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It’s Workers Who Really Built America

Posted by on September 3, 2012 | Comments Off on It’s Workers Who Really Built America


Labor Day usually conjures images of the end of summer – one last barbecue, a final trip to the Butte or even just a day off of work to spend time with the people we love.

Yet our picnics, road trips and tailgating parties wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the men and women who do the work that keeps our communities and our country going – the engineers who design our roads, the police officers, firefighters and prison guards who keep us safe and the small-business owners who sell us our hot dog buns and sunscreen.

Labor Day is a reminder that all of us, whether we are employed or looking for work, are the heartbeat of this country. And over the next few months, we will have a choice between protecting America’s greatest strength – each other – or allowing our voices to be silenced by those with more money, power and influence.

America’s prosperity came about because the people who were the pulse of America were recognized, respected and rewarded. Everyone had a fair shot at getting ahead – because everyone played by the same rules. Good jobs and decent wages led to real economic growth, thriving businesses and strong communities, which led in turn to a better future for our children.

Yet many of our leaders have pushed a starkly different vision for our country’s future.

Wall Street-driven elected officials have fought to keep the rules that allow the most privileged Americans to get ahead by gaming the system, regardless of the consequences for the rest of Americans. It’s a strategy that creates millions in corporate profit while leaving behind foreclosed homes and longer unemployment lines.

Not only does our tax code allow wealthy CEOs to claim a tax break for exporting jobs overseas, it allows them to look forward to paying zero U.S. taxes on the jobs and income moved offshore. The richest 2 percent of Americans are allowed to claim larger and larger tax cuts. Meanwhile, less-fortunate Americans are forced to pick up the tab as Congress votes to end Medicare as we know it and cut benefits for Social Security.

In New Mexico we have seen the lowest job growth in the country under Gov. Susana Martinez, yet there are thousands of state jobs funded but not filled and capital money is still piling up that could be used to fix our critical infrastructure needs and create well-paid jobs.

There is no clearer example of this philosophy than Republican vice presidential pick Paul Ryan. According to the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, his budget would deliver a hefty tax cut to the wealthiest Americans while stripping $347 million from health care, education and road repairs in New Mexico alone. Under his plan, the real job creators – our workers and our small-business owners – are out of luck.

The Ryan plan is just one example of why we need to stop rewarding politicians who rig the game for their wealthy donors. The flood of money into our election system has made many politicians more interested in helping those who bankroll their campaigns instead of the rest of us.

Yet is the work of a CEO more valuable than that of a nurse hard at work saving lives? Does an investment banker contribute more to our economy than the engineer who builds safe bridges and roads? I believe in the vision of an America that honors and respects all work and the people who do it.

That is why it is so important for all of us to make our voices heard – to insist that all of us play an important role in our communities and our country. We must elect leaders who really will stand on the side of the people they represent and not those with the deepest pockets.

Over the next few months, we will be hammered on every side by slick TV ads and mailers asking and cajoling us with promises of what they will or won’t do for us. Our job is to take a step back and look at the issues. How do our candidates stand on the things that really matter?

Because in the end, we need leaders who will build shared prosperity and create an economy that works for everyone. Most important, we need leaders who give America’s workers what we need to continue being America’s backbone.

That’s how we can really commemorate Labor Day.

Obama Speaks-up for New Mexico Chile

Posted by on August 11, 2012 | Comments Off on Obama Speaks-up for New Mexico Chile

Well, the President should have WON over EVERY true New Mexican this week. While in Pueblo, Colorado a few days ago, a guy was bragging to him on how great the Burritos were, and how Nothing beats Colorado Green Chile…. To which he replied, “I won’t tell the folks in New Mexico you said that!” -McG

Full Article from the Albuquerque Journal here

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Andrew Sarris, Auteur & New Mexico Film Direction

Posted by on June 22, 2012 | Comments Off on Andrew Sarris, Auteur & New Mexico Film Direction

