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Video of the Day: NM Film Foundation Edition

Posted by on February 6, 2014 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: NM Film Foundation Edition

YOU are the foundation of New Mexico’s independent film resource launch. Visit the NMFF indiegogo page here.

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Meal & Reel: Indie Film Casting

Posted by on October 11, 2013 | Comments Off on Meal & Reel: Indie Film Casting

Indie Film NM

Extras Casting Alert:

For this Sunday, October 13th, in Las Vegas, NM, 7am to 6pm. Need 12 to 20 Visibly White Males, Ages 28 to 60, Blond hair preferred Independent Film Project “short” Director is Dan Ireland, “Celebrating 50 Years of Civil Rights.

Non-paid, however, gas receipts will be reimbursed and extras will be fed. Great opportunity for those wanting to network and possibly break in to NM Film.

There are wardrobe requirements, Contact Derek M. Chavez for more information: 505-269-6904

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Posted by on October 8, 2013 | Comments Off on NM FILM: THE HUNT

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CREW CALL – New Mexico Independent Film “Land of Dreaming”

Posted by on July 9, 2013 | Comments Off on CREW CALL – New Mexico Independent Film “Land of Dreaming”

Land of Dreaming NMFilm

LAND OF DREAMING tells the stories of two characters: Eric Martinez, an illegal immigrant who decides to take his own life when faced with an imminent deportation . And Kyla Thompson, an American citizen who has squandered every opportunity life has afforded her, who squanders her welfare funds on drugs and ultimately dies of a drug overdose.

CREW CALL – New Mexico
Production: “LAND OF DREAMING”

1. Assistant Director
2. Second Camera Assistant
3. Script Supervisor
4. Production Manager
5. Gaffer
6. Grip
7. Hair and Makeup
8. Art Director
9. Set Dresser
10. Sond Mixer
11. Boom Operator

Inquire to: Please send resume and any questions to Phillip Casaus

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Hit Indie Filmmakers Casting new Project in New Mexico

Posted by on May 16, 2013 | Comments Off on Hit Indie Filmmakers Casting new Project in New Mexico

NMFilm Abe Makes a Movie by Ryan Turri Matt Peterson

Sag, Aftra & Non Union Feature Film, Casting Call May 20th, 2013

The comedy, “Abe Makes A Movie” is currently casting lead roles in this funny film about an underachieving want-to-be filmmaker who assembles a ragtag crew of misfits to help make a movie and enter it into a local film festival in hopes of winning his ex girlfriend back. Starring Matt Peterson (The Bigfoot Election).

This will be a Sag Ultra-Low Budget film shooting early to late fall 2013 in Albuquerque, NM.

Producer/Director: Ryan Turri
Written by: Matt Peterson and Ryan Turri

Please respond to abesmovie@gmail.com

Female 20-35, caucasian
Abe’s long time best friend. Dry sense of humor and witty. Sweet. Smart. Thinks Abe is great. Almost like a sister to Abe.

Male 50-70, Caucasian
Pyrotechnics guy. Gruff on the outside but very like-able once you get to know him. Served in the reserves and never saw any action, though he would lead you to believe otherwise. Jack of all trades, master of none. Loyal follower of Abe. Big hearted.

Female 60-80, Caucasian
Old starlet. Been in 135 movies, but never starred in a single one. Worldly seasoned. Has had several marriages and one daughter. Single now, and lives in the moment. Spent some time in Toas “finding herself” through the guidance of a guru.

Male 50-68 Caucasian
Abe’s stepfather. Classic American-old school dad who believes in hard work and earning an honest dollar… but plays the lottery religiously. A constant skeptic. Hard on Abe. Believes his way is the right way. Likes to prove his point to anyone who will listen. Doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t American or American made. Grew up in a small town, had his aspirations crushed early in life, gave up on his bowling career and settled for a 9-5 job spending his lunch hour talking sports and how once he was a big deal.

Male 25-37 Caucasian
Napoleon complex. Swarmy. Sarcastic. Classic Bro. Uses the term “Bro” and “Brah” and “YOLO”. Thinks he’s hot shit. Classic wannabe filmmaker, wears the right filmmaker clothes, knows the right filmmaking terms and tells everyone about it. Won the 168 hour film festival the previous year. Creates his own handshakes.

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Fans of Film Brew & View, New Mexico, USA

Posted by on June 13, 2012 | One comment



“Dear friends and fans I’m proud to bring the 1st brew and view coffee shop in Albuquerque! Featuring Marley coffee, film, art, music, poetry, all around good vibe and super WiFi for viewing all the things you love on the internet…

This is part of a grass roots movement to further support the arts and provide a new venue of opportunity and service for the community.

