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Health care provider needs real families for print work

Posted by on October 13, 2014 | Comments Off on Health care provider needs real families for print work

Casting Print Jobs for three generations of family mambers in New Mexico


Looking for three generation families! Parents, kiddos, grandmas, grandpas! REAL families wanted. As of now, not piecing together talent but looking for actual family members.

Send photos by Oct. 13th.

Half a day work on either Oct 29th or 30th in Albuquerque.

Pay rate will be negotiated depending on how many family members are hired. (Ballpark est at $100 per person.)

CONFLICTS: If you have done print work for any Health Care in past 3 years, do not submit.

Please submit clear pictures (no hats or sunglasses) to nmbackground@gmail.com

PICTURES: Feel free to send group photo of family or send individuals. Make sure they are clear photos. Send a few if you like. Please include names and age for the kids & contact number. Looking for Hispanic, Native American and Caucasian families.

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PAID CANVASSING POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Marijuana decriminalization campaigns

Posted by on June 25, 2014 | 2 comments

UPDATE 6/29/14:
Pot Petition in New Mexico

Work starts immediately. Flexible day/evening hours.

Reduce Marijuana Penalties in New Mexico Paying job
Canvassers are needed to gather signatures for marijuana decriminalization campaigns in ABQ and Santa Fe.

After completing a brief training and background check, canvassers will work with a team leader to target public events, high-traffic areas and targeted neighborhoods to gather signatures to put marijuana decriminalization ordinances on the November ballot in both cities.

Paid at $1/signature. Minimum 4 hours of work per day. Canvassers average over 100 signatures per day – can you do better?

Contact Rachael at ProgressNowNM for more info about work in ABQ and Santa Fe.

Rachael: Rachael[at]ReducePenalties.com or 505.312.8512.

Learn more about the campaign: ReducePenalties.com

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TWO booths available at hot ABQ Salon

Posted by on October 29, 2013 | Comments Off on TWO booths available at hot ABQ Salon

Salon Phoenix Booth Rental


Are you fun, professional, interesting and ready to MOVE? Salon Phoenix, a 7 chair salon is ready for two booth renters! Are you ready to make your own money and hours? Join us!

Call or text Bridgette at 505-304-5509

  • drama free
  • back bar provided
  • towels provided (you help wash and fold)
  • 24/7 access
  • professional
  • quieter environment

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More NM Dollars hit the trail

Posted by on June 6, 2012 | One comment

Is there a wager somewhere within the sitting administration, or a race between gov. agencies on how fast New Mexico dollars can be sent out of state?

Unfortunately, as we’ve already told you here, here, and here…Indigenous services from Film Production to Web Design and all those creative links inbetween continue to receive the proverbial SMACK DOWN from government agencies sending New Mexico Monies anywhere but here!

This time, your tax dollars are being outsourced to the far Northeast all the way to the land of the Cunucks, for the production of state anti-smoking ads. Fed-up filmmakers say:

“They’re at it Again…Much to our exasperation the State is again spending money on out of state production companies.

I don’t get it, wasn’t a front page story in the ABQ Journal enough to get them to spend our money locally? There is an anti-smoking commercial for the Depart of Health being shot this weekend with a minimal crew because they “can’t afford” to hire people on their budget. Really? They can afford to use a NY/Canadian production company. There is no reason why this money is not being spent locally.

We’re perfectly capable of doing our own spots. What’s it going to take before the Martinez administration stops shipping our money out of state?

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Hobbs Jobs – Smart City, New Mexico, USA

Posted by on May 10, 2012 | Comments Off on Hobbs Jobs – Smart City, New Mexico, USA

As we’ve been following for you here, the AP now reports:

HOBBS, NM – A scientific ghost town in the heart of southeastern New Mexico oil and gas country will hum with the latest next-generation technology _ but no people.

A $1 billion city without residents will be developed in Lea County near Hobbs, officials said Tuesday, to help researchers test everything from intelligent traffic systems and next-generation wireless networks to automated washing machines and self-flushing toilets.

Hobbs Mayor Sam Cobb said the unique research facility that looks like an empty city will be a key for diversifying the economy of the nearby community, which after the oil bust of the 1980s saw bumper stickers asking the last person to leave to turn out the lights.

“It brings so many great opportunities and puts us on a world stage,” Cobb told The Associated Press before the announcement.

Pegasus Holdings and its New Mexico subsidiary, CITE Development, said Hobbs and Lea County beat out Las Cruces, for the Center for Innovation, Technology and Testing.

