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New Mexico Film Incentives on the Block

Posted by on January 28, 2013 | No comments

What New Mexico Film Does to Children:

“My child once toiled for meager wages and pitiful benefits at the very Big Box store that is allowed, by this administration and those like it, to oppress its workers and steal from our state by slipping through gargantuan tax loopholes allowing their billions to grow by paying lower tax rates than your dying, locally owned corner store. Film has provided an education, immeasurable training in multiple trades, a thriving and fulfilling career that pays a living wage, provides security, benefits and limitless opportunities for advancement and growth. THAT IS WHAT NEW MEXICO FILM HAS DONE TO MY CHILD.” -Voice of the People

CALL THIS OUT! #NMFilm does not ride in on the backs of our children, it DOES NOT free criminals onto the streets…IT DOES pour money, jobs, tourism and training into the state, and IT IS the ONLY “incentivized” state industry with a CAP! Tell Susana to LIFT THE CAP, CLOSE CORPORATE TAX LOOPHOLES, and STOP limitless OIL & GAS subsidies for her high dollar backers.


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