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New Girl in Town

Posted by on March 26, 2014 | 2 comments

Faith Hibbs Clark New Mexico CSAImage via Facebook

As we all know, a polarizing political leader can run good businesses out of town and in Arizona where the divisive Jan Brewer eliminated Tax Incentives for film production some professionals were left looking to re-root their expertise and industry ties.

Veteran CSA Faith Hibbs-Clark is one such expert. Setting up house in New Mexico for just about a year now the long time NM fan brings her passion and know-how of all production mediums to the Land of Enchantment, con más ganas.

Already having cast area TV and commercial productions over her first few months open for business, Hibbs’ local casting co., 1 Good Casting is ready to roll on booking New Mexico talent for statewide and cross state jobs.

With long standing ties in both Los Angeles and greater Arizona production, New Mexico stands to gain work for talent in those pools through Hibbs’ network of contacts and professional history.

The award winning casting director tells OHI, “I’m excited to be here and get involved. I look forward to bringing my special brand and way of doing things to a new playing ground. I have high hopes for our new sister office here in New Mexico.” Meet Hibbs and check out the resume here.

Get familiar with 1 Good Casting on their facebook page (best place to get and stay connected for work, btw), and stay tuned for project updates, training opportunities and MORE!

¡Bienvenidos Faith & Co.!

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Extras Casting for feature film: A Good Kill

Posted by on March 18, 2014 | Comments Off

UPDATE 3/26/14: CASTING CALL FOR 2010, OR OLDER, LUXURY CAR AND DRIVER – Needed tomorrow, Thursday, March 27, 2014 in ABQ for “The Good Kill” Cadillac or Jaguar preferred. May consider Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus, if needed. The owner/driver will be paid for a minimum of 8 hours as a background actor with overtime beyond 8 hours. Pay bump for car whether parked or driven. Potential for the owner/driver to be on screen. This is for “The Good Kill.” If interested, please submit contact info, picture of car, and actor. Include car info  (year, model, make, and colors), via e-mail to Background Casting Director, Joni Sweet at: jsweetcasting[at]gmail.com

Ethan Hawke January Jones Filming A Good Kill in New Mexico

From On Location Casting:

ALBUQUERQUE, NM Casting Notice – Feature Film “Good Kill” for work on THURSDAY 3/27/14.

Pay rate is TBD (but will likely be standard local NM extras rate with a ‘bump’ amount if your vehicle is used also)

We obviously do NOT have Call Times yet so it could be a VERY early morning start and/or could possibly shoot late into the evening/night. You MUST have open/flexible availability if submitting so that you can work WHATEVER the call times ends up being. If not, please DO NOT SUBMIT!

Location is in the ALBUQUERQUE, NM area.

UPSCALE VEGAS BAR PATRONS with HIGH END CARS: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 21-55, upscale, attractive, sexy, stylish – MUST have a High End vehicle (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, etc. that is 2006-2010) *please specify year/make/model/color of vehicle when submitting (include vehicle photo if possible)

MILITARY: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 18-60, short military haircuts, fit, should be ‘real’ active duty or retired military (looking for Officers, Recruits and Enlisted). *please specify when submitting and include a photo of yourself IN UNIFORM if possible

To submit for work – Please EMAIL US ASAP to: onlocationcastingNM[at]yahoo.com with subject line GOOD KILL SUBMISSION. You MUST include your first & last name and a contact number. MUST also have a recently updated (within the past 6 months) talent profile in the OLC database!

**PLEASE DO NOT send more than one email!

PLEASE DO NOT email if you don’t fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work date!! Thanks!

**PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE ABOUT THIS BOOKING unless specifically requested!!**

If you do not have a profile with us, please go to www.onlocationcasting.net and complete a Talent Application before sending email that you are available. It is FREE to register and you do not have to have a paid ‘active’ account in order to be booked for work.

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Feature Film “Search Party” Now Casting in Albuquerque

Posted by on June 17, 2013 | Comments Off

UPDATE 6/18/13: ALBUQUERQUE, NM On Location Casting Notice - Feature Film “Search Party” for work on WEDNESDAY 6/19/13.

–NEW FACES who have not yet been scheduled to work on this project ONLY!!–

Pay rate is $80.00 for 10 hours ($8.00/hour) plus overtime paid after 10 hours. You will also be paid an additional $50.00 for bringing your dog.

