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Today in NM Education

Posted by on September 11, 2013 | Comments Off on Today in NM Education


New Mexico Education Advocates v. Skandera

Educators allege that Secretary-Designate violated her statutory authority by promulgating the PED’s teacher evaluation rule.

State House Representative Sheryl Williams-Stapleton, State Senator Linda Lopez, State Senator Howie Morales and a contingent of educators have filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus against Hanna Skandera, Secretary-Designate of the state’s Public Education Department (PED) seeking to invalidate the PED’s teacher evaluation policies that she enacted without legislative approval.

New Mexico teachers returned to school this year subject to a new evaluation system linking teacher performance to student test scores. According to the lawsuit, the Secretary-Designate surpassed her authority in promulgating the rule because the language of the rule conflicts with the plain language of New Mexico’s School Personnel Act. According to the Act, there must be a “highly objective uniform statewide standard for evaluation” of teachers.

While public school districts are required to use the new evaluation system, charter schools may apply for a waiver, creating distinctly different systems for evaluating teachers.

“Educators support teacher accountability and evaluations. As professionals, we want to learn and grow and provide all of our students with the best opportunities. But this rule isn’t aimed at promoting useful professional feedback for teachers. Its aim seems to be to drive teachers away from public education by creating a false accountability systems focused on shame and blame,” says AFT NM President Stephanie Ly.

In 2013, educators and lawmakers worked to pass a meaningful evaluation system through the legislator but it was vetoed by the governor. “Governor Martinez and Secretary-Designate Martinez have ignored the voices of students, parents and educators. Meanwhile educators are demoralized and leaving the profession and it is our students that are losing out.” says President Ly.


New Mexico Educators share concerns over Skandera with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan – AFT

NM’s Education Secretary Caught in Dirty Dealings with the Bush Bros. – Washington Post

Virtual Schools Run by Corporations? Hanna Skandera’s Vision – La Jicarita

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Walking the Walk

Posted by on December 19, 2012 | Comments Off on Walking the Walk


steven-michael-quezadaActor and Albuquerque Public School parent Steven Michael Quezada will run for Albuquerque School Board in District 5, a newly created school board district on Albuquerque’s Westside.

Long active in programs that promote youth education, involvement and development, Quezada says the most compelling reason he has for wanting to be on the Board is to impact the lives of children.

“The incredible challenges our schools face require a Board Member who is committed to change and innovation,” Quezada said. Quezada continued, “Albuquerque’s my home. I want my kids and all of our children to be able to go to any public or charter school and receive and excellent education. It’s our responsibility to make sure no child falls through the cracks.”

Quezada served from 2009-2010 as the President of the Public Academy for Performing Arts PTSO Board and later served as Vice-President/Parent on the Public Academy for Performing Arts Charter School Governing Council where three of his four children attend.

“From experience, I know young people thrive in environments where academics and artistic creativity are paired,” says Quezada.

In the 1980’s Quezada was the director for Youth Development Inc.’s gang intervention program, “Teatro Consejo”, and more recently, he has been involved with YDI’s Elev8 program for Middle School students. Quezada, with the help of three-time Emmy winning actor Bryan Cranston developed and directed YDI’s Actors Core program.

Quezada volunteers his time and energy for various charitable causes in New Mexico.

Endorsing Quezada for the board are Westside leaders, Bernalillo County Commissioners Debbie O’Malley and Art De la Cruz, State Senator Elect Jacob Candelaria and State Representative Antonio “Moe” Maestas, YDI President and CEO Chris Baca and the South West Alliance of Neighbors President Klarissa Pena. Also supporting Quezada is former State Senator and longtime friend, Eric Griego.

As a lifelong resident of Albuquerque’s Westside, Quezada attended West Mesa High School and Eastern New Mexico before becoming a comedian and actor and television star. Quezada currently stars as DEA agent Steven Gomez, the partner of main character Hank Schrader in the Emmy Award Winning AMC series Breaking Bad.

Quezada and his wife Cherise have four children.

The election will be held on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

via Neri Holguin
Holguin Campaigns & Communications

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APS Proposes 183 Teachers Git’ the Axe

Posted by on May 11, 2011 | Comments Off on APS Proposes 183 Teachers Git’ the Axe

While arts & entertainment industries work and reach out to help and inspire the youth in our community “Harry” Winston Brooks and his sheep fumble, stumble and corrode the hopes of our children by continuing to violently ream out the finances of our educational system.

Here’s New Mexico movie veteran Megan Fox artfully illustrating our looming fate as originally posted April 7, 2010.

Megan’s latest New Mexico movie is due out within the next few months and the fleecing of our educational economy has been nefariously re-contracted through 2014!!!

New Hollywood and Old Hollywood Share Megan Fox & Education Economy Woes:

Albuquerque School District budget cuts are being volleyed-about right now, meanwhile Hollywood West churns out a plea on their own state’s educational budget woes with passionate player Megan Fox in this Funny or Die PSA.

