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Holy Random Hookup B̶a̶t̶Wolfman!

Posted by on April 11, 2011 | Comments Off on Holy Random Hookup B̶a̶t̶Wolfman!

UPDATE 8/22/11: Baby girl Del Toro-Stweart has arrived. Kimberly Stewart has given birth to her first child with actor Benicio Del Toro, a daughter weighing in at 8lbs and 9oz. Congratulations!

The Mexican Puerto Rican Brad Pitt and the female Rod Stewart have become one.

Thanks to the good folks at Morphthang‘ dot com we can all get a sneak-peek at the merged genes of the pre and post pubescent offspring of the offspring of the man who we all kissed in the fold out, album cover of Blondes Have More Fun (no, just me?), and the sexiest, most surly leading man since Yul Brynner.

Aww, what a cutie. Coyotes are adorbs! Annnnnnd now let the selfritous words of (R) Huckabee follow…

P.S. Click for our own glass soapbox if, and in case you’re not a trust-fund baby or bankable star…

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They Mated

Posted by on October 20, 2010 | Comments Off on They Mated

UPDATE 08/28/11: For real this time – the long awaited progeny from King Jay-Z and his Queen B-eyonce has made its debut in baby-bump form! The 2011 MTV VMA Music Awards once again DELIVERS!

LIVE STREAM HERE Boy Ga Ga/Jo Calderone, Katy Perry Cubed, the coveted “bump” y todo!


The hills are alive with the sounds of mating…well maybe not.

But the net is a BUZZ about the latest MEGA-couple who will spring forth from their collective loins some offspring.

Again, from our friends at Morph ‘thang is a visual for your appetite for celebrity baby. And that bebe is Qui-UTE!

24 yr. old Benjamina Blunt Z-Knowles needs to relax though…She lookin’ more drag than g-ma Knowles.

But seriously, even though we’re on the verge of celebrating the first inaugural ZPCL DAY (a.k.a. World Day Day) we are genuinely happy for peeps who are of age, financially and emotionally prepared to bring-up and care for the blessing of a babe!

Congratulations to the growin’ Z’yonce brood!

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