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Recession Succession: Jackamoe Edition

Posted by on June 14, 2012 | Comments Off on Recession Succession: Jackamoe Edition

Soon after this talent landed in the Land of Enchantment, he hit our radar and he’s been blipping everywhere we turn ever since.

Our friend, actor Jackamoe Buzzell really works it – every room he’s in, every charitable cause he can affect and the crowed at his regular gig as the tough guy who makes a veritable dinner theater out of the speak easy he presides over.

Catch Jackamoe almost nightly at Vernon’s, where starting Friday you can “forrgettaboutit” all, over the joint’s latest exclusive menu item, brought to here by Jackamoe & co., now taking his talents to audiowaves near you.


Mayhem, Disney, NM! Oh My!

Posted by on November 9, 2011 | Comments Off on Mayhem, Disney, NM! Oh My!

Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray, the Mayhem Pictures producing team behind such films as “Secretariat,” “Invincible,” “Miracle” and “The Rookie” have been taken back into the fold of the immense, all powerful Disney company.

The pair have inked the dotted line extending their first-look deal with the mouse house, granting the studio right of first refusal for developing Mayhem Pictures upcoming projects.

With the success of their sports themed, feel-good movies under their Mayhem Pictures co. belt, Variety reports that Ciardi and Gray are also “branching out into other genres with the Reese Witherspoon comedy “Wish List” and fantasy series “Fallen,” based on the young adult book series by Lauren Kate.”

Mucho mas importantly, among the 11 titles Mayem has in development, the upcoming action thriller “Protection“, starring Dwayne Johnson, has been slated to shoot right here in New Mexico…now the watch is on for whether or not that or any of the other flicks they’re expected to churn out will indeed land here in the Land of Enchantment or if they’ll fall through our cracks into the waiting film communities of Louisiana, North Carolina, etc.

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Smart City, NM

Posted by on September 7, 2011 | One comment

UPDATE 4/9/12: Pegasus Global Holdings has narrowed its choices for building a “virtual” test city in New Mexico to Dona Ana County or Lea County.

Adam Camp Reports from Hobbs for KOB4:

Hobbs is already a national leader in energy production, from oil and gas to nuclear and biofuels.

The city has averaged over 200 jobs per year for the last four years, totaling 850 industrial jobs in the last four years.

City leadership believes that economic precedent will convince Pegasus Global Holdings to bring a 20-square-mile “fake” city to Lea County, bringing with it over 3,500 direct and indirect jobs. -Full story here.

http://magic-fox.deviantart.com/3D concept art by Andrea, Italy

Eighteen months into negotiations with the state, Pegasus Global Holdings. has announced plans to build a “smart city” in the far recesses of New Mexico.

“The Center,” as the project is titled, will amount to a small model city that will be used to test advanced technologies including renewable energy solutions, so-called “intelligent” traffic systems, prototype wireless networks and smart-grid security systems.

“The idea for The Center was born out of our own company’s challenges in trying to test new and emerging technologies beyond the confines of a sterile lab environment,” said Robert H. Brumley, CEO of Pegasus Global.

Brumley goes on to say, “We were drawn to New Mexico by [Gov. Susana Martinez] and her administration’s encouragement of private-sector led, technology-based projects,”

The 20 sq. mi., $200M, privately funded project will be the first of its kind in the U.S. and could create a Silicon Valley of sorts in New Mexico.

“The Center” is expected to create about 350 jobs initially and could ultimately create about 3,500 support service jobs for the futuristic model city of 35,000 virtual residents.


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The Ipecac of our Generation

Posted by on August 21, 2011 | 2 comments

Just as a follow-up post we felt compelled to share the details of what a fame-whore celebrity can earn turning the trick called her wedding.

Here, ad nauseam are the figures for what a “reality star” earns for such a spectacle:

Well over $17 MILLION!

$2.5 million for People Magazine photo exclusive, $15+ million for the forthcoming four-hour, two-part wedding special on E! Entertainment Television.

These numbers don’t include the comped if not paid endorsements for the promotion of venues, merchants and product placements.

Ahh, holy matrimony.

We’ll try to refrain from Kardashian posts in the future unless and until prenuptial agreement details become pertinent, you know as a follow-up. Or…in the unlikely event that these millions of dollars find themselves being used in a philanthropic or even remotely useful turn back to society.

