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“The Business of the Business-Showbiz 101” (Warehouse 21)

Posted by on September 9, 2013 | Comments Off on “The Business of the Business-Showbiz 101” (Warehouse 21)

9/12/13 CONGRATULATIONS to our winner Jeremie!

WAREHOUSE 21 has generously donated one of the valuable seats for this one of a kind workshop for one lucky One Headlight Ink reader!

Email* your contact info to casting @oneheadlightink.com for your chance to get in on this!

Buy your tickets now at Warehouse21 or Hold my Ticket

“The Business of the Business-Showbiz 101” (Warehouse 21)

**There are only a few days left to sign up. Time is running out! Please do not miss this rare opportunity with Sheryl Roberts, Greg Serano, and Special Guests. **

Warehouse 21 Presents “The Business of the Business-Showbiz 101” with Sheryl Roberts, Greg Serano, and Special Guests!

***Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, previously scheduled participant Steven Michael Quezada will not be in attendance***

**Exciting Update: Great News**

** Your Headshot is your calling card. Carolyn Wright( an established photographer) will be there to help you get your perfect headshot!**

** Mike Walters from the Albuquerque Stunt Assosiation is confirmed to be teaching and demoing during the workshop. **

Auditions are always the hardest part of the acting process, and if you take this workshop you will learn everything you need to know! Being an extra is great experience, but this takes you to a different level. If you want to cross over from being an extra to becoming an actor, this is the workshop you MUST attend! Casting Director/Producer Sheryl Roberts who has been involved in the casting department of many films and television shows (see IMDB credits) and Actor Greg Serano, (Terminator Salvation, Wild Fire, Legally Blonde, and most recently The Mentalist) are teaching this workshop for professional and aspiring actors. In an exciting development, working professionals who are currently filming in New Mexico will appear as our special guests. This workshop is designed to teach you everything you need to know to be successful in our very special industry. This workshop is also for parents of young children trying to break in to the entertainment business. We will teach you how NOT to get ripped off. Please bring two headshots and a resume if you have them. If you don’t, bring 2 snap shots with contact information written on the back. On Saturday September 14th there will be a two hour lecture (bring a note book) followed by two hours of practical application. On Sunday September 15th, the day will be dedicated to “Extreme Coaching” with Sheryl and Greg, and a coaching/advisory session with Carolyn Wright well known headshot photographer (http://www.thephotostudio.com/) teaching you everything you need to know about getting the perfect headshot. At the end of the session Carolyn will give participants a certificate for your free headshot sitting fee. Carolyn will set up a shoot date with you and you will get your headshot complete with your name on it and retouched. With the certificate your complete headshot now only cost you $48.50. Anyone in the industry will tell you what a CRAZY deal this is, especially from such an accomplished photographer.

Seats are limited so PRE-REGISTRATION IS MANDITORY. * This workshop is open to everyone, but children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult. One accompanying adult is free of charge. To register for class please go to the Warehouse 21 website http://www.warehouse21.org/ if paying by credit card. If paying by cash or check, please visit Warehouse 21 at the address below. Cost of the workshop is $140 for both days.

When: September 14th and 15th 2 PM to 6 PM

Where: Warehouse 21

1614 Paseo De Peralta

Santa Fe, NM

For more information, please call (505)795-8563. You can also email thecastingganginc@gmail.com

You DO NOT want to miss this workshop and the surprise special guests!

PLEASE NOTE- Ms Roberts, Greg Serano, and guest instructors do not receive any payment for this workshop. All proceeds will directly benefit Warehouse 21 the best place for young people to learn all of the professional arts. Look us up on http://www.warehouse21.org/

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Land of the Free Home of the Brave!

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Picture of the Day: Local #Equality Edition

Posted by on July 3, 2013 | Comments Off on Picture of the Day: Local #Equality Edition

Martin Heinrich New Mexico first U.S. Senator to participate in the NO H8 Campaign

New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich is the first U.S. Senator to participate in the NO H8 Campaign.