We do not have a Call Time yet but it could be VERY early into the morning and go late into the night. You MUST have the whole day/evening open if submitting so that you can work whatever the call time ends up being.

Location is in the ALBUQUERQUE, NM area.

MEXICAN FAMILY MEMBER with DOG: male and female, HISPANIC, age range 18-65, lower to middle class, variety of types and interesting faces. MUST have a VERY well-behaved dog that would be comfortable being on a film set and that is good with other dogs. Looking for more ‘mutt’ type dogs that you won’t mind it getting dirty as we will be out in the dirt all day.

To submit for work – please POST HERE ASAP and you MUST include your first & last name as listed on the OLC database. Please also specify the type of dog you have, it’s age and name.

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT or POST if you don’t fit these casting specs or are not available on the listed work date!! Thanks! Seriously, DON’T do it if you are not right for the role!


**MUST also HAVE A *RECENTLY UPDATED* (within the past 6 months) TALENT PROFILE IN THE OLC DATABASE in order to be booked! If you do not have a profile with us, please go to www.onlocationcasting.net and complete a Talent Application before sending email that you are available. It is FREE to register and you do not have to have a paid ‘active’ account in order to be booked for work

NMFilm Search Party

Search Party “centers on two roommates who go to great and dangerous lengths to save their friend Nardo, who is naked and stranded in Mexico.”

Casting Notice from On Location Casting:

ALBUQUERQUE, NM Casting Notice – Feature Film “Search Party” for work on TUESDAY 6/18/13 and/or WEDNESDAY 6/19/13.

Pay rate is $80.00 for 10 hours ($8.00/hour) plus overtime paid after 10 hours.

We do not have a Call Time yet but it could be VERY early into the morning and go late into the night. You MUST have the whole day/evening open if submitting so that you can work whatever the call time ends up being.

Location is in the ALBUQUERQUE, NM area.

SOCCER KIDS: male and female, HISPANIC, age range 8-14, athletic, cute, should know how to play soccer (don’t have to b a pro but should know how to handle a ball)

To submit for work – EMAIL ASAP at: onlocationcastingNM@yahoo.com with subject line SOCERR KID with your first & last name, contact number, age, parent name and a RECENT photo (taken within the past 3 months). Also specify which work date(s) you are available.

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT or POST if you don’t fit these casting specs or are not available on the listed work date!! Thanks! Seriously, DON’T do it if you are not right for the role!


**MUST also HAVE A *RECENTLY UPDATED* TALENT PROFILE IN THE OLC DATABASE in order to be booked! If you do not have a profile with us, please go to www.onlocationcasting.net and complete a Talent Application before sending email that you are available. It is FREE to register and you do not have to have a paid ‘active’ account in order to be booked for work

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Hit Indie Filmmakers Casting new Project in New Mexico

Posted by on May 16, 2013 | Comments Off

NMFilm Abe Makes a Movie by Ryan Turri Matt Peterson

Sag, Aftra & Non Union Feature Film, Casting Call May 20th, 2013

The comedy, “Abe Makes A Movie” is currently casting lead roles in this funny film about an underachieving want-to-be filmmaker who assembles a ragtag crew of misfits to help make a movie and enter it into a local film festival in hopes of winning his ex girlfriend back. Starring Matt Peterson (The Bigfoot Election).

This will be a Sag Ultra-Low Budget film shooting early to late fall 2013 in Albuquerque, NM.

Producer/Director: Ryan Turri
Written by: Matt Peterson and Ryan Turri

Please respond to abesmovie@gmail.com

Female 20-35, caucasian
Abe’s long time best friend. Dry sense of humor and witty. Sweet. Smart. Thinks Abe is great. Almost like a sister to Abe.

Male 50-70, Caucasian
Pyrotechnics guy. Gruff on the outside but very like-able once you get to know him. Served in the reserves and never saw any action, though he would lead you to believe otherwise. Jack of all trades, master of none. Loyal follower of Abe. Big hearted.

Female 60-80, Caucasian
Old starlet. Been in 135 movies, but never starred in a single one. Worldly seasoned. Has had several marriages and one daughter. Single now, and lives in the moment. Spent some time in Toas “finding herself” through the guidance of a guru.

