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Star Wars Location Scouting: Is it in you New Mexico?

Posted by on March 18, 2013 | Comments Off on Star Wars Location Scouting: Is it in you New Mexico?

New Mexico Location Scouting Seminar

From the Las Cruces Film Office:

Las Cruces NM Location Scouting Seminar

Scout the next possible Star Wars movie location with ‘Puck’, New Mexico Location Manager Rebecca “Puck” Stair.

Saturday March 23, Sponsored by DACC & Las Cruces Convention and Visitors Bureau.

To register contact Mark Wark, Las Cruces Film Commissioner mwark@las-cruces.org.

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A Million and Six Ways to do Comedy Westerns in New Mexico

Posted by on January 17, 2013 | Comments Off on A Million and Six Ways to do Comedy Westerns in New Mexico


As we first found out here, comedic genius Seth MacFarlane is looking to film part of his upcoming western parody, A Million Ways to Die in the West here in NM.

Co-written with his Ted and Family Guy writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, MacFarlane’s take on the wild west is a period piece, “with contemporary humor, with one undercurrent being just how dangerous and painful life really was in the late 1800s.”

This will be MacFarlane’s sophomore direction of a feature film, following the wildly successful run of his debut directorial work on Ted, the highly irreverent and heavily R-weighted comedy starring Mark Wahlberg which has grossed over $500M worldwide.

Recent underground reports say that A Million Ways…is this close to sealing a deal to shoot in NM.

Fellow comedy box office gold miner, Adam Sandler also has a western comedy on the horizon, and those sight/sites are also rumored to be set on NM!

Deadline Hollywood says:

This is the laffer that Sandler was going to make at Sony before Happy Madison Productions moved it to Paramount. The title [Ridiculous 6] is reminiscent of the 1960 United Artists pic The Magnificent Seven that starred Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Coburn, the drama about seven gunfighters drafted to protect a Mexican town, so might this be a variation featuring inept gunslingers?

Both films are slated for a spring shoot, wherever they may shake-out…

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Out of Print: Seth MacFarlane Film Headed to the Wild Wild West, New Mexico Style

Posted by on January 3, 2013 | 3 comments

Click to enlargeMacFarlane-New-Mexico-Film-A-Million-Ways-2-Die-in-the-WestFrom the print edition of the Rio Grande Sun via Alan SmitheeThanks Alan!

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Star Wars in 2013: New Mexico is Sand Farm Ready

Posted by on November 28, 2012 | Comments Off on Star Wars in 2013: New Mexico is Sand Farm Ready

Personally, I like what Disney has done with their purchase of New York City…ABC is doing quite well, and I have no doubt that if a port for Disney Cruise Lines in New Mexico would suit them, the Walt Disney Company could pull it off!

I have long been awaiting a sizable investment in the Land of Enchantment by the multinational mass media conglomerate. After all we have seen them here, from the Avengers to The Lone Ranger, Disney has built it and COME!

With the recent purchase of all things Lucas how long will it be until we’re all suited-up in our Storm Trooper best? Hell, most of us are replete with prêt-à-porter Tatooine garb!

We’ve also got no shortage of Fanbois and girls (both domestic and imported)! From our ever growing and increasingly acclaimed Comic & Sci-fi Conventions to the long lived lore of being the birthplace of the Alien Autopsy, we are proudly geekcentric!

Now that the rumblings have begun, via the inbox@oneheadlightink.com, that the Imperial scout-abouts have landed in NM, every Star Warsophile should sit-up and take notice!

Don’t blow this one Susana…

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Top Gun Eyes Picturesque New Mexico

Posted by on October 17, 2011 | Comments Off on Top Gun Eyes Picturesque New Mexico

Is the same distribution hause that brought Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Transformers 1-2, Thor and The Avengers…to the world via New Mexico sets & shoots eying NM for a 25th anniversary sequel to Top Gun?

Whether Paramount is full-throttle on this project or not remains to be seen, however industry bible, Variety reports that X-Men: First Class and Thor writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz have been hired to write Top Gun 2.

Top Gun ’86 director Tony Scott, producer Jerry Bruckheimer (The Lone Ranger) and Maverick himself, Tom Cruise have talked openly about likely involvement in the 21st Century sequel.

