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Posted by on June 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Marvelicious

As the biggest production get of the outgoing NM State Film commission nay the biggest production get in the history of the state the Avengers have brought New Mexico global recognition, excitement, jobs and an influx in tourism!

Now CHECK-OUT the above poster for Marvel’s Avengers as on display at the International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last week – all three Avengers who recently rocked out with Mötley Crüe in the Q are shown as they will appear in the movie and in the plethora of merchandising sure to follow…

Movies.ie also notes, “Captain America’s modern suit which has wings on the helmet along with an idea of what Hawkeye will look like…the Iron Man suit has been updated too.”

These and more of the Albuquerque adopted super heroes are still in our midst as production rolls on this week. Meanwhile New Mexico represents on the big screen as host to some of the highly skilled hands of Sony Imageworks that touched-up the current box office topper The Green Lantern.

YOU still have a chance to put YOUR hand, face and/or feet in The Avengers if you can make it out for what’s really, really HOT IN CLEVELAND:

Producers will see people 18 and older
12-4 p.m. July 15
10 a.m.-4 p.m. July 16
at the Holiday Inn
6001 Rockside Road
Independence, OH (just outside the land of Cleve.)

As in the case of casting in the Q this call sheet too advises that people “come well-groomed…wearing your best business executive outfit,” Adults may submit “current pictures of children under 18” for consideration as possible extras.

The Avengers will shoot for approx. two weeks within 30 miles of Cincinnati – Enjoy your influx O-hi!

People should “come well-groomed and wearing your best business executive outfit,” the call sheet said. Adults also may submit “current pic tures of children under 18” for consideration as possible extras.

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HULK Hits-up NM Bar

Posted by on June 15, 2011 | One comment

On a lighter, happier, humbler note…(humility if freaking sexier than sexy)

From the boys who are presenting the Morning Edge Golf Tournament: Take a Slice Off Hunger, we learned that THE HULK aka Mark Ruffalo was recently spotted at the ABQ Uptown Mac store.

Our own Albuquerque AVENGERS are in town for a few months longer before heading to that Ohio land of Cleve

As for the good crew of KTEG, learn more about being a hero to locals in need at their fund raising golf tourney benefiting the Storehouse of Albuquerque here.

If I had the dough I’d sponsor a “Hole in one” where contestants could enter to win in a shoot-out to putt and plug Kim K’s hole (her mouth cocinos).

Chris Evans aka Captain of America but not NM, should sponsor it with me since that tonto can’t find anything to do.

I hear NM lover Samuel L. Jackson plays a mean game o’ golf! ROCK ON Sgt. Nick Fury!

Info. on AVENGERS open casting call in Cleveland – here.

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Corey & Logan: Excellent Avenger Adventure

Posted by on April 5, 2011 | 4 comments

UPDATE April 8, 2011: LOGAN IS IN!!

New Mexico Film made global news when Marvel’s Avengers decided on NM to follow in the superhero footsteps of Thor and so many other successful New Mexico productions.

We watched our own visitor globe light-up with inquiring minds wanting-in on this, the largest production the state has ever seen. One query came from a fellow in Norfolk, VA who said:

“I would just like to verify that this is open to non-NM residents also. About to buy a plane ticket.” – Corey, VA

And buy plane ticket(s) they did! Below is the synopsis from just one dynamic duo who made their way across the country for the Avengers casting call in Albuquerque, NM a couple weeks ago and a review of their trip that the The New Mexico Tourism Department could/should be proud of!

Big ups to those ABQ businesses that got special shout-outs from our cherished guests, sirs Corey & Logan! Here is their story:

On a normal Tuesday night like any other, I received a text message from my friend Logan saying: “Want to go to New Mexico this weekend to try to be extras in the Avengers movie?” I immediately had to call. “Are you for real?!?”

Yeah, he was for real. As soon as I saw the web posting, I couldn’t book a flight and hotel fast enough. We got our schedule set up and were leaving that Thursday morning. Nothing like the last minute, huh?

After two flights and a layover occupied with nothing but comics and sleep, we finally get from Norfolk, Virginia to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We just hung out at the hotel that night and talked about how awesome of a situation this was: in a completely different state across the country and just being where they were going to film The Avengers! I mean, it’s THE AVENGERS, man! Couldn’t sleep too well that night through all the excitement, but managed to get a little shut-eye.