Male 50-68 Caucasian
Abe’s stepfather. Classic American-old school dad who believes in hard work and earning an honest dollar… but plays the lottery religiously. A constant skeptic. Hard on Abe. Believes his way is the right way. Likes to prove his point to anyone who will listen. Doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t American or American made. Grew up in a small town, had his aspirations crushed early in life, gave up on his bowling career and settled for a 9-5 job spending his lunch hour talking sports and how once he was a big deal.

Male 25-37 Caucasian
Napoleon complex. Swarmy. Sarcastic. Classic Bro. Uses the term “Bro” and “Brah” and “YOLO”. Thinks he’s hot shit. Classic wannabe filmmaker, wears the right filmmaker clothes, knows the right filmmaking terms and tells everyone about it. Won the 168 hour film festival the previous year. Creates his own handshakes.

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On Location Casting for feature film “Enemy Way”

Posted by on May 9, 2013 | Comments Off

To submit for these background roles – please POST HERE ASAP!

Casting Enemy Way starring Forest Whitaker

To submit for these background roles – please POST HERE ASAP!

ALBUQUERQUE, NM Casting Notice – Feature Film “Enemy Way” for work on WEDNESDAY 5/15/13 in the LOS LUNAS, NM area.

Pay rate is $110.00 for a 12 hour day. (on a 12 hour guarantee plus overtime after 12 hours).

We do NOT have Call Times yet but they could be VERY early in the morning or go late into the night. You MUST have the whole day/evening open if submitting so that you can work whatever the call time ends up being.

LOCATION IS IN LOS LUNAS!! You MUST be able/willing to self-travel to Los Lunas.

BAR/NIGHTCLUB PATRONS: male and female, Hispanic & Caucasian, age range 35-65 years old, variety of types, will need some who can dance to Cumbia music (please SPECIFY if you can).

To submit for work – please POST HERE ASAP with your first & last name. Your contact number and profile in the OLC database MUST be up to date. **DO NOT SUBMIT FOR THIS WORK DATE if you have previously submitted under a another date or category!! We will submit you to Director ONLY once!

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT or POST if you don’t fit these casting specs!! Thanks!

To submit for these background roles – please POST HERE ASAP!


**ALL Roles on this project are being Picture Picked by the Director. Once you post that you are available on these work dates, we will then add your photo to the submission list for the Director to choose from. IF you are chosen, we will contact you by phone as soon as we have Director selections. **Your photo in the OLC database MUST be recent, not blurry, only have YOU and no one else in it, you can NOT be wearing sunglasses. If photo doesn’t meet these requirements, we can NOT submit you to the Director!

**MUST HAVE A *RECENTLY UPDATED* TALENT PROFILE IN THE OLC DATABASE in order to be booked! If you do not have a profile with us, please go to www.onlocationcasting.net and complete a Talent Application before sending email that you are available. It is FREE to register and you do not have to pay for the OPTIONAL paid ‘active’ account upgrades. ***

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Sci-fi Film TRANSCENDENCE: Casting Extras in New Mexico

Posted by on April 23, 2013 | 10 comments


From Lorrie Latham:

EG Casting is looking for East Indian, U.S. Military, tattooed, hipster types, amputees, etc. for a SCI-FI film shooting in New Mexico this spring/summer. If you are interested, send the following to transcendextras@gmail.com:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Height/weight
4. Phone number/email
5. Current photo of yourself (please refrain from sending photos where you’re wearing sunglasses, hats, costumes, etc)
6. PLEASE TRY TO SEND A LARGER PHOTO. I’M GETTING POSTAGE STAMP-SIZED PIX. Photos need to be at least 500K and preferably at least 1megabyte.

If you are already in the EG Casting Database there is no need to resubmit, those who fit the specifications will be contacted.

Much more info. on the film here.

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“OHI Verified” & Watchdog Approved: NM Casting Calls 3/21/13

Posted by on March 21, 2013 | Comments Off

UPDATE 4/11/13: From EG Casting: Looking for a sister and brother, 9-12, African American for The Homesman with Tommy Lee Jones. Please email a photo to egabel@msn.com with ages and a phone number.

Town Hall Meeting on the state of New Mexico Film in Southern NM - PLUS CALL FOR EXTRAS

EG Casting – Looking for male stand-ins WITH EXPERIENCE, for Homesman, 5’8″-6 feet, Caucasian. Email egabel@msn.com with photo AND phone number.