In the days prior to the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic decision to strike down DOMA as unconstitutional the New Mexico Senator stated, “Gay and lesbian couples who accept the responsibility of marriage should have all the rights that come with that responsibility. The time for marriage equality is now.”

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Posted by on January 12, 2013 | Comments Off on NBC THE VOICE – LOOKING AT YOU NEW MEXICO


Here’s looking at you New Mexico kids (15+), ladies & gents!

Hit NBC talent competition show, The Voice is gearing-up to cast their next season and they’re interested in hearing from YOU!

There’s still (scant) time to submit a video audition of your killer pipes, but more awesomely, if you KNOW you’ve got the stuff – get yourself to their upcoming LIVE AUDITIONS in HOUSTON, TX, LOS ANGELES, CA, and NEW YORK CITY!

Click here for all the details!

Get out & represent NM!

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VOTE: Your #NMFilm Friendly Candidates

Posted by on October 31, 2012 | Comments Off on VOTE: Your #NMFilm Friendly Candidates

Phil Griego

John Sapien

Michael Sanchez

Mary Jane Garcia

Lisa Curtis

Stephanie Garica Richards

Andrew Barreras

Emily Kane

Mary Ellen Broderick

Marci Blaze

Lisa Torraco

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Video of the Day

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VideoVoteYouYour Momma

Exercise your voice, your vote on #NMFilm

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Exercise Your Right to Vote for Film

Posted by on June 4, 2012 | Comments Off on Exercise Your Right to Vote for Film


NM Film Workers Union Reaction:

Dodging A Bullet

There were mixed results for progressives last night, but film really dodged a bullet with our #1 “protect” Senator Phil Griego and the surprising but welcome defeat of Rep. Kintigh in Roswell. While we at 480 are not going to take all the credit for this I would say that not only were we one of the biggest contributors in both races we went above and beyond even suspending operations yesterday to work on GOTV for Senator Griego. Some extreme pro film candidates were defeated (Mayor Coss, Rep. Eleanor Chavez) and we will miss them but we have replaced them with Christine Trujillo in the House and Joseph Candelaria in the Senate. We also are happy to see our friends Sheryl Williams Stapleton back and Andrew Barerras win a hard fought primary in Valencia County – we will have to be there to help him win the general election too. Again Local 480’s PAC donated substantial amounts to each of these candidates and worked on their behalf.

While we cannot overemphasize the huge loss we took with the retirement of Speaker Lujan I think last night can be characterized as a wash and these days that is not bad for us. Now we have the general election coming up and we need to try to win seats there for our solid allied like John Sapien who is in a tough race on the west side and Michael Sanchez who will no doubt be targeted by the Governor in Valencia County. We also can use this as an opportunity to educate new candidates as to the value of film. We will be looking at the elections and coming up with a plan of attack. Some of the material we developed over the last few years documentaries and pieces like “made in New Mexico” will be very useful to help us work with these new faces.

Thank you to those of you who voted and to those who didn’t shame on you. Last night was the opening salvo in what will be a battle to November, let’s get to work.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, New Mexico Local 480

Click for sample ballots and voting locations

From The IATSE Local 480 Political Action Committee:

Tomorrow could be one of the most important days in the history of New Mexico’s film business if things don’t go well for us.

It looks like several pro film candidates are in trouble in the primary. This coupled with the retirement of Speaker Lujan and two of the four pro-film Senators puts us in a precarious position. Frankly we had 2 back stops, Speaker Lujan and Senate Corporations Committee Chairman Phil Griego.

Senator Griego has been targeted by conservation groups and one of my fellow unions and is in danger of losing his seat if we don’t get out and vote. Mayor Coss here in Santa Fe is in a tight race for Speaker Lujan’s seat and we need to make sure we get out the vote for him as well. Eleanor Chavez running for Senate and Sheryl Williams Stapleton are both in the fight of their lives yet they were there for us in the Labor Committee taking on Rep. Kintigh.