ICYDK: Syrup of ipecac (play /ˈɪpɨkæk/), commonly referred to as ipecac, is derived from the dried rhizome and roots of the ipecacuanha plant, and is a well known emetic (substance used to induce vomiting).

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NM Meth vs. NY Men

Posted by on August 5, 2011 | One comment

That Two and a Half Men mess on CBS isn’t the only XY drama in town.

In fact the reigning #1 Drama on television is maddeningly squashing the Gs out of our own beloved home grown production, Breaking Bad.

A busy bee buzz around Hollywoo is that AMC, the network for both Breaking Bad and Mad Men, is breaking the bank with the sleek, stylized, period piece dramz eating into the budget of the picturesque, perfectly scripted, expertly acted NM series.

The L.A. Times is reporting that Breaking Bad and other top show The Walking Dead are being asked to ax digits from their bottom line and the speculation is that those numbers will be used to line the pockets of Mad creator Matt Weiner.

First the scheduling melee that swept the Lead Actor Emmy right out of Cranston’s hands and undoubtedly into those of Mad’s leading man to this!

A fifth season of NM’s Own Breaking Bad is a go for the time being but the quantity, network and location may be up in the air.

For all we’ve ever had to say about the coveted New Mexico series click here and for a personal convo w/the stars pick-up the latest Weekly Alibi on stands now – featuring some riveting words from NM’s Own Br Ba star Steven Michael Quezada!

Season four of Breaking Bad airs Sunday nights on AMC and the high rollers of Mad Men will return in 2012 with their platinum plated season five (it is a pretty bad a** show, but come on New Mexico get on AMC about this sh*t – we can’t afford to lose the best show on television & we can’t even blame this mess on Susana).

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Julia Gulia’s en Français Hits Stateside

Posted by on August 14, 2010 | Comments Off on Julia Gulia’s en Français Hits Stateside

The Global beauty that is NM’s Own Julia Roberts is hitting the small screen in her first U.S. aired retail advert.

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Who’s on Myspace

Posted by on August 4, 2010 | 2 comments

Actor, Composer Val E. Kilmer is that’s who…and me and YOU don’t lie!

General interests include Cate Blanchett hmmm, inneresting.

You can take a listen and download his music, there’s nary a Doors song to be found so don’t even go there for that.

But you can watch clips of movies he’s working on and stuff. You can also buy a personally designed horse blanket or something.

I’m glad to see the creative flow and really dig on the music myself, it’s very Pear Jam Just Breathe meets The Eagles Desperado.

Go Mah Huckelberry!

Hommie is also on Twitt if that’s your bag.

APS Back to School Budget Crunch ~Relief

Posted by on July 29, 2010 | Comments Off on APS Back to School Budget Crunch ~Relief

Because we don’t all have $11 million to plunk down on an ancillary building…

APS is holding a back-to-school clothes swap meet to help students and their families prep and dress for the upcoming school year without breaking the bank.

“There is no doubt EVERYONE is in some way being affected by the current economic recession especially if you have kids. Worrying about how to get your kids clothes for the new school year or maybe clothes for you, your mother, your father, or anybody can be stressful.

There is a solution to the stress…..

On July 31, 2010 9am – 12pm some members of the community have organized a swap meet to try and help ease the financial stress of buying new clothes for you or your family.” – APS

Messiah Lutheran Church
11515 Lomas Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM

Jul 31, 2010
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Contact: Patricia Baca at 974-0740

This event is FREE of charge. To participate bring your clean, un-holy clothing for exchange!

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Recession Succession à la the Tasty Sham That is Known as the Portobello

Posted by on June 28, 2010 | Comments Off on Recession Succession à la the Tasty Sham That is Known as the Portobello

Originally posted on February 9, 2009

You can grill it, roast it, stew it, glaze it, saute it – pay over $40 for a 16 oz. bag of dried it, over $10 for one sandwich of it, or just $5 for a fresh lb. of it.

This elegantly named and masterfully marketed fungus came on the scene like so many other oversized and opulent vices in the eighties when some mutant criminis were overrunning crops and generating tons of waste.

As the literal translation of its name denotes – Beautiful Port/Door, the spawn of these previously despised spores remain highly desirable and a retain their inflated price point.