Friday was the big day. We woke up early to try to get there as soon as possible. The description on the site said to dress in your “business/executive best,” so we did just that. A good 30-minute bus ride later, we arrived at the Hotel Albuquerque for the casting call around 10am. We knew it didn’t start until noon, but we grabbed a seat and had plenty of comics to read to take up time. When they got started, Logan and I realized how good of an idea it was to get there early, because they had a line outside wrapped around the entire hotel, and we were sure there would have been even more people the next day.

Eventually, our group got called in so we filled out the paperwork and had our pictures taken mugshot-style. Once we walked out, all we could do was celebrate the occasion, so we talked to some people that knew their way around the town to see what ABQ had to offer. They mentioned Old Town as a close place to get some food and that it would be cool to hang out later in Uptown. Sounded like a plan!

The rest of Friday and all of Saturday was spent getting to see what Albuquerque was all about, and we had a great time! From Nob Hill with the Frontier (for the best burritos I’ve ever had) to the Astro-Zombies comic shop; from the Route 66 Malt Shop and the awesome rockabilly band playing outside to making our way Downtown to Launchpad to see some incredible bluegrass, it was an unbelievable experience! Even if we don’t get called to be extras, the trip was well worth it and I will definitely be going back.

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NM Film & Media Day 2011

Posted by on February 11, 2011 | 2 comments

From NM Film and Media Day:

February 16, 2011

10am- 4pm Come one come all!
10am-3pm Casting Call
(7am Volunteers report to location)
(8am Mayor & Tribal Leaders Breakfast)

WHERE: Corner of Paseo de Peralta & Old Santa Fe Trail in SANTA FE

WHO: New Mexico Film Industry Professionals, our State Legislators, YOU (anyone interested in how movies are made)

WHAT: Everything you always wanted to know about the film industry in New Mexico; a chance to meet people working in the industry, and get your foot in the door.



We will be having the largest casting call that New Mexico has ever seen in which ALL of New Mexico’s working Casting Directors and SAG franchised Talent Agents and/or their representatives will be present. If you would like to be a movie “Extra” in MARVEL’s “AVENGERS” or on the Television shows BREAKING BAD or IN PLAIN SIGHT (filmed in Albuquerque area) or any future feature films to be shot in New Mexico, all of the Casting Directors and Extras Casting will be on site to meet you, including EMMY nominated casting directors Jo Edna Boldin CSA and Angelique Midthunder CSA.

Photographers will be there to take your headshots for our database for FREE. A representative from the Screen Actors Guild will also be there to answer your questions about working as a professional actor in the local film industry. (10am – 3pm )

ACTING CLASSES: Intensive with actress Lora Cunningham (acting credits include: Nip/Tuck, Book of Eli, Breaking Bad, In Plain Sight) Every hour on the hour; in the casting tent.

“EXTRAs 101” & “How to be a Stand In” CLASSES: If you have never been on a movie set before this class will teach you everything from the basics & set etiquette to how to become a stand in and photo double for leading actors. Every hour on the half hour; in the casting tent.

STUNT DEMONSTRATIONS: Informational by AL GOTO the state’s premiere stunt coordinator (over 200 credits including BREAKING BAD, IN PLAIN SIGHT, SCOUNDRELS, MACGRUBER)

HAIR & MAKE UP DEMONSTRATIONS: Everything from glamorous beauty make up for movie stars to blood and gore of special effects make up. By Katie Doughit (credits include: THOR, COMANCHE MOON, 3:10 to YUMA, LEGION) Experience a real movie set make up trailer where you could be chosen to get glamor make up or gory wounds!

WARDROBE: Come see movie costumes from films shot all around New Mexico from futuristic to present day contemporary to historical 1800’s and everything you can imagine. Costumers Aleah Ames, Paula Trujillo, Claire Sandrin, Debra Chapman & Kate Czark will be presenting and answering questions.” Emmy Award Winning Costume Designer Cathy Smith will be presenting and some of her spectacular Native American costumes will be on display.”

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Movie FX demos and information

EDITING: Post production classes / demonstration – how movies are edited and put together.


Find us on FACEBOOK:
NM Film and Media Day

Support NM Film

Email: FilmAndMediaDay@gmail.com

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