We need a motivated film community here using social media we know so well to urge our friends, family, and supporters to take this election seriously and get out there and vote. Many of these races will be very tight. Below is the list of candidates that IATSE Local 480 has endorsed.

The IATSE Local 480 Political Action Committee has endorsed the following candidates:

New Mexico House of Representatives

Andrew Barreras House District 7 (Valencia) √

Miguel P. Garcia House District 14 (Bernalillo) √

Antonio Maestas House District 16 (Bernalillo) √

Sheryl Williams-Stapleton House District 19 (Bernalillo) √

Christine Trujillo House District 25 (Bernalillo) √

David Coss House District 46 (Santa Fe) –

Brian Egolf House District 47 (Santa Fe) √

Bob Wooley House District 66 (Chaves/Lea/Roosevelt) √

New Mexico Senate

Richard Martinez Senate District 5 (Los Alamos/Rio Arriba/Sandoval/Santa Fe) √

Eleanor Chavez Senate District 14 (Bernalillo) –

Larry P. Martinez Senate District 35 (Dona Ana/Hidalgo/Luna/Sierra) –

Phil A. Griego Senate District 39 (Bernalillo/Lincoln/San Miguel/Santa Fe/Torrance/

Valencia) √

Other Races

Maggie Hart Stebbins Bernalillo County Commission District 3 √

Kathy Holian Santa Fe County Commission District 3 √

Virginia Vigil Public Regulation Commission District 3 –

Briana Zamora 2nd Judicial District Court √

M. Monica Zamora New Mexico Court of Appeals √

Click here for sample ballots and voting locations.

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Video of the Day: Breaking Bad Superfan “Tighty Whitey Desert Pilgrimage” Edition

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NMVideoWeirdYouYour Momma

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President Obama visits New Mexico today

Posted by on March 21, 2012 | Comments Off on President Obama visits New Mexico today
NMObamaPoliticsYouYour Momma

[polldaddy poll=6063846]

The White House Reports:

On March 21-22, President Obama will travel to Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Ohio to highlight his Administration’s all of the above energy strategy, including his focus on continuing to expand responsible oil and gas development, increasing the fuel economy of the vehicles we drive which will save families money at the pump, supporting renewable energy sources, and investing in infrastructure and research and development, all of which play a central role in increasing our nation’s energy security.

On Wednesday, the President will begin the tour in Boulder City, Nevada where he will visit the Copper Mountain Solar 1 Facility, the largest photovoltaic plant operating in the country with nearly one million solar panels powering 17,000 homes. In Boulder City, he will highlight his Administration’s focus on diversifying our energy portfolio, including expanding renewable energy from sources like wind and solar, which thanks in part to investments made by this Administration is set to double in the President’s first term. The President will then travel to oil and gas production fields located on federal lands outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico, an area home to more than seventy active drilling rigs. While in Carlsbad, the President will highlight the Administration’s commitment to expanding domestic oil and gas production, which has increased each year he has been in office, with domestic oil production currently at an eight year high and domestic natural gas production at an all-time high.

On Thursday, the President will travel to the Cushing, Oklahoma area to discuss his Administration’s commitment to improving and supporting the infrastructure that helps us leverage our domestic resources, while also ensuring these projects are developed in a safe and responsible way. This includes a pipeline that will transport oil from Cushing to the Gulf of Mexico, which will help address the bottleneck of oil that has resulted in large part from increased domestic oil production in the Midwest. In Oklahoma, the President will deliver remarks at a storage yard holding pipes that will be used for the construction of the pipeline. The final stop on the trip will take place at Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio, home to some of the country’s most advanced energy-related research and development.

Read about the Lizard vs. Jobs issue here.

