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Posted by on June 13, 2014 | Comments Off on LAS CRUCES and EL PASO CASTING NOTICE: UNRAVELED

NBC Show Investigation Discovery Casting

Casting Notice for UNRAVELED (Investigation Discovery network)

Peacock Productions, a division of NBC News, is casting re-enactments for UNRAVELED, a true-crime documentary series airing on ID (Investigation Discovery).

Filming will take place Thursday June 26 through Monday June 30 in El Paso and Las Cruces. Most actors will NOT be called for all days of shooting.

Rate is $100/day – for actors who are able to work as local (i.e. provide own housing and transportation) in the El Paso / Las Cruces area.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit a headshot, resume, and a link to on-camera work (if available) to peter.cook[at]nbcuni.com, with the role(s) you’d like to be considered for in the subject line.


[SON] 50s man, white. Tall, lean build. Brown hair (greying) and goatee. Convicted of killing his mother, claims it was a suicide pact.

[MOTHER] 70s woman, white. Slender build. Grey hair. Spry. Killed by her adult son in an alleged suicide pact. Please describe any experience with horses (role doesn’t involve riding, but involves basic grooming, leading a horse along a trail by its bridle, etc.).

[YOUNG SON] Mid-teens boy, white. Tall, lean build. Brown hair. Discovers the car wreck in which his sister died. NOTE: we are seeking talent 14+ years old for this role.

[YOUNG MOTHER] Mid-30s woman, white. Slender build. Brown hair. Discovers car wreck in which her daughter died.

[FATHER] Early 40s man, white. Tall, slender build. Dark hair. Discovers car wreck in which his daughter died. Later commits suicide.

[SISTER] Late-teens girl, white. Commits suicide by driving car off the road. NOTE: we are seeking talent 18+ years old for this role.

[DETECTIVE] 40s man, Hispanic. Tall, athletic build. Completely bald/shaved head. Police detective.

[NEIGHBOR #1] 60s-70s man, white. Neighbor of murderer and victim

[NEIGHBOR #2] 50s man, Hispanic. Neighbor of murderer and victim.

[WITNESS] 30s-40s woman. Reports overheard conversation to police.

[HUNTER] 20s man. Please note any experience with hunting, though we will be using replica hunting weapons.

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FREE Labor Day Weekend Event – Statewide, New Mexico

Posted by on August 28, 2013 | Comments Off on FREE Labor Day Weekend Event – Statewide, New Mexico

Salt of the Earth Tour New Mexico


The New Mexico Federation of Labor (NMFL) along with a collation of business and community groups presents THE SALT OF THE EARTH TOUR FREE – ALL AGES, SIX CITY TOUR this Labor Day Weekend.

Beginning in Southern New Mexico, in Las Cruces and in Truth or Consequences on Saturday August 31, the midpoint of the festivities will be held in Albuquerque and Corrales on Sunday September 1, with the full culmination of the traveling festival landing in Santa Fe on Monday September 2, ending in a finale blowout that night in Taos!

The six city, three-day event featuring performance art, poetry and music, will bring the true meaning of Labor Day to the people of New Mexico in a fun family environment.

Jon Hendry, President of NMFL said, “Many people think of Labor Day as just another three day holiday, but it’s our chance to celebrate working people and labor’s contribution to this country. We want to entertain and educate people.”

The Joe West Trio headlines “The Salt of the Earth Tour,” performing spirited renditions of classic workers’ songs important to labor history and tradition. Albuquerque’s Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy brings his exquisite style of social justice oriented lyrical poetry to new audiences on the tour. Local street performers of all styles and special musical guests will create a festive environment for all to enjoy. The seminal New Mexican Labor film, “Salt of the Earth” will screen at each tour stop. Local progressive groups will be present at each event to connect with each other and with new audiences about their work.

It’s time to “Rock” & talk while New Mexico talent and artists work to entertain and engage YOU!

Get into it here!

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Call for submissions: Statewide New Mexico Music Festival

Posted by on August 5, 2013 | 3 comments


This Labor Day weekend, headliners The Joe West Trio and Albuquerque Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy are set to perform at the Salt of the Earth Tour – a FREE six city festival on wheels, spanning the state of New Mexico from Las Cruces, to Truth or Consequences to Corrales, with an entire street fest in Albuquerque and Santa Fe – all culminating in a FREE evening concert, blow-out at the world famous Taos Mesa Brewing Company!