Come and help us become a great place and learn more about the future of Fans Of Film and how we’re supporting filmmakers worldwide!”
-Michael Palombo, Founder

Facebook | Twitter | Fans of Film TV

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#NMFilm: Under the Stairs

Posted by on November 26, 2011 | Comments Off on #NMFilm: Under the Stairs

This week’s feature Indie Q presentation at the historic KiMo Theatre in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico is the highly anticipated short thriller, “Under the Stairs”.

Written by Kieran McGowan, directed by Joshua Sallach, starring OHI fave Jack Justice, “Under the Stairs” is about eight-year-old Jack, who “new to his neighborhood, makes his lonely way home from school to arrive at an empty house as the sun goes down. One evening, Jack discovers a creature living in the darkness under the basement stairs – a creature with a sinister rasp and glowing eyes. The creature asks for Jack’s help: it is alone, it is hungry…and it knows his name.”

Wednesday, November 30th, 7pm – 9pm (doors open 6:30) at The KiMo Theatre

The award winning comedic horror short, Plush by Ryan Denmark will open the screening which will also include additional New Mexico made independents.

Meet the casts and filmmakers expected to attend! And check-out this concept to screen preview of Under the Stairs by Jade Norris:

Under the Stairs – Concept to Screen from Joshua Sallach on Vimeo.

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Prophetic Pictures

Posted by on August 10, 2011 | 2 comments

From Prophetic Pictures:

Casting Principal Roles for Stereoscopic 3D full feature film to be filmed in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho beginning September 2011, with the release date of 12-12-12. Cast will be paid SAG rates and registered in IMDB.

WHEN: Friday, August 19 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

WHERE: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Albuquerque

CONTACT: Message Prophetic Pictures here.


REBECCA: an 18 to 26yr old petite girl with fresh face, bright eyes, and spunky energy.

SOAPBOX MAN: a 60+ yr old homeless man, scraggly beard, salt and pepper long hair, bright blue eyes.

ELISHA: a 17 to 19 yr old white male. The brother of Rebecca.

DAVID: a 45 to 55yr old white male. Father of Rebecca.


SOCIAL WORKER: a 26 to 35yr old Hispanic woman in a business suit

DETECTIVE: a 20 to 40yr old male.

FATHER LESTER: a 50 to 65 yr old distinguished Hispanic male.

GANG OF KILLERS: Ten (10) 18-26yr old men. Must be in excellent physical condition. The more ink the better.

Character profile example:

This role will require henna and jagua extensive ink artwork to be applied as the example photo above shows.


ANGELS: Looking for twenty-four (24) 18-26yr old girls to be cast as an ANGEL and DEMONS. Filming will be shot underwater in S3D as a visual effect for the SPIRIT WORLD.

As the role calls for angelic qualities, we are looking for fresh faces and defined body lines. Intensive training and conditioning will be provided in Tai Chi, Scuba Certified, body shaping and waxing, and underwater wire-fu motion (water-fu). Some roles will require henna and jagua ink work applied to your body.

Example roles are: Angel of Light, Angel of Death, Demon of Destruction, Demon of Lust, Demon of War, Angel of Peace, Angel of Love, Demon of Religion, Angel of Faith.

HOST OF HEAVENLIES: Open to all who apply on the 19th. We be filmed in costume, underwater in the water tank. Will represent spirits, heavenly host, and hordes of demons.


Looking for digital artist who are HIGHLY SKILLED in AfterEffects, FinalCut Pro, MAYA, MAX, Combustion and Houdini. Motion Capture and Particles Effects experience. Digital Matte Painting, Wire-fu harness work. All work is paid based on experience. Post-production is scheduled for 8 to 14 months. RELEASE DATE: 12:12:12


8:00 pm to 11:00pm
Hard Rock Hotel

Registration in the Convention Center Foyer. Will have set photographers on site to take headshots and information. Will require everyone to sign Model Release form. Auditions will be held in the Conference Room. We will cast principal actors and supporting actors from the attendees that night. 17 roles are open and uncast.

If selected to audition for a main role, you will be invited upstairs to the Celebrity Suite for a screen test and reading the script.

If you plan to audition for one of the Angel or Demon roles, please bring a bikini and be prepared to go into the pool where we will film you underwater. You will get a copy of the photos we take of you underwater.

Thanks for making ABQ a great place to shoot film,

Kevin DuPriest
Executive Producer
Prophetic Pictures
Rio Rancho, NM

Further Casting Detail here.

Read the full Treatment after the jump>> » Read the full post

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Guest Post: New Mexico Film Indie Style

Posted by on July 13, 2011 | 2 comments
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Michael Palombo on NM Film


Guest Post
by Michael Palombo
Artist | Writer | Director | Producer | PMD
On the state of NM Film

Thank your for the opportunity to guest here on OneHeadlightInk.com and thank you to all who have given so much to the growth and prosperity of the New Mexico Film Industry, I say that with a focus on the independent film community and those who stayed.

