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ICYMI: NMFilm Now in Brief

Posted by on July 20, 2012 | Comments Off on ICYMI: NMFilm Now in Brief

Sweetwater Cast: January Jones as Sarah, Ed Harris as Sheriff Jackson, Jason Isaacs as Prophet Josiah, featuring Eduardo Noriega, Stephen Root, Luce Rains, and Kathy Lampkin.

How sweet it is! Sweetwater is rolling in northern NM with a bustling cast & crew for the 25 day shoot. We’ll be on the lookout for extras casting for this production from Lorrie Latham and EG Casting.

Bruckheimer & Co. are back to put the NM wrap on TLR. After spending about a month away shooting in Utah, The Lone Ranger returns to the NM range scheduled to film through August!

The best show on television nabs emmy noms as the first of eight episodes in the can premiered to record numbers. The Breaking Bad fam. has checked out of their ABQ digs until this fall when the historic last episodes will take-up production again here in NM.

Conflicting news of The Odd Way Home shoot started coming in a few weeks ago, “it will shoot in NM”, “it won’t”, “Rumer Willis will star”, “that’s just a rumor”, etc., etc., well here are the first pics from the NM shoot, starring offspring of NM offspring Rumer Willis.

And finally local filmmakers kick a** with a hard earned Kickstarter success story! MAJOR KUDOS to the talented and determined minds behind Dead Billy!!! The New Mexico filmmakers raised $30K to produce their upcoming psychological thriller! CONGRATS!

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Breaking Back – White on White

Posted by on January 10, 2012 | 2 comments

With pre-production set to start in late February and shooting beginning in early March, NM nay the world (which is learning that NM is is indeed a part of the continental United States, largely thanks to the series) is bracing to say, “Adios” to its beloved Breaking Bad.

Though the Emmy winning series is not much for stunts, other than those supremely scripted twists and turns that leave hearts pounding and mouths agape season after season, there is a line of big name, rabid fans who pine to partake of a guest starring role.

New Mexico’s own Demi touts the series, Coco knows it’s the best show on television and now Jaleel (formerly known as Urkel) White wants in!

The Wrap

“I would love to be on ‘Breaking Bad,'” says Jaleel White, best known for playing teen nerd Steve Urkel on nine seasons of the sitcom “Family Matters.” He repeats for emphasis: “I would love to be on “Breaking Bad.”

Silly? Well, you may have not even realized you were seeing White taking on a serious role here and there (see Dreamgirls, House, Psych, Boston Legal) since his Urkel days, and the man can act sans high-waisted denim, suspenders and horn rims, with a strikingly stern and handsome repose.

Yes he’s still funny. Seen below in the 2009 teaser trailer for the web series “Road to the Altar”. Too silly? Well as The Wrap mused, maybe as silly as the hap hazard, oft befuddled and bumbling dad from “Malcolm in the Middle” heading the gritty drama in three time Emmy winning style…

If anyone could seamlessly write the likes of everyone from a Jaleel White or Conan O’Brien to a Demi Moore or (my own personal suggestion) Neil Patrick Harris into the jewel of New Mexico productions crown, it would be the all star team of Breaking Bad writers.

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Foxy to the World: WE WERE ON A BREAK!

Posted by on July 2, 2011 | Comments Off on Foxy to the World: WE WERE ON A BREAK!

Looks like one plus to having your relationship status being made public (or doing it yourself if you need that much attention) is the benefit of documentation…

While the third installment of Transformers is off to conquering the known universe the hot goss. is that franchise star Shia LaBeouf strongly hinted if not full on admitted to getting-it-on with then co-star Megan Fox, who is now a married woman as hitched to her long-time boyfriend Brian Austin Green…

Kind of Megan who like New Mexico is not featured in this installment of the series to be helping out with the publicity for the flick…confirming through representatives that the original Transformers couple shared “a fling”…adding that it was during the time of the much publicized Green/Fox family temporary break-up.

In more *NYDB news…rumors are swirling, as always around the prospect of a baby bump making a debut in the near future at the midsection of the now officially DIVORCED Avengers star Scarlett Johansson.

No one knows the truth about either of these two rumors (as it should be) but those involved – what we do know is that Megan rocks our socks, if & when Scar Jo procreates she’ll be an awesome mom and yes this post title is yet another Friends reference…

NO, I do not just watch Friends on a continuous loop…we have Netflix now…I am currently watching “Cheers”! Cheers!

(*none o’ yo damn business)

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Repost: Have You Reserved an Egg Today?

Posted by on May 5, 2011 | One comment

It looks like the national crusade for abstinence has a new face on the same old, young spokesperson. “Teen advocate” Bristol Palin showed off her new Kardash-like locks, framing a very different looking mug today on Good Morning America.

The abstinence preacher appears to have been Gretta Van Susterened – but unlike the adult news anchor who drew the YOWZAS from her audience and beyond when she got all life-style lift like, Palin may now also be seen as an advocate for major and pricey cosmetic makeovers if not full facial reconstruction for those just out of their teens.

Glass Soapbox: Protect and Reserve

Originally Posted on November 8, 2010

Preserve an egg, reserve an egg…the precious human ova (above) – Unfertilized, unharmed, unailed.

Females are born with their ovaries and all of the approximately 2 million “eggs” they will ever have, which formed in the second trimester of fetal development.

And as I’ve regaled you with before, the highest U.S. birth rates are recorded in July and August translating to most impregnations occurring in and around November.

That is why today’s been officially designated (in my mind) as “Preserve an Egg Day”, it is this day in “Zip Your Pants and Close Your Legs” (ZPCL) MONTH that I invite you to talk with girls and women in your life to remind them of just how precious every one of their millions of ova really are.

With us since before our own birth and with us til death when brought forth as to become another human being. It’s your body, it’s your call – reserve that egg or step-up in a big, big way. You seminal carriers are invited and celebrated over these holidays too!

Please refrain from unleashing your insemination if you can’t make what springs forth as a result the center of your universe and/or if your ovarian target isn’t already the most important person in your life.

Lastly, you know those horrific news reports of what goes on in this world? From the disgruntling to the completely disturbing? Spare everyone some of that by preserving an egg today!

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