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ICYDK: Do you really, really like that?

Posted by on January 25, 2013 | Comments Off on ICYDK: Do you really, really like that?

Buying Social Media Followers

Ever wonder why some of the twitter, facebook, instagram accounts, etc., you find suddenly have thousands and thousands of followers? Sure, sometimes a hot chick will get verbally ogled on a worldwide television broadcast, as in the case of football quarterback girlfriend/beauty queen Katherine Webb, and of course there are those of us who toil at slowly connecting with others who actually have similar interests and goals to help further a common cause, but then there’s this:

“Buy Twitter Followers To Supercharge Your Following 100% Guaranteed Twitter Followers, NO Account Password Required!”

“We offer guaranteed YouTube Video Likes packages to increase your video and channel popularity! More Likes means higher rankings and increased likelihood others will watch your videos.”

“We offer real instagram followers and likes to increase your instagram popularity and get your pictures noticed!”

Buy Facebook Likes – Buy YouTube Views – Buy Facebook Fans – Buy Twitter Followers – Buy Traffic”

“Counting large marketing firms and well-known brands and artists amongst its regular clients, ———.com has quickly established itself as one of the hottest social media marketing tools on the market!”

Maybe if I had had the money to spare (yes there are times when even the low, low price of just $14.99 for 1000 twitter followers is too much to waste on fakery or anything else) at start-up or points of operation necessitating traffic spikes, I too would’ve looked down that avenue…the key words here being, “low and down”. This is not an acceptable practice – for grass roots efforts especially.

Some of you may be unwitting participants in these shenanigans, especially if you are a public figure or enterprise that utilizes an internet marketing firm or guru, who runs your social media accounts. Many such operations go ahead and purchase friends, fans, followers and even traffic, unbeknownst to you (others don’t).

If you’d like to connect with the individual friends, followers and fans of this, my little space on the www, please know that everyone connected below has painstakingly taken the time to “click” and share a little piece of their lives with me! And I’m extremely grateful for each and every one!

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