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One of a Kind

Posted by on September 25, 2012 | Comments Off on One of a Kind

UPDATE 4/16/13: Aaron Paul helps raise awareness for his lady love’s Kind Campaign on twitter! You can help out here!

Ladies and gentlemen everywhere were touched by the genuine humility and raw emotional gratitude delivered by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, when he accepted his second Emmy award for Best Supporting actor Sunday night.

For much of the collective Emmy audience, it was their first look at Paul’s fiancé, Lauren Parsekian. Perhaps most important for people to know about Lauren is that the beautiful leading lady in Paul’s life is much more than just another pretty face.

Lauren Parsekian's "Kind Campaign" GETTY IMAGES

Aaron Paul’s equally lovely sister Danielle tells OHI exclusively: “Lauren is the [little] sis I never had; pure beauty, she & her family are a dream come true!”

Lauren and her Pepperdine University classmate Molly Thompson are the co-founders of an international movement, documentary and school program that fosters awareness, healing and prevention of girl-against-girl bullying.

Armed with their documentary film, “Finding Kind” Lauren and Molly have visited hundreds of schools over the past three years, delivering “The Kind Campaign” ideals and resources to young girls.

Please take the time to check-out the “Kind Campaign” at kindcampaign.com.

Let’s all help spread the word of this valuable organization to help girls get the assistance they need to navigate their way safely out of bullying.

Watch the “Finding Kind” trailer below and see Aaron Paul’s emotional Emmy speech here.

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Bully-Free Casting Call: Bernco Zone

Posted by on September 22, 2011 | Comments Off on Bully-Free Casting Call: Bernco Zone

As we told you here yesterday Bernalillo County, New Mexico is holding an open casting call, for locals age 8 – 18 to be featured in their Parks and Recreation Anti-Bullying PSAs.

Who: Ages 8-18

When: Thurs. September 29th at 6pm

The Wool Warehouse
518 1st Street NW
Albuquerque, NM

Call will include awesome door prizes like HP netbooks, Sony 3D Bloogie Cams and $50 gift cards!!


From Bernco:

Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation is proud to be a Bully Free Zone, we encourage our patrons and participants to report any type of bullying they may experience. Our goal is to encourage our community to not just stand there but to report any bullying they may see, experience or hear about in our parks and facilities.

Call or text us at 933.1113
email us at stopbullyingnow@bernco.gov

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Queens-up Nicely

Posted by on March 19, 2011 | One comment

She nearly had me at sapphire blue dress…but the woman on the verge of becoming Princess Katherine the Great makes an even better show in her request for support and awareness of anti-bullying efforts.

Among the list of organizations that Prince William and his Lady have asked their supporters to benefit in lieu of wedding gifts is Beatbullying – a group that work[s] intensively with those so deeply affected by bullying that they can barely face going to school that next morning.

According to the flurry of media reports surrounding the future Queen – she experienced long-term difficulties, suffering through the throws of pre-teen bullying – talk about IT GETS BETTER! Good show Kate!

And now from one Queen to another…I admired his humble beginnings, loathed his wicked ways and now admire his change.

With the rash of child and young-adult suicides bringing the evils of bullying to the forefront of decent human consciousness many called-out one who was perceived as one of the biggest cyber-bullies of all time – in fact Mario was a long time victim of the aim of the evil that is harassment, name-calling, and outright blind hate.

With that background in tow – the coffee shop success of his snarky multimillion dollar online life began – but with the clarity that comes after tragedy the Queen of online mean turned a new leaf, a kinder, gentler exposé of the gossip we hold so dear (you know you do – admitting it is the first step).

And with that, “Hollywood’s most hated” website was re-monikered to “Hollywood’s most sassy…“, vulgar scribbles turned sillier, and words less hateful more punny. We didn’t hear much about this being publicized, but then why would it get press – hateful gets far more headlines.

Lesson Learned: It gets better when we get better, don’t be a bully Susana!

p.s. NOT EVER to be confused with the C-wordness of my (twin-brother from another mother) my BELOVED M.K. whose prose are PURE POETRY of the ages…

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“Frankie Say Relax”

Posted by on March 7, 2011 | One comment

From the madness that is celebrity downfall to the awesomeness of a rising star right here in our midst, part-time New Mexican RJ Mitte makes a PSA stop here in ABQ while in town filming season 4 of Breaking Bad.

The always poised, professional, entertaining and enlightening RJ Mitte lends his voice to the campaign to end bullying.

Here with NM’s Own Lady Viking the Breaking Bad star shares his passion for compassion by way of common sense advice and simple logic that simply doesn’t hit home with enough people – yet.

In addition to Mitte’s gifts as a performer he is an activist, taking a stand for equality for actors of all abilities as a member of I AM PWD and as a champion for the Pacer Teens Against Bullying organization.

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