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New Mexico Film & Media Day Legislative Reception Invitation

Posted by on January 27, 2012 | Comments Off on New Mexico Film & Media Day Legislative Reception Invitation

UPDATE 1/30/12: CONGRATULATIONS to ardent NM Film supporters Linda & Stu – the winners of our passes to this week’s Legislative Reception! See you Wednesday!

The evening following this year’s New Mexico Film & Media Day at the State Capitol, IATSE Local 480 and Santa Fe Studios will be hosting a special LEGISLATIVE RECEPTION.

Legislators and industry insiders will be on hand for this exclusive meet, mix and mingle event (21+).

Wednesday, February 1
5:30pm – 8:30pm
The Pink Adobe
406 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Tickets will be $50 at the door. Free to legislators.

OneHeadlightInk.com will have two passes to the event on hand, day of, to give to one of our readers.

If you are a New Mexico Film advocate planning to attend this year’s Film & Media Day in Santa Fe, drop us a note at sindication@oneheadlightink.com telling us why you are passionate about New Mexico Film.
(Must be 21+ to enter/attend, name and ID required to redeem)

One entry will be chosen and notified after 5 p.m. on Monday January 30 to pick-up their passes from us at our table in the Roundhouse at the conclusion of the day’s event (4 p.m.) February 1, 2012.

ALSO: Get your gear AND support the cause here now!

Go New Mexico!

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Running the Numbers: 2.5M NM Dollars Headed to TEXAS

Posted by on January 11, 2012 | 3 comments

As we told you here back in August, the NM Governess appointed State Tourism Secretary, Monique Jacobson had put out the call for marketing proposals to help re-brand the state in the collective side-eyes of the nation nay, the world.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported a New Mexico State Tourism Department study finds that much of the nation sees New Mexico as “Arid.” “Barren.” “Dull”, and on the ~upside “Close to Arizona”? At least that perception places NM in the continental United States, right?

Ms. Jacobson, tells TWJ that she’s confident she can leverage her limited resources to build “a strong, iconic brand.” Not included in the article is the recent development that those “limited resources” of $2.5M has been awarded by the New Mexico State Tourism Department to a TEXAS firm.

Despite submissions by no less than six New Mexico firms for the job, our bottom barrel, 36th ranked national tourism standings (formerly run by a Los Angeles, CA firm), and state tourism marketing dollars are headed out of state.


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HAPPY 100th Birthday New Mexico!

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Video of the day: Friends Edition

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You don’t have to go home if you’re bored here…

Posted by on December 21, 2011 | Comments Off on You don’t have to go home if you’re bored here…
MeYouYour Momma

Because of the holidays, a touch of sickness, general busyness and a soupçon of laziness…posts may be flowing even slower than usual here.

But I am maintaining the effort addiction to the social net. So, between Christmas vacation funnery, recuperating and deleting gratuitous duckface and/or T-n-A and/or muscle flexing, bathroom self portrait offenders from my friends list…

Chat me up on Twitter, personal and website Facebook pages. Here, here or here ;)

What’s goin’ on with YOU people?

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#NM Governor’s Racino Deal up for Review by the Feds.

Posted by on December 12, 2011 | One comment

UPDATE 2/3/12: Independent Source PAC Video explains Dirty Downs Dealings

UPDATE 1/13/12: KRQE reports that Laguna Development company has filed a formal protest regarding the process in which the state contract to operate the racetrack at the Albuquerque State Fair Grounds. After what many have called a possible “sweetheart deal”, heavily influenced by acts of the Governor, the contract was swiftly awarded to the Downs.  Laguna is citing multiple issues with the hasty procedure and practices therein, further claiming that the State Fair Grounds Committee may currently be in violation of the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act. Full story here.

I’m always up for reviewing our Governor’s stance on NM Film and where her actions lie otherwise.

Fortunately I’m not the only one keeping one eye on the Gov. Democracy for New Mexico headlined Saturday with, “US Attorney Alerts FBI to Martinez Expo Deal”.

