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Meeting Anna Gunn

Posted by on August 25, 2013 | One comment

Anna Gunn Breaking Bad Panel Discussion

In the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad we may come to view Skyler White in a very different light, because God and a select few are privy to the fact that if anyone can pull off some majorly unexpected turns it’s actress Anna Gunn. After one riveting encounter, I for one will never look at her the same way – mainly in that I will now actually be able to look at her.

The collective “they” say it all the time about likable stars, how they make you feel like you’re the only person in the world…yada, yada, yada. Well when you’re speaking to the woman who makes Breaking Bad fans the world over seethe with contempt and loathing, YOU are the only person in her world. And if not, give this girl her Oscar NOW!

I’ve told the anecdote many times, about how I get to go back and watch some segments of Breaking Bad and they will be all new to me because I’ve walked out of the room and/or skipped entire scenes to avoid the fury Skyler White evokes in me.

Well, it only takes a moment to see that the woman who brings the inescapably infuriating Mrs. White to the small screen is nothing like the taciturn character she plays so flawlessly. Immediately her tall but tiny frame gracefully paints a different picture than the sometimes menacingly imposing, amazonian figure Anna Gunn strikes on Breaking Bad as the overbearing, annoying, and oft detestable missus. And yes, true to the old cliché, she is MUCH better looking in person.

Shooed back by a publicist, whose job and intent was to just get past the bulk of the patient journalists in the press line, this blogette threw a pout when waved off by the celeb wrangler who was gesturing to Ms. Gunn to “move it along”. Then the star stopped, locked her piercing blue eyes on mine, rested a gentle hand on my arm and with a simple wink and a nod exuded an amazing amount of delicate compassion saying, “don’t worry I’ll take your questions”.

Before “moving along” to be equally as kind and accessible to the rest of the crowd waiting for her, she stayed with me for minutes, which seemed like longer leisurely moments that passed slowly and comfortably. The Emmy nominated actress both gushed and teared-up about the show that has been her home for the last seven years coming to an end, how much she truly loves her TV family (both cast and crew), and we talked about her affinity for her native New Mexico, her beloved family and what’s coming up next for her career.

Though bathed in the universal disdain of Breaking Bad fans, you can trust that we haven’t seen the last of “The Most Hated Woman on Television“. By the mere fact that her terse, loathsome character is brought to life with a despicable, somewhat misunderstood perfection that is woven out of the incredibly rich and raw talent of this truly beautiful woman, there is no question that this upcoming finale is only the crest of the horizon for Anna Gunn beyond Bad.

Special thanks to CQ and SMQ

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From the Bruckheimer Chronicles AKA Twitter PLUS Johnny Depp on Set

Posted by on June 28, 2012 | 2 comments

New pics from the set of The Lone Ranger as recently tweeted by Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer:

On another side of the coin I do have in my hot little hand, a picture of The Lone Ranger Star, none other than Johnny Depp himself, on the New Mexico studio set for the film.

HOWEVER, I am not at liberty to publish said pic at this time.

Schooled though as I am in the masscommunication and proliferation of gibberish, I can ever so eloquently offer this poetic description of the very, very, exciting, sought after imagery:

Johnny Depp, as you’ve seen him before…

Somehow expressing quirkiness, eccentricity and a subdued humility all in one ever so slight curl of the lip, blankness of eye, and brow almost undetectably half cocked. All this range of emotion and subtle intrigue displayed as only a thespian of his stature could produce.

From behind shades of only slightly detectable blue, beneath a weathered ebony hat, which is crumpled atop his shaggy hairdo, Depp stands, Depp is…

on a studio lot at either dawn or dusk in Albuquerque New Mexico, having just walked between some StarWaggons® on the asphalt all around him (basically he’s walking around wearing these glasses with this hat).

I have other pics at the ready as well. Those too are Johnny Depp, looking like Johnny Depp, on a starry night after a long days work in the Q. COMING SOON!

