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Separated At Birth: Sense and Sensibility

Posted by on April 16, 2011 | One comment

The plucky young actress first brought to our attention in the twenty first century teen dramedy SUPER BAD, Emma Stone and her self proclaimed more jaded, more seasoned comedic counterpart Kathleen Madigan.

Upper lip drawn taught, stiff as they speak-up & speak-out in their respective fields, both ladies are clever, witty, raven haired & sharp nay silver tongued – and that is why I’m a fan of ’em both!

Check this rare video of video of Madigan on the defunct (then refunct), Tonight Show with Jay Leno as brought to you by me via the now defunct KASA Fox 2 Interactive Report, in which she classically explains what would’ve given our own El Majico a successful run at the presidency back in ’08:

Jessica’s Interactive Report: May 13: kasa.com

Kathleen’s comedy is streaming on Netflix in Gone Madigan and her wet eared look alike Emma Stone brings it in both Zombieland (3:5 hubs points) and Easy A (which totally held up right up until the las 10-15 min.) and is currently filming Spiderman with not Logan Lerman.

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