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Beyond Ambience

Posted by on May 13, 2011 | Comments Off on Beyond Ambience

UPDATE 9/6/11: TONIGHT at the The After After Party, the greatest entertainment showcase in New Mexico, enjoy the good vibrations of Ambient Trash! Get in there – it’s still FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and thar’s a cash bar!!! Check out the rest of the line-up, location & time here.

UPDATE 8/4/11: ONE NIGHT ONLY! Catch ’em if you can…This Sat. night Ambient Trash at Low Spirits in Albuquerque, NM. Click it!

There’s dinner music, there’s knockin’ boots music and then there’s the all important music in-between…the music to tune the fork to if you will.

I’m not one to claim to have the smarts, book or otherwise, but intuition I got and my intuition about Ambient Trash was that the live show would be an EXPERIENCE and I was so happily right!

Can you spell Crescendo? ‘Cause I can’t but I can feel it and that’s what you’ll do at an Ambient show at the wuthering height of each and every song (and mayhaps if you have a good enough audio system in house ou auto – CDs on sale NOW).

Of the many events we’re fortunate enough to be invited to attend, it’s few and far between that we at OHI are able to attend IRL, and of those few we’re super fortunate to almost always land whale for whale.

This one was a doozy! If you might be interested in achieving the feel of safely sitting on some rhythmic train trax (à la Emily Blunt in NM’s Own Sunshine Cleaning), and seeing some original music performed by musicians who are clearly in it for the love of the game you MUST catch a ride on the Ambient Trash train!

Even the official band wife, who’s surely heard every tune, strum and beat hundreds of times over got her ROCK ON in the audience!

So, if and when you or anyone eh…hmm you know is in need of lil’ hair blowing, bone rattling ROCK tunage, get your LIVE Ambient Trash experience on!

In case you’re not catching my drift let Jackie esplain at the 3:20 mark…

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Ambient Congrats!

Posted by on April 11, 2011 | Comments Off on Ambient Congrats!

Big ups and major congrats to Ambient Trash – ABQ’s premiere Instrumental Progressive Rock Band, featuring NM Radio’s Own Swami Rob, Matt Seigler and Ron Sanborn, nominated for five, count ’em FIVE New Mexico Music Awards:

Best arrangement (From Dreaming Aspiration to Laborious Doing), Best instrumental song (Dreaming Aspiration), Best Video (Dreaming Aspiration), Best Rock CD, and Best overall CD of the year!

Check out all the New Mexico Music Awards’ finalists and deets here, including streaming audio by New Mexico artists!


Beginning in 1987, recording industry professionals including songwriters, recording engineers, working musicians and producers set out to achieve cooperation among recording studios and other industry professionals in order to create a climate of professionalism and artistic excellence within the New Mexico music community.

The result was the New Mexico Music Industry Coalition (NM MIC) and the annual MIC Awards banquet and show celebrating the best of recorded music from New Mexico. This awards program, for original music productions recorded and mixed primarily within the state of New Mexico, recognizes excellence for recorded music produced in the previous calendar year.

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