P.S. Why isn’t New Mexico manufacturing their own version of StarWaggons® already?!?

More Depp (AKA Mah Woo May) in NM here and Depp in costume here and here.

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Romantic Lady, Sophisticated Mama

Posted by on March 25, 2011 | 3 comments

The glamorous life of blogging affords many things such as freedom, flexibility, poverty…and with less constraint from the FCC, PRC and propriety it’s a free-wheeling fun ride for all!

But we are accountable for drawing an audience and from Arbitron to Neilson to Census, numbers rule. The very existence of this website depends on traffic, without it (without you) there’s no reason to maintain the parking fees.

So, part of our internet based, pseudo careers is the duty of reviewing our data and that of those around us to best match our output to your input.

Some of the (excessive)ly interesting data we’ve recently reviewed about our current audience trends (that I was able to retain) really spoke to me as the “One” primarily responsible for inviting you to stay and watch our little, dancing cyber-monkey show.

THIS is what I learned: OHI likes the ladies and the ladies like OHI.

I expected our audience would be trending more toward juvenile boys – probably because I feel like that’s where my mentality is more than half the time. But, nope! Turns out we’re lady heavy – educated ladies at that. Ladies who have the wherewithal to be perusing the internets from home or their mobile devices.

Gentlemen, we’ll be accepting your resumes and headshots for broadcast shortly…

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New Mexican Valentine

Posted by on February 14, 2011 | 2 comments

Demi Moore joining the cast of the Avengers in New Mexico?
Breaking Bad
guest spot?

International Superstar, New Mexican. Global Humanitarian, New Mexican.

We’ve begged, we’ve pleaded, we’ve chided

She’s been all over the world and continues to wow with her acting, producing, directing and activism…this “hometown” is following in her footsteps…like Demi New Mexico is fast becoming a world leader in film – and like Demi we’re working fighting to help those around us through our success.

This Valentine’s Day we’re asking our own to shine her star back home.

And now a Valentine from NM Film and Media to: The phenomenon that is New Mexico’s Own Demi Moore:

Links: Slowburn, Fireborn Films, OneHeadlightInk.com

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Uno Voz mas Magnífico

Posted by on October 16, 2010 | One comment

From the sexiest lady voice around (previous post, duh), with her hair and heart of gold to another coveted voice coming at you from intros to pitches and everywhere in-between…

You know that guy on PBS who narrates errything from The American Experience to the Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World commercials or the late great movie trailer announcer Don LaFontaine…well forget them – NM’s own voice of the ages can be yours!

Take it light & easy over ice cream cake and pizza parties. Higher, faster and louder for an event whose purposes may escape you yet you’re still SUPER excited to go to it! Or for the more audibly titillated set he can just speak his speak – that Barry White meets what the cover of a romance novel would sound like if it could talk…click here for audio.

In what some (me) would dub one of the most erroneous and heinous moves in NM audio landscape history (just one of them, in the past several years) Jaimey B. has been long off the radio waves of our hearts, but he’s kickin’ it and stealing away with ears aplenty laying down incredible sounds for all your commercial, announcement, documentary and narration needs.

To achieve the oration of your dreams follow these links to El Voz Magnífico: Main, 123, FB, Voices

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Nospheratu in the Q

Posted by on September 21, 2010 | 2 comments

N. Mex don’t need no stinkin’ pappos! This ©Sindicated Fan Photo, captured the skittish Fright Night star who’s none-too-fond of a renegade camera’s lens. But no doubt this shutter-bug was as frightened by the sight of the reclusive stud as he happened to pass ’em by in Albuquerque en route to another day at the office last week…

Looking good Jerry! Nothing new to see here, Farrell’s a sexy mess as usual in tight jeans, pointed toe boots and appears to favor the crips over the bloods


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Dia de Gaitiria

Posted by on September 6, 2010 | 2 comments

New Mexico has no shortage of talent and this lovely lady is an exceptional example of that rule.

I know, I know – another beautiful New Mexican, but beauty is just one of her attributes.

