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100% Preventable – Rest in Peace Baby Vicente Griego

Posted by on August 31, 2012 | Comments Off on 100% Preventable – Rest in Peace Baby Vicente Griego

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Foxy Rox

Posted by on August 7, 2010 | One comment

I had to look long and hard (pi) to find a pic that didn’t look like a Vivid cover shot (I almost had to resort to a pic of her hobbit-like thumb, because she just can’t get away with looking like that all over!), to accompany this very serious post to declare that try I as I might to resist her I have fallen for the Fox. I now stand with Mickey?!?

Rather than spending her time trying to come-up with a deliciously stoopid sex tape name, rehab stint, lesbian faux-mance etc., etc., Megan Fox remains a steadfast star.

From a graceful exit from x-formers, to the best APS applicable PSA I’ve ever seen to her charitable donations left and right, I must now take stock in those whose opinions I value in the anyway and join ’em in their love of the Fox.

This story of how the young actress recently donated her pay from a video shoot to a domestic violence shelter won’t get one one-millionth of the play racist, misogynistic, tyrannical rage or Ambien laced whore-mongering garners these days, but I hope you’ll spread the word and awareness about getting out, standing-up and stopping the violence til it’s as prevalent as the the oh-so steamy pics of the little miss turned Mrs. above.

Come back soon…NM misses you esp. Mugs & BSM!

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