About Me:

At 42 I’m a 30 year resident of New Mexico, published artist with an Associate Degree in art, design and marketing from “The Albuquerque Arts and Design College”.

I’ve been working in the New Mexico film industry since 2007, with more credits than I can think of (tried to keep up with my IMDB but what a hassle sometimes).

Now my time is focused on my own film projects and working to promote filmmakers on Twitter @FansOfFilm which has become one of the most recognized film profiles there is listed in the top 20 movie profiles on all of Twitter.

As far as I know I’m the only one promoting myself as local PMD/producer of marketing and distribution and social media consultant in the state.

I really got started on the path to film when I started making videos of my glass blowing, and posting them on a Youtube channel that I don’t really visit much anymore, http://www.youtube.com/beadmanglass. Some of the videos I know are at over 12,000 views.

That spiraled into getting involved in the growing film scene where my 1st experience was with the Duke City Shootout, a local film event that involved making a film in 4 days. Wow what a way to break in, I had no idea it could get so bad, upon the 3rd day of eating sugar from the limited craft services that was provided and taking way too much crap for working for free, I lost [it] and walked off the project.

The next year I knew what I was in for and ended up on the winning team with a credit for boom, the film was called “Food For Thought” written and directed by Will Hartman. Since then I’ve been working as a camera opp and now directing my 3rd short film.

For a more personal interview go to johnhoff3.com here.

My Opinion of some of the good and bad on the New Mexico film community:

Hollywood came into New Mexico in a big way when the tax incentives were good, as many as 30 films being shot around New Mexico at any given time, people that had never been on a set in their life were finding themselves on Hollywood sets doing things they had never done. Local business, casting directors, experienced and non experienced film people were making money, it was like a gold rush and people had the fever.

Well we know that story way too well here in New Mexico, the gold goes away and the native people lose their jobs, homes, businesses and do the best they can to readjust. There is a good side to this story and that’s that the miners, I mean film people that got left behind had talent and new found skills that they applied to their own lives and projects, which brought a lot of film people together and groups were formed like the IndieQ group, started by Ann Learner from the Albuquerque film office “thank you Ann”.

There’s an independent film movement here that has come from both filmmakers that were here before Holloywood and will be here after, and for those it’s a great time to be a filmmaker in New Mexico, as long as you know who the sharks are, “they know who they are” the ones that call themselves producers or filmmakers for the glorified title of it, just so they can get down some actor’s pants, targeting beginners to get projects done, project after project praying on new blood just so they can produce more crap and never doing anything great, but hey they had a good time playing producer or filmmaker.

You can still find great opportunities to break into the film industry here in New Mexico as more independent production grows and more indie producers get into the game for the right reasons, creating cool quality projects that display the talents of all involved with integrity and honesty.

These producers and filmmakers need more support from local investors, sponsors and the general public, because when Hollywood is gone, it won’t be coming back in any big way for a long time.

Michael Palombo
CEO at Fans Of Film, LLC
Community fan site for the best of #Youtube & Vimeo filmmakers,
reviews, free full feature films and shorts! We are fans of online film.

Artist | Writer | Director | Producer | PMD
Bringing production and distribution together like never before.

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Rush Call: Actors & Composers

Posted by on June 21, 2011 | Comments Off on Rush Call: Actors & Composers

Call For Talent!!!!! Actors and Composers!!!!!

Trailer/ Short Film/Feature Supernal Darkness…

A disturbing look at the seeds of psychosis created in an impressionable young black child by the combination of religious doctrines and secret sexual abuse. Channeling himself into a sepulchral world of death, denial, and self destruction in adulthood, he remains on an unusual path to redemption, where the unlikely love if an innocent woman and the unraveling of twisted shadows, holds the key to his true salvation.

Executive Producer: Medic 13
Executive Producer: Garin Wolf
Producer/Creator: Lovie Johnson
Screenplay by: Garin Wolf
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Production Company: Medic 13

Can you compose the soundtrack to an intense psychological thriller? We want all original, all encompassing music to play a huge part in telling this dark tale. We already have a banging title track ! Compensation is TBD on funding and based on experience.

Actors, this trailer and short film will be produced under the SAG New Media Contract, payment is deferred. We are seeking dedicated, reliable actors to be a part of a very special project, working with some of the most talented locals in the industry.

Casting: Wednesday 22nd
Time: TBD
Location: 1020 Coal SE, ABQ 87106
(half block east of the Highway, next to Weisberg Prosthetics)

Principal Character Breakdown after the jump >> » Read the full post

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The Boys of Abu Ghraib, NM Bound

Posted by on June 10, 2011 | Comments Off on The Boys of Abu Ghraib, NM Bound

Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope, Winter’s Bone) has been cast in Luke Moran’s upcoming indie film The Boys of Abu Ghriab.

