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Foos in Space – New Mexico Style

Posted by on February 17, 2012 | Comments Off on Foos in Space – New Mexico Style

In a quest to push American music beyond the stratosphere, the Foo Fighters have announced their intentions to record their next album in outer space!

Why not? Their fans and the Grammys were “over the moon” (forgive me M.K) for the back to basics garage band recording methods on their most recent album…

As you and the whole wide world ought to know, there’s only one way to launch the Foos into space and that means first stop, NEW MEXICO baby!

Yes, the one and only commercial spaceport on the planet calls The Land of Enchantment home. So, in addition to the Foo ties that bind our great state to the band, their galactic transit aspirations would bring them our way again!

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Posted by on March 22, 2011 | Comments Off on FOOEY!

Ties that bind us be damned the gloriousness that is the FOO will not be hitting-up their former NM haunts & roots on their upcoming Garage Concert Tour!!!

Surely Corporate Evils are to blame…damn you Blackberry! Damn you to HELL! And now that Blackberry has been sufficiently banned (NO PUN for you either evil doers) damned go to Foo Fighters Garage Tour dot com here to authenticate that you’re in a city deemed worthy (financially beneficial to corporate evil) for your chance to have the Foo come to you!

After the rest of us dry our eyes we can enjoy this retro NM performance by the greatest band EVER to be named after high, secret UFO fighter pilots.

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Foo Ties 15

Posted by on October 15, 2010 | 2 comments

Waaay back in ’05 the scrumptiousness that is the Foo Fighters visited the geographic locale that inspired their imprint record label, sleevage even their very name…

Foo Fighters was the World War II Fighter Pilot given moniker of the supernatural looking, green hued, glowing orbs now known as UFOs…most famously sighted and allegedly stored in the So. N.Mex. town – at the former Walker Air Force Base where the Foo’s performed to celebrate their 10th anniversary…Five years ago.

Because they’ve been here, to the birthplace of both Alien Autopsy & Demi Moore and because this is one of the hottest songs of all time…I gotta give ’em a scorcher on the Scoville Scale of NM Caliente!

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