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It’s Tebow Time

Posted by on January 14, 2012 | Comments Off on It’s Tebow Time

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Got. Your. Period.

Posted by on August 13, 2011 | Comments Off on Got. Your. Period.

As with the advent, and subsequent hyper-overuse of emoticons, I was at first resistant to the trend of using a “period” between every word for emphasis. However I now fully embrace the use of these non-verbal intonations.

In fact, I’m a bit of a ;) slut, but it’s only because I have so many amazingly wonderful online contacts who have me wanting to throw winks their way like a saucy southern flight attendant.

So, rock the drama of a period. Between. each. word. But don’t incessantly use the 90s dramatic buzz word “surreal“, the Anistonized “uncool” or hurl the most played-out, contemporary comfort phrase of our time, “no worries“, at me. Ever.

Your OMGs, LOLs, and esp. your LMFAOs are always welcome! xo

And p.s. I ain’t no English major, but I KNOW a lot of y’all join me in going batty over this one:

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Dubiously Yours – New Mexico Style

Posted by on July 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Dubiously Yours – New Mexico Style

ICYMI: Capitol City New Mexico recently landed spot no. 16 on GQ’s Worst-Dressed Cities List.

Not so dubious considering that the top 40 boasts basically one city or major metro from almost every state in the nation, including San Diego, CA, Orlando, FL, Buffalo, NY, St. Paul, MN, Detroit, MI save Texas who seems true tops with at least 3 major cities named…

So sits Santa Fe New Mexico sandwiched between Atlanta, GA and Provo, UT.

Fresh on the heels of that prestigious recognition, comes a native take on some of our own.

From the makers of the Palin/Brewer line of vocational toys (not really) comes the New Mexico Inspired line of “Barbies”:

Thanks Willy

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Fiction/Thriller and Fictitious Non-fiction

Posted by on December 16, 2010 | 2 comments

In today’s OneHeadlightInk book club suggestions we bring you a collection of actual New Mexico authored novels and a compilation book of anecdotes that we think ought be on store shelves.

Local Attorney Jonathan Miller has not one but five thrillers now available on Amazon.com.

Pick-up one or all five today to get a taste of what the Albuquerque Journal calls “…the next John Grisham.”

Keep-up with the New Mexican Author/Attorney at Law on Facebook here and most of all seek out local talent at every turn – you will find it.

As we did find local wife, mommy and communications conglomerate exec. Lisa Paz. Lisa is every woman, nay every parent. We fell in love with her on a rare night out for the working mom. We found her spectacular, charming and funny – a true inspiration.

Most of us know it yet not all of us talk about it – parenting is hard, especially if you’re doing it right. In the web log of Lisa’s subtly mind-blowing realizations she chronicles all the nutty haps that turn a world upside down at the drop of potty bucket. We’ll go ahead and dub her the next Dave Barry.

Along with her humorous take she reminds us of two very important things:

1. This stuff is hilarious and not for sissies – amateurs need not apply.
2. Other parents can rest assured that they are not alone in their daily absurdities – and it’s all so worth it.

In summation, if you’ve got the luxury of carving out a little time to cuddle-up with a thriller by the fire we say go New Mexican and check out Miller.

And if you find yourself too frazzled to follow several sentences in a row just hit send, send, send on every publishers inbox requesting that our home-town sister gets herself a book deal – because that’s a read you need!

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Hey Mr. DJ Turn the Laughs Up…

Posted by on October 16, 2010 | 2 comments

And…now it’s officially “DJ DAY” on ©Sindication…

Smack betwixt the Q and our Sister City Different lays San Felipe Casino HOLLYWOOD – Where next month Paul Rodriguez will follow NM’s Own Big Benny Martinez 2X.

Get your tickets for one or both performances of the night here.

On sale NOW – $20 advance tickets may be purchased at Casino Hollywood or call Casino Hollywood’s Guest Services at 505-867-6700 to purchase them over the phone using a major credit card, with no svc. fees!

All seats are General Admission ($25 November 12)…your favorite cocktail, beer or wine may also be purchased in the Showroom during the performances. Casino Hollywood is celebrating their 15th Anniversary in grand style, celebrate with them, Paul Rodriguez and our very own Big Ben!

Catch the Duke City Comedy Jam Master for his center stage performance…

And don’t forget to BYO Sexy Beast!

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ABQ Joker-Hood

Posted by on October 11, 2010 | Comments Off on ABQ Joker-Hood

To err is human to laugh at it is divine! Do you have the stuff? Reading, writing and delivery are just a few of the techniques that you can learn to put together into a developed comedy routine with New Mexico’s Own actor, writer, director, comedian Steven Michael Quezada.

Quezada’s long standing work with Youth Development Incorporated (YDI) continues with this 4 week Stand-up Comedy Workshop benefiting the organization.

Rather than a one time class, seminar or lecture you are afforded these truly unique and fully interactive workshops with the nationally renowned talent. The four, three hour workshops conclude with the real world experience of a LIVE performance showcase!