Joe Edna Boldin – Looking for CHINESE (only CHINESE) actors (male & female) between the ages of 20 & 50 to play scientists in a major feature film shooting in NM. Actors MUST be NM locals and must be CHINESE. If (and only IF) you fit the above description, please email sidesfromjoedna@yahoo.com with CHINESE in the subject line. Please do NOT send messages to facebook with your information, email only.

EG Casting
– Looking for newborn babies. please email me at egabel@msn.com.

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Horror feature from short now casting in New Mexico

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Feature Film Slash to shoot in New Mexico

Sheryl Roberts* is casting principals for SAG Feature Film “SLASH”.

The storyline follows young people who see their friends butchered around them. They must deal with each others violent fantasies and face their own demons…or die trying!

The film will be special effects and visual effects heavy as crafted by Rich E. Cordobes (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Transformers) and Steve R. Moore (Titanic, Avatar) respectively.

There are over 300 extra roles in the film. Some may be given lines at the directors discretion. Background casting will be posted in a separate audition notice.

Auditions and casting will take place in April with a background casting call in May. Please do not submit unless you are available for two consecutive audition days.

Actors are to submit their PROFESSIONAL headshots and resumes electronically ASAP to castfastsherylroberts@msn.com.

You must also include all of your contact information, INCLUDING your phone number. If you are selected, you will be given an appointment time. If you feel strongly that you are right for a particular role include that information with your submission.

Keep in mind principal roles are dialogue heavy.

The Following must be VERY strong actors:

Cade Lodger – caucasian male, 18 – early 20s; wishy-washy, torn between cowering loyalty and being himself – Scenes: 100+, Lines: 195, Days: 22

“Trench” Sickert – caucasian male, early 20s – mid 20s; intelligent, violent, and loosing his mind – Scenes: 79, Lines: 177, Days: 22

Jillian Eddowes – caucasian female, early 20s – mid 20s; attractive shapely blonde, intelligent introvert with gothic overtones – Scenes: 32, Lines: 60, Days: 17

Ellen Eddowes – caucasian female, late 40′s to mid 50′s; Jillian’s mother, kind, very naïve – Scenes: 15, Lines: 30, Days: 10

Kathy Eddowes – caucasian female, early 20s – mid 20s; attractive shapely blonde, sweet, caring, marriage material type – Scenes: 41, Lines: 86, Days, 15

Mary Kelly – caucasian female, mid 30s – mid 40s; “scream queen;” bitchy mother hen lesbian, gothic and emo – Scenes: 42, Lines: 70, Days: 12

Liz Stride – female any ethnicity, mid 20s – mid 30s; bossy take-charge type – Scenes: 20, Lines: 36, Days: 11

Severin Klosowski (name may change) – male any ethnicity, 18 – 35; self-absorbed slacker for comic relief – Scenes: 43, Lines: 25, Days: 16

Aaron Kominski (name may change) – male any ethnicity, 18 – 35; quieter self-absorbed slacker for comic relief, possibly overweight – Scenes: 20, Lines: 8, Days: 12

Click through for full list of roles>>> » Read the full post

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Semi-nude extras needed for 1860s era brothel scenes

Posted by on February 7, 2013 | Comments Off



Male and female extras needed for featured extra roles in a nude or partially nude 1860s era. Brothel scene.

If interested please send a recent picture and phone number to robertbaxtercasting@gmail.com robertbaxtercasting@gmail.com


Compensation: Paid Positions starting at $250.00 per day and up

Type: Male and Female ages 20 – 35

Interested/applicable candidates please reply direct to robertbaxtercasting@gmail.com

***No third party representation***

Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman will star and produce the period western drama. The film’s script, written by Brian Duffield, was named on Hollywood’s annual Black List survey of the best unproduced screenplays. Lynne Ramsay is directing.

Synopsis via Collider:

Jane Got a Gun centers on the titular good girl married to a very bad man who turns against his outlaw gang and gets a back full of bullets for his trouble. With the outlaws still out for revenge, Jane is forced to turn to an old flame in order to bring justice to the deadly gunslingers. Natalie Portman (Black Swan) stars in the lead with Michael Fassbender (Prometheus) playing the ex-lover. Joel Edgerton (Warrior) is in negotiations to play the outlaw husband. Jane Got a Gun is set to begin production in February. Hit the jump for more.