Perhaps most notably, Scott is on record as saying, “I’m not waiting for a script. I’m going to do my homework. I’m going down to…Nevada, down near New Mexico and it’s a whole different world now…These computer geeks — these kids play war games in a trailer in Fallon, Nevada and if we ever went to war or were in the Middle East or the Far East or wherever it is, these guys can actually fly drones. They are unmanned aircraft. They operate them and then they party all night.”

But most importantly – location scouting. Here’s an eyeful of Paramount distributed, New Mexico films for the scout’s arsenal…

Bring on the Top Gun, we know Iceman is probably available, and God knows “We’re ready to do business“.

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Django Unchained New Mexico Style?

Posted by on July 6, 2011 | 2 comments

UPDATE 10/3/11: Tarantino and Co. have chosen Louisiana over New Mexico for Unchained. Production begins this November.

May film tizzies lend to July speculations…after the hand scrawled cover of what is presumed to be the final draft of Quentin Tarantino’s latest script began circulating all over the www this spring more details have been slow to follow about Django Unchained

Of particular interest here is that the Natural Born Killers director who shot part of that film aqui with Woody Harrelson, whose HBO film Game Change just left NM and current/temporary res. Samuel L. Jackson all tie-in nicely to the web of movie past, present and future of which N. Mex is intrinsically a part!

Harrelson may or may not be a part of this particular film but the list of big names who are is rapidly growing…from Leonardo DiCaprio to Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. himself and Jamie Foxx…

New Mexico too is rumored to star…

More on what has so far been confirmed about the film as reported by The Daily Mail back in May after the jump >>
» Read the full post

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Well Hell’s Bells

Posted by on May 12, 2011 | 8 comments

THIS JUST IN 08/12/11: The Los Angeles Times is REPORTING that Disney Is SHUTTING DOWN PRODUCTION ON THE LONE RANGER! Sound familiar?

Annnnnnd now THIS: Reports of the Lone Ranger’s demise are greatly exaggerated, so says Variety – here.

Disney sure does know how to kick-up dust in its desert home of New Mexico! ;)

THAT NOT SO SECRET SET 8/1/11: On Location VacationsRelated

UPDATE 7/10/11: SUPER ~secret set construction begins! Official‘ish announcements are beginning to come out…Hi-Yo Silver! NM silver screen that is! Woot!

For Angelie

Those among you who care to know if the pipeline of sessy leading men will continue to flow into New Mexico – we are here for YOU!

We’ve patiently waited for stalled projects like Unbound Captives to unleash the likes of Robert Pattinson on our fair state and the pending Protection of Dwayne “The Rock Again” Johnson.

The desert heat rises when scary Colin Farrell frights, Tatum charms again and again, or mucho mas gorgeous Cena shows us some lurve.

Not to be outdone, our beloved part-time New Mexicans set-up house and help out the community while their NM based productions shoot, and oodles of feature film & indie goodness roll in & out like our cool evening breezes (sigh)…

We’ve long awaited the arrival of Johnny Depp – and he may never leave if a certain Santa Fean beauty has a moment to work her charms on ’em.

Shantaram has been forever slated to shoot aqui con Depp but alas that film appears to be in the permanent hold queue avec Unbound

HOWEVER hot on the Disneywire today is news that Depp’s escándalo Tonto in Disney’s upcoming Lone Ranger flick has sights set on NM!

If asked, this bloggette could attest to the facts that this is a very real possibility – as we all know Disney ain’t no stranger to the Land of Enchantment, whether under their flagship moniker or with one of their acquired brands; Marvel, ABC or Sony Imageworks – we’ve long had us mouse in the house!

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Posted by on November 29, 2010 | Comments Off on MARVELICIOUS!

UPDATE: 12/22/10 And it is so… Come April so comes CAPTAIN AMERICA: The First Avenger to Nuevo Mexico! Woot!

ABQ Biz Journals Coverage here

One or BOTH of these super-hero studs coming to a town near YOU, NM!!!

The Comic-Bible sites are a buzz-ity-buzz, BUZZ today about the fact that Marvel’s big boys are set to bring some more of their big toys to Nuevo México.

As we’ve reported here Captain America has been overseas filming in the UK and now some U.S. filming questions may be answered with a big FAT N.M.

Like Thor and light Iron Man 2 werk picked-up here before him it appears a lil’ bit O’ Captain is headed this way.

