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Support Marriage Equality in Albuquerque with New Mexico’s Own Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Posted by on September 17, 2013 | Comments Off on Support Marriage Equality in Albuquerque with New Mexico’s Own Jesse Tyler Ferguson

jesse-tyler-ferguson-for marriage equality in New Mexico

The ACLU invites you:

Join us next Thursday, September 26, to support the freedom to marry in New Mexico. The evening will be co-hosted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Albuquerque native and star of TV’s “Modern Family,” and Patricia Michaels, Taos Pueblo artist and “Project Runway” finalist.

Thursday, September 26 at 7 p.m.
South Broadway Cultural Center
1025 Broadway Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
RSVP at https://www.aclu.org

Ferguson’s Tie The Knot Foundation – a project he and his husband started to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of marriage freedom through art, fashion, and entertainment – has collaborated with Michaels to produce a stunning New Mexico-themed bowtie.

Ferguson will speak about the progress toward achieving the freedom to marry in New Mexico and officially unveil Tie The Knot’s latest limited-edition tie – the “Patricia Michaels.” Proceeds from the sale of the “Patricia Michaels” will benefit Why Marriage Matters New Mexico, the ACLU of New Mexico’s public education campaign to build support for the freedom to marry in our state.

Support the freedom to marry in New Mexico and bring your whole “modern family” to this free event. RSVP here today. We hope to see you Thursday!

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NM Marriage Equality in Santa Fe, Doña Ana AND NOW Bernalillo Counties

Posted by on August 23, 2013 | 2 comments

UPDATE 8/26/13: GLORIOUS, New Mexico Law “Does not preclude nor prohibit issuance of a marriage license to otherwise qualified couples on the basis of sexual orientation or the gender of its members.”

So says Bernalillo District Court Judge, Alan Malot today, in a ruling which grants the right to obtain a marriage license to ALL couples in New Mexico’s most populated county, following rulings earlier in the month allowing equal rights for same-sex couples in Santa Fe and Doña Ana Counties.

Pre-register your marriage license request for Bernalillo County online here.

Bernalillo County Marriage License information here.

RSVP for a special celebration of “Weddings on the Plaza” here.

OHI Marriage Equality NM copy

Click here for Santa Fe Marriage License Application and Court Oder directing the Santa Fe County Clerk to issue same sex marriage licenses.

Instructions for applying for a Marriage License in Doña Ana County here.


Marriage licenses are valid indefinitely, but must be returned to the County Clerk where it was issued with the proper certification within 90 days of the ceremony. once a ceremony is performed.

If you are a LGBT friendly marriage officiant or other New Mexico wedding resource, please feel free to post your contact information as a comment below for couples who may need your assistance now – thank you.

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Picture of the Day: Local #Equality Edition

Posted by on July 3, 2013 | Comments Off on Picture of the Day: Local #Equality Edition

Martin Heinrich New Mexico first U.S. Senator to participate in the NO H8 Campaign

New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich is the first U.S. Senator to participate in the NO H8 Campaign.

In the days prior to the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic decision to strike down DOMA as unconstitutional the New Mexico Senator stated, “Gay and lesbian couples who accept the responsibility of marriage should have all the rights that come with that responsibility. The time for marriage equality is now.”

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Ed Breeding Film: Striaght Line Curve

Posted by on June 17, 2013 | Comments Off on Ed Breeding Film: Striaght Line Curve

NM LGBT Film Straight Line Curve DVD CoverImage via San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

New Mexico based Artist and Documentary filmmaker Ed Breeding, “offers the world a wonderful and motivational look at the gay journey” in his new film “Strait Line Curve”, which showcases seven successful gay men of the Southwest United States who do not fit the stereotypes often associated with homosexuality.

Breeding says, “Each man has a high profile and is fulfilled, optimistic, inspirational and proud.”

Rev. Canon Albert Ogle of San Diego’s St. Paul’s Cathedral 4 the City tells SDGLN.com that, “The film will go into countries in Africa and to Jamaica, where LGBT people are being persecuted and murdered, and this film is designed to counteract that with love and understanding; inclusion, not exclusion.”

Read an extensive interview with Breeding by San Diego Gay and Lesbian news here.

The 32-minute film is now available on DVD – STRAIGHT LINE CURVE – Seven men of the American Southwest redefining the word gay. A DVD of this 32-minute film can be purchased for $15.00 plus s/h $5.00 in USA by contacting:

Ed Breeding, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
email: breeding4051@comcast.net

General inquiries also being accepted by Breeding at the email address above.
Source: Ilga.org

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Straight couple forced to wed in NM

Posted by on April 1, 2013 | Comments Off on Straight couple forced to wed in NM

marriage-equality-more-perfect-union-largeImage via Mother Jones Pete Marovich/Zuma

It’s a shame when straight people have to sneak around…

“My husband and I were “married” in a ceremony in front of friends and family many years ago.