“Boys” is the story of “a U.S. soldier at the infamous Iraq prison who befriends a detainee accused of murder.” Production is set to begin here in New Mexico in the next few weeks.

“Based on the true events that occurred at Abu Ghraib in 2003, the film is about a group of young soldiers thrown into a hellish environment, with little but each other to help them cope with the challenges they face.” – Luke Moran

Dillahunt is no stranger to New Mexico, home of his mystified Deputy Wendall opposite Tommy Lee Jones in the epic Coen Bros. NM movie No Country for Old Men and as a star in the short lived NM television production Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Kickstarter Project Page concept video from Director Luke Moran:
(R-Restricted Language/Violence)

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Indiewood, NM

Posted by on February 4, 2011 | One comment

“What if your significant other was secretly a crime fighter?”

From real-life super duo John KD Graham and Alexandra Boylan comes NM’s Own Web Series – Alter-Ego is an action, suspense, drama that explores the secret life of a vigilante right here among us.

‎Their New Mexico Based company, Alter-Ego Productions is currently in production on their upcoming feature film “Home Sweet Home” being shot completely in La Luz New Mexico.

The producing/directing, acting team knows a thing or thousands about the ins-and-outs of the Film Industry, the pair have over 15 years experience and are ON THEIR game.

Alter-Ego Productions set-up an industry fund raising campaign in Kickstarter that presented their film proposal so artfully that they successfully raised the funds to move forward on the production with their team in just a matter of weeks, now that’s a big win in the War of Art – inspiring!

Here is a peek at the artful pitch of their “guerilla psychological terror” concept:

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Filmfestapalooza, NM

Posted by on June 29, 2010 | 2 comments

From the 48 Hour Film Project taking over the Q, to the Duke City Shootout, the Albuquerque Film Festival, through the fall when capital city will put on The Santa Fe Film Festival, New Mexico is lousy with film opps. and events!!!

The 48 Hour Film Project runs in ABQ July 9-11

The Duke City Shootout blazes July 23-31

The Albuquerque Film Festival – August 25-29

Santa Fe Film Festival runs Oct. 20-24

Each fest is oozing with NM filmies + and if you’ve never been on a set or to a fest ea. is a must. The films themselves will no doubt be extraordinary, the people and culture are phenomenon unto themselves.

Come out and support what is rapidly becoming a major force in the state we all love. These are showcases, fundraisers and educational experiences sure to boost our sagging economy and raise our sometimes glib spirits. Dip your toe in the experience or dive all the way in…

It’s a trip – for Jenna

Keep checkin’ with us for announcements on these festivals, indie. film casting and crew calls and so much more. Par exemple the L.A./ABQ feature length film shoot of Dear Pen Pals has been seeking locals for extras and starring roles. Click here for full deets.

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Albuquerque Film Festival 2010

Posted by on May 21, 2010 | One comment
EventsFilmIndie FilmNM

May 31 – July 15, 2010 the Albuquerque Film Festival is accepting submissions for the August event produced by Film For Change – “a non-profit dedicated to the promotion, presentation and production of socially-conscious cinema and related arts that explore the complexity of the human condition more fully.”

New Mexico film makers receive a 50% discount on entry fees which range from just $15 – $50 depending on entry date and film type.

Eligible formats include: Narrative Features and Narrative Documentaries, Short Features, Short Documentaries and Other (Music Videos, Spec Commercials, Multimedia).

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Horror Signatory

Posted by on April 12, 2010 | One comment

UPDATE: Final Notice issued May 14, 2010

Note: Current cast includes NM’s Own Steven Micheal Quezada of NM’s Emmy Winning series Breaking Bad.

NM based Fire Born Films is set to begin production on their upcoming ‘Untitled’ feature film this Summer.

Check-in at the Casting Bulletin board at the New Mexico Film Office website for the lengthy list of casting roles which include types ranging from ages 8 – 60’s, male and female, various looks and experience for both lead and supporting players.

The film which is dubbed a “HORROR, FANTASY, COMEDY, SUSPENSE, THRILLER” will shoot in New Mexico, California, Pennsylvania, and Las Vegas, NV.

Pay per SAG Signatory at $100 per day.

Fire Born is widely lauded in the indie film industry >> check ’em out here.

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Tomorrow’s Stars Today, NM

Posted by on March 6, 2010 | Comments Off on Tomorrow’s Stars Today, NM

It’s Aligator meets Howard the Duck meets whatever movie Kristen Stewart first burned your retinas in. Show this ‘un to your Kitty Kats.

New Mexico film making isn’t just for the grown-ups!

Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer, an upcoming indie, family/comedy/fantasy filmed right here in Albuquerque in the Summer of 2009.

Remember kiddies Jeff Bridges, Mags Gyllenhaal and Ryan Bingham are each up for an Academy Award this weekend for a lil’ NM indie they were in…

The film is currently out in limited screenings…watch for it.

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