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Vocal competition show, “The Producer” to film in New Mexico

Posted by on April 30, 2014 | Comments Off on Vocal competition show, “The Producer” to film in New Mexico

singing competition in Albuquerque New Mexico

New talent search series to shoot full 13 episode season in Albuquerque this summer.

“The Producer” will invite New Mexican vocal talents to compete for the chance to be given a recording deal with Producer Jean Michel Soupraya and signed to the Management team of Phil Shapiro who is famously known for representing the Jackson Family including Michael and Corey Feldman.

Corine Lewis of Life Beyond the League and Making the Cheerleader will host this contest of vocal talents. Talents from around the state who may have been over looked by larger casting calls due to the sheer volume of contestants might have slipped through the cracks. Jean Michel wants to discover the hidden gem in the heart of small town New Mexico.

Contestants will submit online auditions as well as make live appearances to meet and perform for Corine Lewis and Jean Michel with the top 20 best vocalist in the state being chosen to move through the coaching portion of the TV show. Jean Michel will take each of these top 20 and take them under his wing to learn the ins and outs of not just singing, but self promotion, live performances, and the business of selling tickets and albums. The finalist will perform live in front of New Mexico fans and the final winner will be taken to LA to record a full length album.

This contest is only for New Mexico vocalists, and will be shot entirely in the state of New Mexico.

A JM West Creation, Produced by: UPublic TV and Corine Lewis Enterprises in conjunction with 6 Guns Production Services. A Jim Burleson Production.

More information to follow on: www.theproducershow.com

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PT NM Res. Global Fashion Icon

Posted by on August 22, 2011 | Comments Off on PT NM Res. Global Fashion Icon
ArtCultureFashionGlobalNMSanta Fe

Photo Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

“It was so much fun to be part of the contest. I had been to the competition in the past but only as an observer. It’s really important to support and encourage Native American arts, and that includes clothing,” – Tom Ford

Read all about the globally acclaimed fashion designer/producer/director and part-time Santa Fean regarding his participation with the Santa Fe Indian Market this past weekend, previously and going forward, right here in the Santa Fe New Mexican!

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Posted by on July 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Hauslash
FilmNMNM's Own

A is for Albuquerque Actor, Erik Hausmanis who has taken to La La Land for a spell.

The long-time OneHeadlightInk fave and MI native had hit the NM scene running – landing several indie movie roles and television & movie spots.

Hot in the Q and beyond in New Mexico productions like Fright Night, Tiger Eyes and Breaking Bad

You should be able to catch him now in NMDOT PSAs buckling-up like a champ in heavy rotation, in Disney’s Lemonade Mouth and in the upcoming movie A Bird of the Air.

B is for the baad things that have happened to NM Film since the new administration at the roundhouse has taken aim at the industry opening the door to losing productions during these times of flux and pointing to the exit for talent that comes or strives from within to be a part of a sustainable workforce in local arts & entertainment.

C is for…uh, I digress.

Haus is one of the many who have gone and are planning to go where the very mobile film industry finds a supportive home – but he says he’ll always be one of NM’s Own – agreed.

Look for him in future projects out of CA and beyond (break a leg jetting to Chi-Town) we (I’m looking at y’all) will be holding-down the homefront by looking out for New Mexico Film so as to retain talent, maintain & sustain business for all!

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NM Film Futures Strung Out While Loopholes LIVE

Posted by on February 23, 2011 | One comment

MAKE SOME NOISE! Have you contacted YOUR Legislature today? They hold the fate of New Mexico Film in their hands: Keep & Compete NM Film PASS SB 44

UPDATE 2/23/11: via Film Works for New Mexico, here is the full list of Legislative contact information. Please contact them and implore them to give NM Film a fair shake, not a shakedown.

eliseoalcon@msn.com, kb5ysg@arrl.net, zobaldonado@gmail.com, paul@paulbandy.org, ray.begaye@nmlegis.gov, don.bratton@nmlegis.gov, brown55@windstream.net, Joseph@cervanteslawnm.com, gailchasey@msn.com, david@davidcchavez.com, eleanorchavez@gmail.com, ernestc1531@aol.com, zachjcook@gmail.com, anna.crook@nmlegis.gov, georgedodge63@yahoo.com, ddoyle@ebnm.com, brian@brianegolf.com, noralee@cableone.net, csecows@aol.com, maryhelen.garcia@nmlegis.gov, miguel.garcia@nmlegis.gov, ocate@hotmail.com, natefornm@gmail.com, roberto.gonzales@nmlegis.gov, wjgray@pvtnetworks.net, jonig@zianet.com, jimmie.hall@nmlegis.gov, tavish38@gmail.com, yherrell@yahoo.com, donagale@zianet.com, conradjamesforhd24@gmail.com, askdennis@denniskintigh.com,