Film critic Andrew Sarris October 31, 1928 – June 20, 2012

Sarris was primarily responsible for the auteur theory of film criticism, which in a nutshell said great directors and their visions make for great movies. I think that’s especially applicable to NM. If we are to develop a long term, sustainable business model it needs to be not only below the line (BTL) crew (I will modestly say we have the best BTL crews of any state between the coasts) but it also must be above the line (ATL). Great producers, writers, actors, and directors attract projects. Where would New Zealand be without Peter Jackson? Australia without Peter Weir or Baz Luhrmann? New York without Scorsese? Closer to home, Austin would be a minor threat without Rodriquez or Linklater. We’ve really started to move in that direction. If you watch our continuing TV series you will see many more NM actors, though I think we can do a much better job of advancing their cause. We have gone from one or maybe two front line producers to a competitive field of highly qualified producers and production managers, even Oscar winning executive producers such as Tony Mark and Robert Redford. In writers we have our “deans” such as Kirk Ellis and Mark Medoff along with a strong up and coming band nipping at their heels including Carl Lucas in Roswell.

It’s the directors who will bring their vision and eventually the work here. We are truly fortunate to have a national icon right here at Santa Fe University of Art & Design in Chris Eyre. If you think that is too much hyperbole go back and watch the body of his work including “Smoke Signals.” Chris will be creating noise about NM filmmakers, hopefully for years to come. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a heartfelt and sincere thank you to Alicia Keys and Peter Touche for their faith in NM and NM ATL crew in particular. Their work with Mateo Pumphrey & Diego Joaquin Lopez on “Blaze You Out” and Rajeev Nirmalakhandan on “The Odd Way Home” takes courage, especially when it’s your own money involved. When we look back on the history of the NM film business the two of them will hold a prominent place. Mark my words: we will find and promote great directors together. And to Larry, before you even go there – they shoot union when they can.


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NMFilm Futures:Local Impressions from AFCI

Posted by on June 20, 2012 | Comments Off on NMFilm Futures:Local Impressions from AFCI

Images via New Mexico Film Office / Montana Film Office

A message from New Mexico IATSE Local 480 Business Agent, Jon Hendry:

Having just returned from the LA Locations Expo, I have a few observations on where I believe we are going with our business here in NM. In LA, I also had the chance to talk to various people from around the country to confirm what I believe is happening nationally.

First, congratulations to everyone who attended the show and participated in the many events. Our Shoot Santa Fe partners reached into their own pockets to finance a booth, two parties, and several in-person meetings with possible clients, and they did an excellent job. Nick and Tobi from the NM Film Office along with Ann from ABQ, Jan from Otero County, and Lisa from Santa Fe did a great job at the NMFO booth which as usual looked spectacular. I can’t help but believe we had a large positive impact in allaying the many rumors I heard about NM’s demise. It’s just unfortunate that we only got to talk to the people who attended the show. Thanks to Santa Fe Studios and Santa Fe County for the full page ad in Variety which allowed us to reach a larger audience.

I had a frank discussion with a senior representative for a major studio and a production entity as well as a representative from one of our facilities about their belief that we need to rebate out-of-state crew members (particularly above the line) in order to remain competitive. It may surprise some to know that we have already done this on a couple of occasions for a limited amount of crew on major motion pictures. There is a provision whereby this can occur, but of course the taxes have to be paid and the circumstances have to be extraordinary. (On that note congratulations to NM Taxation & Revenue for auditing actors and loan-out companies to ensure they have paid their entire NM tax liabilities. It’s important that those of us who pay NM taxes know that everyone is being treated equally.)

If we were to expand our definitions… » Read the full post

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Guest Post: NM Film Votes Count

Posted by on April 4, 2012 | Comments Off on Guest Post: NM Film Votes Count

Guest Post
by Alan Smithee

Sen. William Burt of Alamogordo, who’s been a strong and consistent supporter of and advocate for motion picture and television production in New Mexico, is now running unopposed in the June primary.

In other film industry news, there will be a fundraising event on Tuesday, May 1st, for Representative Bob Wooley at the Chama River Brewing Company in ABQ from 5-7pm.

Because of redistricting Rep. Wooley (who supports the Film/TV business in N.M.) is running against Rep. Dennis Kintigh, who for many years has tried to kill the state’s film incentive program. There is no Democrat candidate, so the winner of the primary election will be the representative for district 66.

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Guest Post: So Long Sony, Adios Imageworks

Posted by on March 7, 2012 | Comments Off on Guest Post: So Long Sony, Adios Imageworks

Guest Post
by Captain G

Re: Sony Imageworks Pulls the Plug on Albuquerque
What to make of the recent blow to the digital special effects effort here in New Mexico? The state had put a lot of effort and money into creating a good environment for them. This includes a multimillion dollar UNM studio and program to train professionals.