The CITE project is being billed as a first-of-its kind smart city, or ghost town of sorts, that will be developed on about 15 square miles west of Hobbs.

Bob Brumley, senior managing director of Pegasus Holdings, said the town will be modeled after the real city of Rock Hill, S.C., complete with highways, houses and commercial buildings, old and new. No one will live there, although they could as houses will include all the necessities, like appliances and plumbing.

The point of the town is to enable researchers to test new technologies on existing infrastructure without interfering in everyday life. For instance, while some researchers will be testing smart technologies on old grids, others might be using the streets to test self-driving cars.

“The only thing we won’t be doing is destructive testing, blowing things up _ I hope,” said Brumley.

Not far from the Texas border, Hobbs has seen new growth in recent years but local leaders have been pushing to expand the area’s reputation to include economic development ventures beyond the staple of oil and gas.

The investors developing CITE were looking for open spaces. Brumley said his group scoured the country for potential sites, “but we kept coming back to New Mexico. New Mexico is unique in so many ways.”

One big plus for New Mexico was its federal research facilities like White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico and Los Alamos and Sandia national labs.

Gov. Susana Martinez joined officials in announcing final site selection for the project, which she hailed as “one of the most unique and innovative” economic development projects the state has seen. She noted that no tax breaks were given for the development. “The only thing they have asked for is guidance,” she said.

Brumley said plans are to break ground on the town by June 30. The initial development cost is estimated at $400 million, although Brumley estimates the overall investment in the project to top $1 billion.

The project is expected to create 350 permanent jobs and about 3,500 indirect jobs in its design, development, construction and ongoing operational phases.

Hobbs, a community of about 43,000 people, currently has two non-stop flights from Houston each day and is working on getting daily service to Albuquerque and Denver.

The mayor said discussions for the new flights have just started but having the research center may bolster efforts to connect Hobbs to more cities.

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Spaceport Much?

Posted by on February 8, 2012 | Comments Off on Spaceport Much?

UPDATE 2/10/12: Governor Susana Martinez is urging lawmakers to revisit the tabled bills stating that a “boost to local economies” is at stake. Via Capitol Report New Mexico

Insert Doodlebop bus horn sound here.

In “world’s first and only commercial” Spaceport news, New Mexico Legislators have all but killed a bill that would have limited the ability of space travelers to file suit against manufacturers of parts and equipment used for “inter-galactic” travel, in case of loss or injury.

Las Cruces Senator Mary Kay Papen (D), who introduced the bill says, “I think it will have a slowdown” and calls it a setback, citing a lack of legal protection for Spaceport America suppliers. Furthermore, The Albuquerque Journal reports: Officials claim at least two major companies may otherwise choose to go elsewhere like Texas, Florida or Virginia, where parts manufacturers are not held liable for death or injury when their products malfunction during commercial space travel.

While passenger liability claims options remain open at this time, Spaceport America has unveiled plans for 2013 visitor access.

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, (AP) — Spaceport America visitors would be able to go on behind-the-scenes tours and visit the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space in southern New Mexico.

It’s all part of the visitor experience plan unveiled this week by the New Mexico Spaceport Authority. The board of directors reviewed plans to design, build and program the visitor experience.

The plan calls for welcome centers in Hatch and Truth or Consequences.

There would also be a visitor center at the spaceport. Officials say the goal is to immerse visitors in the excitement of the world’s first commercial spaceport built specifically for launching people and payloads into space.

Officials expect more than 200,000 people will visit annually.

The initial visitor experience program is expected to begin operating in 2013, about the time Virgin Galactic plans to begin commercial operations at Spaceport America.

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Smart City, NM

Posted by on September 7, 2011 | One comment

UPDATE 4/9/12: Pegasus Global Holdings has narrowed its choices for building a “virtual” test city in New Mexico to Dona Ana County or Lea County.

Adam Camp Reports from Hobbs for KOB4:

Hobbs is already a national leader in energy production, from oil and gas to nuclear and biofuels.

The city has averaged over 200 jobs per year for the last four years, totaling 850 industrial jobs in the last four years.

City leadership believes that economic precedent will convince Pegasus Global Holdings to bring a 20-square-mile “fake” city to Lea County, bringing with it over 3,500 direct and indirect jobs. -Full story here.

http://magic-fox.deviantart.com/3D concept art by Andrea, Italy

Eighteen months into negotiations with the state, Pegasus Global Holdings. has announced plans to build a “smart city” in the far recesses of New Mexico.