The Salt of the Earth Tour celebrates labor, the power of the people, our great state and its diverse and talented artists.

Each stop will feature a showing of the seminal New Mexican Labor film “Salt of the Earth”.

Now is your chance to get in on the action.

Salt of the Earth wants YOU – local area bands, artists, street performers, singers/songwriters & poets!

For consideration to be featured in this premiere event submit the following to your Tour Organizer Alysha Shaw:

1. Electronic Art samples (video, video links, audio files, etc.)

2. High resolution promotional photo (jpeg or pdf)

3. Band/Performer/Artist Bio

4. Links to your online social network sites (facebook, reverbnation, website, myspace, youtube, etc.)

5. Description of your skills/performance in 10 words or less

6. Location, contact information, and availability

ALL genres of music, art & performance are encouraged to apply for inclusion. ALL SHOWS ARE “ALL AGES” UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED

Please submit to Alysha.Shaw@ gmail.com.

New Mexico’s Salt of the Earth Tour – Labor Day Weekend 2013 Schedule

Saturday August 31:
12-2 PM
Young Park
1905 Nevada Ave.
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Saturday August 31:
7-9 PM
Grapes Gallery
407 Main Street
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Sunday September 1:
1-3 PM
Corrales Bistro
4908 Corrales Rd.
Corrales, New Mexico

Sunday September 1:
Albuquerque Street Festival
5-9 PM
Amherst and Central

Monday September 2:
Santa Fe Street Festival
12-3 PM
Taos Street
(Behind ¡YouthWorks! and the Center for Progress and Justice)

Monday September 2:
7-9 PM
Taos Mesa Brewing Co.
20 ABC Mesa Rd.
Taos, New Mexico

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Ed Breeding Film: Striaght Line Curve

Posted by on June 17, 2013 | Comments Off on Ed Breeding Film: Striaght Line Curve

NM LGBT Film Straight Line Curve DVD CoverImage via San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

New Mexico based Artist and Documentary filmmaker Ed Breeding, “offers the world a wonderful and motivational look at the gay journey” in his new film “Strait Line Curve”, which showcases seven successful gay men of the Southwest United States who do not fit the stereotypes often associated with homosexuality.

Breeding says, “Each man has a high profile and is fulfilled, optimistic, inspirational and proud.”

Rev. Canon Albert Ogle of San Diego’s St. Paul’s Cathedral 4 the City tells SDGLN.com that, “The film will go into countries in Africa and to Jamaica, where LGBT people are being persecuted and murdered, and this film is designed to counteract that with love and understanding; inclusion, not exclusion.”

Read an extensive interview with Breeding by San Diego Gay and Lesbian news here.

The 32-minute film is now available on DVD – STRAIGHT LINE CURVE – Seven men of the American Southwest redefining the word gay. A DVD of this 32-minute film can be purchased for $15.00 plus s/h $5.00 in USA by contacting:

Ed Breeding, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
email: breeding4051@comcast.net

General inquiries also being accepted by Breeding at the email address above.
Source: Ilga.org

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Southern New Mexico/El Paso, TX Area Actors Needed

Posted by on March 1, 2013 | Comments Off on Southern New Mexico/El Paso, TX Area Actors Needed

Investigation Discovery

DEAD OF NIGHT, an NBC production, is a true-crime documentary cable series airing on the Discovery I.D. network, is casting reenactments for an upcoming episode in the Las Cruces/El Paso area.

The show will be shooting Saturday March 9 through Thursday March 14 in Las Cruces. Actors will NOT be called for all days of shooting.

Rate is $100/day. All actors must be at least 18 years of age, and be able to work as local (i.e. provide own housing and transportation) in the Las Cruces area.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit a headshot, resume, and any link(s) to on-camera work (if available) to peter.cook@nbcuni.com, with the role(s) you’d like to be considered for in the subject line.


[KATIE] Early-20s woman, Caucasian. Medium height, slim. Shoulder-length brown hair. Warm, outgoing.

[GABRIEL] Mid-20s man, Hispanic. Medium height, muscular/heavyset. Buzzed dark hair, scruffy. Must be able to drive stick-shift.