The must see post outlines how a bid-rigging complaint filed by political action group, Independent Source PAC has been forwarded to the FBI by US Attorney Kenneth Gonzales.


NMPolitics.net –
Martinez’s change isn’t yet bold enough

Politics with Joe Monahan – Downs Doings

The Santa Fe New Mexican – Group seeks probe of racetrack lease

Albuquerque Journal – Downs Deal Smells of Money

Albuquerque Journal – Expo Status Quo Doesn’t Serve Public

Albuquerque Journal (as picked-up by the Associated Press) – Political Ties And The Downs

KRQE-TV – Gov. Ally Says She Pushed Downs Deal

Democracy for NM implores readers to take action saying: Today’s news is big news, and we need you to help spread the word, New Mexicans won’t stand for “pay-to-play” deals and back-room gambles with our money!

Hear, hear!

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Holiday Stresses Lend to Volatility and Risk – #NM Support & Resource Services

Posted by on November 24, 2011 | Comments Off on Holiday Stresses Lend to Volatility and Risk – #NM Support & Resource Services

“Experts tell us any changes in the pattern of daily life could escalate violence. Also, holidays create an added financial burden on families, escalating already stressed relationships. – WKYC

S.A.F.E. House New Mexico – Statewide 24 Hour Hotline 1-800-773-3645

In NM report suspected child abuse or neglect by calling #SAFE (#7233) from a cell phone or 1-855-333-SAFE

PB&J Family Services

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800 799-7233

National Child Abuse Hotline (childhelp.org): 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Let’s support these services and each other all year ’round…Happy Holidays!

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Video of the Day: I Don’t Know Much Edition

Posted by on November 15, 2011 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: I Don’t Know Much Edition

I don’t know much, but I do know this:

The greatest woman I’ve ever known was born in a shanty town and raised on dirt floors, which she SWEPT. So, if you don’t do what you can, with what you have…not what I have, or what “she” has, or what you think you’re supposed to have, but do with what YOU have, then you’re doing it WRONG…click.

Call to Public Access Action Albuquerque

Posted by on November 3, 2011 | Comments Off on Call to Public Access Action Albuquerque


ALBUQUERQUE, YOUR public access channel 27 and Encantada channel 26, as brought to you by Quote-Unquote Inc., is threatened with extinction after 30 years of serving the community with a free-speech broadcast outlet.

In a bid to replace the existing operations and telecasts available from QUQ, uPublicTV has been awarded the negotiable $387,000 first year contract by the city of Albuquerque. A move perplexing to QUQ and their supporters, in part because their own contract bid would cost the city $117,000 less.

Opponents to the change debate the viability of the programming contract with uPublicTV because the organization is cited as holding a contract for a city funded education channel that failed to ever air any content. Further outrage is brewing as many view the switch as an attack on free speech as QUQ has allegedly come under fire by the city for its liberal content – and the move is being seen as a form of censorship for its seeming lack of economical and logical basis.

Read a comprehensive article covering both organizations in the current issue of The Weekly Alibi here.

QUQ has a chance at survival if the City Council and the Mayor’s Office agree to appeal the award to uPublicTV at the November 7 City Council meeting.

To learn about the campaign to save QUQ visit their website, Facebook page and see the call to action from, Media Literacy Project here:

If you are an Albuquerque resident call City Council at 505-768-3100 and leave a message in support of Quote-UnQuote. City Council has the final say on all contracts. Look up your city councilor here at this website http://www.cabq.gov/council/ (Ask for a review of the Public Access RFP Process).

If you are an Albuquerque resident you can also attend the Monday, Nov. 7 City Council meeting. This will be in the Griegos Chambers of One Civic Plaza at 5pm.

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The Assault Against American Women Continues…

Posted by on November 2, 2011 | Comments Off on The Assault Against American Women Continues…

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