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Three Day Film Jobs Events Help New Mexicans Break Into Film Business

Posted by on November 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Three Day Film Jobs Events Help New Mexicans Break Into Film Business


Santa Fe – Film industry decision makers are pulling back the curtain on New Mexico’s film industry for a three-day event putting New Mexican filmmakers, budding actors and businesses wanting to serve the industry before decision casting agents, production leaders and buyers.

The three-day event includes a full day of panels and open forums to introduce businesses and individuals to New Mexico’s film industry decision makers.


WHERE: Center For Progress & Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Rd.

WHAT: Panels and business connections, cast and crew advisement (Full Agenda included below)


The weekend will begin December 6 with a celebration of music through the Santa Fe Music Alliance. Band’s to perform are To Build a Fiee, Sol Fire, and Numbtron (electronic side band with members of the D Numbers.) There will also be a raffle of a music video shoot valued at $5,000 launching at the event courtesy of the Santa Fe Music Alliance.

December 7 Segments include “How to break into show business” for prospective actors and extras, “How to advance your acting career” for those with previous experience and open casting calls for both groups.

“Native New Mexicans are making a living wage in productions across the state,” says Jon Hendry, business agent for IATSE 480, a union of film industry workers. “Everyone from Deming to Downtown Santa Fe has benefited from new business and new jobs film has created in New Mexico. The programs in this weekend are opening up even more opportunities for all of us.”

In addition, production buyers will be on hand to meet New Mexico business leaders looking to promote or expand their business with the industry. All businesses are welcome.

For more information contact Nani 505-988-7414 x102

Educational forums and discussions are also planned in conjunction with the State Film Office to explain New Mexico’s film industry incentive programs and the production rebate system. Tobi Ives, Senior Manager of Production, and Rochelle Bussey, Workforce Development Programs Manager, will discuss incentives and resources available through the New Mexico State Film Office the afternoon of December 7. New Mexico has over ten years of experience as an incentive state and offers a competitive Refundable Film Production Tax Credit. In addition, New Mexico has been a leader in crew, vendor and infrastructure growth including the Film Crew Advancement Program which provides career opportunities to resident crew and reimbursements of qualifying residents’ wages to productions. Join us at the luncheon to ask questions and understand these resources available to the industry.

The day will finish with the announcement of the Shoot Santa Fe Pilot Project winner, who will win a prize package worth 25k of industry products and cash to turn their 60-90 second trailer submission into a pilot. Submission cut off date is December 1. Details at santafefilmfestival.com.

December 8 with complete the weekend with a Brunch & Panel to discuss topics for the 2014 Legislative Session. Lawmakers will cover topics including Achievable Goals, Power of Persuasion, and The next years of legislation for film.

All proceeds benefit the Santa Fe Film Festival, a non profit organization.

Get Involved! Be a part of the 14th annual Santa Fe Film Festival, happening May 1-4, 2014 – currently gathering Volunteers, Sponsors, and Presenters. Contact SFFF to get involved, info@santafefilmfestival.com.

Contact: Nani Rivera (Santa Fe Film Festival, Director) 505-988-7414 x102

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New Mexico Film and Media Industry Conference

Posted by on April 3, 2013 | Comments Off on New Mexico Film and Media Industry Conference

UPDATE 5/14/13: Congratulations to the New Mexico Film Office on the success of their first Film & Media Conference with over 300 registered attendees and 50 Exhibitors! Plans are already underway for an even BIGGER event next time out!

New Mexico Film and Media Industry Conference

The New Mexico State Film Office is very excited to present the NM Film & Media Industry Conference on Friday May 10th and Saturday May 11th in Albuquerque at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

This will be an excellent networking opportunity for local professionals, aspiring filmmakers and related industry vendors. Panels (10 in all) will cover everything from filming logistics to financing. Exhibitor tables will be available both days. The event is free and open to the public.

Reserve your free tickets via Eventbrite:

Embassy Suites is offering special room rates of $99. You can book here.

