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NM FILM: Yesterday Today y Mañana

Posted by on December 23, 2010 | 7 comments

In the BIGGEST film production news to hit New Mexico since 1910,
our El Majico OFFICIALLY announced Wednesday the NM Film prospect we’ve been following for you here

Better than an early “Christmas present to the people of New Mexico,” it is perhaps the Swan Song of our departing Governor, Bill Richardson to bring us the news that Marvel’s latest and greatest assembly of Superheroes – will land squarely in Nuevo Mexico come April!

Sure to be the most grandiose and spectacular outing for Marvel Studios, THE AVENGERS will shoot here, where brother Thor first tread, where The Green Lantern and Iron Man got it on…and where Cowboys & Aliens was born…

Welcome to New Mexico!

Read the full, “Official” announcement after the jump. And keep-up with EVERYTHING New Mexico Entertainment with US…Online all the time @ OneHeadlightInk.com & on Facebook & Twitter too!

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Paid Positions

Posted by on June 28, 2010 | Comments Off on Paid Positions

El Majico’s Job Expo takes place mañana at Expo New Mexico (forever formerly the NM State Fairgrounds) in the Manuel Lujan Building- Room A from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

BONUS: Attending Employers are to provide no less than 10 paid positions ea. with approx. 70 employers scheduled to participate – health care, retail, corrections, casino, communications and more fields and industries represented.

Click here for full deets.

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Situation New Majico

Posted by on May 27, 2010 | 2 comments
CivicsGovernmentNMPollYouYour Momma

Unfortunately it is not yet on the call sheet for an actual leading man or woman to helm NM government – though we came close with my beloved El Majico but alas his tenure is up.

There is a hotly contested run to take up the reigns of our state on the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) side while our resident Lt. Governor, Duchess Diane Denish will run unopposed for the Dems.

In case you don’t know who any of these candidates are here are the two Republican front runners and your Democratic choice:

Diane Denish (D)

Allen Weh (R)

Susana Martinez (R)

On June 1 you have the privilege of casting your vote in the primary election to decide who will run against the Dutchess in November to become the leader of your state.

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Holy Weak Economy

Posted by on April 1, 2010 | Comments Off on Holy Weak Economy
CivicsClick ItGovernmentNMYou

Federal furloughs have arrived at our beloved State Film Office which will be closed for the day mañana. So you won’t officially be able to challenge Lisa Strout or ogle Eric Witt this Good Friday.

These mandated days-off and El Majico’s order to charge credit card fees for state payments are among efforts to help re-line the threadbare pockets of the Nuevo México economy.

Harry Winston Brooks is open to suggestion to save the terminal congestion that is the underfunded, over administrated, blood red APS ~budget. Tonight’s scheduled town hall meeting for the communal grasping of proverbial straws for ideas on how to fix the school district’s money woes, affecting thousands of students and educators has been canceled. Brooks is asking the community he works for to touch-type their ideas on the APS website, just in case some/one of us might bring more than a bandaid or a sweeping chopping block to the tableau.

The Duke too is announcing his economic recovery plans for the city, and is on record asking that us pilgrims, “come to the table“.

Good thing El Majico has worked so hard to put New Hollywood New Mexico on the entertainment map, so much so that the Duke has inherited the #1 city in the country for television and film production. The entertainment industry is one of the few industries that is in the black and in fact reporting profits in these here, “tough economic times.”

Maybe a good screenwriter can pen a solid, state economic recovery plan set in the school district – Hey, the Emmy winning series Breaking Bad has wrapped season three. Get them there cast & crew on the task, pilgrim.

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From NM to Infinity and Beyond

Posted by on January 19, 2010 | One comment
GlobalNMReality TVTV

Photo by Mark Greenberg

Sir Richard Branson is heading to Reality TV this Spring when “Virgin Galactic” airs on the National Geographic Channel.

The series focuses on Branson’s dedication to the mission of commercial space travel.

Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport America is located in southern New Mexico adjacent to the conversely historic El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro and is the world’s first and only civilian space exploration site.

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Six Scoville’s of Separation, NM

Posted by on January 3, 2010 | 2 comments

As the sun begins to set on the office of El Majico (formerly known as The Commerce Secretary of Hearts, a.k.a. The People’s Governor), we’d like to start the new year and a new feature by naming him our mas caliente, numero uno, scorcher on our Scoville’s Scale of Separation.

Governor Richardson easily takes the top spot highlighting the heat of a prominent, public personality who promotes and furthers the entertainment industry in New Mexico.

You cannot get hotter than being a New Mexican, living in New Mexico, holding its top public office and driving the entertainment industry train lo these many years.

Below is a chart for your reference where you can see that on the Scoville Scale of Heat the mighty Bhut Jolokia chile ranks just under U.S. Law Enforcement Grade Pepper Spray – that’s our Majico.