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State of the City – APS Fail

Posted by on May 13, 2010 | 2 comments

Albuquerque Public School Superintendent, Harry Winston Brooks strikes again:

U.S. Presidential Salary $400,000
APS Top Two Administrators – $415,000
Screwing over Albuquerque Teachers and Students – Priceless

“The district has hired Don Moya as Chief Financial Officer.

Moya will earn a yearly salary of $165,000. That amount is $40,000 more than the district’s current CFO.” – KOB.com

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Extreme Job Swap Makeover: Burque Edition

Posted by on January 25, 2010 | Comments Off on Extreme Job Swap Makeover: Burque Edition

Harry Winston Brooks‘ people have spoken and he is retained as the Albuquerque Public School District head honcho through 2013.

Brooks’ salary package holds steady at more than $250K with an APS budget deficit looming at over $11M, classroom level solutions such as staff cuts – whereby teachers with seniority may be extended the honor of staying at a pay decrease with an added workload to make-up for the cuts, being knocked around, and recent APS administrative glitches such as this Summer’s $16M FUBAR.

Even my only half-lived Catholic school education tells me, “that ain’t right!”

While Task Forces and Czars abound an astronomical APS bond and mill levy is coming-up February 2, I think it’s time for a casting-call in addition to casting our votes.

At minimum we’d like to see an RFB (Request For Bid) opened in the name of manning the APS budget and structure. A bid would at least contain a plan and a proposed budget which is more than we can say for NM’s Own Harry Winston.

Therefore, maybe a manwife, unemployed genius, or your local tradesperson would have more success cleaning-up the APS budget since the only thing currently cleaning up is Brooks’ bank account.

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Oh No They Didn’t

Posted by on June 4, 2009 | 2 comments

There’ll be no contraceptive dispensing website for Albuquerque Public School students. KRQE reports that the Albuquerque Public School Board voted ‘nay’ on the ridiculously inflated APS Website upgrade after various justifications (multiple staffers, general communications funds, and web upgrade explanations) fell short.

Yay – were you keeping an eye on this ‘found fortune’ Albuquerque? You may be to thank for some sensible conservatism being put to work here.

Now on to watching that remaining ‘reserve’ and siding with our Teachers to ensure they get their dues. Support Albuquerque Teachers Federation.

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Open Wound Insert Salt

Posted by on June 1, 2009 | 2 comments

Dear Mr. Brooks, surely you jest…

It’s accounting errors such as this that likely got them in this debacle in the first place.  The Albuquerque Public School District recently tripped over $16 MILLION they had piling up after years of erred money management – in itself, not all that surprising. DMV could probably pay off the national debt if their clerical errors or lack of efficiency could be quantified.

But in a stunning turn, the amply paid District Superintendent, Winston Brooks had the moxy to release the above proposed outline for wasting, laundering, squandering allocating the found fortune. And now ‘Comedian’ can be appropriately added to the superintendent’s resume because one of the top billed, highest dollar absurdities include $300,000 on upgrading the APS website.  What the *#%$!

Perhaps Winston was inspired by fellow comedian Dane Cook who banks his entire ~career, on a high tech, interactive website which cost him his $30,000 “life’s savings” – dial it down Winston, you have at least one spare zero in there.

For over a quarter million dollars this new APS website better eliminate the drop-out rate, dispense contraceptives, provide tutoring, 24/7 student/parent counseling, job placement and have a special Teachers ATM section where they can withdraw their bonuses (based upon their performance reviews and time served under this reign of lunacy).

This sack of absurdity is subject to a vote by the school board June 3rd. What out-of-state racket are they gonna hire for this ‘upgrade’ anyway…à la NM license plates, drivers licenses, red light cameras, etc. etc.

You may wish to address your letters to ‘Harry Winston‘ at the current APS website: http://ww2.aps.edu/

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Use Abuse – Extra Money!*%#$

Posted by on May 27, 2009 | 2 comments

UPDATE 3/2/11: Dé-jà-to-the-f’n-vu Edition

After tripping over an unexpected $16M in their budget right around this time last year, KOAT Reports today that APS has $15M more in their budget than previously accounted for.

We wonder what the sneaky contract extension seeking, six figure salaried, take home car fleet driving, board and administration of Superintendent “Harry” Winston Brooks will add to their pocket lining in light of this new development.

We say TAKE A PAY CUT Harry Winston & crew – there’s still $26M and miles to go…before you should be able to sleep.

Turn Down Service

Okay, ‘extra’ is a word and ‘money’ is a word but nay shall the two be combined. Ask anyone whether their account be empty or overfloweth – there is no extra. In the same way that a moment with a loved one lost can never be regained once passed – extra time too is impossible.

It’s time to put these sayings to bed. We thought about giving them a funeral like the ones for the ‘n‘ and the ‘r‘ words, but a gentle bed time story should suffice. Our Twitter friend Cody H has obliged us ceasing the Use Abuse of the phrase in his daily tweets.

So, nighty night ‘extra money’ we’ll see you just before the return of Christ and right after the apocalypse. In the mean time many happy returns to you and yours during this our time of Recession, because ain’t no such thang’ as extra money – unless you’re the Albuquerque Public School District.

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