“The Center,” as the project is titled, will amount to a small model city that will be used to test advanced technologies including renewable energy solutions, so-called “intelligent” traffic systems, prototype wireless networks and smart-grid security systems.

“The idea for The Center was born out of our own company’s challenges in trying to test new and emerging technologies beyond the confines of a sterile lab environment,” said Robert H. Brumley, CEO of Pegasus Global.

Brumley goes on to say, “We were drawn to New Mexico by [Gov. Susana Martinez] and her administration’s encouragement of private-sector led, technology-based projects,”

The 20 sq. mi., $200M, privately funded project will be the first of its kind in the U.S. and could create a Silicon Valley of sorts in New Mexico.

“The Center” is expected to create about 350 jobs initially and could ultimately create about 3,500 support service jobs for the futuristic model city of 35,000 virtual residents.


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KOB-TV is it in You?

Posted by on August 16, 2011 | Comments Off on KOB-TV is it in You?

Thanks Shaun

Wanna be a KOBer? Got media savvy? Journalistic prowess? Host skills?

We know one of our favorite local stations is minus at least one well-known investigative reporter. Now that job and many more are up for grabs at our local NBC affiliate.

Keep it local New Mexico and apply your skills to these openings at KOB-TV.

Including but not limited to SHOW HOST:

The Host of Good Day New Mexico (GDNM) is the primary presenter for the daily television show. The Host is responsible for interviewing guests and assisting with the production of segments of the daily television (TV) show.

1. Prepares and effectively presents segments needed for the daily show, Good Day New Mexico. Segments reflect a high level of professionalism, integrity and creativity, consistent with the GDNM brand and image. Learns as much about the segment and subject as possible prior to taping of segments. Consistently meets show and clients standards.

2. Participates with other staff members to suggest and pursue segments, prepare scripts and assist with final edits for segments ensuring segments meet standards and are accurate.

3. Obsessively reads, surfs, watches and listens to a variety of information sources to learn about clients’ products and services and additional marketing techniques and strategies. Shares knowledge and applies what is learned while working.

4. Conducts “pre-interviews” on the telephone with guests appearing on the show. Consults with Executive Producer with pre-interview results. Makes necessary changes if needed and communicate changes.

5. Conducts clear and informative on-camera interviews and/or presentations with guests in person and via satellite. Ability to address a multitude of subjects and change subjects and topics quickly with no notice during interviews and presentations. Always ready to discuss relevant topics during segment interviews.

6. Maintains appropriate standards regarding wardrobe, hair, cosmetics and grooming.

7. Makes frequent public appearances as required to help promote the station and show. These appearances may be scheduled in the evenings and on weekends.

8. Provides leadership by example. Acts in a professional manor at all times and treats co-workers, viewers, clients, guests, and the public with respect. Maintains professional behavior, as Host is a highly visible position within the station as well as in the public.

9. Contributes to the overall team effort and provides the show with the best possible local TV. Works in a team environment with a variety of people, including but not limited to producers, sales staff, photographer, production assistants, co-hosts, clients and management. Collaborates constructively with team members to develop and move the show in a positive direction, increasing viewers and station revenues.

10. Accept and follow the direction and constructive criticism from the show’s Executive Producer and other senior management as well as consultants.

11. Maintains regular, predictable attendance. Works all show hours as determined by Executive Producer and or management in order to complete segments and daily show. Most schedules are available 24 hours in advance of the production. Hours can vary from day to day and may include overnight trips to other parts of New Mexico including satellite stations of KOBR (Roswell, NM) and KOBF (Farmington, NM).

12. Meets all deadlines.

13. Honors terms of contract with the station.

14. Performs other duties as assigned.


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Get Your J-O-B on in T.V.

Posted by on April 17, 2011 | Comments Off on Get Your J-O-B on in T.V.

Albuquerque, NM

“We seek a motivated journalist [I’m out] to create dynamic online stories for thousands of hourly visitors to KOB.com. Our website has become the online leader for breaking news in New Mexico. We seek a news writer who can maintain our level of immediacy and accuracy with attention to detail. The ideal candidate should be able to look outside the box of a typical story and seek interactive ways to help readers understand the subject. Journalism degree preferred. Understanding of basic journalism, story writing and proper attribution required. Experience with HTML ideal. Must be available to work weekdays from 3-11pm and/or weekends at flexible times.”