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Calling ABQ Musicians à la Dr. Dre

Posted by on January 21, 2013 | Comments Off


ABQ Musicians…” bangin’” music videos with girls dancing and “Dr. Dre” sounding music is needed ASAP for a FILM shooting in NM right now! Must be free and clear music. Plays on Wednesday. To be considered for enclusion of YOUR video in this feature film, Email links and contact info to infojimburleson@yahoo.com – ASAP!

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FRANK Concert Scene Casting in ALBUQUERQUE

Posted by on January 9, 2013 | Comments Off


Extras Casting Director Robert Baxter is currently casting for the feature film, Frank, now filming in Albuquerque.

Several 20 to 30 year old “rock and rollers” are needed for a South by Southwest concert event scene.

Shooting will take place in Albuquerque Jan 15th and Jan 17th.

If interested, send a recent pic and a contact # to robertbaxtercasting@gmail.com

Tell ‘em OHI sent you!

Frank co-stars Michael Fassbender and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The indie comedy is about a wild band lead by Fassbender, as Frank with Gyllenhaal as his “intense”, right-hand woman. The story is told through the eyes of the group’s newest addition Domhnall Gleeson (Anna Karenina). Scoot McNairy (Argo), and Jack White drummer Carla Aza costar. Leonard Abrahamson (Adam & Paul) is directing from a script by Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan (The Men Who Stare At Goats). via THR

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Feature Film Casting Native Boys, Santa Fe, NM

Posted by on May 3, 2012 | Comments Off

Casting Call: Man Called Buffalo

Rene Haynes Casting is holding an Open Casting Call for 7 to 14 year old NATIVE BOYS for the feature film “Man Called Buffalo,” directed by Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals).

Two young Navajo brothers escape their abusive stepfather in search of the buffalo from their favorite book, a determined local police officer teams up with a half-Sioux highway patrolwoman but the rescue mission becomes more than they expected.

When: Saturday, May 19
And Sunday, May 20

Time (both days): 9:00am – 3:00pm
Where: Garson Studios, Stage C
Santa Fe University of Art & Design
1600 St. Michael’s Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87505

For Parking follow posted signs from University entrance to Stage C.

Director: Chris Eyre
Producer: Edward Parks
Genre: Coming of Age Feature Film
Paying SAG Scale – Modified Low Budget

Please bring recent photo (or one will be taken there) and a parent or guardian OR a note of permission. Boys will be given audition material at the location.

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“Family Band” Film Auditions

Posted by on February 29, 2012 | 2 comments
AuditionsCastingFilmNMSanta Fe

Feature film holding open auditions Friday & Saturday, March 2 & 3 in Santa Fe, NM for Summer 2012 tri-state (CA, NV, NM) shoot.

High concept description: Glee meets The Partridge Family, with a side of The Bangles.

E-mail nmcastingcall@gmail.com for additional information.

From Michael filmmaker John Gabriel:

Working Title: “Family Bands”

Description: Family members find themselves in conflict over the younger generation’s success as a family band – the same kinds of conflict that broke up their parents’ famous rock band 20 years before. The most painful thing, though, is that some of the mothers and some of their daughters are in a serious dispute that may threaten their relationships. Can all of the conflict be resolved before not only the family band but the amilies themselves are destroyed?

Theme: Real love and compassionate communication overcome.

It’s a drama with a good portion of music and a little comedy to lighten the mood now and then.

The youth band sings and plays a variety of types of music. There are sub-groups that specialize in one particular type of music (pop, rock, blues, country, folk, musical theater). The parents’ band sang ‘80s rock in the style of The Bangles, Fleetwood Mac, The Go-Go’s, The Pretenders, Pat Benatar, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Debbie Gibson, etc. The youngest mom’s solo act also performs a variety of types of music. The grandparents’ band performed folk/country music.

Multi-award winning singer-songwriter-actress Sarah Lonsert has the lead younger generation role if it works out for her to take it. Sarah wrote and sang the theme song (“I Will Rise”) for Michael John Gabriel’s short film “High Casting” and played a small role in the movie. “I Will Rise” has gone on to win the Director’s Award in the Nashville International Song and Lyric Contest. She was recently on the ballot for 8 Grammy Awards. You can hear Sarah sing many of her songs on YouTube.com, ReverbNation.com, and MySpace.com. Here’s a song that demonstrates some of what Sarah can do with her voice as well as showing some of her acting ability. And here’s the one she wrote for my film.