The local news feeds were just not satisfying and had mixed reasons for the move. I wanted to find out more. So I did some digging and found a website for digital special effects people (VFX). This is new site to me but from a scanning of the site it looks legit. You can read their take and I think Sony comes off looking like the bad guy here. It has to do with studio greed and just going where they can get the biggest discount (read Vancouver 46%) regardless of the consequences. The company will take the profit for a few years, shut it down and then find some swamp to settle down in for the next one. Vancouver is a beautiful city but one of the most expensive places to live in the world (yes WORLD). So the professionals are faced with either no job or go live in Vancouver.

“We offer the company 25 percent film incentives, while Vancouver is going to offer them 46 percent. It just makes sense for them.”
– NM Film Office Director, Nick Maniatis

“At least New Mexico was marketable for its lower cost of living.”
– VFX Sodier

VFX also points to the 24 minute documentary, called “Albuquerque the Unknown“, made by around 40 of the actual people who came from Culver City to work in Albuquerque. Most of the comments start out as “I thought it would really suck to move to Albuquerque but then…”. It comes off as a nice tribute to the city and illustrates what these people found here to love. Note the digital rain as one of them is talking during the video. Sadly, some of these same people are probably out of jobs unless they want to move to Vancouver.

– Captain G

Links: Vizworld | Vfxsoldier

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The GOLD Standard – Standards

Posted by on November 29, 2011 | Comments Off on The GOLD Standard – Standards

In our never ending quest for intelligent life (to learn from), an admired associate who was tapped to review our newest feature, “Mansperts” has provided the following point of view on RELATIONSHIPS…

From the far recesses of what was thought to be either extinct or all-out myth comes the perspective of a Single Male who ain’t out “humping around” for humpin’s sake.

Presented without comment (except for that of our top secret “celebrity” contributors) is the POV of homegrown rock-star hottie, Zach Fowler – who manages to not succumb to the rue of the modern world, aka fly by night, seat-of-your-pants, stupid questionable decisions.

Feel free to comment here, and furthermore commence cyber-stalking and groupie-ing this local talent…but as you (should) be able to surmise from his point of view…you will not be considered eligible to apply without first being able to spell and define – surmise…

I haven’t had anything even remotely resembling a girlfriend or a relationship of any kind since…



From the outside looking in, I can honestly say that the reason relationships fail is because of a lack of understanding. That lack of understanding falls under the fault of both parties…the man, and the woman. Men want freedom to do what they have to do (and want to do) in order to provide for his significant other while at the same time, providing for himself. Women, on the other hand, want to be noticed for all the right reasons, and the man sometimes doesn’t have anything to do with that…but then again, sometimes he has everything to do with that.

There has to be space, but in order for a relationship to succeed, each party should have an understanding of how far (or how near) that space is. From the perspective of single man who has never been in a relationship who is also professional musician who tours the country 100 dates out of the year, I have all the space I would ever need…in fact, I have so much space that I almost feel isolated. However, there are men out there with so much going on with their significant other(s), they would give their left nut (literally) for my kind of isolation.

What I can also say from the outside looking in is that FAR too many people get into relationships for all the wrong reasons. Women feel “legitimate” because they have an arm to cling to, and men have their “trophy wife” or “trophy girlfriend.” All too often, either sex can just be “looking for somebody,” not know that the “somebody” they’ve found is nothing more than a face to associate with their own existence. They have sex, but never make love. They hook up, but keep their options open to other hooks. One-night stands, “friends with benefits,” “shorty on the side,” etc…. The more I see this, the more I realize just how secure I am in what I want…and the fact that what I want (a lover, a friend, a “keeper”) may not exist in this modern society of casual dating, and even more casual sex…and that may be the very reason why women find me so unapproachable.

There are, of course, MANY benefits to being single as long as I have (I have “officially” been single since freshman year of high school…just over 15 years). I know a lot about what NOT to do, and that could serve to be even better experience than someone who hasn’t gone a day without having a “relationship” of some sort. What I can tell you is this: Man, by nature, was never designed to be alone…however, man was also designed to crave solidarity and, in some cases, isolation. I am all for “testing boundaries,” but not when it comes to something that has the potential to bring psychological harm to something that should inherently be fun, inspiring, and good.