The mighty-movie-star BP would reach his Scoville ranking via the following equation:

Brad Pitt + Goerge Clooney = Ocean’s 11-13 + George Clooney = Men Who Stare at Goats = New Mexico

Brad achieves 3 Scoville’s of Separation to Nuevo México – and we will strive to show you that nary will the “human web” take you further than 6 Scoville’s from NM.

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Film Transparencies

Posted by on September 12, 2009 | 10 comments

NM Film Industry

Yesterday, Commerce Secretary of Hearts a.k.a. The People’s Governor, Bill Richardson announced a new public reporting system for New Mexico film productions that qualify for the state’s generous Tax Incentive program.

Eric Witt, Governor Richardson’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Film Policy Advisor said, “As a government entity, we have a responsibility to provide to our legislature and taxpayers information which substantiates our belief in the film industry as a major economic driver, and which meaningfully relates to the citizens and businesses of the state the benefits received in return for offering production incentives…”

The full report and detailed information breakdown can be viewed here.

Bravo Signore, and now we have a few more suggestions for you and our next Governess. Green film transparency, e.g. where are they getting all their water for wet downs. We can’t water our patch of grass but once a week so what kind of water is being used to slick down a shoot day in and day out?

Premieres! Where are our red carpets??? Gamer opened yesterday and there are at least four other big name, big screeners hitting the theaters very soon. Amendment 101 to the tax credit bill – bring your press junkets, stars, fans, media and premiere soirees to the 505 = even more state revenue and more promotion and anticipation for the production.

Pappers – New York and especially L.A. grapple with papparazi control vs. supply & demand. We’ve long said some proactive measures are warranted and only become more important as the industry grows here – and grow it must!

Thanks “Mac”

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©Sindication’s Own DWI Campaign

Posted by on August 26, 2009 | 3 comments
DWIHumanityNMSlippery SlopeYou

DWI New Mexico Shame

Knowledge is power people. For example I now know, I love the tequila! This is relatively ~new to me as I didn’t drink until well after I was 21. I was busy with other things – nothing nefarious, and not busy like those people who say obnoxious things like, “I don’t watch television – I’m too busy.” Like I’m dumb or something because I want my idiot box on 24/7, anythink…

Reflecting upon this information and the responsibility that is mine if I choose to drink, I thought of what a pitiful, deplorable, negligent, disgraceful, wretched, shameful, poor job New Mexico is doing in preventing DWI.

We’re pathetic. Campaign after campaign, a Czar, Task Force(s), etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. And we are still a showcase for the most bizarre, most grievous DWI homicides and infractions across all reaches of our state, from our largest city, to our capital city, and our smallest towns. Pa-the-TIC!

Enjoy the drink? Sure, but if you’re rockin’ the tequila, a fine brew, or some smooth wine – YOU ARE IMPAIRED. You are the 900 lb. man afflicted with beyond morbid obesity who had to be cut out his house by firefighters. You are the wartime casualty of a roadside bomb, you are incapable of moving under your own power. That’s on all of us that’s our part. We also need to keep our hands in the voting process, fingers on our telephones and emails to demand our government, he, hmm, Mr. Richardson/Ms. Denish, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Congressman, Senator, Judges, court staff – ENFORCE some DWI laws.

ABQ. Resource Links: Sober Navigator, Safe Ride Home


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I Don’t Want to See ANY of my New Mexico Starlets Behaving ANYTHING like this!

Posted by on August 5, 2009 | Comments Off on I Don’t Want to See ANY of my New Mexico Starlets Behaving ANYTHING like this!

Family Feud

Ummm, yeah. So, we only saw this one coming from a million miles away. Right on cue – in time to promote her latest movie ~role, Classless Mc Desperate has witlessly, pathetically, unwittingly had nude pictures of herself released AGAIN.

Have some pride woman! Step away from the current game plan…tween fans – check, star ~boyfriend – check, first round o’ private nude pics leaked – check, release a craptacular album – check, public musings on nude roles – check, hmmm, this isn’t working…pal-up to Stacy Ferguson – fail, back to square one…more pics. Next-up from Classless Mc Desperate – rehab, lesbian affair, plum role – ROCKETING INTO SUPERSTARDOM – NOT.

Boycott this behavior audiences and casting directors alike! And as a very hopeful observer of New Hollywood, New Mexico I have to plead again, I Don’t Want to See ANY of my New Mexico Starlets Behaving ANYTHING like this!

-Nothing like this either! There will be a fine, I’m gonna talk to the Commerce Secretary of Hearts and then Denish about it!

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Don’t Forget NM’s Tax Free Weekend

Posted by on August 4, 2009 | Comments Off on Don’t Forget NM’s Tax Free Weekend
Buy LocalGovernmentMoneyNMYou

Shop NM

Starting at 12:01 a.m. on August 7 ending Sunday August 9 at midnight participating NM retailers offer tax free purchases on Back-to-School items such as:

  • All clothing and shoes under $100
  • School supplies under $15
  • Computers under $1,000
  • Computer equipment under $500

Full list/deets here

Thank you Commerce Secretary of Hearts

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