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Posted by on April 13, 2009 | 8 comments

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  • Is there any truth to the Rumor they are signing a contract to bring the 3 Star Wars sequels New Mexico? Something big between the State and Disney after they los the Marvel business to South Carolina.

    I heard there were scouts running all over the state trying to find alternatives for Tatooine and the like.

  • Of interest: Check out the June/July issue of Santafeen Magazine, Pg. 56 and 59. You’ll see information and a steel cutout of Billy the Kid. Perhaps the producer wants one of Longmire. Maurice’s work is featured at Due West Gallery, downtown Santa Fe. His 32 large pastel portraits of Billy the Kid and the Principal Characters of the Lincoln County War are installed in the state museum in Lincoln, NM.

  • I just had a question. Does anyone know how to get in contact with the producer and director of the movie The Boys of Abu Ghraib. It is very important that i get in touch with him.

  • Hello Christa,
    I wrote you an email, but I’m not sure if it got to you.
    We met at Jerry Angelo’s showcase the other evening. And I wanted to touch
    base with you about John and my upcoming projects.
    Currently we are in preprocution on feature film entitled “Home Sweet Home’ we have built a kickstarter page, to raise funding for this film, which will be completely shot in LA LUZ new mexico.
    Please let me know how and in what format we should send you links for our projects.
    Thank You
    Alexandra Boylan
    Alter-Ego Productions LLA

  • continued success love your work!

  • How to be an extra for Breaking Bad ( season 4) ? Where / When is casting call ? Thank you !

  • Correction: Fright Night peter vincent in the original
    and the remake is not a vampire, he’s a magician in the
    remake. Also the banner was at the Hard rock casino in
    albuquerque, not Las vegas Nevada. Amazing site read it
    all the time, keep up the great work.

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