“Responsibilities will include, but not limited to: Writing print stories for the KOB.com website using sources such as broadcast scripts, Associated Press wire stories and raw news facts. Create images to appear with stories. Using an online tool, edit video clips and post them to the website. Work with KOB-TV newscast producers and reporters on generating interactive elements and additional content for news stories. Perform other duties as assigned.” – KOB.com

Click here for requirements and application info.

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All Out War On Film, NM

Posted by on January 12, 2011 | 10 comments
EscándaloFilmGovernmentJobsNMNMExposéYouYour Momma

Click here to reach legislators in your area and voice your opinion on this issue.

Audit this: While Los Angeles scrambles to intice productions back from us, other states Hot on our Boot Heel and yet others stalling like Arizona, Massachusets and Iowa, New Mexico who currently ranks NUMBER ONE in the country for film making and third in ALL OF NORTH AMERICA, is presented with a dangerous proposal from our new leader.

If Dennis the Menace down in Roswell gets his way our tax incentive program will be eliminated all together and if Governor Susana Martinez can’t see that pushed through she’s working the 10% decrease angle. It’s a tumultuous mix of options being thrown into the wind that will blow New Mexico’s promising future as an Entertainment Capital out of here like Silicon Valley.

The numbers can be manipulated to high heaven in favor of decreasing the incentives and with that rot down the hell of disillusionment and hopelessness unto the impassioned and currently employed and empowered people of New Mexico who have fought and worked so hard to see the fruits of the Industry begin to flourish here.

We cannot allow Texas or any other state to turn New Mexico into their cotton picking, chile peeling back lot. There are entire industries riding on this wave of SUCCESS the film industry has just begun to afford New Mexicans.

From Food Service, Lighting, Set Construction & Decorating to of course the stars of the New Mexico desert there are jobs in this here Entertainment Industry.

Not to mention that when that caravan we call Hollywood rolls into to town, they eat, sleep, and SPEND. From Real Estate to $20,000 hotel bills, productions BUY.

Productions also GIVE – give back to the communities that they’re living and working in here. From donations to investments of their time. Productions make improvements to area homes, establishments, and even outdoor spaces where they film. Casts and Crews get out into the community enriching and inspiring civic duty.

And do you know how much air-time costs? Well New Mexico gets global peeps and props that money couldn’t buy because of the big names and productions that come. Whether they fail or fall – we couldn’t have purchased the amount of global recognition we get from the State’s current status as a leader in Film.

…do you think all of these peripherals are being taken into account by any existing audit?

Let’s face it sometimes a production will just NEED a crate of hair spray and a vat of vaseline – ours is not to question why…ours is but to let them BUY.

Spa days, shopping sprees, car service, room service YOUR SERVICE. Let’s keep our doors open for business and let ’em keep pickin-up the check!

Finally, keep it for the kids – We all know that New Mexico Education is in trouble. But, we also know that Film & Production keeps our kids OUT of trouble. From Clovis to Taos and everywhere in between New Mexico is training.

Eastern New Mexico University is currently ramping-up a film program of their very own…

Right here in the Q Youth Development Incorporated teaches and inspires young ones in all aspects of performing and production. Fireborn Films offers intensive training in acting, writing and project development.

New Mexico is COVERED for training a sustainable workforce in Entertainment for generations to come – will there be an industry here for them?


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Casting Queue

Posted by on November 20, 2010 | One comment

Sure as those shoes work with that bag, and the dress is a yes – a must for any seriously aspiring New Mexico actor is to make sure you’re registered with EG Casting.

Featured in industry periodicals and favored by many of our biggest ‘big deal’ productions…

Elizabeth Gable heads the agency that has cast background, extras and stand-ins for 3:10 to Yuma, No Country For Old Men, Terminator: Salvation, and The Book of Eli among many, many more…including the highly anticipated New Mexico mega pic COWBOYS & ALIENScoming to theaters July 2011.

Gabel has upcoming commercial, film & television projects that her agency will apply their professional touch to – more than just a great experience, but quality casting opportunities are within your reach.

We have it on good authority that EG Casting is working with an award-winning producer as you peruse this, getting set to shoot a local project that will employ many who will be hand selected by the agency and the producer.

If you’re serious about getting into productions or want bona fide, resume & reel building experience be sure you’re in with EG.

Register here!