Lesson Learned: Get your own “Portobello” on.

Back in Black

Posted by on April 21, 2010 | One comment

ICYDK: NM’s most recognizably seductive female vox is back on morning radio.

Nearly a year after vacating a co-host chair over at the local mega bloks, communications conglomerate’s #1 morning show the Viking is back with her own show on KIOT 102.5 on your FM dial, weekdays 6-10 in the AM.

Now if only we could get a daily audio/visual dose of NM’s own Big Ben and the ultra presh Jaimey B. again…

Welcome back to radio Lady Viking!

Re-connect with Erica on Facebook.

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New Mexico Moon on the Block

Posted by on February 11, 2010 | 2 comments

Polaroid’s bankruptcy woes are slated to lend to an epic auction of its original photography at Sotheby’s in New York this June.

Included in the controversial “disposal” sale is the mural-sized Ansel Adams print “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico,” expected to go for $350,000.

Also expected up for auction are entire collections by Andy Warhol and Chuck Close, portraits by William Wegman, Robert Frank, David Hockney and Robert Mapplethorpe.

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Workin’ it w/the ‘Topes

Posted by on February 9, 2010 | Comments Off on Workin’ it w/the ‘Topes

Your Albuquerque Isotopes will be holding a job fair this Saturday with Ovations Food Services offering a wide range of positions for seasonal work.

From Bat Boys, Ticket Takers, Vendors, Ticket Sales, Game Day Crew, to Cooks, Concessions, Beer Vendors and more…

The fair is open to the public and will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Isotopes Park.

Full deets and downloadable applications here.

The Albuquerque Isotopes and Ovations Food Service are Equal Opportunity Employers.

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Advocate ABQ Courtesy KRQE+

Posted by on February 6, 2010 | Comments Off on Advocate ABQ Courtesy KRQE+


Albuquerque based non-profit organizations are eligible to be awarded one year of free advertising and media services valued at $1M courtesy of the New Mexico broadcasting media partnership – Advocate.

Applications are being accepted through February 12. Download the application at weadvocate.org.

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Recession Succession by Matt Mac

Posted by on December 19, 2009 | One comment

Where it’s at!

The entertainment industry may bring us a lot of things and you may not think ‘work ethic’ is one of ’em.

But who do you know that’s gettin’ paid for work they did over two years ago? Matt Mac laid this shoot down back in ’07, it’s just now landing stateside along with continued revenue for the hunky Texan.

So whether you’re nosing to a grindstone you don’t like, chasing what seems like an elusive dream…someday your version of endorsement, residual or royalty checks will roll in.

Matt Mac didn’t just swagger onto that Gabbana set and make this bank for his growing brood…he’s come a long way from Guy #2 in My Boyfriend’s Back circa 1993.

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Blowing in the Windfall

Posted by on December 10, 2009 | Comments Off on Blowing in the Windfall

Thirsty Rock

Back in the mid-nineties Linda Katz was learnin’ how to use the internets under the tutelage of her young son, when creating a basic web page they came up with a little something that looked like this, and it still does.

Shortly after going online, the hypothetical farm started generating orders from all over the world and within the first year the Katz’ were pulling in $40,000 in revenue – not too shabby for a found product that ships for the same cost as AIR.

India, Japan, Global Film & Television Production Companies and Interior Designers are some of the most insatiable weed collectors.

Locally NM Tumbleweed of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Rio Rancho meets some of the current tumbleweed demand. There are sites o’plenty out there now, so maybe boxing las rusos isn’t going to be the bag for you, but obviously there’s always something out there.

Lesson Learned: If not now, when? If not you, who?

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Upstage, Downstage, Soundstage, NM

Posted by on October 23, 2009 | One comment

While we as a state continue to wait for our anointment as #3 in North America for film production, by the EC bible of the biz, cities and towns within toil and angle for center stage.

While Socorro has made its mark in NM’s Big Picture arena with nearly a dozen shoots at the Very Large Array alone, Las Cruces City Councilors along with Alamogordo, Deming and Tularosa Mayors are raising their collective voices to continue the spread of movie making dollars further south.

Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, Las Vegas, Madrid and beyond have all been featured and are poised on the casting couch to be tapped for more starring roles.