My two cents, which probably should only count for one cent based on extreme lack of experience…but like I said, you learn a lot by being on the outside for so long.

First of all, I refer you to the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”. Cue disc to the scene where Alan Arkin is talking to his grandson while they’re in the car on the big roadtrip. Take his advice to the grandson early and often. I can even make a biblical reference if you’d like: “Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth…” Eclesiastes 11:9.

Here’s the deal: I find myself best served with the opposite sex when I take each “hurdle” on a case-by-case basis. To try and tackle the whole enchilada on the issue of man and woman at once is a lot like Don Quixote charging the proverbial windmill. Sometimes, my wife is absolutely 100% cool with me “doing my thing”. In certain times, she absolutely is not. It’s my duty as her partner to figure out when those times are. Admittedly, we men are not so great at discerning one from the other. But, we get better as time goes by.

Look, I can tell you with no reservations whatsoever that the old saying about “when you least expect it, expect it” is true. The “keeper” will come along at absolutely the worst time for it to happen in your life. But, you’d better pull your head out long enough to realize she’s The Keeper. If you let that opportunity pass, you’ll live to regret it. I’m in a relationship (in this case, marriage) mainly because not only do I love her, but she covers my ass on the things I suck at. We’re polar opposites, but that actually WORKS. That, my friend, is what you need to consider. We get into relationships for the wrong reasons all the time. The reason I just stated is the best one I can think of for having one.

That being said, do not squander one second of your single time, no matter how long it lasts. Hear me on this one. Before long, you’ll meet The Keeper and all the things you think you’re missing by not being in a relationship will look stupid to you lot of times once you’re on the other side. Dating sucks, but there’s SO MANY awesome chicks out there you should think of it as a buffet. GO NUTS DUDE. And, on the subject of giving up a left nut, try to hold on to it. You’ll need it later. – “Cromagnon Man”

Relationships are a wonderful analogy to quantum mechanics. In a nutshell, quantum theory is the way science views the behavior of the smallest of particles. As it is, these singular constituents of matter and force are entirely unpredictable. Believe it or not, science has grown comfortable with this!?! You see, it all comes down to statistics…much of what we know about this minute world relies on probability. Examine the behavior of enough of these particles, and only then can a semblance of understanding be reached.

Without a doubt, our single friend is a well studied, intelligent and wise man. He knows exactly what he wants in a relationship, and at the same time he knows that under current circumstances he will never attain them. Undeservedly, he also diminishes his intellectual currency with over analysis of his current situation. Like a classical physicist, he attempts to make sense of a chaotic and unpredictable world within a detached mindset.

There are an infinite number of variables in relationships…even more than there are stars in the sky. Just when you think you have it all figured out, chance throws you a curve ball. There is no ultimate security in any relationship…romantic, familial, or collegial…to think that there ever could be is sure folly. It reminds me of the high school male who prepares every jab, hook, and body blow of a fight only to be knocked out by the first punch. There comes a time in everyone’s life where we must brave uncertainty and roll(the dice) with the punches. – “Iso”

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Mansperts: Got Girlfriends?

Posted by on November 14, 2011 | 3 comments

In this first installment of “Mansperts“, two sides of the “evolutionary scale” each provide answers and enlightenment on a select topic submitted to them at mansperts@oneheadlightink.com.

Our guest writers, one self described “Cromagnon” and the other a generally accepted “Robot”, tackle your age old and brand new most confounding quandaries about man and womankind…

Today get your dish on “girls without girlfriends” from men without boundaries.

Ah yes, the ol’ “my chick doesn’t get along with other chicks” quandary. The first thing that pops to mind when I’m confronted with this type of situation is this: DRAMA. The worst part of it for us guys is the fact that we’ll never have a normal relationship with said female’s significant other ever again. What if I actually enjoy hanging out and doing things with the girl you don’t like’s man? Now, I’m screwed if I want to play poker with the guys, or go to a barbecue that involves the whole group of friends, go bowling with the group, go hear a band and have drinks with the group, etc.,…and just because YOU refuse to get along with so-and-so’s wife (or wives). I understand that this is a common thread with a lot of women. Girls generally don’t like other girls. Is it because you think us guys are checking out the other girls? We married YOU. We chose YOU. We’re good with the decision usually. Let it go for God’s sakes.