New Mexico Film & Media Industry Conference
May 10-11, 2013
Embassy Suites Hotel
Albuquerque, NM

Friday May 10th

10:00–11:30AM Table Set-up

11:30AM – Check-in

12:00PM – Doors Open

1:00PM – Opening Address

Speakers: Nick Maniatis, and special guest to be announced


Film Incentives: A Look at the NM Film Production Refundable Tax Credit

Moderator: Tobi Ives
Panelists: TBA

The New Mexico Film Production Tax Credit is essential to attracting productions to our state. How does the tax credit compare to other states and countries? What are the recent changes to the program? Here is your chance to ask questions to a variety of industry professionals about this important incentive. It’s a must-attend panel for local producers and accountants alike.

3:30PM – 5:15PM
Film Financing: A Wealth of Knowledge
Moderator: Nick Maniatis
Panelists: TBA

From crowd funding to equity and gap financing, hear the experts discuss securing resources to produce a project. How do financiers address mitigating risk? When are you ready to seek financing? How do you factor in incentive programs? Leave with a better understanding of this complex world.

Saturday May 11th

8:45AM – Check-in and Doors Open

9:15AM – 10:30AM

Securing Locations: Get Off My Lawn!

Moderator: Don Gray
Panelists: TBA

Equally important for location managers and property owners alike, this panel will discuss how to broach a location, to negotiate a locations contract, to determine fees and to plan for the unexpected. Know what questions to ask productions and understand why production schedules often change. Hear perspectives from all sides.

9:15AM – 10:30AM

Post Production & Emerging Media in New Mexico

Moderator: Eric Renz-Whitmore

Panelists: TBA

Local professionals in Emerging Media, including representatives from the New Mexico Post Alliance and the New Mexico Technology Council, will lead a discussion on the impact of emerging technologies on education, business, and the entertainment industry. Which skills apply to all these industries? Which skill sets are specific to entertainment? How diverse do post production companies need to be to meet their client’s needs? Learn how these entertainment professionals can segue into this new world of emerging media.

10:45AM – 12PM
Let’s Talk Distribution

Panelists: TBA

Distribution is a part of a project’s development plan and being objective isn’t always easy. Who do you talk to? Who is going to buy it From film festivals to the internet, learn what the options are and how to broach marketing your masterpiece. Hear experts discuss where distributor’s go and what they are looking for when acquiring rights. Gain the insights on how best to proceed.

10:45AM – 12PM

Presentation: Emerging Media Startups

Presenter: Armando Kirwin

New technology companies are reimagining every part of the film industry, including: concept development, screenwriting, funding, distribution, exhibition and marketing. Who are these companies and how should a filmmaker work with them? More importantly, how does being on the cutting-edge of technology impact the filmmaking process? Stay up-to-date with this current information.



1PM – 2:30PM

Productions and Vendors Working Together
Moderator: Dirk Norris
Panelists: TBA

Are productions from Mars and are vendors from Venus? It doesn’t have to be that way. This panel will prove these relationships are much more compatible. Learn how productions determine with whom they work and discuss maintaining your business when productions come to town. Understand what it takes to be a vendor in the film industry. You will also hear from local city representatives and a major studio representative.

1PM – 2:30PM

Post Production Tips &Techniques: Finishing Film for Digital Cinema Projection (DCP)

Demonstrator: TBA

Learn how to prepare and convert your film files for theater projection. Hosted by the New Mexico Post Alliance, postproduction professionals will explore the process of finishing a film for delivery to DCP. This presentation will also include a software demonstration as well as a discussion of industry standards and of the various delivery platforms.

2:45PM – 4:30PM

Logistics for Creative Filmmaking

Moderator: TBA

Panelists: TBA

It’s your one shot so you want to gain from others’ experiences. Discuss ways to maintain the quality of your project during physical production. Hear what you need to know about working effectively with your crew to avoid mistakes that affect your creative vision. Seasoned professionals will review the must-dos for sound, camera and all the other vital elements that will be pieced together for your ultimate masterpiece.

2:45PM – 4:30PM

A Thing or Two about Collective Bargaining

Moderator by: Tobi Ives

Panelists: TBA

New Mexico is an employment-at-will state. And although both union and non-union projects may apply for the NM Film Production Tax Credit, the majority of the shows in New Mexico tend to have contractual obligations with them. This panel is an overview of the various collective bargaining agreements often utilized by productions. When should you consider a contract and with which unions? What is the standard protocol when working with unions and guilds? For all budget sizes and project types, here is a chance to speak directly with union representatives whose jurisdiction covers New Mexico.

4:30PM –5PM Exhibitor Tear-down

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