Get started on the road to reach your comedic aspirations, hone your craft and get your performing chops going while supporting the future of New Mexico!

Register here today!

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Jesus Photobombs Pres. in NM

Posted by on September 28, 2010 | One comment

Check-it! The Lord’s name, or the son of God or whatever…One of NM’s Own purdy butterflies jets by our Pres. every time he says Jesús.

“Damn” if everyone ain’t coming to NM lately! Go New New Mexico!

p.s. Erryone pls. msg. Brian Williams here or here to inform a brother that that is a Ristra…red hot chile peppers!?!

¡Ay dios mio!

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For All Your Wardrobe Malfunctions

Posted by on August 16, 2010 | Comments Off on For All Your Wardrobe Malfunctions

Finally a topper for those pajama pant days that will still show off your shake weight arms!

The fine folks at Happy Hoodie Friends (not affiliated with condomdepot.com) have the versatile, wide range of head toppers to meet all your dress up, dress down, bad hair day, and no hair day needs!

These Happy Hoodies (not affiliated with the Happy Hocker) are the perfect cherry on top of the mounting resources of your wardrobe malfunction arsenal.

With these and my health, nutrition and philosophical propaganda your life too will be complete when your workout regimen utilizes the Shake Weight, you kill the crack of your Pajama Jeans with Backtacular

And since you’ll need a lil’ somthin’ somthin’ in the northern hemisphere (this isn’t Europe for cripes sake) Here’s the latest in fashion faux pas prevention:

Via Dlisted

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The Brewer Palin School

Posted by on July 21, 2010 | One comment

UPDATE 12/5/11: GOP front runner for the Republican nomination into the 2012 presidential race, New Gingrich has put forward his concept of child labor law reform, stating that poor kids with “no work ethic” should be scrubbing school bathrooms:

“What if they became assistant janitors and their jobs were to mop the floor and clean the bathroom?”

Read more on the Gingrich opinion of “the poor” and his ideas to put these children to work here, here and here.

Toddlers in training play-sets from the Brewer Palin pre-school of menial labor. Where the heart of an immigrant work-force can eventually be phased out.


Sunday Video

Posted by on July 18, 2010 | Comments Off on Sunday Video

Annual Valentine Wishes

Posted by on February 3, 2010 | 3 comments

Originally posted 12/16/08 as PSD: Singles Edition

Dear Boys,

Tis the season (it comes earlier every year)…from Christmas, to New Year’s Eve straight through to Valentine’s Day she may be anxiously awaiting “The Ring”. Those are the top three dates when she will be anticipating the possibility of “The Ring”.

You are also treading the waters of expectation around your anniversary and her birthday – No matter if she says she’s not that kind of girl, she swears she doesn’t need it or want it, EVEN if you’ve agreed on not going in that direction anytime soon…

I personally guarantee from approx. 3 months into the relationship on – it crosses at least a teeny-tiny portion of her mind now and then AND “The Ring” industry knows this. Notice the amped up ads, they will keep churning out from the aforementioned time through at least Valentine’s day. Good luck.

Helpful hints:
1. A ring is always a nice gift – you don’t have to propose à la ABC’s Bachelor.
2. There is a Recession going on right now, so you can lean on that to conserve on rock size.
3. Just rent ‘Blood Diamond

Obtuse Is the New Charming

All my Single Ladies,

We’ve all known, do know or will know a charming guy. Most apt to seek out and be wounded by a charming guy are those of us fathered by one.

Their prowess in “charm” has likely been honed over many years and many women. Sure they know the coolest places to go and can be fun at parties – but believe me, charm a solid partner does not make.

So remember the next time a “charmer” sidles up to you at Yanni’s you’re better off running across the street to Astro-Zombies to find yourself a good man.

Lesson Learned – Charming means, “I’m cheating on you.”

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JibJab’s ’09 on a Dime

Posted by on December 28, 2009 | Comments Off on JibJab’s ’09 on a Dime

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PSD: This is Why We’re Gross

Posted by on October 11, 2009 | One comment


Because we’re lazy like this and eat like that

Here is one of the best blogs of all time. It will either drive you to binge eat or it will act as a visual laxative. In either or both cases it should come with a disclaimer like the now infamous hot cup of NM coffee that spawned a million dollar lawsuit and absurd disclaimers the world over, so as not to be blamed for someone’s case of gorge and/or trots.

If the above is your idea of a food pyramid and if you shout Eureka! with the advent of the 3in1 laundry sheet that frees you from the mental workout of filling a measuring scoop and the laborious chore of dispensing some type of fabric softener during your pesky laundering duties then these are the products for you!


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The Real World Bay Watch Edition

Posted by on October 8, 2009 | 2 comments

It’s a good thing this sh*z is Funny-OR-Die ’cause I’d be done for.

These peeps are too much!

This is my new fave, it ranks right up there w/Lashisse and Gina Gershon as Sarah Palin.

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