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Robby Mc Steals-a-lot, just don’t do it

Posted by on January 8, 2009 | Comments Off on Robby Mc Steals-a-lot, just don’t do it


2008 was a banner year for bank robberies in New Mexico. Of course the mess of the economy is credited for much of this uprising – but with Entertainment and Technology jobs coming to the area perhaps thieving can take a breather. Esp. since it’s a federal crime with steep penalties and so few robbers escape prosecution.
While the problem persists into 2009 perhaps the general public can boost their income by collecting the rewards sometimes offered for anonymous tips leading to prosecution by the FBI and/or Crime Stoppers. In-between job searches, casting calls or on your lunch break you can check the latest on who you can turn in or where you’ll be featured if you indulge here or here.

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