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Video of the Day: Politics on the Bias Edition

Posted by on October 23, 2010 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: Politics on the Bias Edition

TODAY-ay-ay…We at ©Sindication officially declare our support for Diane Denish in the HOTLY contested race to be the first Governess of our great state! SURPRISE!

FOR equality, FOR renewable energy and high tech jobs, FOR NM Film, FOR public education…For NEW MEXICO!

WE can’t win if we don’t vote…Your early voting sites can be found here (Bernalillo County) and here (Statewide).

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Posted by on September 13, 2010 | 8 comments

This November New Mexico will choose a new Governor. Will it be Diane Denish or Susana Martinez (alphabetically)?  If Social Net is any indicator…(as of 9/13/10)

Denish (D)
1,179 Facebook Likes
5000 Facebook Friends
363 Twitter Followers
36 Listed on Twitter
70 Following on Twitter

Martinez (R)
6582 Facebook Likes
2405 Facebook Friends
874 Twitter Followers
97 Listed on Twitter
23 Following on Twitter

AND this broke Blogette wants YOU to know where both of these candidates stand on the New Mexico Film Industry:

“New Mexico is currently named #3 in all of North America and ABQ #1 in the U.S. for film production, facing steep competition from IL, LA, and MI (to name a few ) what is your stand on incentives, education and job training for the industry, growth or repeal?” –©Sindication

We will promptly post any official statement from either/both campaigns as soon as one not likely might be received…

UPDATE, Denish Response:

“The film industry has been a beacon for jobs during tough times. One of my main concerns is jump starting our economy in New Mexico. The film industry is definitely key in doing so. We need to continue to work with the industry and the Legislature provide sustainable, accountable incentives, as well as build up post production in New Mexico.” – Diane Denish 9/14/10

09/16/10 Next Question – NM Tech Industry:

Duke City Tech via @misspeter wants to know…

“IT workers who grew up in NM often consider themselves lucky to work
in their home state. If they managed to make it through the public
schools with a decent education, they are frequently lured away by out
of state universities. Recent graduates face a bleak job market and
often find that leaving NM is the only choice to advance their
career. What would you, as governor, do to nurture the development and
education of local high tech workers? How would you keep the local
talent here and what would you do to bring more high tech jobs to NM?”
Peter Mezensky

Again, we will promptly post any official statement from either/both campaigns as soon as one might be received…

UPDATE, Denish Response:

High Tech and Renewable Energy Jobs for NM July 2010
– Via Diane Denish 9/16/10

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He Said ELECtion

Posted by on August 17, 2010 | 2 comments

Temp poll workers and election staff needed! (pi)

“It’s election year, meaning a couple hundred temporary jobs will be created in Bernalillo County as the county clerk looks for help running the election.

Work starts in mid-September and ends the last week of November. The county needs at least 220 people who must first pass a drug test and background check. Officials say the jobs pay $10-$13 an hour.

Hiring is through Spherion Staffing Services— and although by Monday’s broadcast they had not listed the vacancies— all who are interested should create a profile and complete an application here.” via KOB

Apply directly to the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office for Poll positions:

* You must be a registered voter in Bernalillo County.
* You cannot be a candidate or related to any candidate on the ballot.
* You cannot be a law enforcement officer.
* You must be mentally and physically able to perform the assigned tasks.
* You must be able to attend one 2-3 hour training course prior to the election (our office will notify you of available times).

Full deets here

Don’t forget to get your vote on! Give-up your vote, give-up your voice. Register here today.

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Unemployed on the Web, NM

Posted by on July 31, 2010 | 2 comments

UPDATE 11/28/10: Benny’s nabbing gobs-o-jobs and to date our Manwife needs a gig! Hmmmmmm….

Much like Hollywood of old, NYC of all time, and Cleveland as of late, being a free agent can lend to the extremes of being either very lucrative or stringless y penniless (como moi).

Here in New Mexico I found two contemporaries in the latter category both striving to make their way while ~reveling in their disenfranchisement in two very different ways:

Amassing thousands of cross country hatemongers followers with usually impeccable grammar and unbridled rage the Manwife indiscriminately bashes the desert in which his been transplanted, famously listing his location alternatingly as either ” sand hole hell” or a “cross between the face of Mars and a cat’s litter box” complete with vlogs and snarky posts of his unhappiness and misadventures as a self described “Manwife”. Both his blog and tweets alike seem to entertain many as we’ve been able to follow along while he literally counts down and comments on the many days he spends between jobs.

