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Video of the Day: Thrilling homegrown romance edition

Posted by on March 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: Thrilling homegrown romance edition

NM resident attorney turned author, Jonathan Miller discusses his latest book, Rattlesnake Wedding.

The “Rattlesnake Lawyer” himself will be signing copies of “Rattlesnake Wedding” this Saturday, March 30 at 1 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in Coronado Center.

Find out more about the author and check out all the literary works by Miller at http://rattlesnakelaw.com/.

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The Ugly Truths Behind “THE END”: One New Mexico Writer’s Story

Posted by on January 9, 2013 | One comment

Diary of New Mexico Author Alisa Valdes copy

In part, in response to some rather scathing reviews (Slate, The New York Post) of her latest novel, “The Feminist and The Cowboy: An Unlikely Love Story” (originally titled, “Learning to Submit”), bestselling New Mexico author Alisa Valdes has blogged a shocking and disturbing sequel to the book which has just recently hit retail shelves.

Today on her official blog titled, “The Diary of Author Alisa Valdes”, she writes in horrific detail just some of the heinous events she said she suffered through at the hands of her once revered “Cowboy”, post completion of the manuscript that he inspired as it was submitted for publication. The lengthy account is a drama of its own, which chronicles not only the lifeline of the novel itself, but provides an inside look at the journey to publication to where it stands today, being sold and promoted, or a lack thereof.

There are so many sad accounts in this real-life saga, from the artist’s struggle in creating an honest to herself account as a memoir for her fans, to the truths of the levels of abuse men and women will suffer at the hands of those they love and profess to love, to the scrutiny and judgment bandied-about when any aspect of one’s life is put forth for public consumption.

Valdes never fails to provide the cold hard details for her fans, whether it be after the fact or against the wishes of her publishers, her truths are on display, often in gut wrenching detail:

“There was the night we argued at my house, and he was going to leave, as he always did, stonewalling and locking me out being his favorite weapons, his silent treatments going on sometimes for weeks on end, the emails finally coming in which he said he was willing to come back as long as I changed a long list of things about myself, and me always caving in…but that night, he was brutal again, when I tried to say I was sorry, when I tried to stop the inevitable stonewalling, he glared, called me a mouthy cunt, told me to get to my side of the bed and not touch him, told me that he couldn’t stand the sight of me, told me that if I really wanted to impress him then I’d be a good girl and just shut the fuck up, and his finger poking me in the chest, and then wagged in my face, telling me that my biggest problem, the reason he would never marry me after all, was that I was a woman who just didn’t know when to shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up, and me saying I would, that I would be quiet, and turning my back to him so he wouldn’t hear me cry, and him feeling the bed shake anyway and yelling at me that I was pathetic, that if I wanted him to stay then I better stop fucking crying, and me running into my closet with my phone to fall in a heap on the floor and text myself so that in the morning I’d remember that this was NOT okay, that this was NOT love, and him pretending the next morning that nothing had happened.”

Not okay, indeed. Valdes goes on to provide a likely sought after look at the “Cowboy” himself, and even includes a brief video of what looks to be an interview she may have conducted with him herself.

Read the full blog entry here.

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NM Author Speaks Out on Lit. to Film

Posted by on September 6, 2010 | Comments Off on NM Author Speaks Out on Lit. to Film

Among the many who are passionate about this novel is local investigative reporter extraordinaire and fan, Jeremy Jojola who was recently able to sit down with New Mexican author Rudolfo Anaya who shares his feelings about his classic work, Bless Me Ultima moving onto film.

Here’s hoping we catch at least a glimpse of each of thee above (Jojola à la Transformers and Anaya à la Stan Lee in Spider-Man), and many, many more locals in front of and behind the camera.

Local “people hoping to be cast in the film can send their photo to castinnewmexico@yahoo.com” – KOB.com

Casting for feature roles as previously reported here.

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I LOVE This Man

Posted by on December 4, 2009 | 2 comments

Reclusive, brilliant, New Mexican Cormac McCarthy will donate the proceeds from the auction of his 50 year old typewriter to the Santa Fe Institute.

The extension of the man, which he used to craft such acclaimed works as No Country For Old Men and The Road went for a whopping $254,500, more than ten-times the pre-auction estimate.

McCarthy’s new Olivetti came in at under $20 – Oh the places it will go!

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