Another problem with this “girls who don’t like other girls” conundrum: now, as your guy, we become your entertainment chairperson. It’s up to us to keep you occupied and engaged when it’s the off hours. That’s a HUGE order most of the time. Give us a break. We actually want you to have other friends, we want you to go out and have “girls nights”. We want you to have things to do with other people besides us. Not always, but a third of the time would be a bonus. I, personally, don’t even care if you have guy friends. If you’re going to end up cheating on me with that guy, then BONUS….I get a freebie too and you can’t hold it against me either. You and I both know neither of us wants a divorce in this economy. Relax already. Put the claws away when other women appear. Guys don’t roll like that, and if they do, they resolve the problem right then and there. No fuss, no muss. – “Cromagnon Man”

Women are like magnets. To men, they can be the most attractive objects on the planet…or the most repulsive. Rarely neutral, her moods can charge the room with positive energy or negate good vibes in short order. Like many naturally occurring magnetic fields, her polarity is powerful, chaotic, volatile, and can flip on a dime.

Things get really interesting when magnets are brought together. When polarities are aligned, many magnets can be strung together, in a very orderly fashion, to form a powerful collective. In fact, when this orientation is “just right”, the field strength is enhanced with each additional magnet added to the series. But, for all the resonance brought about with these “ideal” orientations, more often than not, magnets have many more counter-productive orientations. Even with a duet, there are far more ways for two magnets to repulse one another than to attract.

Without a proper ground, an electromagnetic field can spend an eternity without ever being noticed. Ladies, ditch your fellow magnets and go out and get yourself a good grounding rod (I know…easier said than done). – “Iso”

Send your questions & quandaries to Cromagnon Man and Iso at mansperts@oneheadlightink.com

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OneHeadlightInk Presents Mansperts:

Posted by on November 8, 2011 | One comment

Ask a Caveman, ask a Robot:

These two extremes of civilization itself are going give you straight talk on everything YOU can think of.

“Expert” advice on your most confounding queries regarding the sexes, exes, and hot topics, coming soon to OneHeadlightInk.com.

Men are from mars and women are from who the hell knows where…we’re all just people right?!?

Well then why the heck can’t we get along, despite being on this spinning rock together for millions and billions of years?

No one really knows, but we’ve tapped two celebrity hot-shots, one from each end of the “evolutionary scale” to provide some valuable info. that no one else is willing to spill.

Get Man-spert answers to exactly what-is-up between the sexes and the crazy ways of this world.

What do you want the dish on? Nagging, sexting, cheating, crying, lying, marrying, money, kids, friends, lovers, jobs, what they’re most often thinking when we ask ’em what they’re thinking, how they’re able to master thinking so little, anything you want to know from our Man-sperts, go!

Email: mansperts@oneheadlightink.com

Cowboys, Aliens and Reviews…

Posted by on July 25, 2011 | Comments Off on Cowboys, Aliens and Reviews…

The world is just days away from the grand, wide opening of NM’s Own Cowboys & Aliens

OneHeadlightInk friend, soul sister, past life comrade and current Michigan State Professor, Dr. Laura Birou is one of the select few who’ve been privy to a screening at this year’s just wrapped Comic Con International Convention.

Here is what the good doctor has to say of the film in her very smart, special and concise way:








“…it is not of the same caliber of Iron Man. The Craig-Ford dynamic was wonderful. The Craig-Wilde dynamic, not so much. Rockwell was awesome, had some of the best lines. Script was under developed, a lot of holes.” – Dr. Laura

More Reviews: Cinema Blend, Indiewire, The Hollywood Reporter, Slash Film, Geek Tyrant, Variety, Movie Bit, Screen Junkies, Crazy Critics

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Much Ado About Katt

Posted by on June 26, 2011 | 3 comments

UPDATE 9/3/11: In the latest debacle from the Summer Comedy Tour that just won’t quit being anything but funny, backlash from Williams’ perceived hateful rant to a Mexican American/Mexican National during a show late last month draws an apology…of sorts, “Katt Williams apologizes to Mexicans but not NEW Mexicans nor Arizonans…” Full story here.

UPDATE 7/5/11: Apparently the Chicanery of the Katt Williams tour of warped did not start in the Q.