[CAPT. JONES] Mid-40s man, Caucasian. Tall, medium/trim build. Bald/shaved head.

[DET. MYERS] Mid-30s man, Caucasian. Tall, medium/trim build. Bald/shaved head. Dark goatee.

[LT. REYNAUD] Mid-30s man, Caucasian (or Mixed). Tall, medium/trim build. Dark hair.

[JOE] Early-20s man, Caucasian (or Mixed). Medium height, muscular/fit build. Tanned skin, short black hair.

[JAYANN] Late-40s woman, Caucasian. Medium height and build. Long auburn hair.

[DAVID] 50 year old man, Caucasian. Medium height, heavyset. Short greying hair. Facial hair (mustache) preferred, but not crucial.

[TRACI] Early-20s woman, Caucasian. Medium height, full-figured build. Long dark hair.

[JUAN] Early-20s man, Hispanic. Medium height, muscular/fit build. Dark hair, scruffy.

[GREGORIO] Late-20s man, Hispanic. Medium height, slender. Dark hair, thin mustache.

[CARLOS] Early-20s man, Hispanic. Medium height, slender. Shaved head, mustache.

[HEATHER] 30 year old woman, Hispanic. Medium height and build. Long dark hair.

[DETECTIVE] 30s-40s man, Caucasian. “Midwestern” look.

[FIRST VICTIM] Late-teens woman, Hispanic. Medium height, trim build. Long dark hair.

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Feature Film Casting in Las Cruces

Posted by on March 1, 2013 | Comments Off on Feature Film Casting in Las Cruces

The Run Away

Las Cruces, NM – Local Casting Director, Rich Gill is currently casting for the upcoming feature film, “The Run Away“.

A Casting Call will be held from 10 am to 4pm on the 9th of March, 2013. The location of the casting call is as follows:

The Run Away Production Offices
Arrowhead Center
3655 Research Drive
Genesis C Building
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003

The Casting Call is open to ages 18 and over, with special interest in those who fit the following roles:

Young Man, (Youthful Appearance)
Ohio Trooper, ( Large Male )
Missouri State Troopers (2)
Bearded Gas Station Owner (Older Male)
Diner Waitress (Older Female)
Office Administrator
Hospital Receptionist

Other Notable Roles Include:

Bikers (Male and Female)
Texan Store Keeper
Sheriff Station Staff
EMS Team

Looking to fill 72 possible positions….

All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to attend. These are PAID ROLES.

Casting submissions can be sent to: therunawaycasting@ymail.com

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IATSE 480 Announces more films in NM

Posted by on February 22, 2013 | One comment

New Mexico Film and Media Day Feb 22 2013

SANTA FE — State Representative Dona G. Irwin and Deming Mayor Andres Silva announced today that “ENEMY WAY” starring Academy Award Winner, Golden Globe Winner, and BAFTA Winner Forest Whittaker (The Last King of Scotland, Criminal Minds, Repo Man) will be filming in and around Deming April 3rd – May 3rd and Albuquerque May 7th – May 28th.

The film is directed by Rachid Bouchareb (True Justice, Maximum Conviction) nominated for an Academy Award and 2 Oscar as well as the Palme D’or at Cannes. Rachid’s “Outside the Law” was released in the US in 2011 and has garnered Rachid his third Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. He just completed “Just Like A Woman” with Sienna Miller and Golshifteh Farahani, which shot in Chicago and New Mexico. The film is slated for release in the US in 2013.

“ENEMY WAY” is a story that takes place in Deming, New Mexico. Willie Garnett finds himself fighting his inner demon. Garnett must persevere, but will he be able to take on the most powerful man in Luna County?
“ENEMY WAY” Plans to spend over a month in Deming plus a month of wrap. $5 million dollars are to be injected to the Deming economy.

“The Runaway” Balliwood meets Tamalewood in this road film to be shot entirely in New Mexico. Award winning filmmaker Brad Littlefield from Open Range pictures is crewing up once again!

Extrordinary filmmakers from around the world come to New Mexico. Director Semir Banerjey from Hotel New York, from Russia Assitant Director Anna Zaitsevah, Japanese Director of Photography Katsumi Funihashi, and casting director Farrah West who worked with Lost and Dark Blue work with Littlefield to bring up to 50 jobs to New Mexico and will employ up to 50 cast and crew.