On the catwalk, in front of the lens, under the lights or signing, this model, actress, interpreter is Diana Gaitiria and we’d be remiss not to take notice.

And you may have done just that during her top ranked bid for a popular national insurance campaign, or in one of her many featured photo shoots or fashion shows.

If you hadn’t seen her yet, make note because this desert star can’t help but shine!

Portfolio and Contact

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NM’s Own Marvel

Posted by on June 4, 2010 | Comments Off on NM’s Own Marvel

He doesn’t even have a head shot and since it’s so easy to find your talent online Cal may go undiscovered {gasp}.

Like the old-timey stories of a beautiful starlet getting discovered at a Malt Shop on Hollywood & Vine…so we found “Ready Set Cal”!

Just adjacent to the gates of Cyberdyne, in an irony of ironies there was Cal working behind the camera?!?! AND supporting that sweet smile you see above, KA-BOOM! Cal could step right into buff superhero or villian boots – no muscle suit required!

That brilliant smile, gently ‘giant’ personality and of course the KA-BOOM are why I’ve personally dubbed Cal not only camera ready but set ready, a.k.a. “Ready Set CAL”!

At the very least NM’s Own Marvel silhouette can easily step-in to stand-in for Dwayne “Hombre” Johnson on his upcoming NM shoot.

Find Cal on Facebook if your set is ready!

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Our Picture of the Day: NM’s Own Edition

Posted by on May 16, 2010 | 2 comments

UPDATE 090410: Erik has really been workin’ it NM style. As the list of NM productions continues to grow so does his resume. Basically he’s kicking butt, taking names and has managed to pick-up one of NM’s most highly sought after numbers!

New Mexico Actor Erik Alfonse Hausmanis (a.k.a. EMoney) is our latest pick of the litter from the ever expanding NM talent pool.

Hausmanis strikes a riveting Jean Claudeesque pose, only new and improved and contemporary. You may have caught a glimpse of Eriks in the recent NM big screen production Did You Hear About the Morgans?, he’s also worked on the upcoming films The Loop and Let Me In.

You can get the Kalamazoo, MI transplant for your NM film and television projects through his agent Vince Pulli, A & M Agency. Follow the budding NM star on Twitter here.

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NM’s Own KRQE Situation

Posted by on April 23, 2010 | 2 comments

KRQE Mornings et al have captured my attention with their various teasers leading up to the eventual unveiling their brand new studio. But more than that thanks to Jay Leno’s perpetual un-funniness and my affinity for East Coast wit I’ve been falling asleep on the #3 CBS with Dave Letterman (after KASA Fox 2 news and TMZ of course), which has led to some early mornings with Deanna and Mike.

Mike’s voice and delivery are downright hypnotic, and as I stare at him I realize that he’s the calmer, newsie version of the seductively intense Alec Baldwin. Both Mike and Deanna seem even clearer than usual too, maybe their temporary mouse-hole diggs are equipped with better cameras. AnysupermagnifiedHD, they are like 3X life size and clear as day.

Which has brought about a new found appreciation for Deanna’s saucey Paula Abdul look, and though I have never seen her abs, those enviable eyebrows definitely garner a NM’s Own Situation award.

and p.s. it’s nice that KRQE Mornings and the CBS Morn’ Show don’t have a damn ticker at the bottom of the screen distracting my ADD***!

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NM’s Own: She’s Got the Look

Posted by on December 30, 2009 | Comments Off on NM’s Own: She’s Got the Look

The New Mexico production, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen racked-up righteous box office numbers, made it into the Guinnes Book of World Records and has now been named the best action film of the year.

In the same poll conducted by Movie Fone dot com, the perpetually Nuevo México filming Megan Fox ranks as both the sexiest and the worst actress of 2009.

Our final pick of the year to run head to head with Old Hollywood players is this authentic New Mexican, Ms. Meghan Lowery has got the ~name and certainly got the look!

