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Separation of Church and Media

Posted by on September 28, 2011 | Comments Off on Separation of Church and Media

For entangling religion with pop-culture…it’s Hasselbeck for the win:

On today’s “very special” episode of the View, everyone’s favorite skwaktresses read from this story about Rihanna’s invitation to get the h-e-double-hockey-sticks OFF THE FARM by an Irishman who didn’t take too kindly to her areolic display.

The queen of tangent and hypocrisy chimed-in as only she can saying that “Jesus didn’t turn people like this away. Jesus welcomed the prostitutes.”

RECORD SCRATCH, say-what?!?

How in the name of artistry vs. the farm does someone go from the topic of exercising property rights to calling a “top” selling songstress a ho AND dragging the name of Jesus into it in one fell swoop!??!

Hasselcrack! That’s how! This woman is THE master of her domain, which is an especially rich and vibrant history of fitting foot in mouth, post giant step in dooky, that she works so quickly you don’t even see, let alone comprehend what’s happened until it’s already over.

Inspired by Hasselbeck’s ~Deep Thoughts on this (and all matters), here is my choice for picture of the day:

“Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.”

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Safety Dance

Posted by on October 5, 2010 | 2 comments

Recently we had the misfortune of nearly losing the sweetest, most precious James (SPJ) when he decided to use his head as a skipping stone across the asphalt (sans helmet).

Granted, we can’t encase ourselves in bubble-wrap and simply not ‘do’…even I had to acknowledge that anything can happen at any given time, sure as you sit a plane could fall right out of the sky or a blip in your ticker could just take you out!

HOWEVER, we have a million-billion choices a day and from clicking that seat-belt, to strapping on that helmet to wrapping-it-up, your choices could be the difference between coming out the other end whole or even making it out of the woods at all.

Lastly, from my glass soapbox of a pulpit I have to say one of my favorite motivating thoughts is this, at the very least think of those who cannot yet still try – DO what you can do to stick around please.

and p.s. Never miss a kiss…

(Jackie knows this! Way to wear that seat-belt girl! So glad you’re okay!)

p.p.s. Special thanks to Tyler, the EMT’s, UNM Hospital ER (The traumatic injury ambulance destination of choice ;) ) and the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit!

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The More You Know, New Mexico

Posted by on August 18, 2009 | Comments Off on The More You Know, New Mexico

Albuquerque Talent Development Secondary Charter School is a free, fully accredited public high school for “students seeking to develop their academic talents unlike any [other] educational program”. Contact the school or review their online application.

Public Academy for Performing Arts (PAPA), may be facing some challenges in the building code department as they have had to scoot their 2009-2010 start date and their performing arts booties to a new location, but classes will begin in full force on August 31. Visit them at PAPA.org.

And for you mensas out there be sure to look into programs for your genius such as Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science, a public charter High School located on the UNM campus. Students earn college credits while completing their HS career.

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Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) – Technical/Vocational
NM Trade School Listings
Trades training for the film industry by NM Workforce Solutions

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Posted by on March 31, 2009 | One comment

Acai vs. Prunes

All the mensos falling for the acai berry are better off filling their gullet with some prunes.

Something those of the greatest generation and/or any of those whom are members of Mensa would surely confirm.

Despite the prominent features on iconic programs, the incessent snake oil internet pop-up ads, etc., etc. the acai berry seems nothing more than a glorified blueberry.

In these “difficult times” please do opt. for some blueberries, the afore mentioned prunes, some real cocoa, some dark green veggies or even the also over-hyped pomegranate – those are even indiginious to the region, pick one off the nearest neighborhood tree à la Village Harvest.

Mmmmm, some frozen blueberries on yogurt. Antioxidants and flora friendly.

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