Jon Hendry, IATSE local 480 the film technicians union, said, “This is a game changer for Deming. This high profile project not only will spend millions but put Southwest New Mexico firmly on the movie map. My members look forward to spending their money and the movie’s money in Deming “

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Film, Las Cruces, New Mexico – Recognize

Posted by on February 5, 2013 | Comments Off on Film, Las Cruces, New Mexico – Recognize

Film LC

“It seems…everyone forgets that Film & TV happens down in Las Cruces and southern New Mexico” Mark Vasconcellos, producer of New Mexico’s #1 Travel show tells OHI.

New Mexico’s Enchantments TV is 13 episodes strong and counting. The locally produced show has aired on 4 networks.

Vasconcellos and the Las Cruces Film Commission want everyone to know that they have been hosting film crews almost as long as there has been film.

Las Cruces is film friendly and cooperation abounds at all levels. Boasting and experienced and capable pool of crew, talent, and services available in southern New Mexico, not to mention spectacular year-round weather and breath taking sunsets.

The Las Cruces Film Commission is actively working to get funding for a back lot and sound stage in the area for feature film and television projects.

Las Cruces is home to two award winning film schools, CMT of Dona Ana Community College and CMI of NMSU. In addition there is a monthly film Las Cruces meeting for anyone and everyone involved or interested in film.

Documentary film maker Mark Wark has recently been named the new Film Liaison for the Las Cruces film commission.

Plans for shooting a southern New Mexico feature film of their own are now in the works for this summer.


#NM Allen Theatres Casting Large Male

Posted by on April 30, 2012 | Comments Off on #NM Allen Theatres Casting Large Male

Casting Announcement for TV & Allen Theatres Commercial:

CLC-TV is producing a 30-second Public Service Announcement to run in Allen Theatres and on CLC-TV, Comcast channel 20. We are looking for an adult male, approximately 20-30 years of age, capable of having a tough/intimidating look (physically large, tattoo’s, straight out of prison look).

The PSA will target dog owners to pick-up their dog’s waste. Ironically the tough guy we are looking for will be the responsible dog owner.

The total shoot should take approximately 2-4 hours and is tentatively scheduled for the morning of Friday, May 11th so we need to find someone ASAP.

This is a non-union, non-paid, completely voluntary position. You will receive a digital copy of the spot for your own promotion. This is also a great opportunity to get exposure by putting yourself on television and in the theatres!

The PSA will be directed by Adrian Guzman, a three-time regional Emmy award winner and 17-time national Telly award winner.

If interested please reply by Friday May 4th 2012, via Facebook, or email (preferred) to: contact@clctv.com

Please include headshot(s) (does not have to be professional), resume, and /or video demo links. If you do have arms/chest tattoos, please include photo of yourself displaying them.

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Here you go New Mexico: MTV Now Casting Season 28 of The Real Word

Posted by on April 13, 2012 | Comments Off on Here you go New Mexico: MTV Now Casting Season 28 of The Real Word

“The Real World” still exists and they’ll be casting the 28th installment right here in Nuevo México.

Our beloved Las Cruces Sun News Reports:

LAS CRUCES — Casting directors from Bunim/Murray Productions, creators of the perennial hit MTV show “The Real World,” will hold an open casting call from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. April 25 at The Game Sports Bar & Grill, 2605 S. Espina St.

The directors are looking to cast the 28th season of “The Real Wold,” the longest running reality series on television.

“We look for characters from real life; people with strong personalities who are unafraid to speak their minds,” said Jonathan Murray, executive producer of “The Real World.”

Casting directors will be on the lookout for applicants who have challenges living an everyday life that most take for granted, struggling with weight issues, affected by a natural disaster, products of home or alternative schooling, followers of unrecognized or non-mainstream belief systems, elite athletes, recent graduates affected by the economic downturn, those involved with goth, emo, or punk subculture, members of a pro-abstinence organization, those who are recently single due to a tragedy, someone who has recently gotten out of the foster care system, and individuals who want to bring the spotlight of “The Real World” to a cause, condition, or social issue they care deeply about or are personally affected by. According to a news release, these qualities are not a requirement.