larry@larranaga.com, lewisfornm@gmail.com, rlittleent@aol.com, alujan@q.com, ben.lujan@nmlegis.gov, patricia.lundstrom@nmlegis.gov, jrmadalena@fsipinc.org, rep16@moejustice.com, rudy_s_martinez@msn.com, mlo1@7cities.net, docmcmillan@msn.com, rick.miera@nmlegis.gov, annunez@zianet.com, oneillhd15@fastmail.us, alpark.nm@gmail.com, danice.picraux@nmlegis.gov, jpandp@comcast.net, bill.rehm@nmlegis.gov, denroch@hotmail.com, debbie.rodella@yahoo.com, edward.sandoval@nmlegis.gov, jim@jimsmithnm.com, sheryl.stapleton@nmlegis.gov, mstewart@osogrande.com, jamesstrickler@msn.com, tom@tomtaylor.net, trippsdon@netscape.net, jimtrujillo@msn.com, sntyler@valornet.com, rrrvigil@plateautel.net, wallace@losalamos.com, james.white@nmlegis.gov, brwooley1@yahoo.com

As we’ve been following for you here, here, here and here New Mexico’s new Governor has her sights set on executing the state’s firm hold on U.S. and Global filmmaking.

As the 2011 Legislative Session draws nearer to its close, Film Incentives have indeed remained a sticking point – but don’t take it from me…here are two real reporters reviewing what’s really going-on and undone in Fe.

In the Santa Fe Reporter – Zane Fischer paints the all too real picture of Susana Martinez as a Corporate Loophole loving, “HOLLYWOOD” hating, Tea Party standard play-booking, inflammatory statement making swiftboater (my words not his).

In the Santa Fe New Mexican – Trip Jennings details the battle in the roundhouse between NM Film and the above mentioned (Corporate Loophole loving, “HOLLYWOOD” hating, Tea Party standard play-booking, inflammatory statement making swiftboater).

MI – demonstrates the err, UT – is at the ready, AL – really puts out, TX – matches the seemingly arbitrary 15%, LA – braces…and NM?

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Film v. Education: Senate Bill 568 Edition

Posted by on February 19, 2011 | 5 comments

GOING GOING GONZO UPDATE 2/21/11: As reported *below MI lawmakers are batting about their film incentives to an even lesser degree than NM is and they’ve now LOST their stake in the NM bound AVENGERS movie. via NM Business Weekly

WE MUST KEEP OUR EYES ON SB 568 (puts a prohibitive cap on incentives) and HB 479 (decreases incentives from 25% to 15%) – raise your voices to the capitol.

UPDATE 2/21/11: SB 568 has been laid over. Another day to contact YOUR senate committee…all the contact info. and links to the bill itself below. Go New Mexico!

UPDATE on the competition 2/20/11:

*MICHIGAN – Law makers are proposing a more straight forward/above board cap that has MI film supporters calling foul, fearing a steady stream of taillights heading OUT of the state. – Full Story here.

ALASKA – Increased film incentives range from 30% up to 44%. Full story here.

We repeat: Film VERSUS Education!?!?!?

On Thursday, the last day to submit bills to the 2011 NM Legislature, SB 568 – the FILM PRODUCTION & EDUCATIONAL RETIREMENT bill was introduced just under the wire…”In essence, this bill pits film against education retirement and caps the film credit at $45M.”

Sponsored by Senator John Arthur Smith, SB568 was swiftly scheduled to be heard on Monday, 2/21, at 8am in Room 311 by the Senate Education Committee.

NM Film is subject to and has yet to have the opportunity to be afforded a full and complete review of sustainability and accountability. Thanks to SB44 that day is on the horizon.

In the meantime, please raise your voice in a respectful and proactive way by calling and/or emailing a sensible sentiment to “OPPOSE SB568” before the Monday morning shenanigans vote.