Just days before the comedian struck the Land of Enchantment with a case of the WTFs (below), the “tour” had rolled on into AZ where TMZ is reporting that a member of Williams’ staff shot dead the canine life of a retired AZ Police Dog who got too close for the comfort of said employee (hopefully former employee at this point).

But the odd train doesn’t end there…to make it “right” a mastiff puppy was produced from the tour bus to ~replace the K9 who was killed!?!?

The full story here.

Katt Williams in Albuquerque hours before his increasingly infamous New Mexico “appearance”.

Local Beauty Nicole B. ran into the comedian at Cottonwood Mall in NW ABQ, where she says he was “super cool” and even paid for her kiddos to ride the carousel with him.

Both candids show a wholly pulled together looking Williams, a far cry from what the crowed at Tingley Coliseum would experience much, much later in the night and the mug shot (center) from the performer’s arrest in CA earlier this month.

Showing shades of breakdown in these two episodes many fans are calling out for those close to Williams to intervene…

UPDATE 06/28/11 Katt Williams Ticket Holders:

For Immediate Release
Official statement from Str8lace Entertainment
RE: Katt Williams Show 06/25/2011

We would like to start by explaining our position in regards to the Katt Williams Concert on June 25, 2011. We have recently been inundated by questions and requests for ticket refunds due to the lack of professionalism displayed by Mr. Williams at the recent concert. We are equally upset by the antics that were displayed for whatever personal reason Mr.Williams might be experiencing. We went above and beyond normal measures to ensure Mr.Williams was in Albuquerque and went onstage. Our expenses in doing so far exceeded our original budget and ticket sales revenues, due to the extra expense brought on by delays, over time rent on the venue, sound, labor, etc. As promoters we did our job as per our contractual obligations. We booked, paid for and promoted the show. ALL of the acts Showed up and performed. Some better than others, but they were all there and performed. We have no control over the content or quality of their performances. While we are disappointed, we feel the liability lies in the hands of Mr.Williams himself. We feel your frustration, and are in the same space financially, At a loss. So we will not be offering refunds of any kind. We are very sorry for the circumstances.

Because we are a small locally owned Promotions company we would in good faith like you to keep your Katt Williams ticket stubs for discount on a soon to be announced show we will put on in an effort to show good faith and give something to our community that were effected by Mr.Williams “Performance”. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Str8laced Entertainment.

If you like me have been asking yourself, “Katt who?” amidst all the online & around town buzz today over his appearance in the Q last night…and if a quick Google search only leads you to the above TMZ story of this “the second most important black guy on the face of the Earth”, you may find it interesting to get the low-down from those who were there…

Two of New Mexico’s Own set the *record straight with deets of what happened at the Katt Williams show where yet another Avenger was out & about…

Luckily for Nick Fury aka Samuel L. Jackson and the rest of the crowed who showed for this event the consummate awesomeness that is The James Douglas Show and the rest of the NM crew brought it!

ABQ Kattastrophe,
The Truth From the Sidelines – by Marco Nunez

I have been reading all this stuff on FB about the KW show last night, and it’s funny to hear how all of the stories have morphed into such far cries from the truth! It goes from “he was late and High and didn’t put on a good show” to “He came in with Samuel Jackson Riding a zebra smoking heroin and threatened to rape all the white women and steal their pink fur coats!”

The whisper game is funny!! I helped the promoters do some tech stuff on this show ( I booked the Audio/Lighting and booked a tour bus for Katt To get here from L.A., and provided our van for ground transportation) So I was able to see what went on beforehand with all of them. AAANNNDD I wasn’t there for the show ( we left as soon as we were done with our show because we had to play at Hard Rock) so I know that when we left everything was fine and the only variable was Katt.

The truth is… Everyone from the Albuquerque side of things The promoters, The James Douglas Show & Dancers (Tracy & Glenda), Big Moon, Eric Martinez, The radio stations involved, Tingley staff, Stage company, Audio company, lighting company and even the girls who showed up to walk Katt onstage DID THIER JOBS!!!


I’ve heard Katt said last night that he didnt know about this show??? I personally booked the tour bus (WITH THE PROMOTERS MONEY) to get him here. The Hosts last night were faced with a crowd of 6k angry, frustrated (AND RIGHTFULLY SO) people, and still held it together.


As far as The JDS is concerned…WE HAD A BLAST!! THANK YOU ALBUQUERQUE FOR SHOWING US SO MUCH LOVE!! Both Tingley and Hard Rock last night were both great shows for us!!

