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New Mexico Set Shop

Posted by on April 5, 2010 | 2 comments

Props & Wardrobe

The New Mexico Arts & Entertainment boom brings major productions, entertainers, artists and trades to our state. Whether they pass and return with the ebb and flow of their projects or they stay and become one of our own, the tools of their trade become the keepsakes from your favorite New Mexico productions.

It is the goal of ©Sindication‘s NM Set Shop to auction set props, wardrobe and other memorabilia to benefit local charities. As artists and productions donate their collectibles, their designated New Mexico charity or organization will receive 100% of the winning bids (less shipping if applicable).

Open Letter to New Mexico Productions and Artists Past & Present:

“As part of film industry promotions and community enrichment, the New Mexico based Entertainment Blog ©Sindication is starting a new feature called “NM Set Shop” where we will auction movie props, wardrobe and other collectibles from New Mexico productions. 100% of auction funds raised will go the local charity of your choice, such as UNM Children’s Hospital, United Way of New Mexico, New Mexico Red Cross, Animal Humane Society, area domestic violence programs, etc.

The effort offers total visibility, including the published public auction, full item details, charity designation and bid tally’s to ensure full disclosure of transactions and donations. To donate your set items please contact us at be@oneheadlightink.com.”



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