Here are YOUR Senate Education Committee Members:

Cynthia Nava  ……………. 986-4834, email: cynthia.nava@nmlegis.gov
John Sapien  ……………… 986-4371, email: john.sapien@nmlegis.gov
Vernon Asbill  ……………. 986-4393, email: vernon.asbill@nmlegis.gov
Stephen Fischmann …… 986-4377, email: stephen.fischmann@nmlegis.gov
Mary Jane Garcia ………. 986-4726, email: maryjane.garcia@nmlegis.gov
Tim Keller …………………. 986-4260, email: tk@timkellerfornewmexico.com
Gay Kernan ……………….. 986-4274, email: gay.kernan@nmlegis.gov
John Pinto …………………. 986-4835, email: not listed
Sander Rue ………………… 986-4375, email: sander.rue@nmlegis.gov
Bernadette Sanchez …….. 986-4267, email: Bernadette.sanchez@nmlegis.gov

For your cut and paste convenience (per usual):

cynthia.nava@nmlegis.gov, john.sapien@nmlegis.gov, vernon.asbill@nmlegis.gov, stephen.fischmann@nmlegis.gov, maryjane.garcia@nmlegis.gov, tk@timkellerfornewmexico.com, gay.kernan@nmlegis.gov, sander.rue@nmlegis.gov, Bernadette.sanchez@nmlegis.gov

Read the full bill (SB568) here. See Senate Committee Schedule here.

Thanks Mac

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Ode to Susana: Runaway Wagon Wrangler?

Posted by on December 27, 2010 | 2 comments

UPDATE 1/10/11: It was announced today that New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez proposes DECREASING the NM Film Tax Subsidy to 15% from the current 25%…

It is just as unlikely that Governor-elect Susana Martinez will up and abandon her post as the head of our great state, as it is that she would be relegated to Reality TV infamy – ours is leading-lady material – Will she step-up to the role?

Sometimes starlets don’t have the right people around them à la Loca Lohan, and sometimes they’ve got a few screws loose à la Debra Winger.

Well NM can’t afford to let our latest star fall. Come Jan. 1 our principal player is Susana Martinez, when she takes center stage as our new Governor. We will then be her cast & crew – this show hinges on her success so let’s get behind her and in front of her – at the sound stage that is the Roundhouse.


Early this month Los Angeles flexed its tax incentives to try to curb the industry’s blood letting into the runaway Chuck Wagon that’s made so many trips here to New Mexico – Make sure our leading lady and her round house know you want them to hold these reins and keep a wrangle on what’s ours!

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NM FILM: Yesterday Today y Mañana

Posted by on December 23, 2010 | 7 comments

In the BIGGEST film production news to hit New Mexico since 1910,
our El Majico OFFICIALLY announced Wednesday the NM Film prospect we’ve been following for you here

Better than an early “Christmas present to the people of New Mexico,” it is perhaps the Swan Song of our departing Governor, Bill Richardson to bring us the news that Marvel’s latest and greatest assembly of Superheroes – will land squarely in Nuevo Mexico come April!

Sure to be the most grandiose and spectacular outing for Marvel Studios, THE AVENGERS will shoot here, where brother Thor first tread, where The Green Lantern and Iron Man got it on…and where Cowboys & Aliens was born…

Welcome to New Mexico!

Read the full, “Official” announcement after the jump. And keep-up with EVERYTHING New Mexico Entertainment with US…Online all the time @ OneHeadlightInk.com & on Facebook & Twitter too!

» Read the full post

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~Hot On Our Boot Heel: Hawkeye Edition

Posted by on November 15, 2010 | 3 comments

We’ve got chile, they’ve got corn & we all want movies! It’s the recession succession version of WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!

The hearty film industry that is New Mexico’s is so oft referenced in posts and articles where other states are clamoring for a stake, if I had a dubloom for every time – I could buy all y’all a steak!

In one of today’s heads-up blog posts, crafty Christine of Iowa paints (or needlepoints) the sad truth about films on wheels, which is the reverse of Meals on Wheels in that it is where the tax incentives lie that the film industry will follow taking their meals, their dogooding & their jobs with!

Tough lessons, easily foretold and sadly playing out for Jeff and Janelle Smith of Iowa via Omaha.com.

The Iowa Film, Television, and Video Project Promotion Program was created in 2007 – the now defunct Income Tax Credit structure saw a rapid influx of productions yielding the kind of jobs we’re all/none too familiar with here in New Mexico.

The program was suspended in 2009 after unscrupulous practices by some who “took advantage” of the incentives while the administration failed to cite and correct egregious errors in the system.

With the loss of the industry and the trickle down of revenue and collateral support systems drying-up many Iowans like the Smiths may face tough decisions about whether to weather out the tough economy or follow the industry they’ve ensconced themselves in wherever it may land.

