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This Happened: Your New FoFo Edition

Posted by on July 12, 2011 | Comments Off on This Happened: Your New FoFo Edition

I’ve been woefully neglectful in covering the results of this year’s premiere talent competition from our most progressively hip & contemporary t.v. network(s).

2 Kasa Fox/KRQE 13 already provide the sunshine & light of your weekday mornings vis a vie the dueling mega watt smiles of New Mexico Style hosts Nikki Stanzione & Kristen Van Dyke, and round the clock news men and women whom we all adore…

From NM’s Own Alec Baldwin, faves like the stunning Jessica Garate and icon Dianne Anderson to the WXman who some (I’m looking at you…) have dubbed Mark Roncutie

And now the talent contest that started back in February has come up FOXY!

YOUR new Face of Fox is…

If you haven’t already ladies…commence drooling…be warned though…he is a married FoFo. Hell so are most of us right girls!

Just like we don’t have to weigh 12 lbs. to appreciate a Victoria Beckham dress design, so too can we appreciate the pretty boy 2 KASA Fox has crowned champ and representative!

Keep up with our new FoFo here and all the gang on New Mexico’s only HD network(s) here. Go New Mexico!

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ICYDK: Cool & the Gang

Posted by on August 9, 2010 | 3 comments

And by “Cool” I mean Mike Powers and by “the Gang” I mean all the beautiful ladies and handsome gents of KRQE y KASA Fox 2 News.

With a picture so crystal clear it’s practically 3D you can gaze into the dreamy eyes of Tim Maestas and depth so real you can almost smell the freshness of grooming products on the perfectly coiffed aforementioned Powers.

For a groovier groove check out those weathercasters, esp. at night with their celestial glow as they pop off your set from in front of their green screen.

My one and only complaint is of the swiveling, HD symbols in the sidebars of video frames. Those things are giving me visual Tourette’s, like other simple life forms I’m totally distracted by the tiny shiny objects.

I’m sure I’ll complain again when all the seksi ladies of KRQE begin to give me a complex lookin’ all fly in Hi Def. Check it all out from the rockin’ new set to the FOF Michael Jambalaya (I say that with great respect for diverse and spicy things) every day on KRQE News 13 and Kasa Fox 2 News at 9.

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