Playing one of the 10-11 year olds will be the amazing young guitarist Zack Quintana. Here he is.

Playing the youngest brother in the older generation will be Jono Manson who is also the Music Producer for the film. See Jono’s bio here and listen to one of his songs here.

Playing the Family Counselor will be Michael John Gabriel.

Most other roles are still open. We are hoping to sign at least 2 well-known actors to the cast.

Most of this movie will be shot in Los Angeles. Some scenes will be shot in Santa Fe and one or two scenes will be shot in Las Vegas.

We’ll shoot it in summer, 2012, or as soon as we have the financing, whichever comes later.

SAG Ultra-Low Budget agreement, which allows us to mix SAG actors with non-SAG actors. Pending financing, the agreement may be upgraded.

Rate/pay: Depends on role and financing. We won’t start shooting until financing is in place. All speaking actors will be paid.

We are now auditioning for actors, who will be able to play the following characters in July, 2012:
» Read the full post

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Feature Film “Spells” Casting Leads for Santa Fe Shoot

Posted by on February 9, 2012 | One comment

“Spells”, a full length feature romantic comedy is currently seeking submissions for the following roles:

Female, 20-30, intelligent, good at comedy

Male, 20-35, handsome, good at comedy

SAG contract – $100 a day, plus benefits for SAG actors.
Non-SAG compensation depends on experience and the size of the part.
Actors will receive copy, credit and meals.

To be considered for an audition, please submit photos and resumes electronically to:
(email for mailing address if necessary)

Shooting is scheduled for two weeks, mid-March in Santa Fe (flexible day-out-of-days) for the movie on SAG low budget contract – both SAG and non-SAG actors may audition.

Director: Deborah Dennison (international award-winning filmmaker and production executive)
Production Company: Heartline Films

Email contact: daid@cybermesa.com

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Santa Fe, NM – Native American Casting Call

Posted by on November 3, 2011 | Comments Off

From On Location Casting:

SANTA FE, NM area notice – feature film “STARS” for SATURDAY 11/5/11.

*EXTRAS*: NATIVE AMERICAN MOM-female, Native American, age range late 30s-40s.

NATIVE AMERICAN KIDS-male or female, Native American, ages 8-14.

WINNEBAGO WIFE-female, caucasian, age range 40s-50s, plain, slightly overweight, camper living type.

Location is in GALISTEO and call time is 05:45AM.

MUST have full day available (12+ hours) and be able to self travel to location in Galisteo, NM.

MUST be in OLC database.

Please post here only if you fit the casting specs.

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Feature Film NOW Casting in New Mexico

Posted by on October 5, 2011 | Comments Off

In another Hallelujah moment from the “FINALLY” file, aka straight off of the Facebook, arguably the busiest casting haus in the tri-state area has released the following casting notice for an upcoming NM production!

by On Location Casting on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 12:05pm

We are now prepping to cast the Paid EXTRAS for the Feature Film “JACKY” which will be filmed in ALBUQUERQUE & GRANTS, NM from 11/9/11 through mid-December.

*Please do NOT call our office asking to be booked at this time. NO Phone Calls PLEASE!!!

We will be looking for specific types of NON-UNION local New Mexico talent to work on this project. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!! **If you are already registered with us – please DO NOT fill out another profile, you will automatically be considered for this project! PLEASE make sure you log-in to your profile and update all contact information, special skills, resume, vehicle info, etc.

Some specific types we are seeking ASAP include:

–Boy/Guy ages 15-23 who has Downs Syndrome or is a Special Needs child
–Female Bikers with their own Harleys
–Chinese and Asian men, women & children (willing to work in the Grants, NM area)
–Karaoke DJ with own equipment

*for the above listed roles, please email ASAP with name, contact, RECENT photo (and photo of bike if submitting for bikers) to: onlocationcastingNM@yahoo.com with the character submitting for listed as the subject

Other types we will also be casting are:
» Read the full post

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Prophetic Pictures

Posted by on August 10, 2011 | 2 comments

From Prophetic Pictures:

Casting Principal Roles for Stereoscopic 3D full feature film to be filmed in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho beginning September 2011, with the release date of 12-12-12. Cast will be paid SAG rates and registered in IMDB.