Applicants are asked to bring a recent picture of themselves (which will not be returned) and photo identification. Applicants must be 21 years or older by March 1, 2013, and appear to be between the ages of 20 and 24.

For those who can’t make it to the open call, applications are still being accepted via email. Visit bunim-murray.com/rwcasting for complete casting details.

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“The Good in America” New Mexico Style

Posted by on January 5, 2012 | One comment

KOB-TV Video

Trek Thunder Kelly and “The Good in America” tour is in the New Mexico way.

Our friend Frank X. is pitching-in to represent the Land of Enchantment – live from Capitol city!

Join him TOMORROW at 6:00 p.m. at The Teahouse (821 Canyon Road) to organize a “help flash mob”, help decide on what Santa Fe can do come Saturday for a couple of hours….be it picking up trash in a park, helping the elderly or donating books to our public library. Frank says, “Hope to see you and there is GOOD in America”.

Duke City what is up? Does anyone in ALBUQUERQUE want to organize a HelpMob for a few hours on Saturday morning in conjunction with the one running in Las Cruces, and the one Frank X. is running in Santa Fe?

Bring the kids, and pick up trash at a local park, collect books for a local library, make it light, social, and fun…an opportunity to do a little good and an excuse to see old friends and make new! Share and Tweet #HelpMob to get involved and help spread the “good” werd!

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Extreme Home Makeover, NM

Posted by on August 6, 2011 | Comments Off on Extreme Home Makeover, NM

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is casting for its next season and YOU can take part! Casting agents are focusing on New Mexico as they search for the next deserving family. If you’d like to nominate a family or submit your family’s story, you must send an e-mail including:

Family Name Family Story Photos of Family/Home Contact Information

Send the e-mail to: ExtremeLasCruces@emhe.tv or ExtremeSantaFe@emhe.tv, depending on which city you’re closest to. The deadline is Aug. 31.

Read more: http://www.koat.com/news/28704596/detail.html#ixzz1UGqaiwm4

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Casting Models in Alamo. & LC

Posted by on November 4, 2010 | Comments Off on Casting Models in Alamo. & LC


From the New Mexico Film Office:

Title: Casting Call for Fashion Shoot
Posted: 10-25-2010

Sunbrella, an innovative fabric company, is doing a fashion photo shoot in Alamogordo mid-November and is looking for new talent as models. The production is looking for children, men and women for four internet videos to be shot in White Sands.

These are paid positions. We are looking for models in the Alamogordo/Las Cruces area.

Please register with Elizabeth Gabel Casting at www.egcasting.com, or email photo sizes and contact information to elizabeth@egcasting.com.

From the casting agent:

We are looking for children and adults for a fashion internet video shoot in Alamogordo and specifically looking for total body shots. – Elizabeth Gabel

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Patient Staff Talkers

Posted by on May 6, 2010 | Comments Off on Patient Staff Talkers

So much ~casting ~news today you get two Joeys!! In the City of the Crosses The Muire Studio is NOW casting for TWO, count ’em TWO medical training videos!

YOU can earn a flat five Benjamins to be one of the following:

“1 Airport Staff: Male or female, in uniform, like a flight attendant)

1 Female Nurse: Dressed as an airline passenger, she volunteers to help a passenger in distress

1 Principal Patient: Large/heavy, mature/older-looking male (with a history of COPD –Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease– exhibiting difficultly breathing). Some spoken lines in response to questions from medical technicians. Not a difficult role, but very important and the actor must stay in character throughout.

1 Principal Patient: Mature/older-looking female (will have a fake IV and a 12-lead ECG attached)

1 Male Family Member: Will give answers to EMT interview questions (script says “her son”)

1 Police Officer: In uniform as the First Responder” – Crew New Mexico Blogspot

As any NMSU alum or Jaruez border crossing Q’querquean can tell you the drive from ABQ to Las Cruces ain’t no ‘thang (shhh, don’t tell Jan Brewer).

So get your info. in now! Full deets here.

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Due Date UPDATE x2, NM

Posted by on September 21, 2009 | Comments Off on Due Date UPDATE x2, NM


The Robert Downey Jr. film Due Date is currently scouting film locations in Las Cruces.

Update Wednesday, September, 23:
Extras casting contact info. removed by request per overwhelming response.

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