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¿El Capitán siempre?

Posted by on February 7, 2013 | Comments Off on ¿El Capitán siempre?

In addition to the rumblings on the web about the upcoming Captain America:The Winter Soldier shoot being delayed from spring to summer, there are also whispers in the wind that good ol’ New Mexico and El Capitán may not be completely DUNZO after all…

From this HIGHly respected speculative reporting post we can tell you that the Captain of NM’s own AVENGERS may be returning to a sound stage near YOU!

IF these whispers align with the echos bellowing about the upcoming MEGA-MULTI-MOVIE Casting Call, we may have another MARVEL extras casting situation on our hands here in the Land of Enchantment!!!

2011 Avengers Open Call in Santa Fe – Albuquerque Journal

In the supremely secretive world of development on into pre-production, NO OFFICIAL confirmations will likely ever become avail. until any such projects are well into production or sometimes even nearly wrapped.

Do take note though, when you’re talking to your NM Film Friends who may crew, star or otherwise regularly staff NM productions, and their eyes take on a particular glaze, just know that that is likely the moment when visions of their signature on an ironclad non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is crossing their mind (otherwise known to us as the patented “Disney Daze”).

But eventually when someone tells someone, who tells someone, who hears something from someone (probably one of the wonderful wait staff of a New Mexico small business), we will get the anonymous suggestion in our inbox@oneheadlightink.com or on our tip-line 505.510.1006, that says, “yeah, he’s here”. Meanwhile we wait…

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Captain America to soldier on in New Mexico, USA [NOT]

Posted by on September 12, 2012 | One comment

UPDATE 9/20/12: “In America, Todo Es Posible”, except for Captain America Shooting in NM.

The original news reported below seemed too good to be true and as of developments late today, the bubble has burst and the Captain America Sequel slated for NM has “self-deported” from “Not New and not Mexico”, aka New Mexico, USA.

You may recall that another little Disney Studio movie called The Lone Ranger had its fair share of drama before production finally began here in NM, but I don’t see the Hi Yo Silver lining coming to fruition for this lost Avenger. {sads}

UPDATE 9/28/12: IT’S OHIO FOR THE WIN – New Mexico was a strong contender for the next big budget Marvel Studios production headed down the pike, but the exuberant press release out of Ohio today regarding the Captain America sequel, spells out how the job creators are won outside of our state.

Full Press Release HERE – “Highlights” below:

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission was in talks with Marvel Studios for weeks, sharing information about Ohio’s physical assets and helping them learn about the benefits of filming in Ohio — including the recently expanded Ohio Motion Picture Tax Incentive.

In June, the State of Ohio expanded the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Incentive, a critical tool for strengthening Ohio’s growing film industry and creating jobs for Ohioans. The tax incentive provides for a refundable credit against the corporation franchise or income tax for motion pictures produced in Ohio.

“We’re thrilled that Marvel Studios is bringing another major motion picture project to Cleveland, and we’re committed to showing them the very best our region has to offer,” said Ivan Schwarz, executive director of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission. “We proved with the filming of Marvel’s The Avengers that Cleveland has the talent, architecture and amazing locations that will provide filmmakers everything they need to ensure a successful filming experience, and the economic impact of this new project can’t be denied. Filming will create a number of jobs for Ohioans and will give our region another chance to demonstrate how skilled, professional and dedicated our workforce truly is. We especially appreciate Governor Kasich and the Ohio Film Office for their support and timely approval of these exciting opportunities.”

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission is committed to building a year-round, sustainable statewide film industry through job creation, workforce development, and attracting media production.

Frank G. Jackson, Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, stated, “We are thrilled to host Marvel and the filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2013. We have worked diligently with the Greater Cleveland Film Commission to make our city an attractive location for films of all sizes. Marvel’s return to Cleveland shows we can provide a film-friendly atmosphere that will ultimately lead to a permanent presence of the film industry in Northeast Ohio.”

About 1,143 full-time equivalent Ohio jobs and $35.5 million in household income are estimated to have been credited to the 27 projects that took advantage of the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit since its 2009 inception, and the tax incentive returns $1.20 into the Ohio economy for every $1 invested by the incentive, according to a Cleveland State University study released earlier this year.