We hope that she and our other NM’s Own of ’09 get their fair share of our New Hollywood status in the New Year!

Soon you can vote on your fave NM big screen stars of ’09 in ©Sindication’s first annual Golden Tumbleweed Awards.

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He’ll Have You at Smile

Posted by on September 24, 2009 | 5 comments

NM's Own David Glass

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NM Stock

Posted by on September 10, 2009 | One comment

Res Q Clip

Behold the explosion scene from NM’s Rogue Taurus Productions 2009 48 Hour Film Festival submission Res Q.

Directed by Paul J Porter, written by Hayley Derryberry and
Morgan Estill, explosives by Brian Reece. Cast includes Nicole Gramlich – sexy mohawk girl, hostage girl – Hayley Derryberry, man with swords – Mark Furini. Full list of film credits here.

The star of this scene is Steven Ray Byrd. We’re fans of Byrd here because he’s serious about his craft. Steven and his family moved to New Mexico to pursue his acting career. This is the kind of dedication New Hollywood New Mexico should always aspire to inspire.

Below is a student short produced locally by eKmOHzproductions via eura1990:

The industry is here. Are you on board or out to lunch? If we don’t take up the reigns and do-it-up well, MI, WY, AL, LA, NC, MA, OH, Canada, on and on…are hot on our boot heel.

New Hollywood, NM – the land of Enhancement. Not this kind.

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NM’s Own

Posted by on June 17, 2009 | One comment

Knox Partain

NM’s Own Star Tattoo Artist Chris Partain strikes a Johnny Knoxville figure.


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Kate,Pratt,Octo NO! Say Hello to NM’s Own

Posted by on June 5, 2009 | 5 comments

NMO -Liz Chavez

Local Agency/Representation Links:
Rainbow Casting
NM Film Casting Accociates
NM Film Casting Directors
A & M Agency

More NM’s Own

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NM’s Own

Posted by on February 24, 2009 | Comments Off on NM’s Own

NM Talent

Ex-Boy Bander, Ex-Mr. Chestica Simpson, Ex-Reality T.V. Star, famous Singer/Actor Nick Lachey and NM’s Own actor/model Gavin Sykes.

You can hire Gavin through TalentStreet.com.

Send us your idea of NM’s Own doppelganger at

See more of NM’s Own here.

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Beauty on the Cheap

Posted by on February 3, 2009 | Comments Off on Beauty on the Cheap

Erica Viking

When the Jenna Jameson of yore, was still a fresh faced, pre-op beauty NM’s Own natural beauty Erica Viking easily gave her a run for her money in the glamour department.

During a segment on last Thursdays Intergalactic News on the KZRR 94 Rock Morning Show Erica muses with her co-hosts on where it all went awry for Ms. Jameson – hitting upon the possible side affects of her rigorous career, chemical use, and various treatments to name a few.

Click here to view.

Lesson Learned – Keep it simple, keep it beautiful, e.g. keep the harsh lighting and number of “co-hosts” to a minimum.
Sex & Drugs = No Rock =Yes

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Need More Entries

Posted by on January 28, 2009 | Comments Off on Need More Entries


This is not Tom Cruise in Albuquerque, NM but it sure does look like him.

Calling all NM stars. There’s Room for Two. And “people” are looking. Are you or do you know a New Mexican star look-alike??? You may be called upon to stand-in or star in one of the many NM productions set to roll.

See who has already been named NM’s Own here.

Send your likeness to: sindication@oneheadlightink.com

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NM’s Own

Posted by on January 12, 2009 | Comments Off on NM’s Own

Hollywood’s Adam Scott

NM’s Own Michael Kelting. New Chief Meteorologist KOB-TV. Singing chops yet to be proven…

More of NM’s Own here.

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NM’s Own

Posted by on January 5, 2009 | Comments Off on NM’s Own

Brazilian born, international super-model Gisele Bundchenphoto match/PG14

NM’s Own “Raime” – Photographer, Model, Artist

See more of NM’s Own here.

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