WHEN: Friday, August 19 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

WHERE: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Albuquerque

CONTACT: Message Prophetic Pictures here.


REBECCA: an 18 to 26yr old petite girl with fresh face, bright eyes, and spunky energy.

SOAPBOX MAN: a 60+ yr old homeless man, scraggly beard, salt and pepper long hair, bright blue eyes.

ELISHA: a 17 to 19 yr old white male. The brother of Rebecca.

DAVID: a 45 to 55yr old white male. Father of Rebecca.


SOCIAL WORKER: a 26 to 35yr old Hispanic woman in a business suit

DETECTIVE: a 20 to 40yr old male.

FATHER LESTER: a 50 to 65 yr old distinguished Hispanic male.

GANG OF KILLERS: Ten (10) 18-26yr old men. Must be in excellent physical condition. The more ink the better.

Character profile example:

This role will require henna and jagua extensive ink artwork to be applied as the example photo above shows.


ANGELS: Looking for twenty-four (24) 18-26yr old girls to be cast as an ANGEL and DEMONS. Filming will be shot underwater in S3D as a visual effect for the SPIRIT WORLD.

As the role calls for angelic qualities, we are looking for fresh faces and defined body lines. Intensive training and conditioning will be provided in Tai Chi, Scuba Certified, body shaping and waxing, and underwater wire-fu motion (water-fu). Some roles will require henna and jagua ink work applied to your body.

Example roles are: Angel of Light, Angel of Death, Demon of Destruction, Demon of Lust, Demon of War, Angel of Peace, Angel of Love, Demon of Religion, Angel of Faith.

HOST OF HEAVENLIES: Open to all who apply on the 19th. We be filmed in costume, underwater in the water tank. Will represent spirits, heavenly host, and hordes of demons.


Looking for digital artist who are HIGHLY SKILLED in AfterEffects, FinalCut Pro, MAYA, MAX, Combustion and Houdini. Motion Capture and Particles Effects experience. Digital Matte Painting, Wire-fu harness work. All work is paid based on experience. Post-production is scheduled for 8 to 14 months. RELEASE DATE: 12:12:12


8:00 pm to 11:00pm
Hard Rock Hotel

Registration in the Convention Center Foyer. Will have set photographers on site to take headshots and information. Will require everyone to sign Model Release form. Auditions will be held in the Conference Room. We will cast principal actors and supporting actors from the attendees that night. 17 roles are open and uncast.

If selected to audition for a main role, you will be invited upstairs to the Celebrity Suite for a screen test and reading the script.

If you plan to audition for one of the Angel or Demon roles, please bring a bikini and be prepared to go into the pool where we will film you underwater. You will get a copy of the photos we take of you underwater.

Thanks for making ABQ a great place to shoot film,

Kevin DuPriest
Executive Producer
Prophetic Pictures
Rio Rancho, NM

Further Casting Detail here.

Read the full Treatment after the jump>> » Read the full post

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San Diego Feature Casting in the Q

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From the NM Film Office:

Sheryl Roberts is casting a new feature film. Based on a 14 day shoot schedule, + 2 day shoot in San Diego for Lead actors.

Males – Killer, Buyer, Rapist
Females – Victim, Therapist, Lead

These are paid roles. Please send picture and resume for submission.

Please include your phone number so we may contact you. Submissions needed by Wednesday, 3/2/11.

Auditions will be held Friday, 3/4/11.

Accepting submissions from represented and non-represented talent. When you reply please specify which role you’re wanting to audition for.

Please send headshot and resume to: kyle@kylekargesfilms.com (760) 443-0428

Detailed role requirements after the jump.
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Feature Film Casting

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From the New Mexico Film Office:

These are paid positions (SAG).

Male Classmates – age 27-30 years old, nondescript/all types, improv
for scenes at a ten year high school reunion

Female Classmates – age 25-28 years old, nondescript/all types, improv
for scenes at a ten year high school reunion

Attractive Japanese female mid 20′s must be FLUENT in Japanese & English.

Email headshot and resume to: MidthunderCasting@gmail.com
Casting Director: Angelique Midthunder

Also, check-in often with Native American Hollywood here.

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