voting process, fingers on our telephones and emails to demand our government, he, hmm, Mr. Richardson/Ms. Denish, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Congressman, Senator, Judges, court staff – ENFORCE some DWI laws.

ABQ. Resource Links: Sober Navigator, Safe Ride Home


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Effective/Ineffective, NM

Posted by on June 18, 2009 | One comment

DWI Estrada

NM is infamous for our many high profile, and perpetually offending Drunk Drivers. Above left is a cautionary posting spelling out the ‘penalties’ for each DWI offense through SEVEN found at most local alcohol licensed establishments.

On the right, a set photo of none other than the fictitious California Highway Patrolman, Eric Estarada in one of the latest high dollar spots in NMDOT’s campaign against drunk driving. Other than Punchy‘s lame, fetal position landing on the offenders vehicle the commercial is pretty good. The high point is the ‘Jorge’ award (NM Oscar) worthy performance by the driver – boy is talented, he goes from choad to Sponge Bob SquarePants in 0-6. I could watch his girly-man squeal all day – lurve it! Click here to see for yo’self.

On the other hand it would be far more effective to see offenders actually be punished instead of hearing 8 and 12 time offenses making the news on a regular basis.

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Happy BBQ, a Cold Brew and a Safe Ride Home

Posted by on May 25, 2009 | Comments Off on Happy BBQ, a Cold Brew and a Safe Ride Home

Twinkie Wiener Sandwich
Via ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com

Mmmm, mmm celebrating National Pride with good ol’ American ingenuity à la the Twinkie Wiener Sandwich. Don’t forget the brewskis and most esp. don’t forget a Safe Ride Home.

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It’s Getting Hot In Here, NM

Posted by on February 18, 2009 | 2 comments

Hollywood, NM

It’s officially an onslaught – The rest of the country (NY, NY, CT, CA, MN, MI, HW, AR, NY, NY, NY, MD, TX, TX, UT, etc.) is quietly paying attention. All signs and statues (The Golden Globe, Oscar, SAG, et al) may soon point toward New Mexico.

We recently screened an incredible performance by the one and only Josh Brolin in “W“. Though “W” wasn’t filmed in NM, Brolin starred in another Oscar winning, wickedly good film that was. And as all roads eventually lead to Josh Brolin and New Mexico we reflected upon the very lengthly list of full credits at the end of “W”.

It was a really long list. I’m talking hundreds of people. If that movie had been shot in NM, all those people would’ve worked in NM. Even if NONE of them were from or lived in NM, they would’ve had to have come here, and dropped some dough here.

C’mon, we need the money. We can’t funnel all the states resources into meth labs and not rehabilitating Drunk Drivers and expect a good ROI. But THE MOVIES – I don’t think ticket sales are slumping AT ALL in this pooper we call the U.S. Economy.

We haven’t done all we can do to export our fabulous chile products…let’s not miss the chile shipment truck on this one. They (all of the above +) are “hot on our boot heel” after as many movie bucks as they can get their hands on.

So, put down your bank robbery note and instead get on the horn, surf the web and get the word out to anyone that matters, that WE want those movie dollars right here in NM.

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Anyone, Anyone, Secretary of Commerce-in-Waiting, Lieutenant Governor, District Attorney, Anyone – It’s Russian Ruloutte on NM Streets

Posted by on December 2, 2008 | 3 comments

He’s out. This “man”, the driver in the video below is free, WITHOUT any bond today because of clerical errors regarding his arrest. KRQE

This from a state that averages 20 DWI arrests a day and sparingly posts their “High Cost of DWI in NM” which purports “penalties” for each offense all the way to a SEVENTH. What happened to three strikes? That seems like more than enough lenience for endangering lives, but SEVEN shots at vehicular homicide??? How about NINE? TWO, ONE?

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Just a Tabloid Darling?

Posted by on November 26, 2008 | Comments Off on Just a Tabloid Darling?

La Lohan, Lezlo, Bi-Han, Ho-Han or whatever the Tabs are calling her this hot-gossip minute, Actress/Singer is unfortunately-? not what this woman is “famous” for. The rehabbed former child-actress is hounded for her social undertakings and especially some porported slips off the wagon such as the one reported above. Didn’t this person go on an allegedly impaired, rampage in a motor vehicle not too long ago? She better stay straight or risk ending-up like this!
Someone needs to order this woman to a eyes-wide-open viewing of the 2000 film Requiem for a Dream. She’s (been) “in the industry” right? She should appreciate and be able to absorb cinematic content right?
As parental reference as well – this flick should scare a kid straight, no?

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Drunk Driver Narrowly Misses Two Runs Over Self, NM

Posted by on November 26, 2008 | Comments Off on Drunk Driver Narrowly Misses Two Runs Over Self, NM

Notoriously plauged with chronic and deadly drunk-driving incidents New Mexico instituted the “Drunk Busters Hotline“, which received multiple tips on Sunday leading to the following video of 21-year-old Roy T. Aguilar attempting to evade police, in a high-speed chase, barely missing two other vehicles before careening off-road, falling out of his vehicle and running himself over.
Full story at KRQE.com

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