The Smith’s made themselves assets to the industry as crew and vendor service providers, Jeff as a lighting grip and Janelle in craft service – with the programs suspended the Smith’s are out of work and are now considering a move to NM.

Like Jeff who is now unemployed, Los Angeles industry transplant Chris Bevauns, a film costume and set designer, earned $60,000.00 in 2009, working steadily on nine productions to working as a “handyman” for $20,000.00 this year.

The faithful in Iowa a.k.a. the Iowa Motion Picture Association will be championing efforts to bring the program back leading up to their state’s own legislative session.

Here‘s the full AP article.

p.s. I’m not poking fun at Christine or craftiness. AND J & J you’re always welcome in New Mexico…in fact join us at a camp out in January where we may need to set-up house in front of the Roundhouse to make sure NM stays in the game, because we ARE the game! Numero Uno Nuevo Mexico – Woot!

You tug, we’ll tug – not that way cochino, that’s the old Hollywood way…

Movie Maker Magazine, Variety

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Things That Make You Go Duh! Part Deux

Posted by on October 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Things That Make You Go Duh! Part Deux


As every news outlet and their momma has already told you by now (above, here, here, here and HERE)…New Mexico’s Film industry is BOOMING!

Well, that boom is in great jeopardy without support from the incoming leadership of our Government. But whatta you care? It’s not like New Mexicans need to know the thrills of an exciting industry that broadens the horizons of many of the disenfranchised youth of our society…et al.

MI, TX, LA, OH, IL, MA and so many more states are “hot on our boot heel” and that which has been described as “an industry on wheels” will roll on by us (again, Microsoft style) if NM doesn’t retain their reign.

There is a long sad list of films and productions that check-in at the New Mexico Film office but don’t stay because of incentives elsewhere – but as of now the glorious list of those that come and do set-up house with their dollars, their notoriety and their community service is longer.

This is like that great love of your life that you’d be a fool to cast aside – Don’t be a chump. Vote-up NM.

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Old News is Good News

Posted by on May 19, 2010 | 3 comments

UPDATE 08/27/10: FYI They also have this in common – none of these or any other major production as of late has had a swanky New Mexico Movie Premiere {sads}. Join our quest to change that here.

Nothing new to us but more national news is taking notice:

CNN says NM is “Building Up America”. See how the Cable News Network glimpses into our kick-ass world of movie making – Including a moving pictures look at our favorite foxy Deputy Chief of Staff and Film Policy Advisor.

CNN was founded by NM’s Own biggest, richest Rancher Ted Turner.

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Things That Make You Go Duh!

Posted by on January 19, 2010 | 2 comments

We didn’t need an investigative report but now we have one…on the heels of such prestigious nods as being named #3 in all of North America for film production, New Mexico’s largest city is now widely being hailed as the #1 City in the country for movie making.

Jai-Ho, a.k.a. J. Jojolawood, a.k.a. Investigative Reporter (as seen in Transformers) Jeremy Jojola details the latest as well as reiterates the rundown on the Governor’s Tax Incentive Program’s mathematical inputs and outputs for state at large here.

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Tis’ Here

Posted by on October 24, 2009 | 2 comments

The very day we broke down llanto for it the Variety ranking is in/out. And now it’s official New Mexico Takes the Bronze

Click here for the full story.

Let’s see, what shall we wish for today? Swirled peas, swirled peas, swirled peas…

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New Mexico Takes the Bronze

Posted by on September 25, 2009 | One comment

Bronze Boot Heel

Who would’ve thought that the 2×2 mi. New Mexico town where I grew-up would be featured in a number of major motion pictures? And my now backyard has been portrayed as everything from a post-apocalyptic gateway to evil to a scenic stand point.

These mile markers and the fact that Variety is set to rank New Mexico third best in North America for film locations just behind California and New York, according to an article posted in the Chicago Tribune online where they boast of their just off the podium ranking of fourth place, cement the status of our state as having dug in our boot heel and captured the reigns of the industry.

Places everyone! New Hollywood, New Mexico, take 3 – Acción!


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NM Stock

Posted by on September 10, 2009 | One comment

Res Q Clip

Behold the explosion scene from NM’s Rogue Taurus Productions 2009 48 Hour Film Festival submission Res Q.

Directed by Paul J Porter, written by Hayley Derryberry and
Morgan Estill, explosives by Brian Reece. Cast includes Nicole Gramlich – sexy mohawk girl, hostage girl – Hayley Derryberry, man with swords – Mark Furini. Full list of film credits here.