Sitting pretty, with no shortage of state of the art studios and soundstages including Albuquerque’s Q Studios, Soundstage41, Elixir Studios +, and Production Companies a plenty, NM has its hold on the New Hollywood sash.

Try as they might (Iowa, Michigan, et al), New Mexico is winning the crown.


Happy Labor Day…

Posted by on September 7, 2009 | One comment

Happy Labor Day

This is how it’s done people…These ladies are working it!

Top left – Patricia Heaton has syndicated dough in perpetuity thanks to her long running stint on Everybody Loves Raymond, but that doesn’t keep a girl complacent. Heaton teamed with with fellow syndicated superstar Kelsey Grammer in ’07 with another stab at sit-com gold in Back to You, has since starred in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and will be seen this Fall in ABC’s new comedy The Middle.

Top right – Believes it ou non Tricia O’Kelley played Nicole Leahy in eight episodes of my beloved Gilmore Girls back in ’03-’04. She’s also worked on none other than Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Two and a Half Men, Back to You and currently stars with über syndicated Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus in The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS.

Bottom right – Holland Taylor is one heck’ uva MOTHER on Two and a Half Men, but long before she was utterly fabu alongside Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari in Bosom Buddies. In between she’s wowed us with performances in TV shows like Veronica’s Closet, ER, The Practice, Monk, The L Word and so many more. And appeared in such movies as One Fine Day, Legally Blonde, Filmore and Baby Mama.

Bottom left – Jane Lynch is just incredible and she’s been in EVERYTHING…see for yourself here.

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Spousal Syndication

Posted by on September 3, 2009 | One comment


As Charlie Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men said, ” If she becomes a big TV star while you’re still married, she’ll have to pay you alimony.” (Season 4, Episode 18) – he would know. While Denise Richards works to “support her children as a single mother” on her E! reality series It’s Complicated the ex-Mrs. Sheen gets a little boost in the support arena thanks to a purported $7 million divorce settlement and ongoing $20 million in syndication royalties from Sheen’s TV show.

And much as he might try to rid himself of his riches through successive bouts of alimony payments – Tom Arnold probably can’t marry enough times to blow all his residual payments for his stake in the Roseanne television series which plays in syndication all over the world – daily.

Lesson Learned: Marry for love, prenup for Cripes sake.

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Ichiban – Recession Succession by Commercial Movie Stars

Posted by on September 3, 2009 | Comments Off on Ichiban – Recession Succession by Commercial Movie Stars

Originally posted Friday, June 5th, 2009

What was once reserved for foreign soil has reached the shores of the good ol’ U.S. of A. Where we have Jennifer Connelly lending her dead eyes and blank stare to Revlon, Little Pony Parker has been ahead of the curve for years with Garnier, Hathaway for Lancome, Goopy pimped Estee Lauder, Sedwick thrusts and pushes O.J. etc., etc.

Now more boys than ever are edging in on the action. You may not see their bedroom eyes but you can hear those silky voices as they cash in on the spokeswhore ticket.

The Dude does Hyundai, Gene Hackman is your Lowe’s man, David-afflicted-Duchuvoney aptly sells dog food, you can hear Quaid in Capital One, Keifer Sutherland B of A, Pony Parker’s Aiden for Applebees, Magnum P.I. does/did Chrysler, and many more if you listen closely. The latest is lil’ lady lover Milo Ventimiglia in the introductory ads that were for Bing.com.

Hey, if it pays and it’s legal…There’s no such thing as ‘Extra Money

Maybe a certain local Newscaster should quit her ~public b’ching and be grateful to be working, as Grandpa would say, “No whining!”

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Syndicated Superstars vs. Newbies

Posted by on August 23, 2009 | 6 comments

George Lopez

Superstars – As Mr. Lopez declares in his own stand-up comedy routine, “I ain’t goin’ nowheres! Syndication! Syn-di-cation!” The George Lopez show has been in syndication since 2006, it currently airs on KASA Fox 2 twice every weeknight. !Viva La Raza!

The Office

Newbies – The staff of The Office, exec. producers and anyone else lucky enough to have a claim to the NBC comedy’s syndication rights hit the wellspring of television royalties as the show rolls into weeknight syndicated rotation, airing five times a week on our local CW this Fall.

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