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Athlete/Model Runs Support Group

Posted by on January 6, 2009 | Comments Off on Athlete/Model Runs Support Group

Gabrielle Reece was on Racheal Ray today moderating another segment of her Honey Line concept – which basically stems from the “support system” Gabby’s had to bring into play with her circle of other multi-millionaire, superstar friends. I really want to hate on her and her concept but she’s seems like the real deal.
Her fellow guest on the other hand…Cindy Crawford came off as the biggest, most pretentious, prima donna – who knew. On the upside I doubt these two are really, actually friends. Cindy’s too shallow to make it into the hive. You can catch Gabby giving her the squint eye while she’s rambling some stuck-up shinola.
This clip doesn’t even include her crybaby super model tales, or her “sass” on Hannah Montana. Cyrus could buy and sell your tired rump – ho. Empty headed, man-hag makes me wanna make my own bed every day – but I probably won’t. Click here for the whole interview.
Previous Honey Line guests include Courtney Co-quette
Lesson Learned – Hello, Reality calling. Stick to what you know – 1 Dimension Cindy.

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