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Posted by on November 23, 2008 | 14 comments

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This is the Blogspot for One Headlight Ink. New Mexico’s timely, post-formatted, online column commenting on contemporary entertainment and issues.

Four years running

Posted December, 2012
Humbled and honored by this recognition from one of New Mexico’s greatest talents – Breaking Bad star, television show host, film actor, director, comedian and producer, Steven Michael Quezada!

We’re Still Here…

Posted November 23, 2010


Oh Yeah sound clipYOUR favorite New Mexico EntertaiNMent website is getting ready to celebrate another year!

Now that we’re two we can’t wait to see what mischief we can get into! There are new and exciting opportunities on the horizon – for ALL of us!

So together, let’s take advantage of that one-of-a-kind New Mexico glow and bask in the special light only found here!

Big thanks to every one of you who visit with us – you’ve helped us grow from 200 avg. readers per month to over 10,000 strong!

Heartfelt gratitude to every “little birdie” who keeps their ear to the wind and brings us twigs of info. – we couldn’t do a thang w/out you! All you Facebookers and Twitter friends ROCK, it’s great staying connected with and being inspired by you!

Our mission here is to shine a spotlight and lend a periscope view of New Mexico’s entertaiNMent industry & opportunities and all that that affords – including the awesomeness that is our untouchable sense of community, together we make it better!

THANK YOU readers, birdies, “Brats”, newsies, DJs, actors, entertainers, crews, clients, casters, agents, staffers, friends, followers and families!!! VERY special thanks to media mavens and fierce lady friends Jessica Garate and Erica Viking for your support and hotness!

But most of all thank YOU! Come back soon!

Interactive Memory Lane:

KASA FOX 2 – Jessica’s Interactive Report aired July 23, 2009

“Where Perez meets Oprah and they have lunch with Michael K. and Anderson Cooper somewhere in Mexico…”

“Where Danielle Steel meets J.D. Salinger and they have lunch with Sean Penn somewhere in Cuba…”

“Where Joy Behar meets Michael Moore and they have lunch with Judd Apatow somewhere in Brazil…”

“Where Carrie Bradshaw meets Dave Bary and they have lunch with Rev. Run in Montecito”

“Where MADD meets Greenpeace and they have lunch with Al Gore and George Clooney somewhere in Somalia”

“Where PBS meets E! and they have lunch with Public Access and the Sundance Channel somewhere in Tesuque…”


-Jeremy Jojola, Television Reporter

Liz Chavez
-Elizabeth Chavez, NM Actress

-Janae Herrera, Radio Personality

-Jessica Garate, Television News Anchor

-Steven Byrd, NM Actor

-Liz, Triathlete, idol, Goddess

Aug. 2009St. Cyr

-Peter St. Cyr, Journalist

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  • I’m all yours!

  • My name is nereida and I need work, I like the casting and my email is…

  • Great website. I knew you would have the latest news on Johnny Depp, my friend’s dream man. lol, You are awesome!

  • Love your website. Keep me posted.

  • LOVE this site!!! Keep it up!!!!!

  • Thank you for your generosity. Best Buddies matches individuals with intellectual disabilities in 1-1 friendships with peers who do not have disabilities to breaks down the walls of social isolation. There are over 55,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities in new Mexico, ten times more common that cerebral palsy, and 25 times more common than blindness. Yet 54% of them will go through their entire lives without someone even to call and say hello. Best Buddies is changing that for over 250 individuals this year, but we have so much more to do. Your help will change a life here… today! Thank you.

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