Conversely, NM Radio’s Big Benny runs a tighter ship and an upright one. Appealing to a local base he regales his followers, friends and fans with timely quips, observations and advice-lite. In a mix of spanglish and contempo lingo Benny relates with peers and community alike. The positive and contemplativeness in his output has led the radio DJ back to the airwaves, a virtual campaign he led after becoming chopping block fodder of ‘the man’ over a year ago.

Big Benny’s positive and amiable disposition has brought him gainful employment, through the professional and social network contacts he’s maintained but the Manwife does have his own Ads by Google under his “Pay My Bills” section as well as a Donate button.

So what ever your flavor either of these two New Mexicans have much to say for sayings sake.

And if either of these two b*tches get a book or movie deal à la that Julia Child blogette I wanna git’ ma cut for noting them!

But, p.s. the most reluctantly prolific writer, poet and philosopher of our time better get his book an’ movie deal before anyone else!

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Paid Positions

Posted by on June 28, 2010 | Comments Off on Paid Positions

El Majico’s Job Expo takes place mañana at Expo New Mexico (forever formerly the NM State Fairgrounds) in the Manuel Lujan Building- Room A from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

BONUS: Attending Employers are to provide no less than 10 paid positions ea. with approx. 70 employers scheduled to participate – health care, retail, corrections, casino, communications and more fields and industries represented.

Click here for full deets.

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Gobs o’Jobs

Posted by on June 2, 2010 | Comments Off on Gobs o’Jobs
JobsMoneyNMPost RápidoYou

New energy plant in Hobbs, NM – “Attorney General Gary King today helps kick-off inaugural ceremonies for the new uranium enrichment facility in southeast New Mexico which has already brought hundreds of new jobs to Lea County.

‘As a longtime supporter of the Louisiana Energy Services facility near Eunice, it is very gratifying to see the project paying off for New Mexico,’ says AG King. ‘Besides providing much needed new jobs, the plant is helping to diversify the area’s energy technologies for future national energy production.’

500 to 700 facility construction jobs are expected to continue through 2015, adding to nearly 300 permanent jobs already created in Lea County by L.E.S.

The Eunice facility is the first centrifuge uranium enrichment plant located in the United States. It is anticipated that at full capacity the facility can produce sufficient enriched uranium for nuclear fuel to provide approximately 10% of America’s electricity needs.” – Office of NM Attorney General, Gary King

And in Roswell, NM, “Company Plans to Grow Workforce to as many as 200[.]

Governor Bill Richardson announce[d] that AerSale, Inc. has acquired Great Southwest Aviation including its 15 employees, and plans to add 100 to 200 mechanics, inspectors and support staff as it grows its aircraft leasing business. AerSale, a Florida based company, has also acquired approximately 200,000 square feet of aircraft hangar and warehouse space at the Roswell International Air Center, and plans to acquire over $1 billion of aircraft over the next 5 years.” – Office of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson

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Keep it in the Family – Buy Local

Posted by on March 27, 2009 | One comment

AMC/Breaking Bad

AMC’s original series, Breaking Bad is holding a contest for a walk-on role on the show shot here in New Mexico. Click here for official rules and deadlines to enter.

Or at the very least click here to vote for a local contestant to keep it in the family.


The New Mexico Department of Tourism has whittled down its selections for the roughly $3 Million State Advertising and Marketing contract.

Of the six finalists for the New Mexico dollars (and jobs) are five firms based out of Louisville KY, Phoenix AZ, Santa Monica CA, Austin TX, and Dallas TX. The sole locally based firm is Rick Johnson & Co.


Contact New Mexico Department of Tourism link.

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OMG Intel Actually EXPANDING, NM

Posted by on February 10, 2009 | Comments Off on OMG Intel Actually EXPANDING, NM


At the Economic Forum in Washington, DC today Intel big wig Paul Otellini announced that the chip maker is going to create up to 7,000 high paying jobs in the North and Southwest over the next year.


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Job Links

Posted by on December 18, 2008 | One comment

Watch CBS Videos Online

Search Nationwide by city, state or zip – Simply Hired

Specializing in remote/homebased jobs – Odesk

Census Bureau hiringUS Census Bureau

National job fair database – Employment Guide

Recession Proof Job Ideas:
Healthcare/EMT – Bradenton Herald
Cleaning Services (Maids make a tidy little bundle) – Merry Maids
Environmental/Conservation – EDN
Beauty Services/Supplies, Avon is actually growing – Morning Star
ABC’s Ideas for Recession Proof Jobs – ABC News

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