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Video of the Day: Breaking Bad Superfan “Tighty Whitey Desert Pilgrimage” Edition

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What’s Portrayed in the Q Should Stay in the Q: Breaking Bad Edition

Posted by on December 5, 2011 | Comments Off

As my beloved Michael K. would say…here is your “Hot Slut” of the day…

And by hot I mean water, because chicky is in all kinds of hot water. And by slut I mean, ho please!

Irina Kristy has gone and attempted to go all “Walter White” in Mass. #Fail.

BOSTON (CBS) – A 74-year-old professor who has lectured at Boston schools for two decades has been charged with running a methamphetamine lab.

Irina Kristy, who teaches math at Boston University and Suffolk University, will be arraigned next month for allegedly running a meth lab out of her Somerville home.

Kristy’s son Grigory pleaded not guilty to the same charges last month.

Kristy has been placed on administrative leave at Suffolk.

BU officials, meanwhile, said they are aware of the charges.

Thanks Captain

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Not Just for Grandma’s Glaucoma Anymore

Posted by on June 18, 2009 | One comment

Rx Eyelash Cream

Grandma, what long eyelashes you have! We can attest – Grandma’s prescription glaucoma meds. did grow her some long, luscious lashes. It also made an icy blue ring around her otherwise brown irises, and darkened her upper and lower lids like burgundy shadow.

The Twilightiacs are gonna go nuts for this.

But natural’s always best. Rx just seem such a harsh way to go. There must be a natural equivalent like the po’ man’s Viagra.

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Jesus Christ!

Posted by on May 7, 2009 | One comment

What is Twitter
On Twitter

Now you know everyone is Twittering. Since this incarnation out of Germany is a registered Tweeter do you think my Grandma will let me go ahead & exclaim, “Jesus Christ” if this is the guy I’m talking about?


Hello NASA, it’s the Amish calling…

Posted by on April 27, 2009 | One comment

The Amish Connection

What goes together like PB & J, Hand & Glove, or Horse & Buggy? Why it’s space age Tempur-Pedic® , TEMPUR® material as developed by NASA and Amish furniture.

At the corner of irony and commercialism in ‘Q Town’, New Mexico you can mix your desire for old-timey, handcrafted wood furniture with your need for orthopedic sleep – the likes of which your craftsman can never or will ever experience.

The DP/SO/SE says, “Maybe they use some Amish approved method for preparing the TEMPUR® material that keeps it authentically Amish.”

Come on, even Baconnaise is Kosher – This just isn’t. Kosher, no. Funny, yes.

The Amish Connection2

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Drunk Driver Narrowly Misses Two Runs Over Self, NM

Posted by on November 26, 2008 | Comments Off

Notoriously plauged with chronic and deadly drunk-driving incidents New Mexico instituted the “Drunk Busters Hotline“, which received multiple tips on Sunday leading to the following video of 21-year-old Roy T. Aguilar attempting to evade police, in a high-speed chase, barely missing two other vehicles before careening off-road, falling out of his vehicle and running himself over.
Full story at KRQE.com

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Weird? Mystery Piano Left in the Woods of MA

Posted by on November 24, 2008 | Comments Off

if a piano falls in the woods; does it make a sound? Pictures, Images and Photos
CNN Reports
A small Baldwin Acrosonic piano, in good condition, set ready for a playing was left in the woods near the Cape. WTF?
(Not the piano pictured above BTW)

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