Yes, the comic rabid are batting about that very prospect. The actual chatter is stating that vague deets are spewing forth that either I-Ron Man III or The Captain is NM bound, but this blogette would not be at all surprised if we get both these
heavy hitters! Captain’s ETA is as early as January…

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Uno Voz mas Magnífico

Posted by on October 16, 2010 | One comment

From the sexiest lady voice around (previous post, duh), with her hair and heart of gold to another coveted voice coming at you from intros to pitches and everywhere in-between…

You know that guy on PBS who narrates errything from The American Experience to the Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World commercials or the late great movie trailer announcer Don LaFontaine…well forget them – NM’s own voice of the ages can be yours!

Take it light & easy over ice cream cake and pizza parties. Higher, faster and louder for an event whose purposes may escape you yet you’re still SUPER excited to go to it! Or for the more audibly titillated set he can just speak his speak – that Barry White meets what the cover of a romance novel would sound like if it could talk…click here for audio.

In what some (me) would dub one of the most erroneous and heinous moves in NM audio landscape history (just one of them, in the past several years) Jaimey B. has been long off the radio waves of our hearts, but he’s kickin’ it and stealing away with ears aplenty laying down incredible sounds for all your commercial, announcement, documentary and narration needs.

To achieve the oration of your dreams follow these links to El Voz Magnífico: Main, 123, FB, Voices

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Hollywood, New Mexico Adjacent

Posted by on September 20, 2010 | One comment

Film in Lincoln County – filmlcnm.org

There actually is a Hollywood, NM. Nestled between the Lincoln National Forrest, Ruidoso and Cloudcroft you’ll find Hollywood 88345- and we’re primed & at the ready for YOUR NM Productions.

One of our great state’s candidates for Gov. come Nov. may not be so ready to aknowledge & maintain N. Mex as a leader in North American film production but Double, double toil and trouble be damned (or at least not be elected post-primary) because from So. Nem. to N. 25 and everywhere in-between we say, GO NEW MEXICO!

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Bless NM Ultima

Posted by on August 18, 2010 | 2 comments

As we told you here the beloved book that is soon to be a stage production is now set to become a feature film.

Bless Me Ultima, the classic novel by native New Mexican Rudolfo Anaya will be written and directed for the big screen by Carl Franklin (High Crimes, One True Thing, Devil in a Blue Dress).

Production is slated to begin as early as next month in Nuévo Mexico!

Casting deets soon to follow.

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Round and Round the Marvel Goes

Posted by on August 5, 2010 | One comment

…where it stops, me thinks I knows. Walt Disney Pictures is set to churn the Marvel Studios published comic book series Runaways into a feature film set to shoot January-July 2011, directed by Pete Sollett, written by Drew Pearce and Brian K. Vaughn.

“Runaways follows a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are secretly supervillains. The revelation causes them to flee their parents and attempt to defeat them while discovering their own powers and special abilities along the way.”

Coming-up on the heels of Thor and the Avengers casting is now getting underway. See full descriptions of lead roles after the jump…

» Read the full post

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It’s That Time of Year…

Posted by on May 25, 2010 | One comment

And now to suppress your more adult cravings…

Birds are chirping, bees are buzzin’ and it’s getting hotter by the day. Albuquerque the Magazine is doing its part to bring the hot in the form of cool, sexy singles.

In its seventh annual Hot Singles edition the mag will showcase a select few of the city’s scintillating finest – and they’ll cap off that finery with a celebration open to all on August 27.

Now til then the hard workin’ crew of the mag are taking nominations and hosting singles search and mingling events throughout the city. Happy, hot, sexy summer season!

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From Eli to Akira

Posted by on February 10, 2010 | Comments Off on From Eli to Akira

Directors of the New Mexico production The Book of Eli, brothers Allen and Albert Hughes, have announced they will undertake the live action adaptation of the graphic novel “Akira”.

Scripted by Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby (Iron Man) the post-apocalyptic saga centers around Kaneda, the leader of a biker gang who must stop his friend, the deadly Tetsuo from his own insanity to save the lives of all around them.

The ’82 novel has already been a cult success as a feature length anime film directed by author Katsuhiro Otomo in ’88. The new film is already set to be one of two installments.

Now who does post-apocolyptic better than NM? Here’s hype-perbole, hoping the bros will be back with their Akira.

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And now a lil’ Soupçon for the Ladies +

Posted by on January 11, 2010 | One comment

Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming action thriller, Knockout is currently scouting locations in Nuevo México.

Sexy silver lobo Antonio Banderas, youngin Channing Tatum and buff & beautiful mixed-martial artist Gina Carano are rumored to star.

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