The star of this scene is Steven Ray Byrd. We’re fans of Byrd here because he’s serious about his craft. Steven and his family moved to New Mexico to pursue his acting career. This is the kind of dedication New Hollywood New Mexico should always aspire to inspire.

Below is a student short produced locally by eKmOHzproductions via eura1990:

The industry is here. Are you on board or out to lunch? If we don’t take up the reigns and do-it-up well, MI, WY, AL, LA, NC, MA, OH, Canada, on and on…are hot on our boot heel.

New Hollywood, NM – the land of Enhancement. Not this kind.

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Props, Folly, Carpentry, Craft Service Oh My!

Posted by on June 12, 2009 | Comments Off on Props, Folly, Carpentry, Craft Service Oh My!

Hollywood, NM

Times they are a’ changin. Movies, movies everywhere but not a dime to drop in Old Hollywood, because the caravans that moved the pioneers west are heading back and setting-up shop in New Mexico.

Old Hollywood’s 20th Century Props is closing its doors next month. Hello, Opportunity calling. Action, please pick-up…NM’s got the productions rolling in, are New MexiCANs keeping up with the industry?

As we told you here, here, here and here other states are hot on our boot heel in trying to take-up the reigns of being the New Hollywood. So Nuevo Mexicanos need to remain involved in becoming the Land of Enhancement. Next year we’ll have to choose the next Peoples Governor a.k.a. the Commerce Secretary of Hearts, come October we get to replace Paris Chavez.

In the mean time keep your eyes and your votes on where our money is being spent, on what’s going on and what we can all do to grow New Mexico. Got Space? – check Got workforce? – check Got Ideas? – check Got talent? – check Got Pull? – check

Resource Links:
NM Small Business Development Ctr.
U.S. Small Business Administration

You go New Mexico!

Footnote: the FDA may be moving to require nutritional info. on signs and menus. Hey, we can make signs AND menus. ¡Vamanos!

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It’s Getting Hot In Here, NM

Posted by on February 18, 2009 | 2 comments

Hollywood, NM

It’s officially an onslaught – The rest of the country (NY, NY, CT, CA, MN, MI, HW, AR, NY, NY, NY, MD, TX, TX, UT, etc.) is quietly paying attention. All signs and statues (The Golden Globe, Oscar, SAG, et al) may soon point toward New Mexico.

We recently screened an incredible performance by the one and only Josh Brolin in “W“. Though “W” wasn’t filmed in NM, Brolin starred in another Oscar winning, wickedly good film that was. And as all roads eventually lead to Josh Brolin and New Mexico we reflected upon the very lengthly list of full credits at the end of “W”.

It was a really long list. I’m talking hundreds of people. If that movie had been shot in NM, all those people would’ve worked in NM. Even if NONE of them were from or lived in NM, they would’ve had to have come here, and dropped some dough here.

C’mon, we need the money. We can’t funnel all the states resources into meth labs and not rehabilitating Drunk Drivers and expect a good ROI. But THE MOVIES – I don’t think ticket sales are slumping AT ALL in this pooper we call the U.S. Economy.

We haven’t done all we can do to export our fabulous chile products…let’s not miss the chile shipment truck on this one. They (all of the above +) are “hot on our boot heel” after as many movie bucks as they can get their hands on.

So, put down your bank robbery note and instead get on the horn, surf the web and get the word out to anyone that matters, that WE want those movie dollars right here in NM.

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Hot on Our Boot Heel, NM

Posted by on January 16, 2009 | 5 comments

Golden, CO, Dallas, TX, Tampa and Bradenton FL, Walpole, MA even the mighty Los Angeles, CA are a buzz about NM’s burgeoning film and television industry.

It seems every day I get a new story from a city examining their chances at being the next movie capital of the United States. There’s a competition brewing to lure Hollywood to their backyard, keeping close tabs on who’s filming where and why. Time and again New Mexico is a focus as either a keen competitor or the flat out nabber of state to state film bids.

It’s no secret that I credit the Commerce Secretary of Hearts for all our success in nabbs. Despite what some may mangle with their own special math. NM’s gotta get on board in learning and supporting what’s at stake here and lay our claim to it – the rest of the country is paying attention. Close contenders include Louisiana and Michigan.

Lesson Learned – Hello, Reality calling. Action, please pick-up.

Office of the Governor
NM Film Office

UPDATE: The results of a new, extensive report of the ROI on NM Film Incentives – BizJournals.com

And they just keep pouring in: Variety reports 1/16/09 2:52 p.m. MT

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