Captain America, Chris Evans speaks to MTV News again, this time about his third Marvel adventure, the upcoming sequel to Captain America, The Winter Soldier.

First time out the Captain filmed primarily in the U.K., then the entire Avengers crew made their way to N.M. for the biggest production in the state’s history.

Though tenuous has been the road to New Mexico for many a production, from indies to blockbusters NMfilm continues to roll, employing New Mexicans, drawing tourists, and bolstering local biz revenue!

Like Top Gun 2, big productions continue to scout & about here in our beloved state. Some may have come and gone, but many do hear the message loud and clear that New Mexico Film is here and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

As recently as this June, North Carolina has laid claim to nabbing The Winter Soldier, but our soldiers here in NM say we’re a contender for the March 2013 Marvel Production. N.C. has won out over NM before with The Hunger Games and Iron Man 3.

Bring it on Captain.

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Hecho En Nuevo México

Posted by on July 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Hecho En Nuevo México
FilmNMNM's OwnTrailer

AVENGERS, NM – The biggest production the state has ever seen has wrapped its New Mexico run for the hotness of Cleavland…

Though gone they’ll doubtfully ever be forgotten…top secret as it was ;)

Just in time for their farewell to New Mexico we get this first peek at the film and the promise of perhaps a soupçon more if you hustle into theaters NOW to see Captain America: The First Avenger…

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Beige is the New Vanilla

Posted by on July 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Beige is the New Vanilla

Yes Beige is the new Vanilla and New Mexico is full of it!

Funnyman extraordinaire and consummate New Yorker, Jerry Seinfeld gives his particular view of Albu-quirky as only he can:

Thanks to Chris for this clip and thanks to Seinfeld for not pulling a Katt Williams on the Kiva Auditorium crowd…though the spectacle that was Katt did make all kinds of dubious news…

Not every review of the Seinfeld show was a rave, and “beige heat” is not exactly a ringing endorsement that the Department of Tourism can splash all over the city…at least it wasn’t an awkward slap Captain America style.

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Posted by on June 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Marvelicious

As the biggest production get of the outgoing NM State Film commission nay the biggest production get in the history of the state the Avengers have brought New Mexico global recognition, excitement, jobs and an influx in tourism!

Now CHECK-OUT the above poster for Marvel’s Avengers as on display at the International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last week – all three Avengers who recently rocked out with Mötley Crüe in the Q are shown as they will appear in the movie and in the plethora of merchandising sure to follow…

Movies.ie also notes, “Captain America’s modern suit which has wings on the helmet along with an idea of what Hawkeye will look like…the Iron Man suit has been updated too.”

These and more of the Albuquerque adopted super heroes are still in our midst as production rolls on this week. Meanwhile New Mexico represents on the big screen as host to some of the highly skilled hands of Sony Imageworks that touched-up the current box office topper The Green Lantern.

YOU still have a chance to put YOUR hand, face and/or feet in The Avengers if you can make it out for what’s really, really HOT IN CLEVELAND:

Producers will see people 18 and older
12-4 p.m. July 15
10 a.m.-4 p.m. July 16
at the Holiday Inn
6001 Rockside Road
Independence, OH (just outside the land of Cleve.)

As in the case of casting in the Q this call sheet too advises that people “come well-groomed…wearing your best business executive outfit,” Adults may submit “current pictures of children under 18” for consideration as possible extras.

The Avengers will shoot for approx. two weeks within 30 miles of Cincinnati – Enjoy your influx O-hi!

People should “come well-groomed and wearing your best business executive outfit,” the call sheet said. Adults also may submit “current pic tures of children under 18” for consideration as possible extras.

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Il est NM Bound

Posted by on March 24, 2011 | Comments Off on Il est NM Bound
Coming SoonFilmJobsNMTourismTrailer

On the eve of the biggest movie to hit New Mexico holding their world recognized, open call right here in the Land of Enchantment, comes this – the first official Captain America trailer as just released by MARVEL.

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