Thank you very much for supporting us like you do!

Ok, normally I wouldn’t even say anything or get involved. But I want to say that Big Moon and I had nothing to do with the promotion, booking, organizing, or anything on this event besides hosting it.

Yes it was unfortunate what happened, and I’m not taking sides. However anyone who was there, saw Katt’s behavior for themselves. Spitting chewing tobacco in his hands and rubbing it in his hair, yelling at the audience, leaving the stage to pray, doing push-ups…the list goes on.

He did know about the show, he did get paid, he even did a drop on the air talking about how excited he was to come to Albuquerque. Shawty, AJ, The JDS and us all did our jobs to make sure everyone was comfortable and had the best time possible.

NO ONE had control over Katt but Katt. He showed up late, got served papers, and disappointed a lot of people. Again, I am not defending the actual promoters but everyone who was backstage including Samuel L. Jackson could see that everyone was doing what they could to accommodate Katt, his late arrival, his stage show AND could see that something was wrong with him.

I’m a huge Katt Williams fan and was sad to see him in that state. But no is responsible for Katt but Katt.

Eric Martinez, Katt Williams ABQ Show Host

More audio/visual from the mess that was Katt Williams last night,
Jump to 2:30 for the call out:
(R – Adult Content/Vulgar Language)

*Guest entries above edited for content

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Corey & Logan: Excellent Avenger Adventure

Posted by on April 5, 2011 | 4 comments

UPDATE April 8, 2011: LOGAN IS IN!!

New Mexico Film made global news when Marvel’s Avengers decided on NM to follow in the superhero footsteps of Thor and so many other successful New Mexico productions.

We watched our own visitor globe light-up with inquiring minds wanting-in on this, the largest production the state has ever seen. One query came from a fellow in Norfolk, VA who said:

“I would just like to verify that this is open to non-NM residents also. About to buy a plane ticket.” – Corey, VA

And buy plane ticket(s) they did! Below is the synopsis from just one dynamic duo who made their way across the country for the Avengers casting call in Albuquerque, NM a couple weeks ago and a review of their trip that the The New Mexico Tourism Department could/should be proud of!

Big ups to those ABQ businesses that got special shout-outs from our cherished guests, sirs Corey & Logan! Here is their story:

On a normal Tuesday night like any other, I received a text message from my friend Logan saying: “Want to go to New Mexico this weekend to try to be extras in the Avengers movie?” I immediately had to call. “Are you for real?!?”

Yeah, he was for real. As soon as I saw the web posting, I couldn’t book a flight and hotel fast enough. We got our schedule set up and were leaving that Thursday morning. Nothing like the last minute, huh?

After two flights and a layover occupied with nothing but comics and sleep, we finally get from Norfolk, Virginia to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We just hung out at the hotel that night and talked about how awesome of a situation this was: in a completely different state across the country and just being where they were going to film The Avengers! I mean, it’s THE AVENGERS, man! Couldn’t sleep too well that night through all the excitement, but managed to get a little shut-eye.

Friday was the big day. We woke up early to try to get there as soon as possible. The description on the site said to dress in your “business/executive best,” so we did just that. A good 30-minute bus ride later, we arrived at the Hotel Albuquerque for the casting call around 10am. We knew it didn’t start until noon, but we grabbed a seat and had plenty of comics to read to take up time. When they got started, Logan and I realized how good of an idea it was to get there early, because they had a line outside wrapped around the entire hotel, and we were sure there would have been even more people the next day.

Eventually, our group got called in so we filled out the paperwork and had our pictures taken mugshot-style. Once we walked out, all we could do was celebrate the occasion, so we talked to some people that knew their way around the town to see what ABQ had to offer. They mentioned Old Town as a close place to get some food and that it would be cool to hang out later in Uptown. Sounded like a plan!

The rest of Friday and all of Saturday was spent getting to see what Albuquerque was all about, and we had a great time! From Nob Hill with the Frontier (for the best burritos I’ve ever had) to the Astro-Zombies comic shop; from the Route 66 Malt Shop and the awesome rockabilly band playing outside to making our way Downtown to Launchpad to see some incredible bluegrass, it was an unbelievable experience! Even if we don’t get called to be extras, the trip was well worth it and I will definitely be going back.

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