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Barack-o-tunity – Stimulus, legislation, etc. attributed to the Obama administration, for better or for worse.

BFFL – Best Friend For Life

Briderina = the opposite of a Bridezilla

Commerce Secretary of Hearts – New Mexico Governor Bill Ricardson, who chose to decline the cabinet nomination by President Barack Obama. So labeled as Princess Diana would never be Queen of England and openly wished she would remain the “Queen of people’s hearts”. -also see The People’s Governor.

The Gates of Cyberdyne a.k.a. The John B. Robert Dam, from Terminator Salvation.

Guppies – New era Yuppie. Rather than a Young Upwardly-mobile Professional, a Green Universal Person.

Green Give – An easy, environmentally friendly, efficient, usually online, way to enrich a community or raise funds for organizations.

HOMMYWOOD – The New Hollywood New Mexico, Tamalewood, Nuevowood, New Mexico Entertainment industry title of choice as coined by NM’s Own actor, writer, director, comedian ™Steven Michael Quezada

Hubs – Dyslexic abbreviation of Husband a.k.a. Spousal Equivalent 

Math-it-up – To make unintelligible to some.

Nancy Kerrigan – (or Go all Nancy Kerrigan) wails and squeals of pain and disbelief. Specifically, “Why, why, why…”

One Step Program – Step one, admit there is a problem. Done. ©Sindication

Paris Chavez – Three term Mayor of Albuquerque New Mexico, Martin Chavez. Referring to his propensity for the spotlight similar to that of an infamous U.S. hotel heiress.

Piggies – any remotely gluttonous person. One who cannot be bothered to perform even the simplest task for the betterment of the environment or to aid another.

Pop. Poli. – Popular Politics, the new ‘Pop. Poli.’ feature will likely always be paired with the ‘You’ category. Because if politics isn’t popular with you – it should be.

Lesson Learned: If not you, who? If not now, when?

Post8 – Unlike an unfortunate California Legislative Proposition that fosters divisiveness and discrimination, ©Sinication’s very own Post8 is simply observation and commentary with a lil’ constructive criticism thrown in. This category title was chosen to highlight the difference between an opinion and oppression …it’s not like imposing legislation on anyone for who they are.
Find out what you can do for equalityGLAAD

PSD – Public Service Duh

Richard Ro-MAYOR – Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayoral Candidate Richard Romero

S.A.P – Stupid A** Purchase

Swing a remote or pitch a click – change channels (the new “turn the dial”) or click a mouse.

Tequila Summit – Safe Ride Home compliant IRL meet-up for the purpose of promoting the arts and entertainment through the exchange and proliferation of ideas of advents in NM Film.

647(a) – California Penal Code, engaging in public lewd conduct. a.k.a. the George Michael

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