I never thought we would have to explain that we didn’t want to sign on the dotted line because we believe it simply isn’t fair that not everyone else can. Just like Anderson Cooper shouldn’t have had to say, “The fact is, I’m gay.” The most simple fact is that no one should be discriminated against for being themselves, and having to state that which they are is discrimination in itself. Look at how abhorrently the human race has handled outwardly visible differences. Why demand divisiveness based on any type of orientation? The issue of lifestyle discrimination is no different than if we were homogenous beings, who all looked identical, and only upon declaration of, I’m fat, I’m white, I’m black, I’m old, would we then be assigned the barrage of oppressions and discrimination(s) particular to that declaration.

Even in our own private act of fighting discrimination we have become discriminated against. We are not celebrities or dignitaries who can circumnavigate daily issues with clout or money. We are regular people whose stand for marriage equality was beginning to cost us in a myriad of ways. We were posing as a married couple, a “legitimate” couple, and that came at a price. We have been penalized with a lack of recognition and rights – funny to experience first hand the very injustices we stand against without even utilizing costume or make-up to achieve a ruse.

So I suppose what we are doing now is coming out as a straight, legally married couple. That’s right, the fact is, we’re married.

The legalization of our union is a bittersweet realization. The relief and comfort of “legitimacy”, is only tarnished with the knowledge that others all over the country are simply not allowed to enjoy the same choice, let alone granted the same rights.

Why do we stand for marriage equality? No, our son isn’t gay, we’re not particularly close to a gay couple doing a bang-up job raising orphans, but we do know some run-of-the-mill, yet particularly beloved people who happen to be members of the LGBT community. Why would the belief in basic human rights for all come with any of the preceding requisites anyway? It is more than enough to know right from wrong, to at least know the meaning of the word discrimination, and to not stand for it. Sure, I’ve faced various forms of discrimination throughout my life (my husband not so much, he’s a fit, educated, blue eyed, straight, white man with good credit), and I suppose we can be labeled a bi-racial couple, but moreover we stand for marriage equality because we believe that if and when anyone falls in love, that is all, they are in love. Let it be.” -NewlyWedinNM

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Proponents Assert Same Sex Marriage Legal in New Mexico

Posted by on March 19, 2013 | Comments Off on Proponents Assert Same Sex Marriage Legal in New Mexico

Clerks urged to allow same-sex marriage

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New Mexico Legislature Today: Proposed DOMA Act Squelched in Committee

Posted by on February 5, 2013 | Comments Off on New Mexico Legislature Today: Proposed DOMA Act Squelched in Committee

All Families Matter New Mexico USA DOMA FAIL

“The so-called “Defense of Marriage” Act was tabled in committee today, effectively killing it for the remainder of this legislative session. Like or share to thank the committee for standing for love, commitment, and marriage for all New Mexico couples!” -All Families Matter, New Mexico – USA

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VIDEO: Fifty Years Defending Freedom

Posted by on November 1, 2012 | Comments Off on VIDEO: Fifty Years Defending Freedom

In 1962 a group of dedicated civil libertarians came together to form the ACLU of New Mexico to defend and extend our most basic freedoms. Much has changed since then, and the ACLU has been such an important part of our state’s progress.

In honor of their fiftieth year defending freedom in New Mexico, the ACLU has produced the above short film, “Fifty Years Defending Freedom”. In this 17 minute film, you will hear from some of the key people from the organization’s past and present speak about the values that drive the important work of the organization and the historic civil liberties victories they have won over the past half century.

Check-out some ACLU NM News here, including:

With the help of local supporters, the ACLU has grown from a tiny, all-volunteer organization to the largest, hardest-hitting civil liberties organization in the state. Today, the government knows that if they violate people’s rights, the ACLU WILL hold them accountable to the law.

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Cowboys & Wedding Bells

Posted by on June 26, 2011 | Comments Off on Cowboys & Wedding Bells
EqualityFilmNM's OwnTV

It’s that time of year – Love, marriage and EQUALITY are in the air!

Before he walks the red carpet for the up-coming NM epic film Cowboys & Aliens, the gorgeous Daniel Craig walked down the aisle with his private bride Rachel Weisz in a secret ceremony in NYC last week.

Like his co-star Harrison Ford who took the plunge while here filming Cowboys ’round this time last year the screen icon keeps it quiet and keeps it classy with the down-low nuptials!

Homegrown class-act and global icon of all things goodness, New Mexico’s own Neil Patrick Harris took to twitter this weekend to confirm he and longtime love David Burtke have been engaged for some time now!!!!

With the passage of marriage equality in New York State the partners, parents and other likewise loving couples are free (as it should be!) to share in the commitment of marriage!

The only thing better than being a June Bride/Bridegroom is equal rights for all to bride/groom it up! Congrats to these happy couples and cheers to equality in coupling!

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